20 Best Books for Toddlers to Read

touch think learn blue back cover

Books are great for building toddlers intellect and in this review of the best books for toddlers you can easily engage their imagination and find a fun book to read your child.

Selecting the appropriate toddler book is based on the toddler’s age is also very important. If the book is too dense, the kid might lose interest easily, it has to be illustrative, colorful, and fun to read. More often than not, short stories are usually the perfect type of books for kids.

Introducing toddlers to reading early enough would go a long way in building up their reading culture, boost their confidence, and broaden their understanding of the language.

Another benefit of reading for a toddler is that; it creates a child-parent bond moment. A lot of things can be learned from pages of books, and we’ve carefully selected the best book for toddlers, no matter the child’s age, gender or theme, you would find the appropriate book for them in this article.

Consideration In Selecting The Best Book For Toddlers.

In selecting the books reviewed in this article, we put factored the considerations discussed below, resulting in a filtered list of the best book for kids in 2018. You should equally take note of these factors before you make a decision on which of the recommended book to get your little one.

Age: This is the most important factor on the list. You should get books appropriate for your child’s age. A book designed for 3 year olds, will contain more words as compared to that of one year olds. Generally, the younger the child, the fewer the text, and the more the images and illustration.

Hardcover or Board Book: Some of the books reviewed come in two different versions, the board book, and hardcover version. Board books are more appropriate for one and two year olds. The pictures are usually more well defined and could withstand the rigorous use from careless handling.

Illustration: Toddler’s book must be well illustrated. Depending on the theme, it must contain images of common items that we see on daily basis, as well as images that can stimulate their imagination. Animals, objects, as well as common fictional characters, are some of the illustrations that would make a good fit for a typical toddler book.

Story: If the book is too abstract, it would not pique the child’s interest. The book should have a fun storyline that would keep kids entertained. Each of the characters should teach them a lesson or two. Empathy, social interaction, confidence, positivity, hard work are some of the subtle messages that should be embedded in the storyline.

Book List For Toddlers Aged 1 to 3 years old

#1. TouchThinkLearn: Vehicles by Xavier Deneux

This book is designed to engage kids in various ways. It’s one of the books that allows sensory touch stimulation alongside visual and imagination development.

Perfect for kids between the ages of 1 year to 2 year olds. It’s a book they can easily connect to because it contains images of cars and trains they see every day. The illustrations are raised, making it possible for kids to feel the shape of the book. The texts on the paper also make a good choice for teaching new words and establish children’s language structure.

The color is also very bright, stimulating visual sense and attracting kids to flip through the pages. It comes in two formats; the hardcover and the board book version.

touch think learn blue back cover

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#2. All the World.

Stories are important for kids. More importantly, is the theme of the story. The message embedded in this book is family oriented. It contains an amazing illustration of a typical family, doing regular daily activities.

The illustrations are very detailed, and the text a few, however, they follow a particular style of word association. A typical page contains about six words, extracted from objects illustrated from the page. Sounds representation are also carefully used in the text on the pages of the book.

The book can also engage kids imagination, and it portrays a large expanse of the sky; and nature in general. With over 44 pages in the board book version, generally makes a good read for bedtime stories.

Each page would introduce kids to new words, and most parents consider they book appropriate for toddlers between the ages of 2 and 5.

all the world book cover

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#3. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See

When it comes to creating children books, experience matters. This book has been around for years, and it has been perfected over the years to suit kids purpose. It’s a classic book created by Dr. Bill Martin (Jnr.), who bagged a Ph.D. in early childhood education. He’s a firm advocate of rhymes and rhythms for kids.

The illustrations are so perfect and would the colors make it more attractive to kids. Parents love this book because it can be easily memorized, and they consider it appropriate for six months old baby and above.

This book is quite interactive, great for teaching colors, and some regular day verbs. The pictures are big and detailed, with very solid colors. The texts are very few as the entire focus is on the animal and the colors.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See

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#4. Roary the Lion Roars Too Loud

Sometimes, a good book for toddlers does not teach conventional things; like color, shape, alphabets etc. It teaches social etiquette, and this is exactly what this skill does.

The main goal is to teach kids how to be calm and talk softly rather than make noise all the time. It has an interesting storyline about a small lion that goes about making noise by roaring too loud.

The illustration is also quite funny, and the text is written with a certain level of creativity that depicts the audience in which the book was written.

Beyond the text and illustration, the story would teach your kids about action and consequences, and also it would should them how to be quiet as well.

Roary the Lion Roars Too Loud

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#5. Dragons Love Tacos

As kids start to understand words, they generally prefer a funny read. From the illustration to the storyline, toddlers from the age of 3 upward would easily fall in love with books that would make them laugh.

