10 Best Nerf Guns

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Are you one of the people who usually become really excited about playing with nerf guns after watching their cool adverts on TV? Have you always intended to buy this amazing toy gun but never actually done so due to your lack of knowledge about them. Well not to worry, because we have prepared this wonderful review about the best nerf guns available for you to buy in the market.

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First of all, we thought you may want to know that Nerf guns are not just toys to play with. In fact, some people buy them purely just as a collectible toy. With many different types of nerf toy guns available in the market, some can be really tough to get your hands on. Although some people argue if young children should still be allowed to get their hands on these guns. This is why we have decided to first explain to you the key features that make the best nerf gun so that your decision becomes expertly considered.

  1. Shooting range – This is the most important aspect to consider because it determines how far away you can still hit your opponent from in a game for better advantage.
  2. Bullet hold – This is key to consider because the more bullets your gun can hold at one time alone, the more times you can fire at your opponents without pausing to reload.
  3. Extra bullets – Being able to hold extra bullets prevents you from having to carry them in your pockets and dragging you down.
  4. Add on accessories – These equipments, such as scopes gives better sight and target of the opponent as well as a cooler look to the gun.
  5. Type of play – Different guns are designed for different tactical plays so it is important to know what type of play the gun you want to buy is intended for and whether or not it is the way you like to play.

10 Best Nerf Guns

 Below we begin our list of the best nerf guns in the game. We hope you take the time to read and hopefully be convinced to choose one to buy from our list. So as they say, Without further ado, organised in no particular order, we give you our list.

Elite Strongarm 6 Dart Fire Nerf Gun


this is an image of a red see through nerf gun

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The first and most attractive nerf gun for kids is the Elite Strongarm 6 Dart Fire Nerf Gun. We say this because there aren’t many nerf toy guns these days that are designed in a complete see-through red plastic material.

The reason it’s called a 6 dart fire gun is because of the slam fire option that allows the player to rapidly fire all 6 darts at their opponents. Once it’s all emptied, the flip open rotating barrel allows for a quick reload to go again before your opponent recovers.

However, it is able to equip with other nerf accessories such as additional bullet holders to give you a bigger advantage against your opponent. This makes this toy gun even more exciting to have as you do not have to worry about the 6 bullets running out too quickly.

Due to it being just 33 cm long and weighing an impressively light 476 grams, you are able to keep it in a tactical nerf gun holster (sold separately). This ultimately allows for a quick draw and fire at enemies as you manoeuvre around the battlefield.

The bullets are able to be fired up to a 22 meter distance so you can reach your enemies on any battle arena. The pack does not come with any additional features but the bullets can be replaced or increased by buying them separately.

One last thing that we would recommend is that this gun is not to be used by children under the age of 8 due to its complexity.


Zombie Strike Double Drum Nerf Blaster


This is an image of an orange nerf gun with 2 wheel bullet holders

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Next we have for you the most impressively designed nerf dart launcher with it’s double bullet holding drum. Just by the pull of a second trigger located under the main shooting trigger, it is able to instantly switch between the two. This gives you a better advantage against the never ending zombies coming at you.

When using against opponents in a nerf game battle, it becomes very useful against the who only have a 6 bullet shooting gun. Although it may be as long as 38 cm long, it still can be fitted inside some specially designed nerf shooter holsters.

We do not advise you to give this gun to any child under the age of 8 years old without supervision. This is because the darts are able to shoot as far as 25 feet which means it is a very powerful gun. Also, it is possible for it to have a strong push back when fired and a small child may not be able to handle this.


Nerf T Strike Blaster


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The Nerf T Strike Blaster is one of the ultimate dart blasting gun you can find in the market. Unlike some of the other ones on this list, this one is built and held just like a rifle gun. A lot of people tend to feel more at war and be more involved in the game when they’re holding such a gun.

The reason why this great nerf play gun is called the ‘T-Strike’ is that it is able to launch bullets in 3 different ways. This includes 10 mini nerf darts, 4 normal nerf darts and 1 big nerf rocket dart.

The best thing about this is that it can be customised so it looks different when it fires the mini darts This turns the gun into back into a single handed gun that would best suit different types of play..

