10 Best Kiddie Pools

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Back yard swimming pools are amongst the most popular summertime toys for children to play with. Whether you are looking to buy a child’s pool for garden parties or simply just a pool for children to play in the sun with, we have them all. This list features the best kiddie pools that you can buy that would suit any occasion.

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Advantages of Buying a Backyard Pool for Kids

The benefits that come with having a pool for kids in the garden are quite good when you take them into consideration. For instance, they come in handy when having children garden parties in summer or even when you are experiencing a heatwave in our country. It is a really good way to keep your kids hydrated and active at the same time during energy draining weather conditions.

What to Consider Before Buying a Childs Garden Pool

Safety – Just like every toy for children to play with, the level of safety it has is one of the most important features to consider. In the case of swimming pools for kids, it would be best to think about buying an inflatable kids pool instead of a pool with plastic walls. Even though a plastic pool wouldn’t hurt when kids bump into it when full of water from the inside, it would still hurt quite a lot when they do so from the outside.

Capacity – The number of children that can play on it at one time is really important as it would allow you to know what occasion is it best for. For instance, if you intend to buy it just for your children to play with then it a small fun pool for kids would be sufficient. However, if you plan to buy it as a child’s garden party pool then you should consider one that can fit more people in at once.

Space – The space that a pool takes up is a significant feature to consider when buying a kids swimming pool. This is because you have to compare it to the size that you have available in your garden. The last situation that you want to be in is having a small child pool that you do not use due to it being too big to fit in the area that you initially planned to place it in.


10 Best Kiddie Pool for Kids

We now begin our list of the best kiddie pools for kids in the market. We have chosen to list them in a random order to keep you curious as you read along. Hopefully, you find our list convincing enough to assist your decision on the best one you would like to purchase for your children. We just ask that you take your time to read through it so you are not misinformed about any of the pools we have listed. Enjoy!

Spacious Inflatable Pool

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The first to the pool that we would like to talk to you about is this lovely spacious outdoor swimming pool for kids. It is designed for multiple kids to enjoy swimming together.

This call is made from a high-quality PVC material that is hard to puncture. Although this outdoor toy does come with two sets of puncture repair kits just in case this was to happen.

It takes just a few minutes to set it up by inflating it. Then simply deflate it before putting it away conveniently.

The full size who you are 103 inches long, 59 inches wide, and 22 inches deep. Therefore you should not expect this pool to be too deep for your child to swim in.

At 22 inches deep, it will allow any child from the age of three years old to stand without the water reaching their necks. This should give you complete reassurance on the safety of this pool for young kids.

Ideally, this pool can fit up to 5 children at one time. This makes it perfect for a summertime outdoor children’s party.


JasonWell Foldable Pet Bath

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The next kiddie pool for children to have fun with is this JasonWell foldable pet bath. As you can tell this pool is designed for children to play in with their pets.

It is around all that comes in different sizes. There is a small size which is 32 inches around, medium size 39.5 inches around, an extra-large size which goes 55 inches round and an XXL size which is 63 inches round.

Depending on the number of children and pets you have will depend on which says you should buy. Although, you could simply buy this pool as a pool for little kids only.

This pool is made from plastic material which is very durable. However, it is recommended that you trim your pet’s nails before putting them into the pool as they could Possibly still puncture it.

This children’s pool is easily put up as you simply unfold it into shape and fill it up with water. Simply fold it to put it away and take it with you wherever you want for more convenient storage.


Inflatable Candy Zone Pool

This is a picture of an inflatable candy themed pool for kids

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Here we have for You a Candy themed inflatable play pool for toddlers. As you can see it is designed in very a colorful and appealing theme for kids.

This pool is designed to be a summertime play center for little children. Ideally, children who are two years of age or older due to it’s set up.

It may look appealing in the way it is constructed, but it is in fact not so big. The size goes 116 inches long, 75 inches wide and 51 inches wide.

This design is perfect for a summertime garden party. Received this because it completes the design of a children’s party theme and would be a good addition play center to have in the garden.

The complete set comes with six plastic play balls as well as the pool. These boys are used to be slid down the rails to add more fun to this playset.

Also, there are candy pieces attached to this pool toy. As well as a water sprayer so that it brings more joy for children to have fun with.


Dinosaur Play Centre Pool

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Here is a dinosaur-themed inflatable play pool are young kids. Design to appeal to All children who are big fans of dinosaurs.

Unlike ordinary kids Pools, this one brings more fun due to its different play areas. For instance, it has a spraying dinosaur bigger in one corner, a slide with some steps to get in and out of the pool in another corner and a waterfall tunnel to go through in the last corner.

If you’re planning on having a back yard dinosaur themed party for your child then this would be the perfect toy to include. Not only does it go great with the theme but it also brings so much joy to a child.

As well as the dinosaur there is a small palm tree figure that also sprays water near the waterfall. As well as this, you can adjust the water being sprayed by the waterfall.

This who is actually quite spacious as it is 98 inches long, 75 inches wide. This can fit up to 57 gallons of water in for your children to swim in.

Another fun part about this toy pool is that it comes with some plastic bowls for kids to play with inside the pool. This means that this pool can take multiple children all at the same time.


Rainbow Ring Pool

This is a picture of an inflatable rainbow coloured kiddie pool

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At number five we have for you an Attractive rainbow inflatable Kids swimming pool. Although it may look like a boy toy, it is actually designed mainly for girls.