Dragon love Tacos is a funny book for children. It comes in three different versions; the hardcover, paperback, and Audio CD. The story is about a dragon that loves eating tacos, with emphasis on different types of tacos. Then it introduces the relationship between tacos and salsa, and how dragons react negatively to salsa. Putting the reader is a little bit of situation; since you can only attract dragons with tacos, and tacos would always come up with salsa, sadly dragon hates salsa.

Watch your child laugh through the pages of the book, and how they try hard to come up with a solution to the situation.

Dragons Love Tacos book cover

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#6. Hello Hello

A simple, engaging and highly informative book for toddlers. The book is simple in its design concept, yet it manages to teach kids a lot as compared to many children books.

This is a perfect book for children age 1-2. The pictures and the words are simple enough for kids within this age range, yet it contains enough information to get them educated.

The premise of the book is around animal names, learning colors, shapes, pattern as well as other interesting facts about animals.

The book is strategically written to enlighten kids about animals that are currently endangered, with a list of 67 animals, with information on each of them, this book would grow with your child as they get to learn something new every time they open it up.

Hello Hello Hardcover

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#7. The Circus Ship

Chris Van Dusen created a thrillingly fictional story of a circus owner and his cute animals. The storyline is a very engaging one, containing a bit of text, making it appropriate for older kids, from age 4 to 8.

The story is about a circus owner that embarked on a journey in his ship with his animals. Their ship had an accident on the journey, and the circus owner abandoned the animals to die.

The animals were courageous and swam to a nearby island, and soon became a part of the community. They blend so well into the community and became a functional part of society. Some days later their previous owner came searching for them, in other to take them back under the harsh condition they used to be.

Their new community protected them from their cruel owner. The lessons embedded in this book is an enormous one that would help shape your child’s character and make them a better person in society.

The Circus Ship Hardcover

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#8. Love You Forever

The love you forever pop-up edition comes in four different formats; hardcover, paperback, board book, and audio CD format. Written by Robert Munsch and illustrated by Sheila McGraw, the book has been around for decades, with the first edition published in 1986, it has since them been improved.

The central message of the book is the love of a mother towards her child lasting forever. Even when the baby is grown, an individual will always be a baby to his parent.

It’s a very emotional story of love from a parent to her little one, there are alot of grand parents that read this book to their daughter, and the daughter now reading the same book to their children.

It’s generational. It makes a great read for bed time. It creates a great emotional bonding time between parent. It’s a great gift for baby shower item too.

Love You Forever

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#9. This Book Is Magic

Aside from bright colors and fun illustration, one of the best ways to get kids interested in reading is by making it as interactive as possible. The book is designed to be as interactive as possible for kids, getting them to say some magic words or wave their hands for different things to happen from one page to another.

It engages kid’s imagination, as they flip from one page of the book to another. The illustration is also very colorful and detailed enough to get kids attached to the book.

The text is very simple enough for toddlers aged 2 and above.

This Book Is Magic Hardcover

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#10. Hush! A Gaelic Lullaby.

Getting kids to sleep sometimes might be a difficult task, this is where bedtime storybook comes handy. The book is a story of a family, working as a functional unit to keep everybody safe as the stormy weather approaches.

The color of the print follows the story from one page to another, passing a subtle message itself. The story and illustration are about how members of an extended family, complete a task to ensure they have a peaceful warm night during the storm.

In the end, everybody gathered around the fire, and the baby was rocked to sleep by his mother. The message is very strong on family and the protection that comes from being around those that really care about you.

It’s a good bed night storybook for kids below the age of one.

Gaelic Lullaby Hardcover

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#11. Baby Animals Playing

There is a reason why the best baby book is usually focused on animals. It gives children an idea of the world beyond humans. This baby animals book is not an exception to that. The most spectacular feature of the book is the stunning image that graces each of the pages.

Pictures of little animals taking my professional wildlife photographer; Suzi Eszterhas. The book contains ten different baby animals. Each page has a short description of what the animal is doing and brief information about the animal.

It’s a great book for introducing kids to how things work in the animal kingdom.

Baby Animals Playing

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#12. Grains of Sand

Stories are great for engaging kids imagination. Bedtime stories are perfect for engaging kids mind as they drift into wonderland. The story of Grains of sand is ideal for kids bedtime, it put them in a comfort zone, and they usually end up looking forward to bedtime every day. The primary character was getting ready to sleep in the story as well, making it easy for kids to relate to.

The grain of sand is a book about the experience of a little girl that went on vacation with her family and how she had a really nice time on the vacation. She enjoyed the experience so much, that she did not want the vacation to end. She made her dad promise her they would come to the same place next year.

