Best Kids Smartwatches 2019

When buying smartwatches for kids, it can be complicated for any parent to understand which one is best to buy. Especially because they are popular electronic toys for kids in the new generation. This is why we have made this review to help even parents with the most minute knowledge of the best kids smartwatches in 2019.

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Smartwatches were first introduced in the 2000’s generation and have been among the most popular kids toys since. However, they used to only be able to perform simple tasks such as tell the time, date, play games or do calculations. Since 2010 they began to manufacture more complex smartwatches that are able to download apps and much more. This made it even more difficult for average parents to understand the difference between the high-end smartwatches to the less low-value smartwatches. Therefore we decided to make brief guidelines to help you understand the differences and hopefully make a better decision on the smartwatch you intend to buy for your kids.

Different Types of Smartwatches for Kids

To understand the differences between high and low valued smartwatches, The first thing you must consider is the brand of the watch. In other words, the name of the manufacturer is important as it determines the level of quality the smartwatch has. The best smartwatch manufacturers are the ones with well-established names in the electronic markets such as Apple, Samsung and LG. Therefore, these manufacturers would only make high end smartwatches. However, if you were looking to buy a more affordable smartwatch then you should consider avoiding big name brands like these and go for more unusual names. This being said, it is still very important to look out for the quality and the features of a smartwatch before deciding to buy it. Otherwise, you could end up buying a fake product that gets damaged quickly without being able to get it repaired.


Top 10 Kids Smartwatches

Below we have given you a list of 10 of the best kids smartwatches you can find on the market. We have organised them in a random order so to help you take your time when deciding which one you would like to buy for your kids.

Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch


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The Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch is a very cool gadget designed for elderly kids as well as adults who use Samsung smartphones to their full potential. It is made so that these people can still keep using their phones in a more convenient way whilst doing difficult tasks. For instance, when riding a bike, it becomes much easier to use the watch to answer calls by a simple tap instead of having to pull out your phone.

As well as answer this smartwatch for kids allows the wearer to set alarms, scroll through apps or simply just tell the time. Also, with a simple turn of the bezel, you are able to read through long text messages then play one of your favorite songs as you continue to ride your bike.

Not only is the bezel able to turn and scroll through apps, but it is also made from premium stainless steel that makes it very durable to take on all outdoor activities. Also, the band is an average 22 mm which means it can be modified to look the way you want with many different options available. Or even change between bands for different occasions with Samsung’s special bands designed specifically for this smartwatch.

If you want to make it look even better, there are 15 pre-installed face designs to choose from with a lot more available to download on the Samsung smartwatch app. However, in case you want to make it look more personalized, there are also options to design your own watch face which would make the perfect gift for kids.


XPLORA 1 Smartwatch


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This is one of the best smartwatch for kids in the market made by Xplora the award winning product manufacturer. They are trusted by over 400,000 customers worldwide, which should give you an idea of how much quality they put into their products.

The good thing about this children smartwatch is that you are able to control their watch experience through the simple parent app. Simply download it on your phone to set it on school mode, set appointment reminders or even make it notify you when they step out of their safety zones. This would reassure your doubts and worries that distract you from work or your daily tasks. With this app coming in many different languages, any parent would be able to understand how to function it even if you do not know how to use a smartphone properly.

Kids can feel as if they have a smartphone with this smartwatch due to its capabilities and would prevent them from wanting to have a phone so early. With the ultimate voice calling and SOS function, your kids can now make and receive calls by only numbers that you set for them in the phone. In an emergency, just teach them to hold down the SOS button to call the emergency numbers and send you their location so they never have to worry about being too far from home or getting lost.

Give your kids the complete protection and safety they deserve in this inevitably dangerous world we live in with the GPS tracker. Let them run wild playing outside whilst you keep an eye on them from the comfort of your couch through your phone.

The only downside about this toddler smartwatch is that there are only some mobile networks compatible with it and not all. Although all the major mobile networks people use such as O2, Vodafone, EE all work meaning your current network provider is most likely going to work with it.


PJ Mask Toddler Smartwatch


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This is a smartwatch for young kids aged 2 to 4 years old. The PJ Mask Smartwatch is a very entertaining and educational watch to give to kids who love to watch the PJ Mask cartoon.  It comes in three different versions, the green is for the Gekko character, the blue for Catboy and red for Owlette.

