Best Baby Elephant Toys 2019

When baby elephant pillows came out recently, the new innovation became a big hit for moms who were fascinated with these new types of toys. Many moms had the pictures of their infants sleeping on the stuffed toys posted on social media but the question is really which among these elephant toys are safe for your baby?

In this guide we have explored the elephant toys for babies and have provided answers to some of the questions you may have about babies and elephant types of toys that are both stuffed and unstuffed and which ones are for your child and make a great purchase. We have at the end of this article presented our selections of the 12 best and most popular selections of a baby elephant to guide your shopping.

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If what you are looking for is the elephant toy for your baby, the best choice would probably be snuffed and cuddly toys. Your baby will find immense joy and comfort in hugging and be carrying these toys.

The squashy bodies and awesome looks make these toys a fun and comforting play for your little baby. These stuffed elephant toys are accessible in a lot of options suitable for your baby’s snuggling buddy. Whether you want a snuffed elephant or other types of elephant toys, you will always get a good choice of toy to suit you and your baby.

However, the elephant stuffed animals would provide your kids with a source of comfort and you would need careful considerations to get a good one at a great price.

Considerations When Picking an Elephant Toy for Your Kid

What matters is the quality; it could be small or large sized pillow-like stuffed elephant. When your baby is around 6 months such toys help them to develop good social skills. Your baby would play with them and communicate with them as little human friends.

The stuffed animal also helps to soothe your baby and make the baby feel less anxious when you are not around. Apart from snuffed elephants, another great toy choice for your baby is teething toys with elephant design.

If you are buying stuffed elephant toys, ensure you follow the rules set by the American Academy of Pediatrics to ensure your baby is safe. Soft and fluffy objects are notorious for improving baby’s risks to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Bearing this in mind, we have carefully selected the baby elephant toys that have proven safe for babies to help save you time for shopping around and narrow down your choices

12 Elephant Toys For Babies


Gund Hide and Seek Elephant Plush Toy


brown elephant soft toy with big ears

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This Gund Hide and Seek Elephant Plush Toy is a very interactive toy that plays peek-a-boo and sings Do Your Ears Hang Low to excite and thrill your child’s love and imagination. The ear of this toy flaps while your child plays with it to make your happy and enjoy a lot of fun. It is produced from premium-quality and huggable plush fabric. It is suitable for kids starting from birth upwards. The surface of the toy is washable and the toys make use of three AA batteries which comes with the toy pack.

The animation that comes with the toy offers your child with hours of Interactive Fun. The adorable singing of the toy would greatly charm and interest your child. For you to hear, the lovely music and set off the interactive peek-a-boo play press the left foot. The washable surface makes cleaning easy and a lot of fun. It is suitable for kids of all ages and is made of premium quality huggable plush material.

There’s nothing like that special bond between a child and his or her first plush toy. When you press the left foot the toy starts to sing and the ear starts to flap in sync with the tune. You will really have a good laugh with this animated toy apart from the fun it would offer to your little one. It is downright cute. Your baby would love to play with it all the time!


Kinrex Grey Stuffed Cuddle Elephant


grey elephant soft toy with tag on big ears

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This Kinrex Grey Stuffed Cuddle Elephant toy is highly soft and produced with 100 percent polyester material. It makes an adorable and perfect gift for holidays or birthdays. You can as well use it for decorating your child’s nursery. Your child would appreciate you and thank you for this wonderfully made cute elephant friend. The toy is hand washable with cold Water.

This elephant is wonderfully stuffed, cute and well made and makes a perfect gift. It can serve as a centerpiece for baby shower celebration. The KINREX Elephant Plush is adorable; you’ll absolutely be thrilled to have it when it arrives. It will also make a great topper for elephant-themed cake at a baby shower.

The plush quality is great it is very cuddly and made with very soft materials. It is a great size and very suitable for younger kids. This Elephant stuffed animal can also be used as a decorative piece in a child’s nursery.

The product material is also safe. You have nothing to fear about its quality and safety.


Chewable Baby Elephant Teething Toy


gret elephant toy with string in box

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This Chewable Baby Elephant Teething Toy does not contain BPA, smelly plastic or any unsafe material that could make the baby gag or choke. This Chewable Baby Elephant Teether does not contain any form of odor and babies from 0 months and above can use it without any form of adverse effect. Silicone material used for this baby teether is tough and sturdy enough to last for a long time, yet it is soft and comfortable on your baby teeth and great for providing relief for any form of teething pain.

It makes a great gift for baby shower or baby registry and can also be used for a birthday party or holiday celebration. It is both suitable for baby girls and baby boys. To save it from being dropped from the baby’s hands and mouth, it comes with a cute silicone clip and universal pacifier adapter that helps it to attach firmly on to your baby’s clothing.

The entire components of this soothing teether are carefully selected to provide your baby with the greatest amount of soothing and cooling comfort while at the same time remaining 100 percent safe.

It is made of food grade silicone rubber. It is flexible, bendable and can be cooled in the refrigerator or freezer. It can either be washed with hand or with the dishwasher.  This cute little toy makes a good buy for babies who love cold feelings of teething pacifiers.


