11 Best Black Baby Dolls

It is a common thing nowadays for a parent to randomly pick out a white colored doll when deciding to buy one for their child. By continuing to read this article, we aim to give you an idea of different types of black dolls that you may also want to consider for your children to play with.

Why Is It Important for Toddlers To Play With Black Baby Dolls?

There have been many reviews done to kids about the different types of dolls that they found most appealing to play with. Quite sadly, a large number of them decided that a white doll is normal and a black one looked too ugly to play with. What we don’t seem to understand is that this naturally brings a negative image to kids about the color of a person skin.

By having toddlers play with black baby dolls, they are able to understand early on that a persons beauty is not based on the color of their skin. This will enable us to educate the future generation to prevent racism from ever growing bigger than it already is.


this is an image of a black girl feeding a black girl doll

What To Have In Mind Before Buying a Black Baby Doll

When looking for a black baby doll, it is important to consider a few aspects of it before you buy it. The first and most important thing to think about is the make of the toy. This simply means which brand was it made by as the bigger brands are better at including more quality to their products.

The second important aspect to think about is the type of doll it is. By this, we mean which material is made from and what is its purpose. For instance, you can have black dolls made from plastic and other stuffed ones made from other materials such as cotton.

the last thing to think about is what other accessories the doll comes with and whether or not they would be suitable for the age of the child you intend to buy it for. Most dolls usually come dressed but are able to be undressed for the purpose of getting a child to understand how to do this themselves. Other doll accessories may include things such as pacifiers or different clothes to dress the doll with.

Best Black Baby Dolls Of The Year

Ashton Drakes Black Baby Michael Doll


this is an image of a brown smart dressed baby dollAmazon Link


This is a fantastic black doll to add to any collection of dolls for your child. It is designed by an award winning doll artist called Linda Murray who went all out in trying to bring this doll to life. From the ideal cute brown eyes to the innocent cute baby look on his face, this doll will name many parents to feel like they must have it in the collection. The outfit that was chosen to go with it includes a knit sweater vest with a smart collared t-shirt, striped fabric shorts, white socks and small laced shoes.

This doll is ideally designed to be played with kids from the age of 14 years and older although some people may argue that kids would have stopped playing with dolls as this age. This is why it is made as a collectible type of dolls as even some adult but it for themselves to simply have in their collections.

Many parents have so far reviewed this as an adorable collectible doll. It is identical to the exact specification of a black baby boy excluding the fact that it doesn’t require too much attention.

Just for more information, this doll is a good 22 inches tall and weighs around 5 pounds so it will surely seem valuable.


Nice2you Black African Fashioned Baby Doll


this is an image of a black girl baby doll in an african dress Amazon Link


This African dressed baby doll is the perfect type of doll for parents who feel like they want their kids to grow up understanding more about the African culture. It is made from ideal PVC material which is harmless for kids to be playing with all day long and the fact that it is made at a height of 12 inches adds good value to the doll. This is because you can go shopping for other African baby clothes that would also fit this black baby doll.

The black bushy and curly hair is made in the best way to replicate the natural full head of healthy hair that black people usually have. And the fact that it is hand stitched into the head means it is strong and wouldn’t fall out when pulled. This will allow your child to try out many different hairstyles that they feel would look better on the doll and not just keep it like how it is.

The limbs are designed so that the black doll can be made to be active as they are able to rotate all the way around, including the head. However, one negative thing about it is that it is not able to stand up although it can be sat or laid down to sleep with.


Berenguer African Baby Doll with Blanky


this is an image of a black baby doll holding a purple blanketAmazon Link


This Berenguer African doll is just an ordinary black baby doll for kids to play with. It comes dressed in a flower-patterned one-piece outfit and a matching hat. Also, it has a ‘Blankie’ accessory for kids to give it something unique to play with.

Although it does not have the highest quality details on the body and face, it still is designed with a very soft material so that babies can even sleep with it. Not only this but this doll is able to be a great collectible too as there are also other types of dolls similar to it dressed in different clothes that can be bought too.

It has the seal of approval from The National Parenting Center which should show how much of a quality doll it is. Also, it would have ticked all the boxes in the safety requirements for kids meaning this can be a personal friendly doll for babies to be with all day and night long.


Black Princess Barbie Collectible Doll


this is an image of a black barbie doll in a pink dress inside a boxAmazon Link


Barbie dolls are extremely popular among the different types of dolls that little girls play with. However, it is not common to find a black version of a Barbie doll within their collection. This is why we have included this precious princess barbie doll onto this list.

It is made from high-quality plastic and is only 33 cm tall but has a lot to offer a child who loves playing with dolls. The dress is made from plaited tulle material and has a wonderful long satin white bow around the waist.

The beautiful brown curly hair resembles the natural bushy Curls that African women usually have and also makes the doll look more like a princess.

This is the perfect birthday gift for Barbie fans as it is a rare collectible black doll.


Berenguer Multicultural Doll with Pacifier


this is an image of a black baby doll beside a purple bottle

Amazon Link


The Berenguer Multicultural Doll with Pacifier is another different type of black doll for kids to nurture. It is made from soft plastic so that kids can cuddle all day long.

This black baby doll comes dressed in a one-piece onesie that can be taken off and washed just in case it got dirty. Also, a matching hat, a bib, a bottle, and its pacifier. These are all essential accessories for it to become an important baby doll for your kids to play with.


JC Toys Black Twin Cuddle Dolls


this is an image of two black twin dolls beside each otherAmazon Link


These two adorable black twin baby dolls are measured at a perfect 13 inches tall which any baby would love to snuggle up to during naps. They come in the same one-piece onesie outfit but in different colors and theme in order to be differentiated. A matching hat is also a part of the outfit to give them more to offer.

