7 Best Baby Dolls For Toddlers

Are you going through the struggle of choosing which baby doll would best suit your toddler? If the answer is yes then making the correct decision is more important than you think. The first baby doll that a toddler plays with usually becomes the one that they take a long time to outgrow. This is why we have made this list of 7 best baby dolls for toddlers to help you make the right choice.

This list will not only tell you about the best baby dolls for toddlers. It will also make you aware of the different accessories that they can potentially be used to promote better role play games. The fact that there are many different types of toddler baby dolls could make this a hard decision if you are not well educated about dolls. If you take some time to read this article, you will definitely be more familiar with what to look out for when choosing the best toddler baby doll.

Best Baby Dolls For Toddlers

Below you will find the list of best baby dolls for toddlers that you have been waiting for. But before we begin, we would like to make you aware that this list is not made based on the order of a specific feature. Although we have made sure to cover different types of dolls for toddlers of all ages.

1. Paradise Galleries Reborn Baby Doll

This is an image of a baby doll holding onto its accessories

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The Paradise Galleries Reborn Toddler Dolls are by far one of the best baby dolls for toddlers. We say this because it is made to imitate a real baby as precise as possible. To begin with, it is a soft cloth doll made with really soft and gentle vinyl from head to toe so it becomes one of the best toddler dolls that look real.

The face is made to have beautiful realistic brown eyes with special hand applied eye lashes. There are small drawn on eye brows and perfectly shaped facial features to make it look as real as possible. The hair is dark brown and made into a near style with a fringe that comes down just up to the eye brows.

Every limb on this baby doll for toddlers has been carefully designed to look as realistic as a real baby. This includes the size of the limb all the way to the specific details of a folded fist.

What you should expect the doll to come with is a cute giraffe plush toy as seen in the picture, plus many more accessories. These include a 10pc outfit, a pastel, a onesie, a jacket, a hat, a bib, a blanket, a bottle, a pacifier, and some boots.

To ensure maximum safety is taken into account, this doll is designed for toddlers who are at least 3 years and above. This is because toddlers younger than this may not know how to use it and potentially be dangerous for them. Also, this doll has been passed by the safety requirements for children toys of age 3 years and older so it would not be advised to give younger children this toy.

Weighing at just 2.04 kg, this doll is able to be carried by a 3 year old child for long periods of time. However, it is designed to be kept down and looked after so this may not be necessary. Also, it is as big as 19 inches from the ground which should give you an idea of how big it would be compared to the child that you intend to buy it for.

2. JC Toys Snowman Newborn

This is an image of a baby doll sitting beside its accessories

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The JC Snowman Newborn baby doll for toddlers is a very entertaining doll to give to a child full of imagination. This is because it comes with enough accessories to give them endless imaginative fun. For example, it comes with 2 different outfits including shoes for the child to play dress up with. It also comes with a toy, a milk bottle and a plate with a spoon and a knife. These allow the child to have more ideas to roll play with.

It is made from really soft silicone and is as big as tall as 40 cm. This means an average 3 year old child should be much taller than the doll and feel more like a parent to it. Also, all 3 year old children should easily be able to lift this up for long periods of time as it is as light as 848 grams.

This baby doll is designed for children aged 3 years plus and it is not recommended for anyone younger. Although you would have to wait at least 3 years before you can consider buying this for a baby girl, it would still be worth it because some parents have said that their 8 year old daughters still love playing with it. This means it can last a long time after you buy it as they can take many years to outgrow the fun it brings them.

Some parents who bought this thought that it was a really interactive baby doll for toddlers. This is mainly due to how long their kids spend playing with it. However, some parents thought that it could have been made much better by adding more facial features onto the head such as eye brows or even some hair to play with.

3. JC Toys Soft Body Twins

This is an image of two twin baby dolls

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These set of twin toddler dolls are a great choice to buy for toddlers because they get to imagine what it is really like to have twins. This does not only become an educational set of dolls but also brings a whole new type of role play scenario to their game.

They’re both made from really soft vinyl that can be spot cleaned with simple soap and warm water. Although some parents have tried washing them in the machine and came out fine. They’re designed to be played with in the simplest way as they do not come with many accessories. They each come with their own pacifier and a set of same themed outfits with matching hats.

Unlike our previous two dolls, these ones are designed for a slightly younger age from around 2 years and above. This is because of the simplicity these dolls require to be played with. And also a 2 year old kid may not be advanced enough to understand more complicated ways to play with dolls yet.

On the other hand, a lot of children tend to still love playing with these simple dolls up to the age of 15 as some parents stated. This means they still are able to have a really long lifespan after being bought for a 2 year old. They can also be ideal for a family with twins also as they would both be able to pick one character to represent themselves.

These dolls sit at just 13 inches and weigh just 907 grams so are definitely good in the hands of toddlers. The main reason for these baby dolls being designed is to be hugged by toddlers and at this weight and size, they can surely be hugged for as long as they want to.

One other important feature about these dolls is that they come in an interracial color too in order to promote diversity. The fact that toddlers do not see the difference in the skin color makes these really good toys to educate them about the beauty of different race as early as possible.

4. BABY Born Interactive Doll

This is an image of a baby doll surrounded by its accessories

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Our number four on the list is a popular Baby Born Interactive Doll for toddlers made from a really smooth and high-quality silicone material. The skin and facial features are made very lifelike so that a child can feel like they have an actual baby. Also, it is dressed in a cute 3 piece pink and white outfit.

This interactive baby doll for toddlers is one of the most entertaining dolls for toddlers. This is because of the number of accessories that it has to play with. These include its birth certificate, its, potty seat, a diaper, a bottle, a pacifier, a spoon and a packet of food.

