Best Soft Toys for Toddlers

A soft toy is something that all children get to play with at one point in their childhood. There can be many different types of soft toys for toddlers ranging from animal figure toys to human figure toys. This can make it difficult to find the best one to give to your child which is why we have put together a review of the best toddler soft toys you can buy for your children in 2019.

This is an image of a plush teddy reading a book

Before we go into mentioning and giving you an idea of the range of different soft toys available to buy, we will first want to tell you the reasons you should buy cuddle toys for them. As well as this, we will make you aware of all the benefits and things to be aware of once you have bought one. This will ultimately allow your child to not only make the most of the toy you get for them but to also be in full safety at all times with it.

Reason To Buy Your Child Soft Toys to Play With

There are many reasons as to why parents usually buy their children soft playing dolls to play with. Some of these reasons include interaction as the more your child interacts with something or someone, the more skills they develop. Other reasons can be for educational purposes such as having different colored limbs for them to identify and learn, or simply to have different animals for them to be aware of. But the main reason as to why parents usually buy these soft play toddler toys is to simply have a friend that they can take everywhere and cuddle up with.

Things To Consider When Buying Soft Toys for Toddlers

usually, all we think about is fun and games when it comes to buying a soft cuddle toy for toddlers. However, we’re here to tell you that there are some other things that you should think about first before buying one to avoid getting into unwanted complications. For instance, the most important thing you want to think about is the safety of your child, therefore, it is vital to know that not all soft toddler toys can be completely safe in some environments. The fact that they’re usually made from fabric means that they can easily catch fire which is very dangerous if you live in a household where people smoke and leave lighters laying around.

Also, other important things to consider is how you would be able to clean it if it got dirty as we all know kids tend to have messy hands a lot of the time. Although some simple and normal fabric plush toys can be put in the washing machine, others can’t due to them having electrical wires equipped inside of them. Also, even though some may not, then it is still important to know if the manufacturer says that the toy is machine washable otherwise you could end up damaging the toy if it isn’t.

Another important thing is the size of a kids soft play toy because they can come in many different sizes that would be appealing to kids. However, some of you may not know until after you buy it that the bigger they are, the harder they are to put away or and the smaller they are the more likely they are to get lost. Therefore finding the right size can be really important to think about according to the circumstances of how your household is.


8 Best Soft Toys for Toddlers

We now begin to list the toys all of the best soft equipment for kids to play with in 2019. The list may not be too big but it sure has a wide range of the different types that you can find made for different purposes. We hope you enjoy the list.

Blue Plush Octopus Toy


This is an image of a blue plush toy octopus

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An Octopus is one of the most interesting underwater animals that you can see. You can understand why we say this, as you know there aren’t many animals in the world that have eight legs. With the eight-leg design, it gives toy manufacturers the chance to give toddlers eight different fun tasks to do.

For instance, all of the legs have a different colored embroidered shape at the end of it. When your child presses these shapes, the octopus kids toy will speak out the name of the different colors. Not only this, but it will change the language of the name into three different languages including English, French and Spanish.

This makes this a very educational toy for toddlers as well as just another comfortable toddler hugging toy.

The dimensions of the toy are 17.8 cm tall and 27. cm wide just so you know how big of a toy this is. Also, you should expect to need two AA batteries in order to make it function which usually come included in the set.

Even though this fun toy is not designed for this, a lot of kids usually love to hold it by one of its legs and swing it around as it brings joy to them. It can be fun to let them do this, although the hard piece of electric equipment can sometimes still hurt if you get hit hard with it. Especially with it weighing a reasonable 318 grams, therefore we urge you to be careful about this.

Flappy Ear Plush Elephant Toddler Toy


This is an image of an elephant plush toy

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An Elephant may not seem like such an interesting animal to some people, but to kids, it is one of the most attractive animals to look at. Mainly due to its size and the features it has which are different to a lot of other animals. For instance, there aren’t many animals as famous as an elephant that has a trunk or big funny looking ears.

