Best Educational Toys For Toddlers

We know that It can sometimes be extremely difficult to find the right toy to educate toddlers, therefore we have provided you with a guide to make picking an educational toy for little ones a lot easier. One of the most common reasons that we all have to want to buy a toy for toddlers is to teach them new things. We can all agree that not all toddler minds develop at the same pace which is why a lot of baby toy brands make many different types of educational toys for toddlers to best suit every baby’s growth rate.

At the beginning, all toddlers want to just play and have fun. It is very important to understand this to prevent yourself from buying unsuitable toys for your toddlers age. This can be both a waste of money and really not beneficial for your child. Therefore we have made a list of what should be considered before buying the best educational toy for toddlers.

Tips To Pick The Best Educational Toys For Toddlers

To start off with, a toy that is seen to be educational is one that helps to develop the information that a toddler knows. Therefore in order to find out the best toy that does this, you must first understand the benefits that it is designed to bring. For example, does it teach a child the different colors and how many of them does it teach?. the more colors that a toy has the better it is for the child.

Next, it is very important for a toddler to understand how to count, how to speak, how to identify different shapes and animals. This means that if a toy has these features on them then it would be very beneficial if you bought it for your baby. Some toys only have a few of these activities whereas others have more. The toys which have more activities are the ones that would be the best to pick out when you go shopping for toddler educational toys.

12 Best Educational Toys For Toddlers

ALEX Large Toddler Educational Activity Maze


This image shows a child playing with a large wooden activity cube

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This is a very well thought of educational toy for toddlers that bring a lot of different fun and benefits at the same time. This cube has 5 different sides to play with so more than one child can play with it at the same time.

it includes activities such as bead counting, number counting, shape and other item identifying games. Also, the multicolored and different character names make the child develop awareness of them as they grow up.

it is only 16 inches tall and 12 inches wide and long which is a perfect size for toddlers to not have to be sitting down and playing with it all the time. Ideally recommended for children from 1 year and older to further develop their understanding.

Not to worry about the safety of the wood as it is smoothly carved to avoid any splinters although some parents did claim that the edges sometimes hurt when hit into it.


VTech Kids Colorful Activity Desk


This image shows a colorful activity desk and stool with play phones attached

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VTech Kids Colorful Activity Desk is one that you must not avoid letting your little children experience. We say this with full confidence that it is not just a simple educational toy, but a very beneficial one too.

Including 20 different activities for toddlers to do such as sing along to melodies or pretending to have phone conversations. These features make this toy require batteries to be used, otherwise, there are plenty of other activities that still function without batteries too.

With this being a table, kids are able to use it as their own personal writing and drawing area too. It can be stored in one area and be kept as an activity area with other supplies being used on it.

Ideally for 2 year old children but can be used by younger babies too as it can transform from a table into an easel or simply just a floorboard.


LeapFrog Scribble and Write Tab


This image shows a white and green alphabet and number tablet for babiesAmazon Link


LeapFrog came out with this incredible Scribble and Write Tablet for toddlers which have very simple and easy functions that all toddlers can understand. From Writing, Drawing and spelling, your baby is made aware of all of these different activities.

One function that this tab has is showing the player an item or an animal such as a fish and then giving them a try to spell the name of it. This enables them to not only be aware of this character but to always remember its name allowing their vocabulary to develop as they speak.

It only needs 3 simple AA batteries to bring all of these fun educational games to life for your toddler. Also as it only weight 13 ounces, it can be taken anywhere meaning your child has the option to be learn wherever they go.

Another amazing fact about it is that it has touch screen functions that makes this toy more easy to use.


Hape Multicolored Shape Matching Toy


This image shows a wooden block with shapes that insert into its sides

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This Multicolored Shape matching Toy for toddlers has more benefits to it than it may seem. First of all, it has 6 different shapes for toddlers to learn unlike most toddler toys which just have the basic 3 or 4.

The differently colored walls with the holes makes toddlers acknowledge that all shapes have a different amount of corners. Therefore they would be able to identify which one is which much faster.

Inside each shape, there are small beads in order to make the toy more fun to play with by the sounds they make. Many kids are attracted to rattling and weird sounding object which can make this teaching toy very addictive for your toddler.