This pool for children can be much more than just an ordinary kids pool to play with. It is incorporated with a smaller wading pool, a water slide, a water sprayer, and a mini ring-toss game.

This pool is designed this way on purpose so that kids have more to play with during a pool get together. It allows better bonding and even more fun for kids to play together.

It may look slightly small in the image, however, it is actually 117 inches long altogether and 76 inches wide. This gives enough room for up to six kids to play at the same time if they wish.

The main pool is able to take up to 54 Gallons of water whereas the waiting pool should only be filled with about 46 gallons of water. This should tell you how much water you should expect to use and how deep the pool should be.

If you intend to use this pool for children who are below two years of age, we recommend that you always be with them. Otherwise, it must be used by only children above this age.


Sun Shade Inflatable Pool

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This here is a very unique type of pool for toddlers. As you can see it is designed with the inflatable roof to protect your children from too much sun exposure.

The total dimensions for this pool are 62 inches long and 62 inches wide. Also, including the roof, it goes up as high as 48 inches. Although, this does not mean this is how deep the Pool is.

This child swimming pool is designed with a white and blue color style. Along the sides, you will see different images of underwater animals in a way to appeal to children.

It is recommended that children above two years old only should play inside this pool at once. However, due to ita small size, not more than three kids should be inside it at one time. This makes this pool for young children be one of the cheapest on our list.

It is very easy to inflate and deflate this pool. Also, with a drain plug, it makes it very easy to take the water out too. Just in case it started to drain from a puncture, you are given a repair patch with instructions to fix this so it stops draining.


Giant Sea Animal Pool

This is a picture of a sea animal kiddie play pool

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This here is a giant inflatable sea animal pool for young people.  It is designed to look plain and simple but with fun toys to play with.

The theme allows children to you they are actually swimming underwater with sea animals. Designed in yellow, green and purple color, it can be appealing to the eye of every little child.

Although it may look small in the image, it is in fact 10 feet long and 65 inches wide. This size Can’t allow up to six children to swim inside it at the same time.

It comes Added with extra fun from the ring toss game, the water slide, a spraying octopus in the middle of the pool and much more.


Sunset Glow Pool

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Here is a very simple inflatable kiddie pool. As you can see it is designed with four simple colors, pink, yellow, green and blue.

This call is the cheapest one on our list due to its simplicity. Although, it is actually one of the most popular ones on the list to it is the only one that is designed for children below two years old too.

This pool for children is relatively small as it is only 34 inches round and 10 inches high. This allows only 22 gallons of water to be held inside at one time and makes it very convenient and safe for toddlers.

The floor inside the swimming pool for toddlers has a soft inflatable bubbly effect. This makes it very delicate when an infant steps on it.

Although it is packed with complete safety, we still recommend that you always supervise your child whilst playing inside this pool.


Ocean Reefs Theme Pool

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At number nine will give you an ocean-themed swimming pool for little kids. Made in a very simple and easy to set up way.

Simply unroll and fill it up with water to get it ready to play with. This Pool does not require being inflated or put together at all.

It is designed with an 18-inch wall that is decorated with different ocean animal pictures. These allow the pool to look child-friendly. Although, this pool is designed to be more suited for families to play with together.

Altogether, this pool can allow up to seven people at one time. This is because it goes as long as eight feet and as deep as 18 inches.

Ideally no children under three years old to play inside this pool. However if it is intended to be used as a family pool with parents playing inside it too, then children below this age can use it too.


Long Jacuzzi Pool and Slide

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Finally, the last pool for young children that we have on this list is this long Jacuzzi and slide pool. It is one of the most high-quality made, but with a simple green and white design.

This pool is designed for not just children but adults as well because the pool at the top has a relaxing seating area. Not only this, but it also has two cup holders to help with holding their drinks.

It is made from really high-quality vinyl material but can be easily set up and put away at the same time. Simply inflate it and add the required amount of water, then drain the water through the valve and deflate it. Simplicity at it’s finest.

The sides are made to be really wide and strong so it can withstand a lot of pressure and be hard to puncture. If a rare occasion was to occur and it did get punctured, then a heavy-duty repair kit comes with this set so you can continue to enjoy this wonderful pool for longer.



Which Kids Pool is the Most Affordable

The Sunset Glow Pool (number 7) is the cheapest among the ones we have selected on our list. Just by the look of it, you can tell that it is a basic kiddie pool which means it shouldn’t cost so much to purchase. The fact that it is a significantly small garden pool for children also has a big part in the price range that it is set at.

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What is the Best Kiddie Pool to Buy for a Backyard Party

When having a kids backyard party, you can expect to have a lot of children who want to be in the pool at the same time. This is why the Spacious Inflatable Pool for Children (number 1) would be the best one for this occasion. It allows the most number of children to be inside it all at once and has a nice design for a party theme.

However, there’s the possibility of it being too big for the size of your garden which could restrict the amount of other garden party play equipment you might also want to have. Therefore we would recommend you to try a smaller but just as fun pool for kids such as the Inflatable Candy Zone Pool (number 3).

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What Pool for Kids is the Most Fun to Play With

If you are looking for a child garden pool that brings the most fun for your children, we would recommend that you choose the Dinosaur Play Centre Pool (Number 4). This is because it features the most areas for children to play with and has a really cool design to it too. Kids will actually have games to play with this pool and even get to move around to different positions to play in unlike some of the other ones which are restricted.

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