This Plush Elephant Toy for Toddlers is not just as simple a simple cuddle toy like most of the other soft cuddly toys for kids. This one is in fact designed to be an interactive one as well, which will sure distract any 2 to 5 year old toddler.

As you can see from the image, it is able to make its ears cover its eyes as if it was counting trying to play peek-a-book with your child. As well as this, it is able to sing the ‘Do Your Ears Hang Low’ nursery rhyme to have your kids sing along with it too. Simply press its left foot to activate this function.

All of these automatic functions make this toy need three AA batteries in order to operate. Which means it is an electric toy that cannot be put into a washing machine. However, do not worry if spills and dirt were to go on this toy for toddlers as it can simply be cleaned by any normal wet wipes.


Golden Labrador Plush Toy


this is an image of a soft labrador toy

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What better toddler animal toy is there than a small cute Labrador Dog to give to your young child. Some parents may feel that they want their children to start falling in love with dogs so that they can buy them a pet when they get a little older. However, their child may be too young to have one at the moment. This is why having a stuffed lifelike dog is a really good alternative to best get them loving this animal.

As previously mentioned this Golden Labrador Plush Toy for Kids is designed to look really identical to the real one. Made from fine plush fabric, your young child would love to be cuddling up to this toy all day long.

As well as a cuddle toy for toddlers, this soft toddler plush toy makes a wonderful 3 year old child gift. This is because it is made by Aurora World who are the leading plush toddler toy manufacturer which means all the safety requirements would have been met when making this toy.

One last important piece of information that you all must be wondering is its size. Well, this toy is made at a small 33 cm long and 15 cm wide which is quite small but very good for a toddler’s hands. Weighing at just 136 grams, they are able to have it in their hands all day long without getting tired of it.


Spongebob Squarepants Stuffed Soft Toy


this is an image of a large soft spongebob toy

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Name me a child who doesn’t love watching Spongebob get up to his weird activities. With this plush Spongebob Squarepants toddler giant toy, your child is able to recreate all of the Spongebob moments that they can remember from the show. But that’s not all, this large plush toy for toddlers has a length of 70cm which should give you an idea of how big it would be next to your small child.

A lot of parents usually give their children small soft toys to play with so why not try a large one to see how differently they react to it. It is a fact that all children are attracted to big things, especially if they look like the characters they see on TV.

This soft stuffed toddler toy is designed to be used by kids from the age of 3 years and above. Which makes sense as this is the typical age of the children who love to watch Spongebob.

However, just in case you have some worry about how they would be able to play with it, Although it is big, it still weighs an impressive 1 stone. Therefore any child of this age range should be able to carry it around all day.

having a stuffed character toy this big does not only become a childs play toy but also a childhood best friend so this is definitely one to consider buying for your child.


Despicable Me Minions Plush Toy


this is an image of a plush minion toy

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Despicable Me has been one of the biggest successful child films in modern times. All children and a lot of adults too love to binge watch it and we all know why this is. The minions and their crazy funny moments are the most attractive and most talked about parts about the film.

This makes this Minions Plush Toddler Toy one of the best one the best play toy you can buy for your child. not only because of the cuteness that a lot of children would find it in but also because of the 16 inch size that is made to stand at.

Better yet, the best and funniest thing about the Minions characteristics are the funny sounds and words they make when they speak. We know this toy would not be the best without this feature right? Therefore this toy is able to make all the funny sounds and phrases that minions make in the same way as they do in the movies to make give your children a lot of laughs when playing with it.

Simply press the hands and the toy will start to speak. This means that this toy for toddlers does require 3 AA batteries for these functions. It would make the perfect gift for 4 to 10 year olds.

One thing that we must warn you about this toddler Minions toy the glasses sometimes being painful if they hit your child hard as they’re made from plastic. Also, rough denim clothes can sometimes be bad for sensitive children skin.