It is designed with built in maths problems for them to solve using the characters different superpowers. It also has activities that make your kids have to organize different objects into trucks that teach your kids how to be neat. Finally, it gives them games that involve identifying shapes in order to complete missions which help them to be able to distinguish different shapes.

Kids are able to tell the time in style with their favorite character on their wrists. But also, they have the option to set alarms, timers and even stopwatches which means this smartwatch for toddlers can be used in an active way too.

Just in case you wanted to buy this smartwatch as a gift for young ones, you are able to choose between nine different clock faces. This allows it to become more suited for the child you intend to buy it for. However, this watch only displays a digital clock which means it does not teach kids how to tell the time in an analog style.


Fitbit Exercise Smartwatch


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The Fitbit Exercise Smartwatch is perfectly designed for all the young aspiring athletes in this day and age. With a long battery life of four or more days, your young ones can now track every part of their daily routines. This will not only help them to become more organized in life but also shape them up to be brilliant athletes.

The main reason for this watch it to incorporate workouts into your daily routine really quick and easy. These workouts are displayed on the screen during the exercise with an easy to follow the guidance that adjusts to your childs performance level. Also, with 15+ different exercise modes, it can record different exercises to best suit your capabilities.

The heart rate monitor allows them to track their performance level, fitness levels and many more to allow them to track their progress. Also, if the sport they specialize in is swimming, this watch allows them to keep track of their swims at the same time with a 50 meter water resistance limit.

Fitbit smartwatch manufacturers know that everyone loves to listen to music when exercising as it increases motivation. This is why they have made this great smartwatch for young kids to be able to store over 300 songs to play when you like. Also, the app mode allows downloading music apps and playing songs from there too.

As well as fitness apps, this smartwatch for girls can also download social media apps and many more. We understand some parents do not feel good about their kids using social media apps, which is why it is optional to download these apps and not compulsory.

The only thing we have to let you know is that some smartphones may not be compatible with this smartwatch. One example is the Huawei smartphone as stated by some parents who previously bought this item. However, it is highly recommended to be used with the IOS and Android software so Apple and Samsung smartphones all have no problems connecting with these kids fitness smartwatches.


YNCTE Smartwatch for Kids


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The YNCTE smartwatch is a very good and educational smartwatch for kids that allow them to not only have fun but learn as they go along. With ten built-in educational games, they can be kept occupied for hours before recharging and going again. Although with the time limit option, you can limit their game time so they don’t become too distracted by it.

As well as the basic functions of a watch, this kids cool smartwatch has a built-in calculator to help them with their mathematic workouts. A built-in calendar allows them to practice being organized with planning and a pedometer helps to keep them active by counting how many steps they take every day.

Another reason to convince you to buy this product is that it is a smartwatch for kids with digital camera. The camera has different effects and borders installed in it to make it funnier for kids to play with. Not many smartwatches come with a camera which makes this a really unique smartwatch that would make a really good gift for kids.

To help make this even better you can select up to 20 different clock faces that best suit the child you intend to buy it for. In addition to this, there is a funny panda app installed which repeats everything that you say to it in a much funnier way. This is believed to be one of the most entertaining features for kids on the watch.

What we must make you aware of is the fact that this is made to be a kids low budget smartwatch. This means you shouldn’t expect it to have high quality graphics or be made from a really expensive material. The rubber and plastic effects make it suitable for a kids wrist so it will not hurt them or be damaged.

If kept on standby, this watch is able to last up to five to seven days without being recharged. However, the set comes with a USB charge so it can be recharged conveniently.


VTech KidiZoom Kids Smartwatch

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The Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 is one of the most amazing smartwatches for kids you can buy. It is both a digital and an analog watch that teaches kids how to tell the time in both ways. Now with a talking owl that tells you the time by tapping it, this becomes a really good smartwatch for blind kids. Also, with 55 different watch faces to change from, they can customise it any way that suits them.

The most amazing thing that brings a lot of joy to kids play time is that it is a double camera smartwatch for young kids. It has a front facing camera so they can take unlimited selfies and a forwards facing camera to take photos or even record videos with.

