Best Kids Microphone

Did you know that one of the most active and fun activities that a kid can do is play with a microphone? Although this might have given you an idea of what gift to buy for a child next, it still can be complicated to choose the right kids microphone for a child. This is why we have come up with this review to give you an idea of the best kids microphones you can buy in the market.

Every kid loves to sing along to their favorite songs from their musical TV programs. So why not give them a microphone as a gift to make their sing-along moment much more exciting. Just to make this easier for you, we have created some tips to help you make the best decision when purchasing a microphone for your kids.

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Tips on How to Pick The Best Kids Microphone

Price – The price range usually determines the amount and quality of features added to the product. It is obvious that a microphone with a high-end price will be one of the better ones to buy due to added quality.

Durability – This simply means how Strong the machine is because you need to know its potential lifespan. Kids love singing for many years so one that can last long will be essential to save money.

Safety – To know whether or not the microphone is safe for the kids to play with is crucial. Although they can be fun to play with, they can also be as dangerous when used inappropriately.

Battery Life – Instead of giving them one that dis regularly, it is ideal to find one with long battery life to enable them to play for long periods of time. Usually, kids don’t get tired of singing and dancing so quickly.

Features – This is one of the most vital aspects of the product because it differentiates the amount of fun that it can possibly bring to a kid. Having a wireless mic is much better than wired because it brings more flexibility.

5 Top Kids Microphone

Here we have the list of the best kids microphones that are available in the market. In order to create this review, we did our research on all the best features that makes a good microphone and selected the top 5. Below we shall also give you our opinion on the one we think is the best to microphone for your kids.

1. Golden XWLY Kids Karaoke Microphone

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The first and one of the most stylish microphone we came across is the Golden Kids Karaoke Microphone. It is a very durable kids play microphone that is made from aluminum and magnesium metal in a clever professional design.

Inside it is built with a premium lithium battery that can last up to 8 hours without dying but only takes around 3 hours to fully charge, Although it can last up to 120 days on standby.

The design of this kids karaoke microphone is made with a thin top end where the kids actually sing from and a thick round speaker at the bottom. In between these, you will find three different buttons. Two of them slide to control the volume and the echo from the mic and the other is the power button.

This kids karaoke microphone is able to connect with all kinds of smart devices through Bluetooth so that kids can always instantly sing along to the latest songs. Also, it is able to use an SD card so they can store a playlist on the microphone for easier access.

The whole set comes with an audio cable, micro USB cable, a microphone and its manual. As well as these, this set of best kids microphone brings a lot of fun and professionalism in the play with an enhanced stereo sound and a very decent noise/wind reduction.

Dimension: 220 mm Long and 64 mm Wide


  • A very professional approach that can change the user’s voice
  • Quick to use in at any place for more convenience
  • Can be linked to many different sources
  • Very strong and can last a long time


  • Can be dangerous if a kid hits another kid with it as it is made of metal
  • Can be dangerous if given to a toddler to put in its mouth as metal is bad for the mouth

2. Magic Sound Kids Bluetooth Microphone

This is an image of a girl singing in a pink animal microphone

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Here we have for you one of the best girls pink microphone kids will love. It is specifically designed it a long-necked animal shape so that it can look like it is made for kids and only weighs a stunning 259 grams. This allows it to be quickly transported anywhere by kids as young as 2 years old without tiring their little arms.

This is mainly due to the fact that kids are able to change their voices into 5 different types to have fun with. A male voice, female voice, child’s voice, robot voice, and the original voice. As well as this, it can change to 4 different modes of use, a song mode, story mode, lullaby, and poetry.

Having all of these different modes allow this microphone to be played within many different ways by little kids. This allows the lifespan of this kids Bluetooth microphone to be long because it would take longer for them to get bored of it.

This kids Bluetooth microphone can operate as a Bluetooth speaker so that kids can simply listen to their favorite music from it. But also, whilst connected to Bluetooth they can listen and sing along at the same time. Not only this, a TF card socket is also on it so it doesn’t always have to be connected to Bluetooth in case they want to use the phone to record videos with.

Dimensions: 20 x 5.8 x 7 cm

Weight: 259 Grams


  • Has clear sound which does not cause any annoyance to the ears
  • Can be very educational due to the types of songs it teaches kids
  • Smooth to hold for the hands of kids


  • Can only be used in rooms and isn’t loud enough for really large audiences.
  • Can potentially be used as a weapon if children fight over it and are very dangerous.

3. Super Star Kids Microphone With Stand

This is an image of a microphone with a stand

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In number five we have the Super Star Kids Microphone with stand for kids. As this is the only one on our list with a stand, it brings slightly different benefits compared to the others that we will talk about.

To begin with, this microphone may be the biggest one on our list, but it only weighs an impressive 1.9 kilogram. It is made from mainly high-quality plastic in the microphone where needed in order to allow it to be adjusted so it can be used by kids of all different heights.

This kids microphone and stand has fun effects that change the sound of the voice so everyone can sound good. As well as the 8 built-in songs that the children can sing along to, it has the capability of connecting an external music device to have a variety of song selection. Also, the kids can sing along to the song normally or have it in a reduced tone in the background to make your child be the main singer.

It has audience sound effects that cheer the kids on after they perform which can lead to more confidence to talk/perform in front of an audience as they grow up. It even has the ability to record the and playback what they sign so that they can track their progress. This would be great for 5 year old kids because they can listen to themselves develop over the coming years.