Grains of Sand cover

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#13. I Love You Because You’re You

Reiterating your love as a parent for your child is very important. It’s a good way to earn their trust and also build their self-confidence. When your child knows that know matter what, you would still love them unconditionally, they’re free to open up to you.

What better way do you start raising them with this way than reading them a book about unconditional love between a mother fox and her cub. The book depicts various characters and mood of the cub and the persistent demonstration of love towards it from the parent.

The illustration is designed with the intention of stirring kids imagination to its peak. It comes in four different formats; including audio book as well.

I Love You Because You're You Board book

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#14. Waiting for Wings (Rise and Shine)

Appropriate for toddlers of age 5 and above, this book is an introduction to the world of butterfly metamorphosis. In simple terms, it goes behind and shares the growth timeline of four butterflies. The illustration is of very bright color with detailed information about each of the butterflies.

The text is not too dense for kids to read and understand as they’re written in simple rhythmic language perfect for kids. It also provides an avenue for parents to teach their kids about the transformation from being just lava to a colorful fully grown butterfly that people find attractive.

Waiting for Wings (Rise and Shine)

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#15. I Love You, Stinky Face

Establishing the mother’s unconditional love in kids heart is essential. This is one of the main goals of this book. It further reiterates the love of the mother towards her child, no matter the circumstances.

In the book, the mother told her child of her love for her, and the child came up with several questions about what if he is not as cute as he is; what if he’s a big scary animal? And the mother continues to reassure the child of her love.

The illustration in the book is very colorful, and the text is simple enough for kids above four years old. The story makes a good read fro bedtime story as it reiterates the unconditional mother’s love towards her offspring. It gives the child a high level of security and reassurance in their mother’s care.

I Love You, Stinky Face Board book

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#16. Little Blue Truck Board Book

Social norms and values can be easily taught by sharing stories with a clear message about these beliefs and behaviors with kids. This book is perfect for kids aged 4 and above. With beautiful illustrations and few texts, the story follows little blue, as he drives his truck down a muddy road.

The journey was progressing perfectly until Blue got stuck in the mud. With the help of his animal friends, he was able to get out of the situation. This story emphasizes the benefit of friendship and helping other people. Beyond the story, the text is excellently written to introduce kids to animals and the sound they make. It comes in three formats; the paper back is perfect for a bedtime read, perfect for both boys and girls.

Little Blue Truck board book

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#17. Llama Llama Red Pajama

Rhymes are good for learning words association. This toddler book is filled with rhymes from start to finish. It’s a story of how Llama gets his mama attention whenever she steps away briefly.

It begins with the mama trying to settle Llama in bed for the night. She left after a while, and the baby got worried, as she started to cry to call back the mama. It’s a story most toddlers can relate to, making it perfect for both imagination and intellectual development.

The words are carefully selected to suit kids between the ages of 2 and 5. The book is fun to read for both the parent and the child, and the illustration is perfect for exciting kids imagination. Your little one would love this book.

Llama Llama Red Pajama Hardcover

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#18. Potty By Leslie Patricelli

This is a trendy book among nursing mothers. It’s an essential book on potty training for toddlers. It has been perfected over the years to teach toddlers how to use potty. Mothers praise this book as excellent, and it wouldn’t hurt to have this in your library for your child, towards the time of potty training.

Learning to use the potty is a critical stage in the child’s development. No matter their gender, it’s a big step that should be approached with utmost attention. If you’re looking for a book filled with humor, with the aim of teaching the little one how to use the potty without fear, then this is your best bet.

Potty (Leslie Patricelli board books)

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#19. Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site

If your kids are into cars and trucks, then this book is perfect for getting them to sleep in the night. It’s a bedtime story book themed after construction site and equipment.

The scene begins with sunset, as cranes and other heavy truck wrap up their duty for the day. The way the author and illustrator develop the concept of a construction scene into a sleeping story is perfect. The color of the scenes is carefully selected to induce a resting phase as you read out the story to your little one.

The texts are perfectly rhymed as well.

Goodnight, Construction Site Board book

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#20. Raindrop, Plop!

A larger percentage of the books reviewed in this article is focused on words, rhymes and fun stories. This book is a little bit different in that is incorporates numbers in the learning experience as well.

It’s a simple yet educative book about raindrop and the weather in general. Aside from the short text on the raindrop on each page, it also contains some words identifying some of the significant items on the scene.

The illustration is great for keeping your child interested as it is full of bright color arts. The words rhyme makes it a good book that can further brighten the fun experience of reading out loud.

Raindrop, Plop! Hardcover

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