Once they have captured their pictures, they can choose to customise them into new watch faces to make it more personal. This would make a great gift for kids aged 4 to 12 years. They can also upload the photos and videos through the included micro USB as well as recharge the watch or even download more free content from the VTech Learning Lodge.

Every kid is fascinated by games and fun stuff which is why this smartwatch for children has all kinds of games to choose from. For example, one monster catching game gives your kids an augmented reality gaming experience which means they can pretend to capture monsters in the real world.

The cool thing about this watch is that it can take a couple of splashes so your kids can look at the time even in the rain. Even on hot summer days, it can survive the sweat that may build up underneath the straps of the watch. However, it is not designed to be completely water resistant, therefore they cannot shower or bath with it on.


Wonbo Kids Phone Smartwatch


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The Wonbo Kids Smartwatch is a really fascinating gadget for all kids to have in their toy collection. Not just this, but it is designed to put the safety of your children first in all situations. It does this by giving you the precise time and locations of their whereabouts and giving out low radiation from the screen in order to protect their eye sights.

It is made from high quality soft and smooth silicone material to feel comfortable on the wearer’s wrist even when taking part in high intensity activities. The material makes it durable so it doesn’t become damaged easily and waterproof so they do not have to keep taking it off all the time just to wash their hands.

The most unique feature about this smartwatch for girls is that it has an LED light. The light can be used as a safety mechanism when your child has to go through the darkness and but it can also be used to make the photos look clearer when taken in the dark. However, it does not let you store more than one photo at a time as it automatically saves it to the app on your phone and replaces the one on the watch with the next one you take.

Any type of phone can connect with this watch as it can support Android as well as IOS software meaning it would best suit a wider range of people. On the other hand, it is not ideally designed for playing games, although it can, therefore it would be better to buy this smartwatch for older kids.

The negative thing about this watch is that you must have a 2G sim card in order to use it. This means that the performance might be slightly slower due to an older network version. On the other hand, it means that it is able to make and receive calls as well as send messages without being connected to any smartphone.

Other interesting features that this watch comes with is an SOS emergency call, parents control, fitness tracker, an alarm warning when it’s taken off and a pedometer to count how many steps they take


Leapfrog Activity Smartwatch


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The Leapfrog Toddler Smartwatch is the best option to buy for your kids if you want to educate as well as try and keep them active. They get to choose one out of eight different animals as a pet to make them play over 50 different fun and education games with.

As the pet begins to tire, your child gets put through different challenges and activities that make them have to jump, dance or even run just to power up their pets. This keeps the kids active and eventually leads to them being encouraged to exercise. And with the parental control, you are able to track their movements daily to understand how effective the watch is.

It looks quite obvious that this is designed to be a smartwatch for toddlers aged 3 to 5 due to its colorfulness. To make this an even better watch, it comes in many other different colors too just so it can suit more kids preferences. This means that it can be personally picked to be a great gift for toddlers, especially as it can be set to either a digital or an analog style.

This toddler watch weighs just 0.22 kilogram which is a lightweight for kids to have on their wrists all day. And with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to a good 4 days, it means they wouldn’t have to take this watch off for a while. Also, being made from high quality durable plastic, it can resist water to an extent. This means they can safely wash their hands without having to worry about destroying their watch.

The only thing that some parents would consider to be negative about this watch is that the graphics are animated. This opinion is understandable due to how expensive these watches can be. However, they are intended to be designed for kids to play with at the end of the day which means this factor should attract them to want to play with the watch more.


Kurio Kids Smartwatch


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The Kurio watch is the ultimate smartwatch build for kids in 2019 due to the great range of features it is equipped with. To begin with, it has 20 built in apps and games for kids to choose from. If they wish, they can download a lot more due to an impressive 256 MB of internal memory that can be extended up to 32 GB by a Micro SD card,

The only unique feature this watch has compared to the rest of them is the multiplayer function. Yes, your kids can play together on a watch! This sounds quite awkward to do, but it definitely encourages interaction between kids. Also, with a built in motion sensor, they will have some games that require them to move around and keep active.

This watch allows your kids to entertain and keep in touch with their friends through text and voice messaging. Or if they prefer to have some alone time then they can simply use the built in media player to play music or watch video clips to entertain themselves.