All of these accessories play a big part in making the doll become as realistic as possible. For example, the bottle is able to be used to make her drink real water and the potty is able to be used to for her to excrete like a real human in it.

Other functions that it is able to do includes moving, eating, bathing crying and even sleeping. As well as making the doll become more realistic, it teaches the child to be aware of all of these independent duties that they will be familiar with when they have to do them too.

In addition to these accessories, there is a possibility of buying other accessories made specifically for this doll. For example, there is a play shopping car and a stroller that you can also buy separately to use with it. This extends the role play to a much wider extent.

Finally, this doll for toddlers only weight 1 pound but it is as tall as 43 cm which is a perfect size for toddlers of the age 4 and above. Also, none of these functions require batteries which makes this a safe and non-toxic toddler doll.

5. Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Jenna

This is an image of a baby doll sucking its thumb

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This mine to love doll is designed to be one of the soft baby dolls for toddlers. It is an extremely soft bodied doll made from plastic and soft fabric mainly for the purpose of giving a toddler as young as 18 months a doll to cuddle up with. Also stated by some parents, is that their kids can go up to hours roll playing with this doll.

In order to help them take their imaginative play to another level, this doll is made to be able to shut its eyes when putting to sleep and open them when it’s being carried. Also, it is able to suck its thumb or the little pacifier that comes with it.

It comes already dressed in a pink outfit with a matching cap which can be removed and machine washed. However, the doll is not suitable to be washed in the machine but it can be easily wiped if it became dirty.

her facial features include wide light blue eyes with eye cute eye lashes on the eye lid. The nose and mouths are very detailed so that they look real and she also has plastic hair under her cap so she doesn’t look scary for a toddler. This doll encourages lots of imaginative play which helps to develop cognitive and fine motor skills in toddlers.

Finally, the weight of this toddler is only 599 grams and sits at 31.8 cm in length. Anyone from the recommended age and above would be more than capable of managing a doll of this weight Although some parents have said that the size can sometimes be an issue after long periods of time.

6. JC Toys Cuddly Realistic Newborn Boy Doll

this is an image of a realistic looking baby doll

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These newborn boy dolls for toddlers are one of the most detailed and realistic toddler dolls that you can ever find in the market. It is all made from 100% soft vinyl with a movable head and limbs. It comes as tall as 15 inches to give it more body space for more accessories but only weighs 1.09 kg.

The details that have been put on this baby doll are so good that it can confuse some people for a real baby. For example, it has been made with real looking baby fat on the body and even wrinkles on the arms and legs. Also, the facial features have every piece of detailed that you would expect to have on a child that makes this doll look really lifelike.

The only accessories that this doll comes with is its blue stripey sweater and shorts with a matching hat. This does not mean that it cannot be undressed and changed into different clothes. The fact that this doll is 15 inches tall means that even real baby clothes would fit it therefore there can be endless ways of dressing it.

This doll is not made to be machine washable but can be cleaned by soft wipes in case it became dirty and also the clothes can be washed like normal clothes in the washing machine to remove any dirt from them.

This is a fairly simple doll and has no real complications, therefore it can be used by toddlers from the age of 2 years old and over. One last thing is that it can also be made to wear nappies or other types of real baby accessories such as baby bibs just to encourage more roll pay.

7. My First Dolly Brunette Soft Toy

This is an image of my first dolly pink doll

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Our last option on our list of baby dolls for toddlers is the ‘My First Dolly Brunette Soft Toy’. This is a completely different type of doll to the rest of the ones on the list because this one is suitable for even a newborn child.

It is made from really high-quality polyester material and stuffed with cotton to make it become one of the soft baby dolls for toddlers. it weighs as little as 95.3 grams and is 31 cm in height which is perfect to be beside any aged baby whilst they sleep.

Unfortunately, the pink dress and matching hat are stitched onto this doll which means they cannot be taken off or dressed differently. However, some parents have said that the whole doll is machine washable which makes it easy to keep it looking and smelling good after it becomes dirty.

Also, all of the facial features are embroidered and it has a little brown fringe made from fabric sticking out of its hat. Being designed like this, these features help it to look like an actual face as much as possible and allow it to be a cuddly and soft doll for toddlers. Although some parents may feel like the features could have still been designed to look a little more realistic.


What Is The Best Doll for Toddlers?

Overall the doll that we believe to be the best for toddlers is our number 4 on the list, the Baby Born Interactive Baby doll. This is mainly because of the number of accessories it comes with compared to the rest of them which plays a huge part in providing more roleplay situations. This allows the doll to be much more fun to play with by toddlers and possibly be kept for a longer period of time. However, some people may disagree with this purely because of the recommended age for it. By the time a toddler is 4 and old enough to understand how to play with this doll, they could possibly have had other dolls that they may be already attached to which can be hard to replace.

This is an image of a baby doll surrounded by its accessories

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What Is The Most Realistic Toddler Doll?

We have chosen the Realistic Newborn Boy Doll for toddlers (number 6) as the most realistic one on our list. This is because it is the most detailed one and can be treated more like a real baby better than the others. For instance, you are able to go out and buy actual baby clothes to dress it with that some parents said to fit on him perfectly. This allows toddlers to be able to go shopping for real and feel even more like a mother. Also, by having movable limbs, it brings it to life even more as it can be put in many different baby positions that the toddler wants to.

This is an image of a realistic looking baby doll

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What Is The Most Life Size Toddler Doll?

Our first on the list in the most life-size toddler toy simply because it is the tallest one on the list at 19 inches tall. There are a lot of babies much shorter than this which means that a 3 year old would be excited to have a doll that can potentially be bigger than its real newborn sibling. This is mainly because it would be much easier to copy more things that they see their mother do with the younger sibling rather than have a smaller one which wouldn’t be able to do everything the same way.

This is an image of a baby doll holding onto its accessories

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