Best Karaoke Machine for Kids 2019

Karaokes are one of the funniest entertainment activity that we have all took part in at one point in our lives. Even though seeing our kids perform songs brings us a lot of amusement it can still be challenging to give the right karaoke equipment to your child. This reason is why we have reviewed some of the best karaoke machines for kids to help you choose the right one.

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As well as amusements and fun activity, playing with karaoke machines can also bring many benefits to a child. Some parent don’t know this fact, but the benefits that come with playing with karaoke sets can end up being the reasons why your children develop quicker than others. To give you a better insight into how this is possible, we have listed some of the benefits and explained how they actually help a child.

Reasons Why Kids Should Play With Karaoke Machines

  1. Build self-esteem – It is very important that your child develops self-esteem so that they understand their value and nobody is able to put them down as they grow up.
  2. Experience – The experience they gain from standing in front of people and performing will prepare them for the inevitable presentations they will have to give in future studies
  3. Voice – By constantly singing and practicing your child is able to develop a good singing voice or maintain its quality
  4. Career – By practicing and enjoying this as a hobby they can potentially be motivated to try and start a singing career.
  5. Educational – When they read the lyrics of a song as it plays and changes quickly, they are able to improve their reading skills and vocabulary.
  6. Memory – They can improve on how well they remember something by having to remember lyrics from repetitively playing the same songs

Best Karaoke Machines for Kids

Below is our list of the top kids’ karaoke play machines that you can buy in the market. We hope this list convinces you to make the right decision about which one to buy for your children.

Little Pretender Adjustable Kids Karaoke Machine


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This exquisite karaoke microphone for kids has so many functions that a lot of kids will surely love to use. It may look simple but it has a lot of built-in entertainment to get your kids singing at the top of their voices.

To begin with, it has two very awesome microphones that allow you to use at the same time. Not only does this allow your kids to perform duets but it also gives them a reason not to argue over one microphone. However, only one microphone can be used wirelessly as the other one has to be plugged into the stand to work.

The stand is able to adjust from 18.5 inches to a high 40 inch length when it’s fully extended. This can allow your kids to be performing and using their hands to make gestures just like how many artists love to do.

This karaoke machine weighs just 2.45 pound which means it is very portable, especially with it’s carrying handle to make this easier. As well as this, it is very simple and easy to set up and put away that your child would not need any assistance from an adult.

The best and most advanced feature this cool karaoke equipment has is being able to connect any devices to it using the included Aux cable. Allowing your kids to choose which types of songs they want to sing along to. As well as an easy volume adjustable control which comes really handy to prevent them from making too much noise.

One last thing is the cool foot pedals that play out 6 fun songs from the left one. This means that your child will always have something to sing along to if you do not wish to give them your expensive devices to plug into.

The right foot step produces a massive round of applause when stepped on. This can ultimately increase their confidence by hearing cheering and clapping sounds after they have finished to sing.

Warning: 4 AA batteries must be used to function this toy so it is important to be careful when giving it to young children to play with. The age recommendations are 3 years and above.

Disney Princess Deluxe Frozen Karaoke Set


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This Deluxe Frozen Karaoke Machine for Kids is one that all Frozen fans would love to get their hands on. Unlike many other kids karaoke play machines, this one is equipped with many cool buttons and functions to make give your kids the best karaoke experience of their lives.

The first feature that we would love to talk about is the unique screen that displays the lyrics of the two hit songs from the film. ‘Do you want to build a snowman’ and ‘Let it go’. This allows your children to practice wherever they are without needing the use of any other smart devices to look up the words.

However, this machine is built with two smart device holders which allow you to stably place your devices on them to read out the lyrics without using your hands. Also, on one side of it, it has the microphone holder so it can be put in a secure and safe place for when they are not using it.

The other features it has are the buttons and toggles that allow you to adjust the quality of the sound. As well as this, there is also the possibility of turning the volume down and up to avoid making too many noises.

The dimensions of the product are 12.5 inches high, 18 inches wide and 10 inches thick. This is a significantly sized machine that all kids can feel proud to have. Although we recommend it be carried around by an adult as it weighs around 10 pounds. This weight can be too heavy and unsafe for a child of 3 years and above to bare.

One negative side to it is that the microphone is attached to the machine, therefore, you have to stand close to it to perform. Some kids would prefer to move and walk around their rooms whilst singing.


Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone for Kids


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Sometimes a child does not want to be carrying around a huge set with them when they feel like doing karaoke. They also may not feel like having to go all the way over to the stand/set just to change tracks or adjust the voice settings. This is when the Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone for Kids comes in handy.

Weighing at just 544 grams and being just 28.4 cm long, any child would be able to have this karaoke play toy for kids in their hands for long play hours.