There are many different types of these doll designed by JC Toys which all come with different facial expressions in order to tell them apart once undressed. As well as these black versions, there are also many other different colored twin dolls like these to represent other ethnicities such as white or Asian ones.

These baby dolls would be perfect if you have twins yourself as it would be a good way to teach them what twins are so they know why they are twins. Also, you can use one doll to represent one of the twins and the other to represent another twin so they each play with themselves.


Mixed Race Curly Hair School Girl Doll


this is an image of a brown baby doll with curly hair in a school outfitAmazon Link


This Mixed Race school girl doll is put onto this list purely to show other types of races that black dolls can come in. It is made with high-quality vinyl plastic and soft cloth material to give it a comfortable feel when cuddled by young ones.

Her outfit is a very well-designed school uniform to add more value to the doll as not many dolls come dressed like this. It is designed to represent a schoolgirl so that young girls can feel good about dressing for school themselves. Also, at only 18 inches tall, it can be taken and played with anywhere with its carrying case included in the set

The long curly hair is made from synthetic premium wigs that all are supposed to remain curly and never become straight or picky. However, it can still be turned into a different hairstyle as it can be split or plaited.


Red Dress Barbie African Doll


this is an image of a black barbie doll in a red dressAmazon Link


We decided to include another barbie doll onto the list since they are a really popular doll. However, this one brings a different concept completely with its elegant red dress and matching nails lipstick and heels. This doll is one to get your hands on as its the 30th edition of the Holiday Barbie collection.

The doll is made to look better with its sophisticated accessories added onto the doll. The headband, necklace and the bracelet all have 30” pearls on to bring them to life with the details.

This specific version has the traditional big brown African Afro hairstyle highlighted really well to bring out the brown eyes that she also has. Build at just 13 inches tall, this doll can be used by little children too.


Nahla The Black Gardening Doll


this is an image of a black baby doll gardeningAmazon Link


Nahla the gardening Black doll is one that is the most unique to all of them on this list. She brings more than just cuddles and nurturing aspects to the child’s playtime as she is equipped with gardening tools for them to change their style of play. This doesn’t mean that this is all she is built for as her change of outfits allow her to become a normal doll to cuddle and play with.

One outfit is the sleeveless jumpsuit with different patterns on and the other is an apron shaped dress to cover and protect her from getting dirty in the garden. She also comes with a storybook about her called the ‘A garden where friendship grows’ so that your child can understand a little more about Nahla and her gardening preferences.

Although her facial expression is not made to look too realistic, her beautiful silky hair can still make this doll be as real as any other lifelike doll. For instance, The hair is able to be washed and put into different styles with an ordinary hairbrush. This also gives your child more fun things to do with this doll.

This doll is only 18 inches tall which is a reasonable size for kids to play with and it is ideally recommended for kids from the age of 3 years and above.


Luvabella African American Baby Doll


this is an image of a black doll with hands raised beside its accessories

Amazon Link


The Luvabella black baby doll is a fun interactive baby doll for toddlers to play with. This is mostly because she can speak and learn new words to say as she grows. With over 100 words and different phrases, she is the key doll to let your little ones spend their time talking to in order to help to improve their vocabulary.

Not only is this doll good to interact with through speech, but she can also be played with by her amazing accessories such as the bottle to feed her and the pink toy ‘Lamby’ to make her play with.

Her amazing different lifelike facial expressions are also something to look forward to in this doll as they make her come to life. However, one disadvantage is that all of these amazing features must be powered by 4 C batteries which means this baby doll can potentially be toxic to kids under the age of 4 years.

Her lovely short-sleeved dress is designed with a love heart pattered and a grey ribbon style onto it. Also, her name is spelled in a nice grey outlined writing at the bottom of the dress to make it unique.


Paradise Galleries Kione the African Baby Doll


this is an image of a black baby doll holding a snowman teddy

Amazon Link


Kione the African Baby Doll is an extraordinary precious black baby doll that is designed with the most realistic lifelike features as you can find. Build at an average 20 inch size from gentle Vinyl and sensibly weighted cloth material, this doll can give any baby a good feel when being cuddled.

She is dressed in a white one-piece top and shorts with a frosty the snowman theme to it. But she also comes with a white fleece frosty the snowman onesie and a stripy hooded jumper with ears on top to keep her warm during the cold nights or when she goes outside.

A frosty the snowman teddy and a bowed headband are the only accessories that this doll comes with, however, this does not mean it can not bring as much fun and joy to their play. Although it is ideally made to be a collectible doll and would add great value to any doll collection.



Overall Best Black African Baby Doll

Our Paradise Galleries African Baby Kione Doll is the best among all of the ones we have listed simply because of the realism that is added to it. From the smooth and detailed black skin too shiny life like nails, this doll is made to the exact specification of a black baby boy. Out of all the parents that were interviewed about this baby toy, they all mentioned that this was the most realistic one. Some of them stating the fact that they sometimes ‘confused their own babies with this life-size doll’. Therefore, if you’re looking for a baby doll to best resemble a black boy then this one will never disappoint.

this is an image of a black baby doll holding a snowman teddy

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Best Budget Black Baby Doll

The Black baby dolls that we have listed down to be the best budget buy are the Black Twin Cuddle Dolls. This decision was made mostly based on the fact that you get two of them for less than the price of some of the other ones mentioned on this lift. The fact that you get two of them means that you can satisfy both your child no matter which one they pick to be the favorite. Also, if you have two kids such as twins, for example, this would be the perfect one to buy so that they can understand from early what twins are.

this is an image of two black twin dolls beside each other

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