Best Board Games for 3 Year Olds 2019

Active children are healthy children. At three years, a toddler has learnt a lot of motor skills and can play a board game with parents, age mates, or even older children. It is also important to note that children at three years get bored pretty fast. You know what happens when a baby is bored. Yes, they become irritable. Here, we take a look at some great board games for toddlers.

Considerations When Choosing a Board Game for 3 Year Olds

When deciding on a cardboard game for a child, you don’t buy just anything that you find displayed on the shelves. Here are some of the factors to consider.

Age Appropriateness

Three-year-old kids are still developing. By now, you don’t expect them to know how to read. Therefore, complex rules on cardboard games will not be understood. Young children learn the rules of the game from what they see or what they are told. Games meant for older people have more complex rules hence you should ensure that games meant for kids are age appropriate. A three-year-old baby needs a game that teaches them basic skills such as counting, differentiating colours, taking turns and building their memory. You will be surprised by the sharp memory a three-year-old child has. Once you teach them the rules of the game, they won’t forget in the future. You need to only play with your child several times and they will get a hang of the game.

The game should not take a lot of time before each player takes their turn because toddlers are active and will get bored. Once boredom takes a toll on the babies, they will wander away to things that interest them more.

How Easy is The Game to Set Up?

As you shop for a board game for your toddler, make sure that it is easy to set up. The ease of set up should be determined by the time taken to do it as well as the complexity of the game. The more complex a game is, the more time it would take to set it up. The reason why you should buy a simple game is so that even if you are not around to set up the game for them, they can do it themselves. It is more engaging when a baby can set up a game and also be in a position to fold it up once they are done playing than if they have to wait for the help of an adult all the time. Aim at buying games that take less than five minutes to set up. Also, ensure there aren’t many requirements for the game to commence.

How Long Does the Game Last?

When selecting a game for a child, you should have in mind that they cannot focus on a single game for long. The game should, therefore, engage them for a few minutes so that they don’t get bored. Ideally, a good game for a three-year-old child should last between 7 to 15 minutes. Within the said 15 minutes, the players should be through with their turns. Otherwise, the baby will walk away from the game to find other entertaining things to do. You need not to worry if a game is short because your baby can keep playing for hours without end.


Top Rated Games for Toddlers 2019

Peaceable Kingdom Bunny Bedtime


this is an image of a cardboard bunny game

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The game is an awesome way to create a bedtime routine with your toddler. The package is made of high-quality products. It involves rolling dice and helping the bunny to make bedtime decisions. Better still, you could create a new dimension to the game by matching shapes and colours. It is a short and fun way to teach your kid how to make choices, it is a skill which they will use even when they are older.

The game is short and can be played by parents with their children or children by themselves. If you are not sure about which game to buy for your three years old, then consider this cool game and be sure that your child will love it.


Busytown Eye Found It


this is an image of a busy town board game

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If you are seeking a game that will improve the confidence of your little one, then look no more. The game has one board, four movers, four mover bases, a spinner, goldbug cards, magnifying glass tokens, a sand timer and a set of instructions. It teaches children teamwork because you are expected to work together to get to the island before the pigs eat all the food. Along the way, you can also pick cards that tell you what to identify.

The game has a board that is 6 foot long to give each player ample space to navigate. Preschoolers and adults can play the game because it is family friendly.


Orchard Toys Shopping List


This is an image of the shopping list board game

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Children can play the game from ages 3 to 7 and it is a good way of building children memory. The game is designed such that each player is given a list of groceries to buy. The winner is the player who collects all the items on the list first. It consists of four shopping carts, four shopping lists, and 32 item cards. The tiles and cards are sturdy enough so you don’t have to worry about them getting worn out after being used for long.

The game is ideal for children who have been diagnosed with cognitive dysfunctions because it improves their memory and concentration abilities. It also helps kids improve on speech as they learn to say out words on their shopping list. Most importantly, It enhances competitiveness because each child wants to fill out their baskets with the items before their playmates.


Whack a Mole Game


this is an image of a green plastic toy hitting game

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The game is designed using soft plastic material and the manufacturers guarantee a full refund in case you get a faulty game board. The board has music and sound available in English and Spanish hence a great way to teach the language. To play it, the child is required to have strong hands and eyes coordination. The mice are in different colours, therefore, can be played by multiple players. Once a mouse lights in colour, the player should pound it using a soft hammer just before the light goes off. If three lights go off before you hit them, then you have lost the game. The board works by use of ‘AAA’ batteries that are not included with the package. The Whack a Mole game is the best gift to your child or even a friend who has a three-year-old baby.


Uno Moo Game


this is an image of a toy house board game

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The game involves matching animals and putting them in their barns. The animals include cows, sheep, skunks and pigs. Each plastic animal is available in different colours, a child is expected to pick an animal and place it in the barn. To create a new twist to the game, you can teach your child to make animal sounds as you match them.

The game is easy and enhances colour recognition as well as memory. It is interactive and will keep your child interested. However, the instructions are quite hard and require the help of an adult. It is also a good way to teach a three-year-old speech as they read out the names of the animals. It is also possible to use the plastic animals as toys even when not playing with the game. It is a great way to keep your child entertained.


Candy Land Kingdom of Sweet Adventures


this is an image of a board game about candy

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The game consists of a board, four pawns, a set of instructions, and a card deck. It is best suited for three-year-olds since they are not expected to read anything. It is fun to play because it consists of beautiful surprises as a child races to get to the castle. The pawn is also interesting because it is the shape of gingerbread which is meant to keep the children interested.

