10 Best Power Wheels for Kids

When it comes to Power wheel car toys, we can all agree that they are one of the best toys one can get for their kids. They can, however, be a very difficult and expensive toy to consider purchasing. Therefore, we have decided to make you a guide to help you understand the 10 best Power Wheels we believe will certainly make your kids go crazy. This article will not only help you to decide which one to buy for your kids, but it will also give you an idea of the differences that make some more advanced than others.

As a kid, I’m sure we all knew how cool it seemed to be driving an actual car and not being able to wait till we’re old enough to drive ourselves. Unfortunately, we did not get the luxury of being able to know the exact feeling as some kids do today with the introduction of Power wheels. However, below we have listed all the key features that contribute to making this experience the best possible for your kids.

  1. Design – How appealing it is to your kids
  2. Speed – How fast it can go
  3. Capable Capacity – How many people/kg it can take
  4. Durable – How strong and powerful it is
  5. Lifespan – How long your kids can keep it for or how many miles it can do
  6. Battery – How long it lasts per playtime and how long it takes to recharge
  7. Manual – Does it have clean assembly and instruction manuals
  8. Dimension – How big it is
  9. Weight – How heavy it is
  10. Parental Controls – Can the parents be in control at the same time and from how far
  11. Price – How much is costs and is it valuable

How To Choose The Best Power Wheels Cars for Kids

When making a complicated and expensive purchase, you must consider all the aspects of the product that you are about to buy. Cars can be really dangerous pieces of machines, judging by the number of accidents that happen with them throughout the globe. This can be no different for a toy car. This is why we believe that when making a decision on purchasing the best Power Wheels for your kids, the first thing that you should consider is the safety of the toy. Therefore, the most important aspect to look out for first would be whether or not it has parental remote control. This is to allow you to have full control of the vehicle as they play just in case they were to be driving far away from you.

Next, you would have to think about its lifespan and how durable it is so that you can understand whether or not the price would be worth it. Of course, you would then have you think about whether or not it comes already assembled and how easy to follow the instruction manuals are. This would help to avoid buying a toy that your kids do not know how to use and wasting money on a useless gift.

Another important feature is the size of it so you know whether or not you have a parking space for it at home. Lastly, you can then think about the designs and the preferences you would prefer for your kids. For example, if you would be buying a car for twins to share then it would be best to consider one that carries a passenger in it too.

10 Top kids Power Wheels

Here are the top 10 ride-on toy power wheels for children of all ages from 2 to 3 year olds, right up to kids aged 7 to 10 years old. This comprehensive buyers guide will make picking a toy ride-on car easy.

1.Two-Seater Big Ride On SUV


This is an image of a red shiny power wheel car

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As our first choice of electric cars for kids, we decided to talk about the fascinating big two-seater SUV. This is mainly because it is one of the few made to be able to carry a passenger in the back which we thought was a cool feature to have when you have more than one child. This enables it to be really strong and have a higher maximum load than many of the other cars. Just imagine your 3 year old son given his younger sister a cruise because It is ideally designed for children 2 years and above.

Just in case your kids are younger than the required age and you can’t wait to buy it for them, you wouldn’t have to worry about them not being able to use it. You can always have them securely strapped up to the seatbelts so they don’t fall and use the parental remote control to move them around instead.

This car features functioning lights all around the car and on the wheels with head LED lights to your kids be able to drive safely in the dark. It also has engine and horn sounds with an impressive mp3 music system to make it more realistic. You wouldn’t find many power wheels with back seats and 4 opening doors which makes this another really impressive unique feature to this vehicle. The last thing is that it is also equipped with a 12v 10ah rechargeable battery so you wouldn’t have to worry about having to replace the battery.

However, we’re aware that this may be quite an expensive product to purchase therefore it would be a real shame if it didn’t last long. But not to worry because at a fairly small additional price you can ensure that you keep this toy for a  minimum of 4 years with the amazing accidental toy protection plan. This plan covers all aspects of the toy from all accidents and also includes any mechanical or electrical failure from normal use.