It has disco lights that change with the music to help set a different mood for the performing moment.  This means that these kids stand up microphone can bring a lot of fun if used in the dark and also the fact that it is a kids microphone and stand means that it can be used with and without hands.

This microphone with stand uses 4 AA batteries in order to function so it does not need to be recharged. Also, it requires minimal assembly that an adult must do before the child uses it and kids under the age of 3 years old are not recommended to use this product.

Dimensions: 12.4 x 42.8 x 38.4 cm

Weight: 1.9 kg


  • Can be used without hands and allow a child to show hand expressions/gestures
  • Battery usage means no long charging wires attached that kids can trip over.


  • Wired means it can be used up to a short distance
  • It does not have Bluetooth or memory card holder so external music player is inconvenient
  • The small parts and the cables can be dangerous to little kids and can cause electric shock

4. WISHTIME Kids Wireless Microphone

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This Wishtime Kids Wireless Microphone is a very high quality made discovery kids microphone. We say this because children are able to discover their true music talent through this for sure due to its high-quality transparent sound and noise reduction. Equipped with an excellent treble echo and bass speaker, they are able to amplify their sounds to really loud and very clear levels.

IT is made from Aluminium metal with a lithium-ion battery inside it that can last up to 10 good hours. Although it may take at least a good 2 to 3 hours to fully charge again. However, this may not be a huge issue because if the battery ran out then they can always use the included audio cable to use it with a wire and continue the fun.

Furthermore, this means it does not need any battery replacements that could potentially make this kids wireless microphone toxic and not safe for kids to play with. This undoubtedly makes this the best wireless microphone for kids due to being really safe to use.

One of the best features of this kids wireless microphone is that it can use Bluetooth to connect to smartphones and tablets to play a different song with. On the other hand, it does not hold any memory card which means that kids will always have to use their phones for the music. This can prevent them from accessing their phones to do other things with it like record videos of themselves at the same time.

Microphone Dimension: 24.5 x 5.3 cm

Speaker Dimension: 6.3 x 6.3 cm

Weight: 599 Grams


  • Wireless and easy to use
  • Very high-quality frequency and voice output
  • Very loud and useful for parties


  • Is not compatible with any memory cards
  • The metal material can be dangerous for kids to play with
  • Box speaker can make it very hard for kids to wrap their hands around it

5. Kids Singing Microphone

This is an image of a microphone karaoke set

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Our last microphone on the list is the Kids Singing Microphone designed for all kids who love to sing on the go. This simply means that it is a ready to go microphone that can be easily used without any connection hassle. It is originally designed for kids to be able to just turn on and sing at any time even when it is not plugged into the power supply.

This kids toy microphone can be powered by just 8 C sized batteries that makes this more convenient to be used at any time. Also, it has Bluetooth built in so it can be connected to a phone and have the latest songs to sing along to on the go.

Something cool about this portable kids microphone is that is has a build in light mood lights which change as the music plays. This enables the kids to have a party atmosphere in a dark room if they so wish.

Another amazing feature about this kids play microphone is that it has two microphone ports so that another one can be used at the same time (sold separately).  This should ultimately prevent arguing over who’s turn it is and encourage better play by singing duets. This makes this by far the best singing microphone for kids.

Dimensions: 37.6 x 28.7 x 18.3 cm

Weight: 798 Grams


  • Has a build it Speaker for higher stereo sounds
  • Volumes can be adjusted to avoid making too many noises
  • The sound of the voice can be altered by an echo being able to change the echo and tone of it
  • Lightweight and can be transported by the weakest child


  • It is wired so you can only use it when you are within the wired distance
  • Some parents said it is not so durable and broke easily
  • Mainly designed for girls as there are no other versions made in boys colors
  • Comes with only one microphone so you have to spend more for an extra one
  • Batteries can be costly to keep replacing

Best Overall Microphone

The kid’s microphone that we believe to be the best one overall is the first one we chose. As you may be thinking that all of the microphones we chose were made for girls this one was in fact aimed at both boys and girls. Not only is it the one at the higher end of the price range, but it also is the most durable one of them all.

Not only this, the golden design on this microphone has the ability to make the performer feel more like a star when on the stage. Finally, the fact that it has the most professional features added onto it means that even if the kids were to get bored of it, it can still be used by an adult for other purposes without it looking like a kids toy.

This is an image of a girl singing in a gold microphone

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What Is The Best Kids Toy Microphone?

We have placed out number three on the list as the best kids toy microphone because it is the one that we believe most kids will find love to play with the most. This is mainly due to the fact that they can change their voices into different types of characters making it more amusing and fun to play with for kids. Also, the fact that it doesn’t use batteries makes this a less toxic piece of equipment for little kids to be using on a daily basis.This is an image of a girl singing in a pink microphone

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What Is The Best Recording Kids Toy Microphone?

We have placed our number 5 on the list as the best recording kids microphone simply because it is the only one on the list that can record and has a stand too. The fact that it has a stand allows kids to be able to record more than just music that they listen to. It makes it easier for them to also record their own music that they may have written in a book by placing the book on the stand and reading as they sing. This gives them a better understanding of what it would be like to record from a professional studio too and not just sing into a microphone that they have to hold.This is an image of a microphone with a stand

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