Bandanna Buddies Cuddle Toy


multi colored small stuffed elephantAmazon Link


The Bandanna Buddies Cuddle Toy, Elephant is suitable for kids aged three months and above. It is stuffed with different fabrics with differing textures. It contains a rattle ring and chimes which is especially soothing for kids of this age. The toy can easily be attached with a baby stroller, car seat or infant carriage to provide your infant child with constant comfort and this makes it a handy soothing and a play tool for your baby to take with you on the go.

It is packed full and comes with various activities and the bright color also makes it very attractive and a preferred choice of toy for your little one. The rattle on the head with the ear that makes a squeaking noise like a dog toy when touched, both the feet and the ear that make a crinkly sound like plastic, the tiny mirror  on the ear and many more activities packed in this toy makes it a great soothing and exciting toy for your little one.

Your child would love to have fun grabbing the ears, arms, legs and particularly the rings and arms and be pleased with the toy. Cleaning of the toy is easy. You can easily hand wash it with mild detergent and air dry with the loop on the head of the elephant. It is a good merger of a teether, interactive, and cuddly plush toy for your little one.


Squirting Elephant Bath Toy


grey elephant toy with big pink earsAmazon Link


Make your baby bath time a lot more fun with this Puzzled Baby Bath Toy Squirt while at the same time offering your kid the opportunity to learn colors, animals, sounds, and shapes. It comes in just the real size and softness that is suitable for your little one’s hand. Your child would be able to hold and squeeze this bath toy and enjoy the fun of it starting from infancy to the toddler years.

The toy is a great help to your child’s hand to eye coordination and boosts your baby’s ability to engage in creative imaginary play. It is a great toy for making underwater bubbles and for fun-filled bath play. It is made of PVC durable and safe plastic that doesn’t constitute any form of harm to the child.

This is a very cute toy that fits right into the palm of your hands. It can be used as a cake topper for a diaper cake decoration at a baby shower. It can also serve as a baby shower game or centerpiece for a baby shower.


Aurora World Grey Plush Elephant


grey fluffy elephant toy with big eyes

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The Aurora World Grey Plush Elephant is a very soft and huggable body plush toy with wonderful characters that excite your child’s senses. Give your baby something cute to snuggle around with this seated plush toy with attractive facial expression. Every part of it is manufactured with the use of top quality materials to guarantee their softness and make them durable.

It makes a soothing and comforting friend both for an adult and the baby. You can always snuggle round this wonderful huggable plush toy when you are feeling blue and void. It is a little bit large but very adorable. It can make a great cake topper doe safari themed baby shower. The snug quality of the toy is endearing.

It soft, cute and nice sized and would make your baby’s favorite toy. It is also great for making a diaper wreath for a baby shower.  The pricing of this toy is also great.


Pink Elephant Teething Toy


pink rubber elephant toy with string

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Pink Elephant Teething Toy is an ideal toy for babies growing their teeth and pacifier clip set for you with a great potential to soothe your teething child.

It is produced from non-toxic and safe USA Certified BPA Free Food Grade Silicone to give you peace of mind as your baby chews on it. It contains beads which are individually knotted to boost safety. The plastic clip is compatible with any pacifier brand, links up with it secure and doesn’t constitute any harm to it.  It contains no metal material and there is no fear of rusting.

It makes a great accessory for your little girl from infancy to toddler age. It comes in a stylish design and makes an excellent gift for Valentine, baby shower, festivity, party and birthday. It comes in a fanciful design that your little kid or the gift receiver would appreciate and cherish.

The vivacious color of the beads and their different shapes are great to boost to your child’s brain development. They offer your child a good visual and tangible stimulation object.


Bearington Soft Elephant Ring Rattle


fluffly elephant head with ring

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This Bearington Soft Elephant Ring Rattle toy is an endearing and magnificently soft, plush elephant rattle with Chevron design satin bow. They make a perfect gift for baby showers and come in an ideal size that the baby can comfortably hold. It is suitable for kids of all ages. It is made up of a surface washable material of premium quality.

This rattle is made to offer your baby a soothing tool for fun play. Your baby is surely going to fall in love with this lovely plush and comforting rattle. It is safe for machine wash. It is a cute little ring of rattle for your baby’s little hand. The fabric doesn’t come off when the baby sticks it into the mouth. The rattle makes a sound that keeps the baby entertained and rightfully distracted to give the mum a good amount of rest and free time to engage in other activities.

It is so lovable and makes the right quality for a baby’s first rattle. It withstands a good amount of use and wash and still maintains the quality so it is built sturdy. It is a perfect addition to an elephant-themed baby shower.


LeapFrog Plastic Ring Stacking Elephant Toy


blue plastic elephant with long trunk and colored rings

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The LeapFrog Plastic Ring Stacking Elephant Toy comes with five colorful rings on the elephant’s trunk to give your child the opportunity to start to develop great motor skills.

While your child stacks each of the rings onto the elephant trunk, the elephant brings out colors, numbers, and shapes. If the child pushes the elephant’s tail, the elephant sneezes and the rings fall off the trunk and scatter away. This toy is meant to entertain your child and help him to engage in immersive play for hours.

