10 Best Kids Alarm Clocks

Having an alarm clock for kids has become less important these days than it used to be. This is because of parents waking their children up themselves at the time they feel like they have to be up in the morning. What we do not understand, as parents, is that kids begin to miss out on the importance of having a kids alarm in their rooms. Therefore we have given you this article not only to show you ten of the best kids alarm clocks but to also make you aware of the importance of having them.

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Why it is Important for a Child to Have an Alarm Clock

There are significant reasons as to why it is important to provide your child with an alarm bedside clock that you may not be aware of. One of the most important ones that we would say is that it is the best way to improve your child’s punctuality. This is done by getting them to be used to waking up on the sound of an alarm and not become a heavy sleeper that sleeps through it.

Another important reason to have an alarm for children is that it prevents them from having to use their phones for their alarms. Scientific research tells people that a lot of kids suffer from headaches and other head illnesses due to the radiation caused by mobile phones that are kept nearby a child’s head when going to sleep. In order to prevent this, it would be better off to buy your child a bedroom clock instead of giving them a phone to use as one.

Different Types of Children Alarm Clocks

Alarm clocks come in many different shapes and sizes as you may already be aware of. The best way to make your child be happy with an alarm device for kids and to actually get into the habit of using them is by getting them one that has a theme they like. For instance, if they are a huge Batman fan then it would make sense if you got them a clock with a Batman theme on it. Or if their room had a Barbie theme then it would be best to get them a Barbie clock for girls. Also, it would be much more convenient to get them a clock that would be easy for them to understand how to set up before falling asleep.

Considerations When Picking a Childs Alarm Clock

From cool clocks for kids to digital and analog kids clocks, you can find many different types that would best suit the way they like to tell the time. This means that there are some factors about these children bedside clocks that you must consider before making the final decision. One of the most important factors is the type of clock that it displays. By this, we mean whether or not it is an analog of a digital clock as some kids begin to tell the time better in different ways. Also, this plays a big part in the morning as soon as they get up so they do not have to spend any time thinking about what time it actually is when you can find the one that they can instantly acknowledge the time without thinking about it.

10 Best Kids Alarm Clocks

We would like to introduce to you our very special list of the best alarm clocks for kids in the market. This list will not only show you different types of children bedside alarms but also give you an insight into the best selling ones in the market. We have only included the clocks which have a lot of positive feedback and really high rankings which means whichever one you pick, you will most definitely not be disappointed with it.

LittleHippo Light Up Clock

This is an image of a Little Light Up Hippo Clock

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The first kids bedroom clock that we will be talking about is the LittleHippo Light up Clock.

It is designed in A beautiful and smooth round shape with an indented face at the front. The material is made from is non-toxic ABS plastic and silicone at the front.

Also with four round and small rubber legs to keep it standing up. These come in different colors including pink, purple, blue and others.

The face of this clock has a light back to the color depending on the time. For instance, it glows yellow half an hour before the alarm goes off and turn green as the alarm rings.

It is perfect for setting different moods for your kids to get used to early mornings.


LED Night Bedroom Clock

This is an image of an LED Night Bedroom Alarm Clock

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Number two is the LED night light alarm for young ones. It brings a lot of excitement as well as being an alarm device.

Design in a unique rectangular shape which stands on its own. At the same time being able to display either the 12 hours or the 24 hour time format.

At the top of this clock, you will find two buttons that help to quickly snooze the alarm and a long LED light. Whilst at the back  There are All the buttons and toggles that I love you to set the alarm or switch it on and off.

Not only is this clock able to tell the time, but it can also be used as a charging device with two USB slots located at the back.

The best teacher about this children bedside clock is that you can use either a battery or an AC plug. This allows more convenience when trying to pick the right location for this device.


Raynic Pink Owl Toddler Clock

This is an image of a Raynic Kitty Toddler Clock

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This is a very well designed toddler bedroom clock. Charming own design makes it the perfect addition to a bedroom that has a similar theme in it.

It stands at just 5’3inches tall, 5.5 inches long and 5.1 inches wide. Although some people may find this booking in fact the perfect size for a bedside tabletop.

At the front, there are two buttons located on its feet to make it convenient to snooze or switch the alarm on and off. The rest of the buttons that allow you to control the clock are located at the bottom. This is done purposely so that they are not easily visible and do not ruin the design.

This device allows you to change the alarm tones to nine different soothing sounds. As well as this you have the option to dim the light down so it does not make the room bright child is trying to sleep.

Finally, you can find this clock lovely yellow color as well as the pink just for a better preference.


LEGO Batman Alarm Digital Clock

This is an image of a LEGO Batman Alarm Clock

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Here we have for you and an interesting clock that is shaped in the iconic Lego Batman mini-figure. It is the perfect gift for Batman fans or a room with a Batman theme to it.

This clock nine and a half inches tall with limbs that can move in different directions. It does not only become an alarm clock but also a toy for kids to play with.

However, we advise that only kids from six years and older should be allowed to play with this toy.

One drawback to this clock is that it only displays a digital clock whereas some people might prefer an analog time format. The digital LCD screen will, however, require two AAA batteries in order for it to display.