Ginger Sleeping and Sleeping Plush Kitten


This is an image of a sleeping plush toy cat

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We decided to give you another typical animal that people usually love to keep as pets, a baby kitten. Usually, kittens are seen as very cute and adorable which is why it is a good idea to buy your little ones a toy that would grow their love of these animals.

The most interesting feature about this cat is that it makes snoozing sounds and moves up and down to show that it is breathing. Although this is a realistic feature that makes people feel good about this toy, some parents would avoid it because this is all it does.

It is considered to be an interactive plush toy because a lot of children usually react to it when it makes sleeping noises and feels like playing or speaking back to it. These noises are powered by just one D battery which can last a length of 3 months.

The set comes with the kitten, its own bed and a pretend adoption certificate is included to give it a more realistic way of getting a pet cat. As well as this, it comes packaged in a gift box to make this a great gift for 3 year old boys and girls.

Kitten Dimensions: 250 mm Width x 170 mm Length

Bed Dimensions: 300 mm Width x 220 mm Length

Weight: 905 Grams


My First Dolly Soft Baby Toy


this is an image of a soft baby doll

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In order to give you an idea of a completely different type of soft product for toddlers, we have chosen to show you this cuddly soft doll. This is mainly to show you that there are soft cuddly toys shaped like humans so that your child can practice role-playing to take care of someone.

It is stuffed with cotton and stitched with high quality polyester material to give it the squishy soft feel that it needs. It is designed to be a one piece as none of the features on it can be removed which can be a good thing as it prevents your child from losing any small pieces.  Also, it allows you to wash it in a washing machine with other delicate clothes to keep it in a new and good looking condition without destroying it.

One negative thing about this soft toddler doll is that it does not look too realistic as some parents would have preferred it did. This is fair to say although this is not always a really important feature when targeting young children of the age of 2 and 3 years old.

Another Important information that you will want to know is that it is only 31 cm tall and weighs just 95 grams. This is ideal for little kids to play with.


Giant T-Rex Stuffed Toddler Animal Toy


this is an image of a child holding a large soft dinosaur toy

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Dinosaurs have always been a fascinating ancient creature that everyone loves to watch films about. The fact that there are toys about them also makes these become really high in demand as many people would love to have their personal pet but have to settle for just the toy.

This stuffed T-Rex Toddler Toy is one of the best one to buy for your children not only because it is a dinosaur but also because it is a giant one. It comes measuring an incredible two feet tall which would definitely attract the attention of all young children.

The fact that this is a big plush toddler play toy means that all children will definitely try to jump on it and ride it. Although this can be done to a certain extent, it is still not designed to carry the weight of a child due to its weak legs.

The inside of this toy is made with extremely durable frames meaning it is always able to maintain its shape no matter what it goes through. The best thing is that it is still designed to be very soft and cuddly on the outside so it will never hurt your child.



Our Pick for Best Overall Toddler Toy

We would recommend that you buy your children the Minions plush toy from all the ones that we have on our list. This is just because of the fact that Minions have become really popular among children and it is a very fast selling toy with many good reviews. This should show you that a lot of children are loving to play with this toddler playing toy, therefore, you will undoubtedly be able to satisfy their needs with it. However, some people may be looking for other purposes when buying a soft play figure for toddlers such as it being educational and this one does not meet these requirements. Therefore it wouldn’t be the best option to go for and it would be better to consider other ones on our list such as the educational Octopus.


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Best Budget Buy

The toy that we would consider to be the best one to buy if you have a tight budget is the Blue Octopus plush Baby toy. This is mainly due to the fact that it is able to be a soft cuddly toy as well as an educational toy. At a young age of 3 to 5 years, a lot of kids should always be coming in contact with things that teach them to further develop their knowledge. We believe that this one fulfills both of the main reasons why parents buy cuddle toys for toddlers and are also at a fairly cheap and affordable price.


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