Dimensions: 144cm Long, 68cm Wide, 48cm Tall

Maximum Load: 36kg


2. Mercedes AMG for Kids and Parents


This is an image of a parent riding a toy car with a child

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Design number two is one that we are sure you would be most excited to know about as it allows you to take part in the fun too. As you can see in the image above, this kids power wheels truck is designed so that a parent can sit behind the child and allow them to take control of the vehicle too. This is done either by either the 2.4G remote control or the second acceleration pedal placed at the parent’s footrest area. This is not only a power wheel for girls and it comes in a cool red and a black version too so you can look very stylish in your new AMG.

In order to ensure it is strong enough to hold an adults weight, it is built with 4 strong wheels at the back and 2 at the front. Also, for extreme safety, it has a five-way strap seat belt to make sure your child is securely in place and doesn’t budge. Equipped with wide adjustable leather seats and both doors being able to open, this can give complete pleasure and comfort to your child when cruising around in it. Also, it has cool lights not only at the front but in the wheels too.

There are not many electric ride-on cars for children made to have an upper age limit of up to 6 years old. With you being able to drive it with them, the minimum age can be as you wish, although it is ideally designed to be used by kids from 2 years of age. We know you are wondering how much weight it can manage with it being able to carry up to a 6 year old plus an adult. Well, this power wheel truck for kids has three different weight limits depending on the size of the motor. Look below to see the different limits.

This toddler power wheel has a 12v 14AH battery which has a run time of 1 to 1 and a half hour playtime capability. However, the single drawback to this product is having to wait between 8 to 10 hours for it to recharge. Although this may not seem too bad as you can always leave it on charge overnight the day before you decide to use it. Finally, the steering system is an electric power-assisted with an automatic return to center function. This may seem complicated but we can assure you it only makes it easier for your child to use and is assembled as simple as a push of a button.

Dimensions: 138cm Long, 68cm Wide, 61cm Tall

Maximum Load: Two motor Truck – 60kg, Four motor Truck- 90kg, Six motor Truck – 110kg


3. Audi R8 Spyder Electric Car for Kids


This is an image of the audi power wheel

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The second car on the list that we will be talking about is the Audi R8 Spyder Electric car for kids designed to be used by kids from the ages of 3 years and above. This is the most recent official licensed toy car for boys and girls from Audi modified with increased size in order to make it look more like the actual car. It now comes in four different colors, red, blue, black and white so you can have more options to choose from when thinking of your kid’s preferences.

The new upgrades to this enhanced model include an MP3/USB port for a high-quality music system with a sound control switch too so that the volume is manageable. Not only this, but it is also equipped with white front and red rear LED lights which all can be controlled from the amazing light up dashboard. Another really interesting feature about this cool ride on toy for kids is how they have made the doors be able to open so your kids have the luxury of getting in and out like a normal car and not having to jump in. It is made so that it can have a maximum of two kids at the same time with two seat belts to allow maximum safety to your kids.

The way to operate this vehicle begins with a simple one button push start to get it switched on and ready to move, then it drives as simple as a normal automatic car. For instance, it has one accelerator that allows it to either drive forwards or backward depending on which gear it is put in. It is able to go at a really high speed but also has the ability to stay at a steady low speed too and with the all new 2.4G Parental Remote control, you are now able to control it much quicker to avoid having your kids drive off too far away from you.

Although this car can drive at a really high speed, it is still not advised to use on main roads or places with traffic as it could cause a lot of complications. Therefore it is recommended to be used domestically. However, This electric riding vehicle for young kids does need batteries to operate which is ideal as you can always keep spare ones at home just in case they needed replacing.

Dimensions: 118cm Long, 66cm Wide, 46cm Tall


4. Ford Ranger Wildtrak Jeep Power Wheels


This is an image of a big black ride on car

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The third car on the list is the Ford Ranger Wildtrack Jeep Power Wheel for kids that are aged 3 and above. This is firstly a real heavy and complicated piece of equipment. Therefore it is highly not recommended for kids under the specified age. This vehicle comes in three different colors, red, blue and black which are the most commonly thought of colors that kids usually like. It is built with a suspension to every wheel so that it can be controlled much easier and allow a more smooth and comfortable ride for your kids. This remote control power wheel is not only capable of playing music from a USB lead but also allows you to plug in an SD card for more personalized songs they don’t have to listen to same boring songs all the time.

