Best Spiderman Toys for Kids 2019

Spiderman is one of the most famous superheroes that Marvel ever created. With it having the most films about character than any other superhero, it has to have a lot of toys and action figures for kids made about it. This is why we have decided to review the best spiderman toys for kids to save you from having to research the superhero before buying a toy for your kid.

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Spiderman has been a fictional superhero character for over fifty years which means he is very well known by many people in many different countries. He is best known for his wed shooting, wall climbing and agile flips. This caught the eyes of many big movie producers who were convinced in making movies of the Spiderman superhero in many different styles and costumes. Eventually, this resulted in a lot of different Spiderman action figures and toys for kids being created so their targetted audience can get a better hands-on experience of the superhero.

With many different versions of Spiderman being introduced to the world, it becomes really complicated to pick out the best rated Spiderman toys. In order to avoid buying fake or unsatisfactory Spiderman toys for kids, we have made you a list of some of the important Spiderman facts and features that everyone expects Spiderman to have in order to be the best Spiderman toy ever. By this list, we aim to further improve your knowledge of the superhero and hopefully allow you to make a better decision on the toy you choose to buy for your child.

Web shooting – Shooting a web is Spiderman’s most common power as he swings from building to building therefore if a toy is not able to shoot webs of some sort, some kids may not be too keen on playing with it. However, if this isn’t what it is intended to do then it should at least give you an alternative to help create imaginative web shooting play. For example, his fists being folded in the web shooting sign.

Wall climbing – Of course it is not easy to expect every Spiderman to be able to climb a wall. However, a kid would find a spiderman toy much better to play with if it is able to move its limbs to the way that Spiderman does when he is climbing a wall.

Superhero Suit – The famous Spiderman costume is the most important feature that he must have in order to be distinguished as Spiderman. Therefore It is important that the costume looks exactly like Spiderman. However, there have also been other types of costumes in the history of Spiderman that some people may be aware of.

Muscular Body -Everybody knows that Spiderman is just an ordinary teenager with an average slim figure. However, when he puts on his suit, he looks more toned and ripped as if he works out due to the strength he gained from the spider bite.

Talking – Spiderman is known to be a superhero who likes to talk and make jokes a lot even during battle. With a good sense of humor, he usually finds many things funny which he can’t help but comment on. This allowed him to come up with many famous phrases such as ‘your friendly neighborhood spiderman’  Which would make any action figure cooler to play with if they said similar phrases too.

Gadgets & Vehicles – Spiderman has never really been seen with special gadgets or vehicles in films other than a mechanical upgraded suit. However, there has been some animated TV series where you would be able to see him use other Spiderman gadgets and vehicles that a lot of kids would love to play with. For instance, he sometimes rides a Spidercycle in the ‘Ultimate Spiderman’ cartoon series.

9 Best Spiderman Toys for Kids

Below we begin listing the best selling spiderman toys for kids that we think any true fan would love to have. Whether as a collectible or a play figure, this list will give you an insight of all the different versions of Spiderman. Your choice of Spiderman toy to buy for kids will never be easier after reading our review.

Spiderman Action Figure


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The first Spiderman toy for kids that we would love to introduce to you is this 12-inch action figure that will definitely capture the attention of any Spiderman fan.

It is designed with the original Spiderman hero suit that you see him wearing in most of all his appearances in TV series and films. This makes this spiderman kids toy a really crucial version of the superhero to have in a collection. Therefore as well as buying this toy for kids, it would even get the interest of some older Spiderman fans.

The toy is made to stand at 12 inches tall and crafted by fine none toxic plastic material. This prevents the toy from being easy to break and dangerous for kids to play with.

The bad thing about this Spiderman toy for kids is that it does not have any of Spiderman qualities equipped with it. For instance, it cannot fire webs. However, one of its hand comes with its fingers folded in the way that Spiderman does when trying to shoot webs from his wrists. Therefore it can be made to shoot webs in an imaginary way.

Also, the fact that it is designed with ball joint articulation in only the hips and shoulder allows it to bend and twist, but not in every position. This means that it is not able to go into the position of climbing walls of backflipping.


Spiderman Walkie Talkie for Kids


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These walkie talkies are very popular among kids due to the level of fun they experience when playing with them. These become a great mobile phone replacement for kids are they are capable of doing the same job as a mobile phone does, to communicate.

These cool kids walkie talkies are shaped in the Spiderman mask with long antennas that are designed to reach up to fifty meters whether you’re inside or outdoors. This helps to provide really high quality and clear communication between the users. Simply press the button to talk whilst the other person listens then change over to answer.