It can be played sideways and long ways with it being just 12cm by 17cm. This means it can safely be transported by any toddlers hands.


VTech Plastic Musical Light Up Rhymes Book


This image shows a plastic colorful book with side buttonsAmazon Link


This really clever plastic toddler book does not only improve a childs musical Rhyming skills but also develops their reading and vocabulary skills. It is build with the 6 popular nursery rhyme songs that all kids usually learn once they begin school then never stop singing along to them.

It is designed with a cute teddy bear singing and dancing along with its friends to make toddlers want to sing with their friends too. Not to worry about this becoming an annoying sounding toy for parents as it is build with an on and off switch too..

The functions of this book are made to work by just 5 different colored piano keys. The sounds have the ability to teach kids different names of instruments as well as colors and different types of buttons to press. This enables them to more independent. Just 2 AAA batteries allow this toy to come to life.

The plastic is very durable throughout and only requires a simple wipe to clean it. Plastic allows it to have a longer lasting lifespan than a normal book as it wouldn’t get ripped or soaked.

Build only as tall as 5.9 by 25.4 and 24.1 cm It can be put into the smallest pockets too.


Mega Bloks Building and Learning Table


This image shows a boy playing with large lego pieces on a tableAmazon Link


This table comes with more up to 20 different colored building blocks shaped like bigger sized Lego pieces. This makes toddlers begin to understand how to put things together so they can then move onto building more complex pieces with actual Lego.

Although this table may seem big being 24 by 16 inches in dimensions, it only weight as little as about 2kg which makes it extremely light to transport around compared to how many pieces it comes with.

It has a built track on the top with 2 wheel bases that allow the child to make any shape that they make to move.

Made from very strong and durable plastic.


Hape Pound Colorful Xylophone Toy


this image shows a wooden xylophone toy with 3 balls on top of it

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This toddler xylophone toy is an award winning musical instrument for children to play with. It has the ability to teach kids the art of music through different colors.

Made from durable and child safe wood that is designed to play different tones upon a strike of the hammer. Also, the balls on the top can be hammered down into the gap to create different games and tones.

The xylophone is supposed to slide out from inside the toy and be played as a normal instrument. Once toddlers begin to play recognizable tones with this toy, it means they are developing better hand coordination.


Melissa and Doug Classic Wooden Educational Abacus


This image shows a wooden abacus bead toy

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This classic wooden educational abacus toy for toddlers is a very simple yet very beneficial toy to have around the house. Not only is this able to help toddlers count, but it is also able to make them add, subtract, multiply and divide basic numbers.

This wooden toy for little ones has the ability to make children recognise different colors and patterns. It is the most simple and easy to understand educational toy as no child would need instructions to know how it works.

It is one of the most best selling educational toy around the world due to its simplicity and functions. It is made at 305 mm x 302 mm and 76 mm to make it even easier to move around.


VTech Sit and Stand Learn Walking Toy


This picture shows a toddler pushing a walk assisting play toyAmazon Link


The VTech Sit and Stand Learning Walking Toys are simply one of the best you can buy if you’re aiming to educate your young one. Unlike most baby walkers, this one is designed to educate as well as entertain and help a toddler to get their balance when walking too.

The best thing about it is that it can also be used when sitting down as well if your toddler is still too young to be attempting to walk.

It has functions that teach kids about shapes, colors, numbers and animals too. Also, one of the bonus features it has is the plastic phone, which can be very useful to encourage imaginative and roleplay.

The small piano on it has different tones based on the mode it is set to. From animal sounds or reading different numbers from 1 to 5. In order to have a function that develops a child’s motor skills, they equipped it with a colored spinning roll that can give a child a lot of pleasure by spinning it.

There is an attractive light put in the middle of a shape sorter just to make the child want to play with the toy and distract them. All of these features are able to keep your toddler occupied for many hours in the day.


VTech Multicolored Flashlight


This image shows a plastic flashlight with 3 side buttons Amazon Link

This is a very clever educational color changing flashlight made by Vtech to help toddlers understand different colors and teach them how to count at the same time. Although it only goes up to number three, young babies sometimes still get confused with these numbers. By having over 50 different songs and sounds, a child will be able to use this toy for a long time before they memorise and sing along to them all.