The cool thing about this kids toy microphone is that it is also able to connect to a smart device using an Aux cord (included) just in case you wish not to save battery and not use Bluetooth. As well as this cable, the pack comes with a USB charging cable to recharge it when it’s dead as it doesn’t use batteries.

It is designed to be a simple black microphone that can be used as just that too for other situations such as hosting events. However, at night you can bring the room to life with its built-in lights wavey LED lights that shine according to the rhythm of the song.

The last but surely most important feature about this karaoke for kids is the excellent sound quality and voice changing function. It has a high quality metal filter that alters the noise and dust interference from the background keeping your voice very clear.

The 5 watt speaker shows how powerful these small kids entertainment equipment really are. This is because it can broadcast your voice very loud and able to change it into 4 different styles to make even an average singer sound great.

The only negative thing about this toy karaoke mic is that the lithium battery can take a while to charge. This means that sometimes you might have to wait a while before using it if you forget to charge it whilst it’s not in use.


Vtech Kidi Superstar Karaoke Standing Microphone


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These great kids standing microphone are designed to be used for still solo performances in an old fashioned style. What we mean by this is that it has a device holder that lets you put lyric papers or smart tablets to hold up as you read.

When fully extended, it can stand as high as 42.8 cm and be adjusted according to the height of the performer. Although it is designed to be kept standing in one position, it is still able to be easily moved to different locations as it only weighs a light 1.9 kg.

Inside this kids karaoke toy is built with some different sound effect to alter the voice of someone so anyone can sound great. There are different ways to sing along to the songs with this karaoke as it can play 8 wonderful built-in songs. As well as this, you can pick and choose what you prefer to sing from an external music device as it allows you to pair with it through an Aux cable.

In order to make the performer feel good about their performance, the rhythm of a song is able to be playing low in the background. This enables the child to be the main singer and the center of attention.

As well as this your child is able to make it produce cheering sound effects after a wonderful performance which can ultimately lead to an increase in confidence. Whilst doing this they are able to record it all and play it back to choose which version they like the most and be able to track their progress.

Due to it being equipped with disco lights, your child can set up the perfect atmosphere that they feel confident to sing in. And it does not use chargers as the 4 AA batteries it requires allows you to quickly replace and continue to use if they are In the middle of a performance.

One negative thing about this kids karaoke stand is that it does not use Bluetooth which means you have to stand nearby it when you use it. However, the fact that it can be used handsfree allows your kids to make hand gestures as a real artist do when trying to hit those high notes.

Warning: It can be a slightly complex product so we do not recommend it to be used by children under the age of 3 yrs. Also, the wires can be really dangerous for then the play with.


Amy & Benton Piano and Microphone Karaoke Machine


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This is a very advanced piece of singing machine for kids as it comes with a microphone attached to a piano. That’s right, your kids are able to sit and practice playing the piano as well as sing along to their favorite songs.

The piano has 24 keys to play which is the ideal amount to be able to play any rhythm. It also has 8 percussion instruments, 4 musical instruments and 22 demo songs.  All of these put together are more than enough for your child to have the most exciting karaoke experience you can have.

The best thing about this set is that it can play and record the songs your child sings so they can hear how they sound. To make it more interesting there are also LED lights that shine when the songs are playing. Also, it able to connect to MP3 or other smart devices in order to get a better selection of songs to sing along to.

Although it comes with its own legs and can be placed on the floor to use, it can also be put on table tops for kids who want to sit up higher. There would be no problem with this as it only weighs just 1.65 pounds.

The full dimensions of it standing is 10.8 inches tall by 10.8 inches wide and a slightly shorter 8.85 inches long. Due to it being made from plastic, all the corners were made to be smooth so it doesn’t hurt as much as metal would if someone was to walk into it.

One negative this about this karaoke set for kids is that it requires 4 AA batteries of 1.5 V which can sometimes be inconvenient to purchase. We warn you to have some of these handy to save you from having to head back out to buy some as they don’t come included in the set.


Best Overall Karaoke Machine

The Disney Princess Frozen karaoke machine is the one that we thought is the best one to buy on our list. We decided this because it is the only one that actually gives the full karaoke experience to the children. By this we mean that it has songs, as well as the lyrics, build into it so your child would not need any additional devices to make it good to use. It may be difficult for some children to get access to devices that could give them lyrics to sing along to. This is the most important part of a karaoke moment.


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Best Budget Buy

The Piano and Microphone Karaoke Machine is the one that we think has the most benefits with the cheapest price. Unlike the other karaoke toy machines, this one gives your child the chance to actually learn how to play their favorite songs as well as sing along to it. Your child is able to learn how to play the piano as well as improve on their voices which leads to them gaining two talents and not just one. This can be the first step to your child being able to pursue a career in singing al for a very cheap price.


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