This electric kids power wheel is built with two 30W motors which allow it to have a lot of power to drive on different surfaces. For instance, this electric car for 5 year old kids is made to be able to drive on tarmac and also short grass. However, in the unlikely event of it coming across short rough grass, it would have enough power to drive over it without complications. This has a really strong battery that does not need replacing but can be recharged. It can also be very useful in darker conditions as the powerful headlights are assisted with the overhead lights to make your kids view become as bright as day. Lastly, this jeep is quite tall and can be complicated to get into if it did not have any doors, therefore the doors are able to open up really wide to allow slightly bigger kids to enter it too.

Your child would originally begin operating this vehicle by a push to start button with a soft start motion. This basically means that it can begin to take off at a very slow and steady pace so your kid does not get terrified instantly. We all understand that this toy can be very scary to some kids and would require a lot more help to use it than others. This is why the 2.4G parental remote control comes with it to allow you to assist your nervous kids to use it by controlling it at the same time as they are. This could eventually ring more confidence in them after a while.

Dimensions: 121cm Long, 76cm Wide, 73cm Tall


5. Mercedes-Benz SL500 Kids Ride On Car Electric Car


This is an image of a pink mercedes ride on car

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Number four is a Pink Mercedes-Benz SL500 Power Wheels for girls. Although this was originally designed for girls, it also comes in three other different colors including red, white and black. This allows you to be able to purchase it for your male kids too as it is one of the rare electric cars for kids between 1 to 4 years old. We understand that kids at this age require much more thought put into the gift that is bought for them as they are not completely capable of doing things alone yet, therefore, this is designed as a one-seater car with the highest level of comfort and safety considered. This means that the seat is made from comfortable luxury leather with enough space to occupy kids at different sizes and a really safe adjustable seat belt.

An additional smoothness is added to your kid’s experience whilst driving this car by the quality spring suspension system. This allows your child to not only be able to use it indoors but also outdoors on bumpy surfaces and not feel uncomfortable. However, if at any point you feel like your child is not enjoying their ride then you can always make it much more enjoyable by controlling it for them with the parental remote control that it comes with. The last safety feature added to this toddler ride on car is the double lockable doors to prevent your child from falling out if they were to lose their balance by accident.

This car has a built in a radio system which allows the driver to control what song and how he is listening to it on it. By this, we mean that you would be able to automatically search a channel to listen to on the radio and be able to play, pause and alter the volume on it too. Not only this, but you can also connect your USB devices and Bluetooth from your phone to be able to play appropriately selected types of songs such as nursery rhymes on it for your kids to listen to. It has a button for the horn included on the steering wheel as everyone knows that toddlers and young kids become really fascinated by this.

In order to operate this kids power vehicle, you must first place in or charge until it is fully charged. Note that this vehicle will not work whilst it is plugged into the charger for safety reasons. Then once, your child has stepped into the car, they simply turn it on with a push to start button and begin to slowly take off with the accelerator on the floor. It has two different speed options to go faster and give your child more fun when playing but can only travel between 1 and 5 miles per hour so it doesn’t seem too fast for them to control. Finally, just in case your child was to get tired of playing with it or if it was to run out of charge at the wrong time then you are able to manually move it by the pull handle located at the rear of the car. You can slightly lift the car up from behind and move it by 2 small front wheels located underneath the front of the car.

Dimensions: 122cm Long, 69cm Wide, 52cm Tall

Maximum Load: 35kg


6. CostWay Kids Ride-On Car


This is an image of a child riding a red power wheel

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This unique single passenger kids motorized car is a low budget version for you to consider. This does not mean it doesn’t come in various colors as you can also purchase it in black or white. But this can mean that you should expect this type to be one of the less efficient ones on the list. For instance, it has an 8 to 12 hour charging time to use for just over an hour play time which you may find quite annoying and too energy consuming after a while. Although some people say it is enough time for the kids to play with.

This car is made from plastic material which is good to bring about the lightweight aspect of the car to be easily transported, unlike the metal one. However, the seat on the inside still offers a high amount of comfort to your child with a seat belt that can be adjusted to secure them in the car. This teaches your kids the importance of safety from an early age as it is ideally made for kids who are 3 to 8 years old.

The simplicity of this product makes this much less of a hassle to operate as it comes already assembled and ready to go. Therefore your child only has to step in through the opening doors and start driving once they have been safely strapped up. They are then able to take off by pressing down the accelerator with their feet and turn in any direction possible. To ensure extra safety, they are able to press the horn at any time if they see danger and also able to brake and stop instantly. Finally, in order to make you completely relieved, this battery powered car can only make them travel up to a sensible speed of just under 2 miles per hour preferably on flat surfaces only.