Blue Bell Alarm for Kids

This is an image of a Blue Bell Alarm for Kids

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This is the bluebell 3D children bedside clock. It comes in two different styles, blue space themes, and a pink fairy-themed style.

It is fairly simple and easy to operate with Only four simple toggles at the back. The first is to set the clock the second is to set the time the third is to switch the alarm on and off and the fourth is the backlight button.

This makes a good addition to a boys room with a space theme to it.

This simple and old fashion clock only display an analog time format. It stands at just above 6 inches tall which is the perfect size to sit on top of a bedside table.


Kids Round Clock with Radio

This is an image of a Kids Round Alarm Clock with Radio

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At number six we have for you a children’s bedroom table clock with a radio.

It is shaped in a sphere with a flat surface that allows it to stand on its own. And it is made from Matt plastic material.

Unlike many other clocks, this one allows you to set multiple alarms at the same time. It becomes more convenient for lay in days or for having short naps.

Its best feature is the fact that it has a built-in radio that allows you to connect to it with Bluetooth. As well as listening to music you can also talk on the phone was connected to it as it has a microphone built-in.

At the top, you would find a multicolored LED light that can be dimmed when necessary. All these functions are powered by a wall adapter. However, there is also an option to use batteries for more convenience when trying to find a perfect location for it.


Kids Bedside Clock with Bluetooth Speaker

This is an image of a Kids Bedside Clock with Bluetooth Speaker

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At number seven we have for you another Bluetooth speaker that is incorporated with an alarm clock.

Made from small plastic material, this device is not only a Clock but also a very good night light. It has 48 different colors that illuminate from the LED lights.

This is a more advanced piece of technology as it has touchscreen buttons. Simply touch the top of it to control its modes and colors or long-press it to switch on and off.

Its built-in speaker has a really powerful sound quality. With a high-quality base, you will always enjoy listening to your music from it.

Although most people nowadays use Bluetooth to connect to their devices. It still has an aux connection just in case your child has a phone without Bluetooth.


Batgirl Digital Bedroom Clock


This is an image of a batgirl alarm clock

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Above you will find another superhero clock, but this time designed for girls.

This is a Lego Batgirl clock Made for her fans. It does not only act as a wake-up clock for your children but also a collectible piece of Lego toy.

Similar to the Batman Lego clock, it is only able to display a digital time format. However, this also has a bright yellow glowing light for when it gets too dark.

It is powered by only two triple-a batteries and should not be given to any child under the age of six years old.


Ceiling Projector Clock

This is an image of a Ceiling Projector Clock

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The ceiling project clock is the most unique and fascinating one of them all. Built with intelligence and high-tech features, it is one of the most popular ones on the market.

It is Design to project the clock onto the ceiling so that you do not have to get up to see the time. As well as the projector is a good feature, some people may not like it as It means that the room may not be completely dark.

Another feature is the voice talking function. This is designed to be able to ask it to tell you the time without having to open your eyes whilst you’re slowly trying to get up.

Another cool feature about it is that it is very portable and lightweight. It also does not use any wires as it is operated by three simple AAA batteries.


Digital Alarm Clock with Calendar

This is an image of a Digital Alarm Clock with Calendar

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The last and surely one of the best clock we have for you in the calendar rain clock for children. It makes a very good gift idea.

This device does not only display the time but also allows you to display pictures and writing too.

This becomes very useful what trying to keep up with daily tasks and reminders. For instance, you can set it to remind you to take your medicine at a certain time with an alarm that goes off at the same time.

One of the best features about it is that you can change the language settings too.



Best Overall Product

On our list of bedside clocks for children, we have chosen the Ceiling Projector Clock (number 9) to be the best among them all. The main reason for this is simply because of its unique feature of being able to project the time onto the ceiling that the rest of them cannot do. Most people who have bought this clock for their child have said that it is the most convenient clock for kids you can buy. This is because it allows a person to instantly be able to tell what the time is by either opening their eyes and simply turning their head to the ceiling instead of having to turn their whole body around. It allows your child to be able to know exactly what time it is with ease at any time of the night if they were to wake up and judging how long they have left to continue sleeping. Sometimes it can be really annoying to have to completely wake up just to have a look at the time, this provides a much simpler way that will definitely be appreciated by anyone.

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Disadvantages of Having Alarm Clocks for Children

Let’s be honest with ourselves, the main reason as to why people ignore buying these clocks for their children is because they do not tend to use them to their full potential. Kids are usually woken up by their parents as they tend to get really lazy to wake up by themselves. We can all understand why this might be as we have all been in the same situation at one point in our lives. This is because the issues that come with alarm clocks can be really annoying such as taking up space on the tabletop that your children usually use for their toys and other items. Let us not forget about the most annoying fact which is the loud sound it makes when you’re in the middle of the best nights sleep. One last disadvantage is that they can potentially be dangerous for kids to fall on top of when they are jumping about on the bed on playing near them.

What is the Best Kids Alarm Clock for a Gift?

The clock that we feel would be perfect to give to a child as a gift is the Digital Clock with Calendar (Number 10). The reason we say this is because it would feel more like a gift as a child could do more than just use it as a wake-up mechanism. It becomes really helpful as well as a great piece of decoration to a child’s room. People can instantly know the exact time and date by just turning their heads instead of having to think and remember what day it was previously or having to look at their phone.

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