Best Outdoor Toys for Kids

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Are you looking for a toy to make outdoor playtime even more fun for your child? Then you have come to the right page because in this review, we will be looking at 5 of the best outdoor toys for children that you can buy.

Playing outside is by far one of a childs most favorite part of the day. What can better than setting up a play set in the back yard that makes them look forward to this moment every day. However, before you jump straight into making this decision, we know you must be worried about your childs safety to do such a thing. Well, we have prepared for you a list of the key important features to look out for so you can feel confident that you will buy the safest piece of equipment for your kids. The list is set below:

  • Check safety instructions – It is very important you know all of the compulsory safety requirements that an outdoor toy comes with before buying it.
  • Check Play instruction – Knowing how the toy is supposed to be used is important so that your kids do not use it in a dangerous way.
  • Assembly instructions – Make sure you firmly understand the assembly instructions so that it is fixed properly and cannot potentially collapse whilst kids playing on it.
  • Indoor/Outdoor – Knowing if the set is compatible to be used inside as well as outside is a bonus as you are able to keep a closer eye on them wherever they are.

Best Outdoor Toys for Kids

Below we begin the list of the best kids toys for the outdoors and we hope you find it very helpful and convincing to make you want to purchase one for your kids.

BounceLand Kids Inflatable Bouncy Castle


This is an image of a colorful inflated bouncy castle

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Here we have for you one of the biggest and best bouncy castles for kids available on the market. Once inflated, it becomes as tall as 9 feet, with a width of 12 feet and goes up to 13 feet long. This allows it to have a massive 8.5 by 7 feet play area for your kids to bounce around in.

It is made from the real heavy duty puncture proof materials with multiple stitching allowing it to bare a maximum recommended weight of 500 lbs at one time. This means at least 5 kids between the ages of 3 to 10 years can be on it at one time considering they weight roughly 100 lbs each. However, in the unlikely event of it puncturing, there is a rip and rear patch kit with easy to follow instructions to help you get it all set to go again.

It is designed to be used indoors as well as outdoors with a lovely piece of Velcro sunroof that can be detached when desired.

You may be thinking that a bouncy castle this big can take ages to put together right? Well with the strong UL blower included in the set, it only takes as little as one minute to get all set to play on. Other items that it comes with include a carrying bad, removable rooftop, stakes and instructions to help you set it up.

This is a top selling piece of equipment that all parents choose to buy due to the number of activities it allows your kids to do at one time. For example, other than bouncing, this castle allows kids to climb, slide from 10 feet and even play basketball with the inflatable basketball hoop attached on the inside of the castle.

You have nothing to worry about it being safe as it has passed all the strict safety international safety standard as you can expect. From a really safe commercial graded bouncing area to really large strong and stable pillars.  Therefore you can confidently be making a barbecue whilst your child has a lot of fun chasing around their friends.


Turtle targeting game


this image shows a targeting board game shaped like a turtle

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This child Turtle Targeting game is one that can easily bring a lot of joy and interactive play to your kids game. Not only this but it allows them to have something to do as well as improve on their addition and develop better hand eye coordination.

It is made from safe polyester fabric that that has a sticky Velcro function for the bean bags. The game is played by simply standing at a suitable distance and throwing either the red or yellow bean bags at the target. The one who gets the highest number once all of them are added up wins. In order to make the game more challenging, the player can make the throwing distance longer as the child develops.

This is a perfect game to have at a kids birthday party as it is a multiplayer game and can be used both in and outdoors. Also, it is built with a safe and stable metal base which means you would have to worry about it falling over your child.


Little Tikes Trampoline


This image shows a girl bouncing on a trampoline

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Everybody knows that a trampoline is one of a kids favorite outdoor toys to play with. This great outdoor kids toy would never fail to bring laughter to your child as they bounce on it.

It is designed to promote complete safety and confidence in using the equipment with its safety handlebar for kids to hold onto. Kids are able to jump as high as they want and still be able to maintain their balance whilst holding onto it.

Designed for kids aged three to six years old as the weight limit is set to roughly 55 lbs. Yes, of course, this only means one child can use it at a time to maximize the safety of it. Although it does have a wide circumference of 91.4 cm which can allow up to 2 kids on if the weight is measured correctly.

The only thing you would initially have to worry about is assembling it which is a really simple process. But once this is done you never have to worry about that again because of the impressive light 6.46 kg weight it has. This means that it can easily be carried around to place in more convenient places whilst not being used.

The best thing about these kids trampoline is that it can be used indoors as well as outdoors. So Go ahead and give your kids this amazing trampoline to have a perfect way of burning out their energy at any time of the day.


Step2 Kids Playtime Patio


This is an image of a patio play set for kids

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Do your kids love playing houses indoor? Well with this playtime patio, your kids are able to let their imaginations run wild with a more realistic play set. This brilliant kids outdoor toy is made from plastic and fabric and has a very spacious interior so that multiple kids can fit inside it at the same time. However, it is ideally designed for your child to be the host and supply their friends with ready made food and snacks.

It has three main play stations including the grill, the snack table and the water or play area. The fourth side is the entrance to the playset. Every station has its own play supplies included. For example, the grill area has a sink and grill utensils, the snack table has its eating dishes and the water/play has sand and many other toys for kids to play with.

It is made to be very durable so it can withstand any type of weather no matter where you choose to set it up in the garden. Also, built with a roof, it can make a perfect shade from the sun on the hotter days.

The only drawback about this product is that it is not ideal to reassemble. Once it is fixed then you must only think about getting rid of it once it has served its play time.


Step2 Slide and Sports Centre for Kids


this is an image of a colorful slide play set for kids

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What is a playground without a slide set? The Step2 Slide and Activity Sports Centre is one of the most fun slide set you can buy for your kids. Most outdoor sliding toys usually just have the steps and the slide, whereas this one has a basketball hoop on the side to give your kids another game to play with it.

Not only is the hoop there for taking random shots, but it is there to be used to play actual competitive games due to the scorekeeping board also included in the toy. With this feature, your children and their friends are able to slide and try to shoot at the same time to see who can reach a certain amount of points before the other player.

A soccer net is also included in this kids toy for outdoors for all of the soccer fanatics. Also, it brings a lot of fun when chasing each other around as they are able to go through the toss-through wall to try and escape from one another.

As well as having fun, this piece of outdoor equipment is targeted to improve childrens motor skills and keep them active. However, it is recommended that a child must be at least 2 years or older before attempting to use this toy without supervision. Although it can be much easier to do this if you were to set up this slide indoors.

One upsetting fact about this toy that we must warn you about is that it can be quite complicated to set up as well as transport around. Therefore we advise that you set it up once in one position and let it be there for good. Also, it would be best to buy a cover to protect it from the rain just in case you do not place it underneath a sheltered area.


Best Overall Outdoor Kids Toy

As you may have predicted, the bouncy castle has to be the best outdoor toy that you can buy for your kids. This is simply due to the amount of fun and excitement it brings to a child from the moment they set their eyes on it till they get tired. It is by far the biggest on the list and allows the most people to be using it at one time. This means that as a parent, you are able to engage multiple kids all at the same time with this unlike some of the other ones. As well as this, it can easily be put up and taken down to allow the quickest and most convenient way to use it so it should come as no surprise that it is the best to buy.


this is an image of an inflated bouncy castle

Best Budget Buy

One thing that we have found out is that a lot of kids love to jump and bounce around on things as a way to exert their excessive energy. This one is the perfect one to buy at the most affordable price that can be used at any time with no hassle. Although the other products may offer more play to them, this one would still give as much fun as most of them without breaking the bank.


This image shows a girl bouncing on a trampoline