Not to worry about this becoming an annoying musical toy as the volume can be increased or reduced by a switch. If this is still not enough, it can also just be switched on and off by a flick of a switch. This function enables a child to understand how a normal flashlight works too.

The educational part of this toy is watching different colors rotate on a wall repeatedly and saying out their names as they change.

Sometimes an electric toy like this can be dangerous for toddlers to play with, however, this toy light is really safe due to its high quality plastic material. A flashlight is used by being carried around, therefore, the 7.5 ounces it weighs is sufficient for toddlers to carry around for long periods of time. Also, it is only 6.1 inches long which makes a perfect side for their little hands.

Just like most flashlights, it is also powered by only 2 AA batteries which should make it convenient to replace every now and again.


Little Tikes Kids Lab Experiment Toy


This image shows 2 kids playing on a plastic table of activitiesAmazon Link


This wonderful laboratory set for toddlers brings a huge interaction moment for your little ones due to its complex multiplayer STEM activities. All of these activities require concentration and hands on to be done which makes it fun for toddlers to do together.

With over 40 different phrases for them to listen to which are not all about scientific matters as it also teaches them some math and engineering skills.

Within this playset, you will receive 8 maze pieces, 3 maze balls, 3 test tubes 3 stirring spoons and a stick, an eye dropper and protection goggles. All of which have different purposes to do experiments with.

As everyone expects, most experiments come with a lot of mess afterward. The fact that makes this toy very good is that the trays can be removed and washed to make cleaning up the mess much easier.


Step2 Double Sided Easel Board


This image shows 2 kids playing with an easel board at the same time

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An Easel board is very good to use when trying to develop a toddlers mind simply because it encourages activeness when being used. This double sided one specifically brings a lot more fun as it can be used by two at the same time.

One example of the types of educational games they can use it for is a word guessing game where one guesses what word the other player is spelling from the opposite side of the board.

There are 2 different types of boards that it comes with, a chalkboard and a dry easel board. These are both build on a very sturdy 4 legged plastic equipment. With 94 different pieces of foam magnetic letters to spell out as many complicated words as possible. This allows a possible improvement in spelling as well as writing. Once play has finished, the letters and other supplies can be stored in the 2 easily removable storage trays.

It comes with enough play space on the boards as the dimensions to it are  22.8 by 26.5 by 43.8 inches

Just one negative aspect of this is the 15.75 pounds it weighs as this can prevent some less able people to easily transport it from one place to another. Also, it is important to be really careful when putting it together as you wouldn’t want it to fall on top of someone.



Best Budget Buy

We have placed the Melissa and Doug Wooden Abacus Educational toddler toy as the best budget buy simply because it is on the lower end of the price range. The cheap price range of this great toddler education toy makes this the best budget buy because it brings a lot of benefits at the same time. Not only does it increase the little ones counting ability, but it also makes them aware of multiple colors in the process. Although it may seem like a simple toy for children, it can still be a very challenging toy for babies too. From Counting and figuring out different patterns, all these toddler games that come with this toy makes it very worth buying a valuable toy for toddlers.

This is an image of the abacus toy for kids


Most Fun Educational Toys for Toddlers

The most fun educational toy to buy for toddlers on this list has to be the Little Tikes Kids Lab Toy because it is the one with the most activities to do. Most children wouldn’t have been playing with scientific equipment yet, therefore, every activity they can do with this lab would be fun for babies.  Children usually love getting their hands on possible dangerous items that they’re not allowed to use. By giving them toy versions of these items, they would definitely become really excited to play with them.

This is an image of a lab experiment toy for kids


Easiest Educational Toy To Buy for Toddlers

The LeapFrog Scribble and Write tablet is the easiest one to buy because a lot of parents already know about these toys to get for toddlers. This toy does not require much to be understood by toddlers and its portability makes it very convenient with the most activities to do on it. It can be found in many large supermarkets as well as toy stores, therefore it wouldn’t be difficult to choose this one.

This is an image of a scribble and write toys for kids