Best Doctor Play Sets in 2019

Kids adore using their imaginations, from the very young to older children they are constantly being fueled by dreams of how they see themselves interacting with the world. A fantastic way of encouraging this imaginative play for kids is through the use of role play toys. The selection of these available online is immense, ranging from superheroes to Halloween costumes. All young children love dressing up and pretending to be something else and one of the most popular games for children is playing at doctors.

Kids love the responsibility of the role and the equipment used by doctors and nurses is great for hands-on activities and games. Not only is it fun for the child but it can be educational too. Educational playsets such as kids doctor kits are fantastic ways of teaching your kids about body-related issues at a young age and purchasing a great quality play set is a surefire way of keeping your child happy and entertained while also helping them grow and learn.

Help them understand caring for others, empathy and even practical medical skills if they injure themselves with a great toy medical kit. Here we list and review what we think are the 11 best available now.

11 Best Doctor Play Set with Toy Medical Kits

1. Awesome Doctor Play Set with Lab Coat


girl and boy with doctor play utensils

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With 20 medical toys for kids, this is a gift option with endless potential for hands-on playing and learning. When playing doctors your child can choose from a syringe, bandages, stethoscope, eyeglasses and cell phone among others so there is massive variety in what they can get up to. Learning the names and uses of these toys will also stimulate their language and communication skills as they ask for symptoms, diagnose and treat ailments.

Furthermore, they can get the real look of a doctor with the addition of a kids lab coat and adding to the fun as they look the part of a real doctor or nurse. Several of the toys feature lights and noises which is a great way of stimulating cognitive and motor skills as they learn the uses of these real-world instruments in their creative play.


2. Little Bado Doctors Kit for Kids 


bot holding medical utensil with box of doctor utensils

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Aimed at kids aged from 1 to 7 this doctor playset for toddlers arrives in a box containing places for each of the durably-constructed pieces. The pieces themselves have rounded edges and are constructed from sturdy wipeable plastic material making them both safe for playing with and able to be cleaned after use.

It also comes complete with a breathable, machine washable doctors coat allowing for better immersion in the role as they nurture their creativity and imagination. The Little Bado doctor play set is a perfect gift for either a boy or a girl thanks to its well-considered gender-neutral design and colors, making it that much easier for kids to play together socially thus helping their social skills and interaction. Several of the pieces of equipment light up which gives a great realistic feeling to them when being used in a creative game by your kids.


3. Mumu Sugar Wooden Doctor Toys Set 


set of Dentist utensils with play teeth

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Help to ease any of your child’s medical anxieties in a fun and interesting way with the aid of these amazing doctor toys. Packaged in an attractive and practical see-through plastic doctors case with a child-friendly carrying handle, this would be an ideal selection for any parent looking to give their child something that will let their imagination run wild.

On top of this, the pretend to play medical set features enough variety in the kid’s doctor toys that they will get endless enjoyment from it while easing any worries they may have of visiting the doctor or dentist. A really nice feature of this children’s doctor kit is that it is constructed from high-quality wood making it resistant to being dropped by your budding medical practitioner and the non-toxic paint used makes it safe for children to use and enjoy.

The realistically modeled stethoscope has a fun heartbeat sound effect and especially nice is the dentures with removable teeth, absolutely ideal for helping to teach your kid the importance of dental hygiene and allaying fears of visiting the dentist.


4. Zooawa Doctor and Nurse Role Play Set


set of doctor play equipment

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One of the main benefits of doctors set for kids is that you have something that allows for social play, your child listening to the needs and concerns of others and then attending to them is a hugely beneficial activity. Whilst obviously nurturing their creative skills it will also help to boost their language skills.

They will get enormous satisfaction from this 13-piece playset as they ask questions about the stethoscope, thermometer, forceps etc. Asking the patient questions and listening to their answers allows for their linguistic abilities to be challenged through play.

A super feature of this playset is that most of the toys light up or make a noise, setting it apart from other similar kids doctor kits. The child-friendly equipment is designed for small hands and the lack of small pieces means that it is suitable as a toddlers doctor set. Sturdy and non-toxic materials guarantee that your child can get the maximum use out of this set and the sturdy plastic container supplied means your child can take this just about anywhere.