The built in Bluetooth allows connecting to other kids Bluetooth smartwatches and devices for extra entertainment. It is also very important because it gives your kids access to make phone calls. Not to worry because you can control who they can make or receive calls from. This is important in case of an emergency as they can easily get hold of you or any other emergency contacts you set in the watch.

With all of the fascinating features above, you wouldn’t expect this watch to have any disappointments. But some parents who previously bought this product have said that it could have been better with a higher resolution and megapixels. The screen only has 240 x 240 pixels and the camera 0.3 megapixels. Although this is what you should expect from a low value smartwatch for kids.


Motorola 360 Smartwatch


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The Motorola 360 Smartwatch is a completely different type of watch to the rest of them on our list. It is mainly designed for simplicity and more professional behaved elderly kids. We say this because of the high quality craftsmanship which should only be given to responsible kids. It is made from high quality genuine leather with a stainless steel circular band fitted with glass that cannot be scratched.

Firstly, it wouldn’t be a clever smartwatch if it wasn’t able to download apps. With all the Android apps being able to download on it, it’s like having their phone on their wrist. And the built in ambient mode keeps apps on the screen for as long as you need to use them. For instance, when using maps, it will never sleep until they have reached their destination.

Your kids are able to make this watch set tasks, reminders or even send texts hand free. By this we mean they can speak to the watch like Siri or Alexa to give it commands which become really helpful when their hands are fully occupied.

It becomes the best traveling friend as it never fails to keep you up to date with the latest changes. For instance, it notifies them if the weather is forecasted to change so can prepare appropriate clothes to go out with. Also, it gives you an instant traffic update so you know which routes to avoid. This means it can even be given as a gift for teenagers who drive.

This watch can also be used as a very clever way of communicating with peers discreetly. It allows you to draw, write and even attach emojis on the page to make it entertaining for people. Also, it can be classed as an educational smartwatch for mature kids due to this feature.

Finally, even the busiest kids have to stay healthy right? This is why it has an activity tracker pre-installed to help them keep track of their lifestyle. It helps them to keep track of their steps, calories and heart rates and gives them good coaching advice to help them maintain a healthier lifestyle.

The only disadvantage of buying this phone for your child is that it only pairs with Android smartphones. This would mean you would have to find out the type of phone the person you intend to buy it for is using. Therefore it would not be wise to buy this watch as a surprise present as most people use iPhones which wouldn’t be compatible with this watch.

Product specifications are as follows:

46mm Diameter x 11.5mm high

1.56 Inch LCD display with a 320p x 290p resolution

320mah Wireless charging battery

Bluetooth compatibility

4GB Internal memory plus a 512MB RAM



What Are The Benefits of Kids Smartwatches

A smartwatch is called a smartwatch because of all of the added features that a normal watch doesn’t have, hence the word ‘smart’. For kids, these features are designed to bring more interactive play and educational assistance to them. However, the main benefit it brings to a child is the fact that it is wearable, meaning they have access to all of these features wherever they are. Unlike some other kids electrical toys such as tablets, phones and laptops, these watches are much easier for kids to transport and look after too. Therefore kids are able to benefit more from more convenience in their play. Also, smartwatches have a much smaller screen which produces less light than toys with bigger screens which make it bad for your kid’s eyes. As well as Benefits, there are also disadvantages of giving a smartwatch to a child such as making them less sociable or even develop ignorance due to excessive play.

Best Overall Smartwatch To Buy for Kids

We have chosen the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch to be the best one to buy for your kids. This is mainly because Samsung is one of the biggest electronics manufacturers in the world which means all of their products are very reliable and of a very high standard. The fact that this one is the most expensive one on our list just goes to show how good it is. However, some people may disagree with this option because they would believe it to be too advanced for kids. Therefore it would be best to consider one of the less complicated watches on our list such as the Xplora 1 to be best for your kids.

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Best Value Smartwatch for Kids

The VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch is the most affordable watch to buy for your kids. This is because it is at the lower end of the market with the price and it has all of the features that kids mostly find entertaining. Although it is not the cheapest one on our list, it still provides a lot more quality than the cheaper ones without making it look cheap. Also, the materials used to manufacture it are of high quality which means it will last a long time. Also, the dual camera feature makes it become a lot more valuable than it is.

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