Other than teaching on colour recognition, it also teaches a kid to take turns patiently and to accept a defeat or a win gracefully. With this game, you use cards instead of a spinner; therefore, if used wrongly, they can succumb to tear. All the same, the Candy Land board game is a sure way to engage your three-year-old child. Since it has been in existence for decades, it is also a fun way for parents to take a trip down memory lane to their childhood games as they play with their babies.


Orchard Toys Where’s my Cupcake?


this is an image of a pic cupcake board game

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Parents who want to teach their children good behavior from a tender age should check out this playing game. It is fun and involves a child learning how to share, say “please” and “thank you”. It teaches a child how to be patient as they wait for their turn to play and also to match colors. At three years, the Orchard Toys Game is ideal because it is simple to learn and also a fun way to play with colorful items. Since children love cupcakes, then it is a great way to keep them focused.


ThinkFun Roll and Play


this is an image of a plush dice toy with cards

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The game has received many awards as one of the best for children. It involves 48 cards all of which provide various learning opportunities for children, and a storage pocket for the cards. It has clear instructions and a guide for parents. It enhances creativity, motor skills, and active play for kids.

If you are looking for a game that you can also play along with your toddler, then this is it. As you read out instructions and do what is expected, you will end up having a lot of fun as a family. Your child will also learn how to take turns. One thing that makes it unique is the fact that it is not competitive. It just involves taking turns and following instructions which is a great way to improve your child’s cognitive abilities.


The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game


this is an image of a board game with a squirrel climbing a tree

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With this game, no reading is involved; a child is just required to match forest animals and help them get food. To play, you spin the spinner and collect the acorn that matches using the squirrel squeezer. You then place the acorn in your log. The child that collects five acorns first wins the game. It teaches colour recognition, matching skills, motor skills, and hand-eye coordination.

The squirrel themed board game comes in a colourful box that also doubles as storage for the items. It is not only ideal for a three-year-old child but is also suitable for a family game. The squeezers are shaped like tongs and are easy on the small hands since they have good grip. The spinner is also safe for a child since it is made of rubber. The items are durable hence you can expect the game to serve your family for many years. This game is a must have for all families even those with children with cognitive problems because it is highly educational.


Educational Pizza Game


this is an image of a board game with food pieces

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If your child loves pizza, then you can be sure that you will use very minimal effort in teaching them to play. It involves a child learning how to match colours and join the pieces to form one large pizza. It is concealed in a plastic casing with a handle. The pieces are light and safe because they do not have any sharp edges. It is also very easy to clean because they are BPA free and are also made from non-toxic plastic material. If you fancy environmentally friendly things, then this fun game is a must-have.

To create a new twist to the game, you can ask your child to make pizza for the whole family. By so doing, your child will indulge in some creative thinking to create the perfect pizza without supervision. Meanwhile, you can carry out your house chores without worrying that your baby is bored.


Press Here Game


this is an image of a white board game called press here

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The game begins with a simple yellow dot that your child is expected to press. The yellow dot changes into a red and blue dot on the following page of the book. The game becomes more intense as pages progress because the dots and colours keep changing in size, shape, and patterns.

As your three-year-old child plays the game, they learn to follow instructions such as “press here,” “tilt the book,” “gently,” and “harder.” It is perfect for a family fun activity because it is simple enough for a toddler to understand and complex enough for an adult to remain engaged. The cover of the book is thick to withstand all the touching. This book by Herve Tullet is a must have for any parent who wants their young child to learn both social and cognitive skills as they play.


What are the Benefits of Playing Board Games?

Allows Parents to Bond with Toddlers

There is no better way to bond with your little one other than playing board games. The games are fun for adults and also for children. If you have a busy working schedule during the week, a few hours of play with your child can be a great way to interact. Most importantly, you get to teach basic skills to your kid.

Improves Social Skills and Sharing

Board games are also a way to get your children to move away from the television screens and to play more social games. As babies play with these games, they also learn to accept victory and defeat without having to belittle the playmates which are valuable social skills.

Improves Other Skills

Three-year-olds learn a lot of things through playing. It is fair to give your children a chance to develop their learning skills. Research has also indicated that board games for children before they join school sharpen their cognitive skills. Most of these games also require one to concentrate therefore improving the brain alertness and consequently the rate at which they respond to situations. Here are some of the things you should consider when buying a board game for a three-year-old.


How to Pick a Great First Board Game for Toddlers

Choose a Game with Very Simple Rules

As it is expected, it is hard for a young child to follow complex rules. Therefore, it is only wise to buy a board game that has very simple rules. Ensure that the rules are easy to remember. If a game has complex rules, your child will end up not following them or may refuse to play the game altogether. Of course, you don’t want to have to fold the game into the corner of a closet if your child becomes disinterested.

Ensure the Pieces Are Large and Sturdy

The safety of your child comes first even as he or she plays. As such, look out for a board game that has large pieces of play items and that are sturdy enough. Toddlers love putting things into their mouths and you have to watch out for choking hazards. Check keenly to ensure that the games you introduce your child to are safe for play. The boards should also not have sharp edges because their delicate skins are prone to cuts.


Active babies grow healthy. Children at three years love playing but can also get bored fast. As much as you want toddlers to engage in an activity, it is good to make sure that games they play also enhance their learning abilities. Board games are a great way to keep children engaged. However, before buying one, ensure it is easy to set up, takes a short time to play, and is appropriate for their age. Some of the games that are ideal for a three-year-old child are: Peaceable Kingdom Bunny Bedtime, Press Here Game, Educational Pizza Game, Whack a Mole Game, The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game, Thinkfun Roll and Play, Orchard Toys Where’s my Cupcake?, Busytown Eye Found It, Uno Moo Game, Candy Land Kingdom of Sweet Adventures, and Orchards Toy Shopping List.