Best Types of Drones For 12 Year Olds

drone flying in the air

Drones are the perfect gift for twelve 12 years old. As a matter of fact, if you want to be the
cool parent that you’re expected to be by your child, then you should get him a drone for his
birthday gift, like the wingsland X1 which is what I bought my son for his special day.

Drones have been around for a while, and from all indications, they’re here to stay
as new and more sophisticated drones are being manufactured every day.

While the previous generation of drones was designed specifically for adults, manufacturers
have long begun the production of kids friendly drones, and some of the best drones for kids
are reviewed in this article.

This is an image of a drone

Buying a drone for your child goes beyond entering a drone store, picking a cheap (or expensive
one as the case may be) and slamming a gift wrap around it. There are some factors that must
be considered when making your purchase, and some of the criteria are greatly discussed in
the next section of the article.

Price: At it’s very best, drones for kids are purposeful for taking aerial HD pictures or videos for
the fun purpose. This is not to undermine the possibility of kids picking up an interest in aerial
photography as a result of their love for drones.
All things being equal, the price is an important factor that must be put into consideration
before you get the drone. Don’t go for extremely expensive drones designed for professionals,
a cheap device is a good place to start, and you can always upgrade when there is a need to do

Flight Time: The longer it stays in the air, the more fun playtime kids get from the drone. As a
rule of thumb, anytime below eight (8) minutes is not a good choice. So you should look for
drones with flight time within the range of eight (8) to fifteen (15) minutes, as this is considered
ideal in most cases, especially when it is being flown as a hobby.
Durability: Read reviews of the product to make sure they can stand the test of time. This is
easier when you buy online because you can read various reviews from previous buyers. When
you buy in the store, you can only rely on the good words of the store attendants. Ensure they
drone you’re about to buy is strong and durable enough to withstand the rigors your child will
be putting it through.

Ease of use: Depending on who is using it, complexity is a relative issue. But in general, you
should go for a device that would be relatively easy to operate for a twelve (12) years old.
Getting a complicated device might be frustrating for them and would most probably end up
losing interest in the idea of flying drones generally.

Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC

This is an image of a black and blue drone

Amazon Link

This is an entry-level drone for kids below the age of fourteen (14). It’s a quadcopter and moves
very fast making it fun to play with for the kids. The price is also justified, considering that you
don’t have to break the bank before you get one for your child.

The size is relatively small compared to most drones, but it flies which is the most important
thing for most kids. The small size is probably because the only thing it does is flying, as it does
not come with a camera.

If you’re interested in introducing your child to aerial photography, then this is not the
appropriate choice. You should consider other products on the list.

Syma X5C-1 Explorers Camera Drone for Kids

This is an image of a white drone

Amazon Link

This drone is recommended for kids above 14 years of age, which means you need to supervise
your 12 years old while using it. It is more advanced as compared to the previously reviewed

It is lightweight and comes with a 2MP HD camera which is considered okay for kids aerial
photography. In size, it is bigger than most drones within its price range, and it is very easy to
setup and use. Stability is an important factor that most manufacturers don’t consider when
designing drones for kids.

But this particular device was designed with stability in mind. It comes with a 6-axis gyro
stabilization, making it resistant to the wind effect and thus capturing high-quality images.
On the flip side, it takes a while for the battery to get fully charged; approximately 90minutes,
and it ha a flight time of seven (7) minutes. The camera is also detachable from the drone and
can be flown just for the fun of it.

Drocon Drone

This is an image of a navy drone

Amazon Link

One spectacular feature that I like about this drone is flight time. It has up to 18 minutes of flight time when fully charged.

And the camera that comes with it is capable of taking HD pictures and videos.

Although it does not have the best of designs, it is simple enough to be operated by kids and
has enough flight time for maximum fun.

The inbuilt transmitter has a buzzer that goes off
when the signal for the RC becomes weak so you’d know the limit to which you can fly your
drone. Considering all the features that come with the device, it’s a good buy for the price tag.

EACHINE H8 Mini Quad

This is an image of a black and white drone

Amazon Link

Arguably the cheapest drone on the list. Manufacturer recommends this product for kids above
the age of twelve (12), making it perfect for twelve years old kids.

The first thing you notice as you unbox the quadcopter is the three green mark on the drone.
Careful attention has been given to the aesthetics. Aside from looking good, it is equally very
lightweight as compared to other sophisticated drones.

The propeller is surrounded by guards for safety purpose. The colorful LED lights that come
with the drone make it easy to determine the orientation of the drone in the dark, and also
makes it look very nice when flying in the dark. Most users appraise the angle and speed of this
little beast.

While it takes approximately 45minutes to get the device fully charged, it has just seven (7)
minutes of flight time.

Altair Aerial AA108

This is n image of a remote controlled drone

Amazon Link

If you would like to encourage your child to take an interest in aerial photography, the best
drone to get them is the Altair Aerial AA108, it’s the best camera drone for kids.

This device has a flight time of 10minutes with a range of 100 meters. Designed with stability in
mind, your kids don’t have to worry about the effect of wind on your capture as they fly taking
awesome aerial pictures and videos.

It is also very easy to fly as compared to the level of functionalities that comes with it. Designed
with three (3) flight mode, your child can gradually advance from beginner to intermediate and
advanced pilot as they understand the principles of drones flying the more.
As expected, it comes with an app that allows you to watch the capture in realtime as you fly.

Force1 X5C Quadcopter With HD Camera

This is an image of a black and blue remote controlled drone

Amazon Link




Weighing about 4 ounces, with a plastic and elastic frame body, the force1 is one of the most
complex drones on this list. Its functionality could pass for a professional drone.

It has a six (6) axis gyro for stability during flight. The battery does not take long to charge as it
can be fully charged in forty (40) minutes or less. The camera that comes with the device is a
1280 X 720P High Definition camera.

Unlike other previously reviewed products, the remote control has an LCD screen while the
drone itself has LED light and blinking signal light for remote control. The low battery alarm is
also a useful feature that informs users of the current power situation of the device.

Hubsan X4 H107C Quadcopter

This is an image of a white and blue helicopter drone

Amazon Link



The Hubsan quadcopter is about 1.1 pounds heavy, and it is the heaviest on the list of products
reviewed. It’s a little bit complex in operation as compared to other drones on the list, the
sophistication is attributed to a wide variety of features that comes with the drone.


It is not the ideal drone for first-timers, but a good choice if you noticed that your child is due
for a transition from a beginner pilot to the intermediate or expert level.
This drone can flip in four different directions, making it more fun to fly for kids. Although the
body is made of plastic materials, the durability of the drone is not compromised by this. The
camera will not pass for a professional one, but if you want them to master control properly,
then this is the appropriate drone to get.

As you try to surprise your child and make them happy by buying them a drone, it is important
to remember that safety is of uttermost priority. Most drones will come with operation manual
and safety guidelines. You should take the time to go through this manual together with your
child, and also make sure that they understand every bit of it.

Don’t just leave them to it when the manufacturer emphasis adult supervision. No matter how
old or smart you think your child is, ensure that they take the first flight in your presence, and
always set ground rules on when, where and how they can use the drone. These might seem
like a whole lot of work, but it is advisable that you put in the work from the get-go than having
to deal with the consequence that might come from negligence.

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