They come at about 29 cm tall with the antenna and 19 cm wide which is the perfect size for an average kid to hold in just one hand and be able to reach the talking button. Also, at 222 grams, they will never get tired of having it in their hands for hours of fun play.

Not to worry about it being safe to be around a kids mouth all day long as it is made from 95% non-toxic plastic and just 5% electronics. Some of these electronics are two 6LR61/9V batteries (not included).

However, we have to let you know that some parents have said that they are best to use indoors due to the connection range. Although they are designed to reach up to fifty meters, some people said they would begin to fade at around 25 meters.


Spiderman Homecoming Kids Play Costume


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This deluxe Spiderman kids costume is a really cool toy that kids love to play with. It is designed in the same way as it looked in the latest Spiderman film, ‘Homecoming’. It has been arguably one of the best Spiderman suit designs ever made which means there would be a high demand for it.

The suit is a one piece that covers the whole body with a muscular print on its muscles. As well as this, it has padded arm and chest muscles to give your child the best Spiderman body shape as possible. Also, it has attached web wings under the arms, with a shoe covers and a detachable full face mask. These are important to give the suit more realism.

With it being a costume, it comes in three different sizes to best suit the shapes of all different kids. But you must bear in mind that the smaller size is designed to fit three year old kids and the largest size is supposed to fit ten year old kids.

One bad thing about this costume is that it doesn’t come with the spiderman gloves or web shooters. This makes this costume not have the full qualities that Spiderman is expected to have that can prevent some people from buying it. However, there are so many alternatives that can be bought separately to use with this costume in order to give your child the complete Spiderman look.


Spider-man ‘Into The Spider-Verse’ Action Figure


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Spiderman Into The Spider-Verse is one of the latest animated films made about Spiderman but with a really weird twist. Instead of Peter Parker being the main star of the film, he is replaced by a different ethnic boy called Miles Morales. This was done to bring into existence the ‘Spider-Verse’ which is an alternative universe of Spiderman.

Although this film came as a surprise to many people, it still manages to get many likes and views in cinemas. This means that this best new Spiderman toys figure will attract a lot of interest from spiderman fans. Especially as an additional collectible toy to add to their collection.

The main reason why this would be a god collectible toy, as well as an action figure, is the fact it has a new unique black and red costume design. It comes completely black with a red spider in a circle drawn on its chest as if it was spray painted. The mask is also completely black with not many details on it except the big white eyes with a red outline.

This toy spiderman figure for kids is built at 12 inches tall with the same features as the first action figure on the list. With one normal fist and the other folded in the way that he shoots his webs, kids are able to have plenty of imaginative web shooting play.

All of these types of action figures are made to be able to connect to a Power FX Pack that enables them to make sound effects of famous phrases. This makes this one of the best rated Spiderman toys.


Spiderman Convertible Motorcycle Toy for Kids


This is an image of a spiderman toy riding a motorcycle

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This three in one Spiderman kids playing toy is a really cool action toy that kids spend a lot of time playing with. Although it is unusual to see Spiderman riding any vehicle, it still is as cool seeing him web swinging to see him using one of his personalized vehicles.

This becomes one of the best spiderman toys you can buy due to the number of ways you can play with it. To begin with, it has the ability to transform into three different fighting machines. one is a motorcycle, the other is a crawling machine and the last one is a missile launcher.

The set comes with a small six inch spiderman figure as well as the vehicle that it can ride on. During Motorcycle mode, the figure rides along all day until they press the button to bring out four spider legs to transform it into crawler mode. Then the missile launcher is able to launch the two included nerf darts up to twenty feet one at a time by a push of a button.

The small spiderman is able to come completely off the vehicle and be used as a toy alone. We would have to warn you that this means the set comes with small parts which are not suitable for kids under the age of four years old.

All together, the set weighs as an average 581 grams and have a dimension of 8.3 cm tall, 31.8 cm long and 21.6 cm wide.


Spiderman Webshooter FX Glove


This is an image of a spiderman web shooting glove

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Without being able to swing from building to building, Spiderman loses a lot of his coolness. This is why these Spiderman Webshooter Gloves for kids are really important to buy for them. Especially if you intend to buy them a play costume such as the one on our list.

This awesome web shooter has buttons in the center of the palm that can be easily pressed when the wearer folds their two middle fingers. This is the famous hand gesture that Spiderman makes in all of his appearances which means it will promote great imaginative play.

Although it is designed to be a web shooter, it does not exactly shoot webs or any alternative weapons. This toy just makes the famous web shooting sound and effects that everyone recognizes.