Due to its large complex build, it requires a little assembling before it can be used. We hope this doesn’t put you off considering to buy this gun because it only weighs 1.29 kg meaning it still is a fairly light gun to move around with after it’s been assembled.

However, it’s long handling area (55.9 long cm) makes this gun not suitable to be used by kids younger than 8 years of age.


Freezefire Nerf Soaking Water Gun


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This very rare type of nerf water gun is a must to have in any nerf play toy gun collection. Unlike the normal type of gun, this one fired different types of ammo completely. It is designed to spray water up to a range of 38 feet.

This amazing water gun for kids is small but able to carry over half a liter of water at one time. And to it more interesting, it is designed to also be able to hold ice in the mini tank. This enables you to fire freezing cold water that can make an enemy fear getting blasted by you.

Although this gun can be really fun, it may feel weird to carry around due to the loaded water not being still. Also, it causes the gun to be slightly heavier to carry than other dart shooting nerf guns so this may put you at a slight disadvantage to your opponents.

However, due to the gun being just 499 grams light, it may still be reasonably light enough for most kids from the age of 6 years and above.


Doominator Nerf Zombie Blaster


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The Nerf Doominator Blaster is one that all nerf geeks would never miss mentioning. As you can see from the look of it, it is an incredibly designed gun that would attract any nerf players to buy.

It’s the most attractive feature about it is the fact that it can hold up to 24 nerf bullets at the same time. Having these many bullets that can fire up to a range of 25 feet and sometimes further gives a huge advantage when trying to take on a swamp of attacking zombies.

Simply pull on the second conveniently located trigger to switch over to the next set of bullets once one is emptied. Another way this can give a good advantage is when playing against other players that have the average amount of bullets (6 or 12 bullets) to get from a nerf toy.

We must warn you that this version can weigh up to 3 pounds as you may expect, which can potentially be difficult to use by small hands on children. However, with 3 different ways of holding the gun, it helps to keep it stable and more convenient when shooting.

One last important fact about this gun that you may be wondering is that it is just about 25 inches long. So we warn you to take care when using it and not give it to children under the age of 8 years that ideally have a short arm reach. This may reduce how safe it is to play with.


Mega Nerf Long Range Launcher


this is a toy gun being help up by a 2 legged stand

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Mega Nerf Long Range Launcher is one of the greatest among the experienced player’s guns. Mainly due to the fact that it requires total concentration to be able to use to its full potential.

The most interesting fact about this toy blaster is that is can fire darts up to a range of 100 feet. There aren’t many nerf guns in the market that can do this, which means you will definitely be able to have a great advantage over your opponents when using this gun.

It is ideally designed for more camouflaged gameplay because it requires to be still and focused to be able to aim and shoot correctly with it. Although you get a lot of assistance with this by it’s included bipod stand.

This toy nerf launcher comes with only 6 mega whistler darts which are slightly bigger and more powerful than the average darts. This means that even from a distance of 100 meters you still can cause pretty hard damage.

You have nothing to worry about your enemies being able to hit you back as you’ll be staying still and not moving. Because from 100 meters away, none of their average play guns will be able to reach you as most of them usually can’t reach as far.

Recommended for kids at least the age of 8 and above.


Mini Nerf Handgun Toy


this is an image of a toy handgun with 2 bullets beside it

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This small gun brings a different tactical approach to your gameplay. Some of you may be thinking that it is too small for your liking. But what if we tell you that this mini nerf gun can be used as a backup gun to use catch your enemies with the element of surprise.

The way to use this gun is by first pulling down on the orange handle to get the bullet ready. Then you simply just pull the trigger and watch the bullet fire a powerful shot.

one negative about it is that it can only hold one bullet at a time to shoot with then has to be reloaded. However, it does come with 2 bullets which can easily be increased by buying additional bullets separately if needs be.

This gun is the smallest as it is built at just 16 cm long and weighs just 86 grams. This should cause no problems in your pockets or in the hand of any small kids.

As well as playing outside with this toy, we thought it would be cool to let you know that it can be safe to use indoors too.


Toy Nerf Shotgun


this is an image of a red toy shotgun with bullets

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What is any gun collection without the ultimate shotgun in the pack? This is a completely different type of gun compared to the others on you can see on this list. We chose to include this purely because a shotgun is one of a lot of peoples favorite type of gun.

