Best Indoor Slide for Toddlers 2019

Indoor slides are great for encouraging physical movement in kids. If you don’t have enough space or can’t afford to have an outdoor one for your child, then getting one of these indoor slides might be the perfect option. While there are tons of other indoor toys online to choose from, your choice must be well informed, in order to avoid getting an item that would not serve your purpose. In making a decision on what you should get your child, examine the benefits you’d want them to derive from different types of slides.

Generally, slides can help kids develop social interaction skills, increase physical movement and once it is able to serve its primary purpose of entertaining the child, the two other things to look for is the stability as well as the setup process. If it’s not easy to setup, then you might have a hard time arranging and dismantling it every now and then. It should not take up space excessively, since it is a slide, and the space in the house is usually limited. If a slide can be used both indoor and outdoor, then it is considered a plus, as it saves you the cost of getting two separate toddler slides. I have reviewed some of the best product in the market in this article, hopefully, it will guide your choice in buying an indoor slide for your child.

11 Indoor Toddler Slides for Play and Games

1. Grow’n Up Quick 6 in 1 Sports Center


This is an image of a multi sport slide

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This product is designed to serve different purposes; a slide, basketball, football, baseball and more. All of which are meant to improve physical activity in kids. It is ideal for kids between the ages of two and four and might be considered small for kids above this age bracket. The slide is made of strong ultraviolet protected plastic, thus protecting the quality of the color following prolonged exposure to the sun.

The red, green and blue color is bound to get kids attraction any day of the time, and getting them one of this will go a long way in developing their motor skills.

The edges of the slide are thick and smooth in a bid to prevent possible injury that may arise from sliding. The step on the other side of the sliding tray is very easy to access for younger kids, and in most cases would not need assistance on climbing the slide, once they’re used to it. This toy is the perfect choice if you have two or more toddler and you would love to get them an indoor slide that would equally serve the purpose of a rocker. You would rarely find such a combination of features in most play equipment.

The contact with the floor is strong, thus making the equipment more stable for the kid. Also, as it is designed to be used by multiple games at the same time, you can rest assured that it will definitely hold up the weight of a child up to the age of 4.

Although this is an excellent product, the only drawback is the amount of time that goes into setting it up. You would need a screwdriver to set the playtoy up for use, and it should be noted that the screwdriver is not included in the package.
Aside from this, it is an excellent slide and rocker combination that every home with kids between the ages one and two should have.

Below shows an image of how it looks once it has been unfolded to be used for other sports and activities such as basketball.

boy throwing basketball inside hoop


2. Pure Fun Indoor Play Slide


tall green plastic and metal slideAmazon Link


If you have kids between the ages of 4 and 10, this is the perfect wavy indoor slide for them. This product is not designed for kids under the age of four as they will have a hard time climbing and sliding, which will ultimately defeat the purpose of getting it.

But if your child is slightly older, then you should consider getting them this product, it’s much better if you have two to three kids within the recommended age bracket, this makes it more fun for everybody.

It can be used both indoor and outdoor, and the color will not give away to the intensity of the sun when used outdoor. Designed with balance, stability, and safety in mind. For stability, the slide makes contact with the ground towards the end of the slide tray, and the step also has a horizontal pole that connects the slide tray with the step. The stabilizer bar is strategically placed beneath the slide tray and the step pole.

For safety, the step has a smooth handrail, so kids don’t fall when mounting the slide. With a maximum weight of 75lb, you older kids will definitely enjoy the fun of sliding down the long tray (about 5ft and 11 inches) as well. The slope is equally very gentle, and long as compared to most indoor slide, giving them additional time on the slide tray as the find their way down to the end of it.

This product will help develop child’s motor skills as well as interactive skills.


3. Little Tikes Play Slide For Juniors


green and blue mini slide

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When getting a slide for kids, stability is arguably the first thing to check for. Falling from a slide might create a lasting phobia of height, so you want to prevent that by all means. The little tikes play slide is designed with extreme priority for stability. It has three broad base contact with the ground, two on the climbing side, and a wider one on the sliding end, these three bases contribute to its stability, making it a safe toy for kids to climb and slide on.

It’s equally easy to set up as no tool is required in the process. When not in use, the slide can be folded easily for storage. If you’re interested in a toy that would improve child’s movement and body coordination, this is a good product to opt for.

On rainy days, or when the weather is generally not favorable for outdoor activities; all you have to do is set this up inside the house and let the kids enjoy the fun of sliding right inside the house. While some buyers complained about the product being excessively steep for toddlers, you can easily adjust the slide part by relaxing it a bit underneath.


4. Step2 Panda Climb and Slide


small reed slide with steps and table

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The Step2 Panda Climb and Slide also double as a slider with tunnels between the two sides for crawling, further increasing the number of activities that can be done with this toy.

Designed to be very sturdy for safety purpose, unlike other sliders, the step is on the side of the toy, making it easy to access it from the side.