Just one thing to be aware of with this glove is that it only comes in one size which means it may not snuggly fit the child you intend to buy it for. However, it is made from a stretchy material which would be able to adjust to many different hand styles.


Spiderman Kids Play Mask


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A mask is one of Spiderman’s most important piece of equipment because hiding his identity is vital in order to protect all of his loved ones. Toy manufacturers have come up with this play mask that allows kids to use their imagination and hide their true identity from their enemies.

This mask is designed with very precise details of how the mask looks in the movies and TV series. The eyes are shaded white in the corner and blend into a clear effect to allow the wearer to see through the eyes.

They aimed to make the mask stay in place on the head with an adjustable elastic band at the back. With this, it is able to fit the head of any child. However, some people still criticized this band as it sometimes still slips off slightly when the child bounces up and down or moves around too quick.

The mask can be kept on the head of a child for a long period of time without it being too heavy or annoying as it only weighs 2.2 pounds. Also, it only comes in one size with dimensions of 3.5 inches deep, 7.5 inches wide and 10.9 inches long. This was made purposely to best fit kids of the age of five years and above so if you intend to buy it for anyone younger than this age then it can possibly be loose on their heads.


Kids Spiderman Backpack


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What better way to go to school than with a backpack of your favorite superhero. In the TV series and films, Spiderman also uses a bag whenever he goes out so that he can hide his spider costume in it and be ready to change whenever he sees trouble.

This bag is 16 inches long which gives enough room to fit more than just their lunch, it can also be used as a sports bag. With a mesh styled side pocket on each side to put in a water bottle, it can help to make sure that your young Spiderman is always hydrated after performing exhausting Spider moves.

The design has a spiderman face printed on the back with the eyes made big and bold that you can see them from anywhere. Especially with the shiny plastic coated material, it makes the face be reflected by light so to make the cool graphics stand out from anywhere.

Your child will not need any other bag for a really long time once they have this one as it has all the necessary compartments they may require. As well as the double mesh side pockets, it also has the main zipped pocket as well as a detachable lunch box to make it more flexible to carry their lunch around. With a smaller measurement of 7 inches high, 9.5 inches wide and 3 inches long, the lunchbox can be easily stored in fridges and other lunch areas.

Also included with this bag is a zipped folder with added safety side pockets. This comes at a height of 13 inches and a width of 9.5 inches.

In order to make the bag more comfortable and convenient to carry it has padded shoulder straps as well as a handle at the top for different carrying options.


Ultimate Spider-Verse Spiderman Action Figure


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This is a unique Spiderman action toy designed to look the same as the Spiderman from the ‘Into the Spider-Verse’ film. It does not only have a cool suit, but also some different accessories to make this a cool toy for kids to play with.

These accessories include four different hands that have different gestures to make Spiderman be able to do different moves such as web-slinging. Also, this action figure is designed with ball joints at all the different joins that a person can have to allow better movement and bending.

It comes with a mask and a face of Miles Morales that you can change into. As well as this, it comes with a large arm that can replace the normal arm in order to recreate the same types of stories in their imaginative play as the ones from the film.

Although this is a six inch play toy, it still has really small pieces that may not be suitable for kids under the age of four years old. This means it not one of the best Spiderman toys for toddlers.



How Can Kids Benefit From Playing With Spiderman Toys

It is difficult to see an action figure as a toy that brings benefits to a child by playing with it. Spiderman is a great example of a toy that has many benefits for kids to take advantage of. This is due to the types of activities and imaginative play that kids would inevitably want to take part in as soon as they get their hands on some spiderman toys. For instance, if once your child puts on a Spiderman play costume, they would instantly become the character and start jumping or pretending to shoot webs. Not only does this encourage and improve imaginative play, but it also promotes fun play and keeps them active not bored.


What Is The Best Overall Kids Spiderman Toy To Buy

The best Spiderman toy for young kids is the Convertible Motorcycle Action Figure. The only reason we ranked this as the best one is the fact it can transform into three different types of weapons as well as it is able to detach from the vehicle. Kids are able to have more ways to play with this toy which makes them enjoy it more and possibly last longer among their favorite play toys. However, some parents may disagree with this option and go for the Spiderman costume as it promotes better active and imaginative play.


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Best Value Spiderman Play Toy To Buy 

The play equipment that is made for anyone to be able to afford is the full body Spiderman costume. This becomes the best value for money toy spiderman to buy because it gives the user the full Spiderman experience. Unlike some of the other toys, this one allows a kid to actually become spiderman himself and perform all of the Spiderman moves. However, the fact that it doesn’t come with the web shooter gloves can put off a lot of people from buying it. Although it is also not expensive to buy the gloves separately.


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