This toy double barrel shotgun is only capable of firing one shot at a time like an ordinary shotgun. Don’t let this fool you as each shot is pumped with enough power to fire nerf bullets up to a 90 feet distance.

Simply open up the storage area to load all 6 mega whistler bullets then shut it to begin them unleashing them towards your enemies. The fun part that gives this the shotgun action is the pump action that you do to set the next bullet to be fired which is ideal for some players.

It is measured at 23 inches long and weighs just 1 pound which shouldn’t seem heavy at all considering you will always be carrying this gun in two hands.

One thing we would recommend you to consider is the age of the person you intend to buy this gun for. It is ideally made for players from the age of 8 years and older.


Nerf Round Bullet Mega Blaster


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The Nerf Round Bullet Mega Blaster is a very unique type of nerf gun in its own way. as you may have figured this out already, it is designed to fire round bullets which look similar to bb gun bullets but much bigger.

It can fire single bullets by pulling on the second handle every time you fire one shot to instantly load the next. Also by hitting the slam fire action, it can fire all the bullets fast at once.

Designed in two different colorway, the blue and the red styles so that plays can distinguish which team another player is on. As well as this, another cool design added to this gun is the safety button that locks the trigger to prevents anyone from pulling it. This could contribute to your tactics by allowing your enemies to get hold of your gun but not know how to use it as a form of distracting.

The round bullets it comes with 30 can all fit in the gun together which makes this the gun that holds the most bullets at one time. Don’t be too worried about losing these bullets as they can easily be replaced or increased by purchasing more of them separately.

Due to its dangerously fast and possibly hard balls, this gun is not recommended to be used by anyone under the age of 14 years. However, with careful supervision, some younger players can use this gun too.


Nerf Modulus Rifle Gun


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Finally, the gun that most of you reading this article would have been waiting for. The customizable long range quick fire rifle. Designed to be able to customize into 30 different styles of guns, this nerf blaster wouldn’t fail to suit any type of battle.

The thing that makes this gun unique and valuable is the detachable scope that none of the other guns have. With this amazing feature, players clearly become more at an advantage as they are able to see their targets up close even from a far away distance. It then becomes much easier to hit the opponent.

It can hold up to 10 darts at one time without any additional bullet storage rails. However, you are able to equip 2 tactical rails including a banana clip at the same time which allows you to carry more bullets than your opponents. Also, with a shooting range of 90 feet, you can never miss your target.

This gun is one of the heavier ones on the market weighing around 762 grams, therefore, it would be best to use by people who have reasonable arm strength. Ideally from the age of 8 and above.

With this being an automatic shooter, it requires 4 AA batteries to make it work which are easy to get. Even though it can be easy to carry spare batteries, this may still be a disadvantage to you if the batteries were to run out mid play. For example, when enemies are approaching with fire and you have to be ready to attack.

Best Overall Nerf Blaster Choice

It may not come as a shock to you that we chose the Nerf Modulus Rifle Gun as the best one to buy. This choice was made simply by the fact that it can be modified into 30 different types of guns which is ideal to best suit many different players preferences. However, some people may disagree with this choice due to it still not having some of the functions that best suit their game style of play. For example, some players prefer to play stealthy, and with this gun not being able to have a bipod option, it may not be the best choice for them.


this is an image of a 3 handle toy nerf gun


Best Nerf Gun for Younger Kids

If you’re looking for the best nerf shooter to give to your child under the age of 8, we would recommend the nerf hand pistol gun. This is obviously due to the fact that it is the easiest and simple to use which should not cause any threat to their play. By it being small, they’re able to have a firm grip on the handle and be able to comfortably pull on the trigger without it being too awkward for them.


this is an image of a toy handgun with 2 bullets beside it


Best Budget Nerf Play Toy

Some people may already understand why this gun is chosen as the best budget on our list. But just in case you still don’t, it is simply because of the fact that it shoots water instead of plastic bullets. By shooting water, it means that you will never run out of bullets or have to keep repurchasing more due to misplacing them, unlike the other guns. However, this can still come with its complications as it means that you would either always have to keep running back to the tap to fill it up again or carry bottles of water around with you as you play. This ultimately gives your opponent an advantage over you by understanding your reload tactics.


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