10 Best Baby Doll Accessories

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For a parent, baby doll equipment may not seem like such complicated children toys to shop for. The fact that they must already know a lot about the different equipment for babies would help you know which doll accessory you would need to buy for your child’s doll toy.

However,  there are so many different accessories for baby dolls made that it may be really easy to miss out on some that are very helpful as dolls are different from real children. This is why we have made this review of the best baby doll accessories in order to give you an idea of a toy for dolls that you may have missed.

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Tips on Choosing the Best Types of Accessories for Baby Dolls

The best guidance we can give you on picking doll toy accessories for your child is to make sure it is actually compatible with the doll you intend it to be for. For instance, the last situation you want to avoid is buying a toy doll pacifier that does not fit into the doll’s mouth. Another advice that may be of good use is to try and keep the accessories matching, in other words, aim to buy the same colored accessories as much as possible. This is a good way to help keep everything organized and make it easier to distinguish your child’s to baby equipment to her own accessories or to other toys. This may also potentially teach your child about having good style and fashion so they grow up to know the best way to dress themselves to look cute.

10 Best Baby Doll Accessories

We shall now introduce you to our list of the most popular baby doll accessories that a child must have for their dolls. Our list includes a wide range of accessories which we can assure you will find at least one that you have not yet thought of or do not have in your child’s doll accessory collection. Our list will definitely be exciting to read through so we hope you enjoy it.

Essential Toy Doll Accessories

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The first set of accessories on our list is the baby doll essential accessories set. This is the set of accessories that all children must have in their data collection.

The set includes all of the essentials needed to look after a toy doll. From a pacifier To help keep the baby quiet all the way to a potty for them to go toilet in.

Some of the other accessories included in this set are a bottle, hair treatment equipment, eating utensils and many more. In total there are 28 pieces of equipment for your child to use on their doll toy.

All of these pieces come in a big clear carrier bag to help store them in. This bag also makes it convenient for your child to use as a carrier bag when taking this equipment to play around their friend’s house.


Litti Pritti 4 Piece Set

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Amazon Link

In number two you have the little pretty four-piece doll set children. Including four of the most essential baby carriers that your daughter’s doll will need.

The four sets of equipment that you should expect to find in this set is a doll crib, one car seat, a small doll swing and a highchair for the doll.

All of these baby essentials are designed in a very high-quality fashion with the cutest looking pattern. They all have a similar butterfly pattern so that they can be identified as a unit.

There are no tools required in order to put these pieces together. They are actually already done but Only need unfolding so they look like how they are supposed to.


JC Toys  Walker Playset

This is an image of JC Toys Baby Doll Walker PlaysetAmazon Link

Here is a doll walker playset for children. Produced by JC toys, this walker is of made at a high-quality standard.

It is designed to try and make children feel like they are teaching their dolls to take their first steps. this helps to make a child feel like they are an actual parent.

This dude is made from high-quality plastic and meets all the safety requirements of a toy. Therefore your child can play with this toy with no worries.

It measures just over 13 inches in height but can take dolls that are up to 17 inches tall. This is a perfect additional accessory for your Childs doll.


Pay Doll Car Seat

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Amazon Link

Allow your baby to travel with their doll in style with This comfortable doll car seat. It is very realistic and safely designed to be good for your child’s hands.

It is made from high-quality plush fabric without any hard material inside it. This allows it to be comfortable on your baby’s back when they carry it on their backs.

The complete set comes with a baby toy doll, a backpack seat carrier, two bottles and a set of doll toys. The baby stands at twelve inches tall and can be separated from the seat.

This provides your child with a very affective imaginative play. Also, it may enhance their maturity development.


Toysmith Baby Care

This is an image of Toysmith Baby CareAmazon Link

The Toisnot babycare children playset is one of the biggest we have on our list. With up to 30 pieces of accessories, your children are able to look after multiple dolls at the same time.

Because it includes a carrier bag that easily fits all of the accessories. This also acts as a convenient carrying mechanism to help your child transport all of the accessories at once.

It comes with a plate, bottles and a bib to give you a rough idea of some of the accessories included. Although, there are many more that you will find in this set.

This set is recommended for girls who are at least three years and older. And it will provide more exciting imaginative play for them.