The product is made of durable material that is extremely easy to clean and could be used both indoor and outdoor. The targeted age for the user is between the ages of one and three.

Bunch of parts was pre-assembled to make the toy as a whole sturdy and stable. This does not mean it takes too much time to dismantle, but compared to other products reviewed in this article, it takes a bit of time to dismantle it. You might want to set it up and position it to a permanent location in this house.

Watch your kids come to life as they slide and climb this toy with their friends, they can equally make use of the tunnel if they choose to hide in between.

Aside from its numerous functionality, it comes in amazing colors that would definitely attract your child to play with the toy all day long.

If sturdiness is up in your scale of preference, then this is the right toy to get your kid.


5.  Costzon Kids Indoor Plastic Folding Slide


red blue and yellow plastic slideAmazon Link


Aside from stability, a good slide must be able to bear the child’s weight without shifting back and forth. This slide can withstand an approximate weight of 110lbs, making it one of the strongest slide in the market. Basically has three distinct colors which most kids would find attractive from the get-go.

It’s easily foldable and can be used both indoor and outdoor, moving it about is quite easy once the slide is folded, this also makes it easy to store when they’re not in use. Unlike the previous product, the slide part is quite long, making it suitable for older kids with longer legs.

The toy as a whole is made of safe polyethylene materials and are not considered harmful to the child’s health. The steep is a little bit high for beginners, and the child would most definitely require adult supervision and assistance until they get used to climbing by themselves after a short while.

The edges are well blended, reducing the possibility of rough skin contacts as the child slide back and forth. The step leading to the slide can also be easily detached. This is one of the best indoor toys for 2 year olds, because it is sturdy enough to accommodate their weight without the fear of collapse.


6. Little Tikes Hide and Seek Climber


red brown and green house style slide toyAmazon Link


This is another two in one product, it can be used primarily as a slider and also for hiding and seek as the name implies. This slide is designed for kids between the ages of one and two. The climbing part is not the typical step as seen on most sliders, but rather a rock wall styled climber, this can be easily mounted by the toddler under supervision.

The slide is made of quality plastic materials, making it durable. The color does not fade away with time, and it is equally very easy to clean once you damp a clean piece of cloth on soapy water, you’re good to go. One of my favorite thing about sliders of children’s play toy, in general, is being able to assemble and dismantle it without having to make use of any tool item. This product does not require any tool to get the setup and dismantling done.

It is also quite easy when you’re ready to store, as it does not take up much space. The weight limit wasn’t specified by the manufacturer, but anything above 40lbs will be an overstretch for the slider. If you live in the part of the country where the winter is always very long, this is a very good indoor slide to get for your kids below that age of three. It’s perfect in that, they’re not to gigantic and would not take up your living space. You also don’t have to dismantle it before moving it.

Both the sliding and hide and seek game that can be done with this product would improve your child’s motor skills and they go about having fun with the product. It would also help in improving social and communication skills when they play with their friends using the toy.

The steep of the sloop is gentle, and the edges are well rounded, making it suitable for the kids.


7. Step2 Play and Fold Junior Slide


blue and grey small plastic slideAmazon Link


This particular product comes in two variations, they both have the same design, but slightly different dimensions of slide length, height and step numbers. With two or steps on the other end of the slide, it’s a bit easier for older kids to climb through and slide as compared to toddlers below the age of two. The slide has smooth edges, and wide enough for an enjoyable experience for the child. Depending on the age of your child, it is advisable to go for the bigger one if the child is above the age of two.

The contact with the ground is very wide, giving the slide a stable base, with the ability to withstand the child’s movement. One of the noticeable features is the folding mechanism of the slide. The step can be easily folded, such that it aligns smoothly on the back of the slide tray, making it easy to hang in the store or basement alongside other tools and toy.

In designing the slide tray, the edge is noticeably thicker and smooth so as to contain children within the slide track, this is an effective way of preventing a possible accident while playing.

The finishing makes it a perfect indoor slide, although it can be used outdoors too, as long as it doesn’t stay out for too long, lest the color of the plastic might start fading. If you have a very active kid, this is a great gift to get them, as it will keep them occupied all day.


8. Step2 Activity Center Play Slide


low level slide with ball and batAmazon Link


This product is more of a playset than a slide. It has three distinct purposes; primarily as a slide for toddlers between the age of one and two, it then has a basketball hoop, and tethered baseball. All of these joined together is considered a 3-in-1 activity center playset. It’s like buying the value of three toys for one.

The slide is not particularly the length, it’s brief, making it perfect for kids within the age bracket for which it was designed for. Climbing the step is very easy and can be done with little or no assistance from the parents.

The slide has two sturdy bases, providing adequate support for kids, thereby preventing skidding as they play around on the playset. It’s important to consider the age of your child before buying this. Many buyers complained about the size of the slide, as they think it is too small for their child. As mentioned earlier, the slide is short, and would not give much room for leg space for kids older than two years, or kids with longer legs.