Dimensions: 102cm Long, 62cm Wide, 52cm Tall


7. BMW i8 Spyder Electric Car for Kids


This is an image of a girl driving a bmw i8 power wheel

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The BMW i8 is not just a dream car that some of us parents would love to have, but also built to be one of the best BMW power wheels for children you can find. It is one that is very competitive when it comes to the price in accordance with the high-quality features that it provides. This specific type only comes in a white and black version. It is made from high-quality plastic and designed in a very durable way.

It has a very powerful 6v rechargeable battery that is designed to last for many years as this vehicle is made for kids aged 3 years and older. This does not mean that it cannot be bought for and used by a younger or slightly older child because it can carry a maximum weight of 35kg. This allows some smaller kids to use it for long years. Although it may not be suitable for children under the age of 36 months, the parental remote control enables you to still buy it and control it for them as you watch them slowly grow into it.

This has many usual features that an ordinary ride on car has including front LED lights, light up dashboard and real engine and horn sound effects to make it as realistic as possible. It takes between 8 to 12 hours to fully charge the battery and can last up to 2 hours of playtime going at a speed of just over two miles per hour. You can always control this speed rate by the parental remote control just in case you feel it is going too fast for your toddler.

An integrated seat belt ensures a high level of safety with high-quality nonslip tyres to ensure a firm grip on different surfaces including hard ground or slippery lawns. You wouldn’t have to worry about your child going off course.

Dimensions: 122cm Long, 64cm Wide, 53cm Tall

Maximum Load: 35kg


8. Mercedes Benz X-Class Electric Ride On Pickup


This is an image of a blue power wheel truck

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This is the first ever state of the art pick up power wheel truck that Mercedes have produced with an incredibly improved 24v battery. Being equipped with the 35W motor 4 times allows this truck to have enough power to carry two children with the combined weight of up to 50kg both at the same time and still manage to travel up to an amazing speed of nearly 5 miles per hour. This also gives your child enough weight to be able to carry loads in the back of the truck and not only would your child look good in it with the blue colorway, but you also have the option to choose between three other different colors as well, red, black and silver.

It may look like a complicated version of a battery car for kids, it is in fact very simple to operate. For instance, the four wheel suspension and four wheel drive it has makes this a very smooth ride for kids no matter the surface area they use it on. It also means that it has really good handling and therefore means it is extra safe for your kids to drive. Another safety feature about this Mercedes Bens kids power wheel is that it is made with separate seat belts for each passenger and the front and rear lights to be able to see clearer in a darker environment and warn people behind them when reversing. However, if you were to ever notice your child coming across any danger, you would immediately be able to take over the controls with the 24G remote control it comes with to make them avoid the hazard. You can be sure that our child will have the complete pickup truck experience with this model with the ability to change from the forward to the reverse gear when driving.

This is classed as a three-door Mercedes power truck as the tailgate door is able to open too with a handle to transport it manually just in case it was to run out of charge. As for the interior, you should expect to see a very fancy light up dashboard with a power indicator on it. Also, This Mercedez Ride-on Toy for Kids has an enhanced music system that can be controlled by the driver with the functioning buttons.

Dimensions: 141cm Long, 78cm Wide, 66cm Tall

Maximum Load: 50kg


9.  Blue Lamborghini Kalko Power Wheel


This is an image of an winged door lamborghini power wheel

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At one point in our lives, we would all love to be able to afford to drive a real-life Lamborghini right? Well, this is the main reason why we chose to include this type onto the list. We have the chance to let our little ones live our dream as not only does this remote control power wheel look good in the blue and black color, it also has opening wing doors like the real car. We can assure that you and your child will both love this as it is one of the best sellers of the year in the children’ss electrical car market.

This is a fully licensed product made by Lamborghini designed for children up to the age of 6, therefore you should expect the same type of quality and durability that you would expect their vehicles to have. Just like the real version, this replica is designed with the same amazing features such as a start button to get ready to drive, a built it multi-functional music system that plays the radio, micro SD and USBs. It lets you see the power with a display that lights up dashboard to make it look more realistic and doesn’t require much assembly to put together too.