XADP Carrier Backpack 

This is an image of XADP Baby Doll Carrier Backpack Amazon Link

Number six we have for you another small doll backpack carrier. This time it is in a different style completely.

Unlike the other one, this one Is actually a backpack with a unique baby carrying pocket and straps. This pocket is designed to fit doors that are around 18 inches tall so they can fit comfortably inside it.

The bag is made from a high-quality handmade material that is comfortable on your baby’s back. Although it does not come with any other accessories, it still has a very large space inside to carry other doll toy accessories.

It is designed in a cute pink and white flowery pattern which will look very good as a Christmas gift for girls. Also, this piece of equipment is able to teach your child how to rely on themselves.


Magic Baby Bottles

This is an image of a Magic Baby Doll Bottle accessoryAmazon Link

This is a set of two magic baby bottles for your children toy doll. The reason they are called magic bottles is that they have a unique feature to them.

This feature is simply the way that the bottles appear to look empty as the baby is made to drink from them. This enables your child to feel as if the baby is drinking the actual drink inside.

They are both made at a very lightweight and designed to look very appealing to a young child. These are children of the age of three years and above, who are also the recommended target customers.

One bottle is designed to show that it has a tasty orange drink inside whereas the other one is made to be a milk bottle. The milk bottle stands at 4.75 inches tall and the juice bottle is only 4.25 inches tall.


Waterbabies Bathtime Playset

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Amazon Link

At number eight we have a simple and very cute bath time doll and accessories.

Some of the accessories that it comes with include one large ring duck and two mini ducks for the bath. It also comes with its animal design bathrobe To keep the baby warm after the shower.

All of these toys are designed to flow on the water and also carry the doll. Simply placed the doll inside the ring duck to watch it float by itself.

This makes a very cool bath time Dorlac Sestri for your child. although, It is a very distracting toy that ends up keeping your child in the bath for hours.


Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Doll Feeding 

This is an image of Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Doll Feeding Amazon Link

Here we have for you and Melissa and Doug mine to love doll feeding kit for your child. With a brilliant imaginative play to bring, it is one of the most popular doll playsets on the market.

This girl doll playset has two different sets to play with. A diaper bag and a doll feeding set.

The diaper bag includes a different fabric diaper, plastic wipes and its dispenser, and a jar of baby moisturizer. And the Feeding set includes a baby babe, a juice and milk bottle, some fake food and a set of feeding utensils.

This doll set makes a very good gift for a three-year-old girls birthday. Also, it has the possibility of Enhancing all of the important fine motor skills that the little girl needs.


Melissa and Doug Baby Bath Tub Accessory

This is an image of a Melissa and Doug Baby Bath Tub AccessoryAmazon Link


The last doll please set that we have on our list is this bath time doll set. It encourages a very good hands-on baby bathing experience for your child.

The set comes with six pieces to play with. These include a mini bathtub, one shampoo bottle, a baby washcloth, a bar of soap and dish with one mini rubber duck.

All of these toys are made from very strong plastic material that can hold a lot of weight. This makes it very convenient for the water to sit inside the tub as well as the doll.

It is designed to fit all of the 17 inches ‘Melissa and Doug Mine to Love’ dolls. Therefore we would recommend you buy this product if your child has many of these dolls. However, it is still as convenient to use on other similar dolls.

We must warn you that This is a very realistic toy and comes with real shampoo. Therefore, we must warn you to keep an eye on your child when they play with this set as they can end up getting shampoo into their eyes.



Best Overall Children Doll Accessories

The Baby Doll Essential Accessory set (number 1) is the one that we would recommend you to buy for your child’s doll. It consists of the most accessories for dolls which can give your kids more ways of taking care of their toy doll. From feeding, all the way to potty training, your child can learn how to do them all with just one toy set for dolls. The fact that they can all fit into one carrying case will allow your child to conveniently take this set over to her friend’s house to play with too.

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The Most Useful Accessories for Dolls

This may not seem too surprising as we have placed the XADP Carrier Backpack as the most useful accessory for children dolls. The reason for this is due to the extra convenience it gives to your child when transporting their doll around. By buying this bag, it will allow your young girl to have her hands free to carry the accessories that she will need for her baby. This means she can pack and carry her doll play equipment all by herself without the assistance of an adult. Eventually, she will feel more grown-up and responsible due to a reduced amount of help that she will require.

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