Above all, it’s a great slide designed for kids that are just starting to walk. It increases their excitement towards walking and crawling and equally keep them active all day.


9. Step2 Sports Activity Climber And Slide


colorful slide play set with basketAmazon Link


This is quite similar to the three in one slider earlier reviewed, with this being more suitable for older toddlers as compared to the previously reviewed one.

The Step2 sports activity climber and slide has a “scorekeeper” on one side of the slide support. The toy has four distinct colors, making it more attractive to children. The “scorekeeper” allows more fun as kids attempt to shoot into the hoop.

This toy is designed to improve motor skills and equally get kids to be more active. Most buyers think they product could be a little more sturdy, although the manufacturer boast of it’s the ability to accommodate approximately 60 lbs of weight.

Storing this slide is not as easy as the others that have been reviewed, neither is the installation. It’s advisable that you set it up once and for all indoor and not bother about moving it back and forth.

Because it takes a bit of work to dismantle or couple this toy, the cleaning process might be a bit of a task.


10. American My First Climber Plastic Toy Slide


light blue and red slide with climbing slotsAmazon Link


This American My First Climber Plastic Toy Slide is the cheapest in its category, but the quality of the product is not sacrificed for the cheap price. it’s a very sturdy slide designed for kids between the ages of one and five. It has three contacts with the ground when properly set up. In-between the steps and the slide tray is a solid plastic connector that further reinforces the slide for more stability.

The color of the slide is enough to attract kids and get them engaged for a long period of time. The slide has perfect steep, making it kid-friendly.

Most buyer rate the slide as very safe, it can also bear up to 42lbs weight, making it suitable for most kids within the targeted age bracket.

One of the innovative ways in which this slide can be used is to slide inside the pool. Because of its stability, you can place the slide very close to the pool with the end of the slide tray facing the water, then kids can climb from the step and slide directly into the pool. This is meant for older kids only.

The installation might take a bit of work around when installing for the very first time, but once you get a hang of it, it becomes easy to assemble and dismantle and the need arises.

Some buyers complained about the size of the actual product. Some find it very small for their three years old kids, although the manufacturer did not specify the targeted ages of the user, from all indication, kids between ages of one and two would find it perfect to use, whereas older kids might be too tall for the slide tray.


11. Step2 Toddlers Big Playful Folding Slide


brown and dark green plastic slideAmazon Link


Step2 sure know how to produce exciting indoor toys that are not just strong and sturdy, but also easy to assemble and store.

The big playful folding slide is not an exemption. As parents, what you would love the most about this product is that it is extremely easy to fold and store away when not in use. Coupled with the fact that it is made of durable plastic that would withstand the abuse from children use and save you the stress of shopping for new slide every year or so. It is also quite easy to clean.

For kids, the fun part for them would be the length and steep of the slide tray, which is about 5 foot long. It’s quite long enough to keep them active all day.

On the safety end, the slide has two major points of contact with the ground, and the body weight is directed towards gravity as the kids run down the slide.

The end of the slide tray makes contact with the ground, giving it a balance against the other side of the slide that has the step.

Younger kids would need some supervision when making use of the slide, especially during the first few days until they get used to the step and slide altogether.

It also requires minimal assistant from an adult in assembling it for you. Aside from that, you can focus on your own task while the kids get engaged in the unending fun for the better part of the day.

Most users prefer to use this toy indoor because it takes a bit of space indoors. But if your child’s room or the living room is spacious enough, they would have fun playing with it indoors. Whether you choose to use it indoor or outdoor, it will serve both purposes, and the color would not fade enough over time.


Best Overall Indoor Slide


This is an image of a green and brown plastic slideAmazon Link


While all the products reviewed in this article has more strength than weakness, it is only fair to declare that some of them are much better than the other, although the choice on the best might be based on preference and the age of your child. But of all the products reviewed, one of them stands out as the overall best.

In that, it’s usage is not limited to a particular age group, it is designed to be used by toddlers in general, although younger kids may require a certain level of supervision, they can still enjoy its usage under the right circumstances.

The Step2 Toddlers Big Playful Folding Slide is the best of all the products reviewed in this article. It is a very sturdy product, yet easily foldable, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The material from which the product is made is also very durable, therefore it stands the test of time.

Best Budget Slide

If you’re making a decision based on a not so huge budget, and you would love to get a quality slide toy for your child or grandchild, then the Costzon Kids Indoor Plastic Folding Slide is your best bet. Designed to be excessively strong thereby withstanding kids rigorous movement. The color does not fade away, and the slide steep is gentle enough for the kids to enjoy the thrill that comes with the sliding activities. This is the best you can buy for your child when you’re on a restricted budget.

The edges of the slide are well rounded to prevent possible injury, the step is just two levels, making it more accessible for young kids. The material from which the toy is made is also very durable and would stand the test of time. The age bracket of the targeted user is also very wide and the kids can easily grow along with the toy.

red blue and yellow plastic slideAmazon Link