The way that your child would operate this Lamborghini Ride-on Toy is by an acceleration and deceleration pedal on the floor which has a steady automatic brake as soon as they remove their foot from it. It allows making the car move forward and backward whilst being steered by the wheel. However, the parental remote control also has the same full control on all of these functions from a distance of up to 10 meters. They will then be able to drive up to a speed of 3.7 miles per hour with this Lamborghini kids power wheel which we know is nothing compared to the original car but it is a lot when it comes to the safety of your child. Also, for additional safety, it is equipped with an adjustable safety lap belt with front and back wheel suspension to allow extra comfort on bumpy surfaces. The battery life is also reasonable as it only takes between 6 to 12 hours to recharge a 12v 7AH battery and provides a good 45 minutes of use for your child on a full battery.

Dimensions: 131cm Long, 73cm Wide, 48cm Tall

Maximum Load: 30kg


10. Dporticus Kids Electric Off Road Power Wheel


This is an image of a moster power wheel truck

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The Dporticus off road power wheel truck for children is a really big, tough and fancy type out in the market as it is one of the few that were designed with ABS plastic to take on many different surfaces. As you can see in the image above, it is capable of driving on rocks, therefore it would be more than capable of driving on the normal road as well as grass. The fact that it is a big power wheel gives it more room for a big 12v 7AH rechargeable battery that takes 8 to 12 hours to reach maximum charge and has a capability of running for up to 3 hours with full charge. Although this is a big car, it doesn’t mean that it would be difficult to plug it in the charger as the battery can be removed for more convenient charging.

This product is designed to face many tough surfaces which means they had to add extra comfort and safety into its design. For instance, it has really wide and thick foamed tires which have a lot of resilience and tyre strength so they can take on much sharper objects without them being punctured. Also, they do not require to be inflated as they are designed to remain the same size as a normal full inflated tire with a suspension on each one to prevent your child from feeling the roughness of every bump they drive over. This is assisted by the wide and comfortable adjustable seat with an adjustable seat belt.

With this monster truck electric ride on toy car, your children will definitely get to have the full driving experience as it is designed to be driven the same way that a normal car is. For instance, you begin with turning it on with a key and driving it with an accelerator as you change gears. Your child would be able to watch the dashboard to measure their speed and have to press the brake pedal when you require to stop just as you would in a real car. However, just in case this becomes too complicated for your child to do all at once, you can always choose to control the car yourself for them with the remote control. It is designed for children from 3 years and older

Dimensions: 123cm Long, 82cm Wide, 81cm Tall

Maximum Load: 49kg

Speed Settings: 3 – 5 Miles per hour

Age limits: 3 years and above



Our Recommendation

This is an image of a guy driving a power whee truck

Amazon Link


As you may or may not have guessed, the best power wheel truck that we would recommend you to purchase for your kids would be the second one on our list. The Mercedes-Benz AMG for kids and parents is the only truck on the list that has the ability to give you the chance to join in the fun and experience or a similar thrill that your child is. Let’s be honest with ourselves, we would all like to have a go on one these toys, therefore, we believe that this would be the best one to buy as you can enjoy it too.


Best Power Wheel Gift Choice


This is an image of a boy driving a power wheel truck

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We would choose the Dporticus off road electric car for kids as the best gift choice because first and foremost it is designed for children who are slightly developed. This means that they would be more appreciative when they get given this as a gift because they would have an idea of what it is and be really excited to have a go on it. This should then bring more joy and satisfaction to you which is the greatest feeling to achieve when giving a present.


Best Value Power Wheels


This is an image of a boy driving a power wheel truck

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The kids electric ride on car that we choose to be the best value is our number 6 on the list. The CostWay kids ride on car is not only one of the cheapest one on our list, but also one that has as many necessary features for a kids motorized car as the most advanced one we have on the list. This means that your child would be able to have as much fun with this car as they would with the most expensive one because all that matters at the end of the day is the fact that your kids would be driving a vehicle and not walking. This means you would be able to save a lot of money that you would only be spending to have extra unnecessary features on the car that wouldn’t bring any extra fun or excitement to your child. Therefore you could save money and be able to buy other presents to go along with this one that may have a chance to make your child more excited once they’ve gotten used to the car.

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