It also signs melodious songs to the child to get it to sing, the child would need to press the button on the elephant’s trunk. When the child is stacking the rings unto the trunk of the elephant, twisting the ear of the elephant would allow the child to hear a clicking sound.

Your child will find the stacking and count feature a lot of fun. Also, you cannot beat the educational potential that comes with this elephant toys, the child doesn’t only learn about numbers as he stacks, he also learns about colors and shapes. While the child stacks the rings on the elephant’s trunk, he would hear sweet phrases about numbers, colors, and shapes while building motor skills.


Logan the Teething Elephant Toy


grey rubber elephant toy with blue eyes

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Logan the Teething Elephant is your little one all natural rubber teething toy that would delight your baby. It comes with ears and trunk that are perfectly shaped to pacify and soother your baby’s teething gums.

With the looped tail, you can attach the pacifier on to your baby’s gum and let your baby explore his fill of the wonder pacifier. There is nothing to fear about the safety of this toy to your child. It is 100 percent safe and is made from non-toxic materials that don’t any form of BPA or Phthalate. This Logan pacifying toy is hand painted with the use of first-class food grade paint.

The features of this baby pacifier are particularly structured to stimulate your child’s senses. It comes in flexible and lightweight plastic. The flat ears provide supper massage to your baby’s sore gums while the legs and trunk make great chew and help to pacify and soothe your baby’s aching gum.

The squeaking sound of Logan squeak will keep your baby stimulated and the lovely look and cheerful smile on Logan’s face would create a special bond between Logan and baby.


Pink Bedtime Soft Elephant Toy


pink elephant soft toy with blue bow on ears

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Hazel is a machine washable plush toy that works together with the Twinkle Toes Collection. It is a soft wooly pink elephant toy with gray ears that wears a blue bow close to her ear. This bedtime originals twinkle toes pink elephant is a good complement to the super cute gray elephant plush toy in the collection known as and Humphrey. When seated, Hazel is 10″ tall. It is produced with polyester materials and doesn’t contain any unsafe product for your baby’s mouth. It makes a good huggable elephant toy for your baby to cuddle around.

It is a great little soft elephant plush toy to adorn your baby’s nursery. Your daughter would be delighted to have this gift from you. The build quality is also great. It is highly stuffed and cute. It is downright adorable and 100% perfectly made requiring no improvement.


Bearington Baby Elephant Rattle Shaker


grey elephant soft toy with rattle ring and bow

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The Bearington Baby Elephant Rattle Shaker is made cute with adorable great elephant rattle toy to offer a lot of fun to your child. It is very stimulating and works great at stimulating your child’s senses once he shakes the rattle, turns the silky satin ears and touches the foot pads.

This magnificent rattle is produced with top quality materials containing lavishly squashy gray velour plush material, silky white satin ears, blown up safety eyes, and a satin chevron bow. It is designed with a quality that makes it a perfect gift for baby showers, a birth announcement for baby boys and girls, or for decorating a child’s nursery.

This soft plush elephant shaker rattle offers a tool for fun play to babies and provides them with much-needed comfort. It is definitely going to become a favorite toy of your baby. With the five inch size, it a perfect size for your baby’s little hand.  You’ll absolutely fell in love with this small elephant rattle.

It is amazingly cute and no doubt your son will have great fun with it. It can serve as a topper for the diaper cake of elephant themed baby shower. It is made soft and suitable for your baby’s tender hands. You’ll find this little rattle adorable and let your baby carry it with him all the time.

It functions well as the centerpiece decor on a baby wreath in an elephant themed baby shower. It can also go well with a grey and white theme.



Best Budget

All the toys we have presented in this list make a good buy. They come with a lot of features that provide enough value for the money spent on them. However, they are not made equal. Some are more costly than others while some are a little bit cheaper while still offering great value for the mommy and her baby. If you are looking to buy a good toy at an affordable price, you may wish to consider going for our chosen best budget toy among the list- Puzzled Baby Bath Toy Squirt.

This a great one for your baby to have a fun time during bath times while providing your baby with comfort and fun, it also gives your baby the chance to learn about colors, animals, sounds, and shapes. It is great for improving your child’s hand to eye coordination, creativity, and imaginative play. The good thing is that you get all these wonderful features at just a small price

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Best Overall

We hope you had fun going through our list. All the toys on the list are absolutely amazing and offer great value. Depending on your need and that of your baby what works as the best for one family may not be for the other. However, we have chosen the Gund Baby Animated Flappy the Elephant Plush Toy as the best overall baby elephant toy on the list. The reason for our choice is not far-fetched.

The Gund Baby elephant toy is an adorable elephant toy that plays a peek-a-boo and sings Do Your Ears Hang Low to excite and thrill your child’s love and imagination. The ear of this toy flaps while your child plays with it to make your baby happy and enjoy a lot of fun. It is made from premium-quality and huggable plush fabric and completely safe for kids starting from day one. With this lovely toy, your child would have a lot of interactive fun. Your child forms a bond with this his or her earliest friend and can cuddle round it for comfort and support.

This is an image of a plush brown elephant toy

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