5. Toysery Pretend Play Doctor Medical Kit


blue box of plastic medical first aid kits

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Anyone with very young children will appreciate this doctor set for kids. Attractively packaged in a great-looking suitcase this set can be transported and stored just about anywhere and when coupled with the selection of toy tools this an excellent pretend doctors playset to consider for your child.

Suitable for 3 years and over the kit contains an 18 piece doctors bag, a good opportunity to develop their memory skills as they memorize the names and functions of the tools included. As they are playing doctor this toy reinforces their creativity and they will get great satisfaction from packing up and selecting the parts of the playset they want to play with. It is a great option for any child with an interest in role-playing at doctors or nurses.


6. Kidzlane Durable Kids Doctor Kit


green and blue plastic doctor set with box

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Play medical kits are a handy way of explaining concepts related to the human body and this one is no exception. Consisting of 12 interactive medical toys crafted from sturdy and child-friendly materials designed specifically for children’s role-playing games, the equipment comes in a lockable carry case for added convenience.

Your child’s imagination will be really sparked by the ringing cell-phone and stethoscope which features realistic heartbeat and coughing sounds which will both add to the enjoyment of this kids doctor playset. They can engage with the superbly designed medical toys which are brightly colored and durable and covering a nice variety of scenarios for your child to get lost playing in.

Once playtime is over, the toys can be neatly packed away in the carrying case further teaching your little doctor about responsibility in cleaning up after themselves which is no bad thing at all.


7. Wooden Toy Doctor Kit By Kiddie Woods


red bag, box of play set and lab coat

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Comprising of a white jacket, stethoscope, blood pressure monitor, syringe, otoscope, reflex hammer, ear thermometer and high-quality cotton carrying bag, this is a nice option for anyone who has a kid with a passion for dressing up and pretending. Dressed in a white doctor’s coat and with a kids doctor bag, this will be a firm favorite for and medically-minded child.

The chunky, well-constructed wooden toys are perfect for little hands are a good way of encouraging manual dexterity as they get to grips with the various uses of the pretend medical equipment. The stethoscope comes with handy loops for securing it to children’s, ears removing any irritation or frustration when playing with the toy.


8. Pretend Play Doctor Set with Doctor Coat and Bag


red first aid bag with doctor equipment

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This toy medical set comes with an added bonus of being customizable, the item comes complete with letters that can be used to add your child’s name to both the doctor’s coat and bag. They are bound to fall in love with having their own costume, kit bag, and equipment to use in the creative, imaginative play. Kids love to immerse themselves in their play and this option is tailor-made for encouraging this and feeling the responsibility of the role they are playing.

The customizable coat and bag are made from high-quality cotton and polyester and the toys from safe and durable plastic all fitting into the bag supplied with the item. Another advantage of this product is that it can be used to alleviate the fear some children may have of visiting the doctor, allowing them to familiarize themselves with medical equipment and procedures. the kids’ stethoscope, dental mirror and otoscope all have the added feature of lighting up and the stethoscope even makes a real heartbeat sound.

Intended for children aged 4 and above, this is a really nice gift idea for any child with an interest in imaginative role play.


9. Fisher-Price Medical Kit For Kids

pink and purple set of medical kit with bag

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Help your child’s vivid imagination to grow with this detailed and fun doctor set toy. Kids will have a blast checking blood pressure, peeking into ears, taking temperatures and listening to heartbeats through the stethoscope. A nice inclusion is the toy syringe which is a great way of helping your child get over any fears of shots they may have or general worries about visiting the doctor. The play doctor kit will give you a great opportunity to teach your child about taking care of their health and body as they play, teach them about how diet affects health, taking care of teeth, keeping clean etc. Parents and children will get a lot of enjoyment through discussing the problem and taking care of it leaving your young doctor with a smile at the end of playtime.


10. YIKALU Pink Pretend and Play Doctor Kit for Girls


set of pink medical kit for girls

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A smartly-presented pretend doctor toy set, the vibrant pink color of this product will appeal to most young girls interested in playing at doctors. Containing 24 pieces of equipment including a Stethoscope, Tweezers, Bandages, Glasses, Designer, Scalpels, Thermometer, Tweezers, Syringe your youngster is sure to find something fun they can use in their play adding great flexibility to this gift idea. Fun and cute stickers on the carry case and toys will increase your child’s’ enjoyment of this play medical kit.


11. Joyin Dentist Medical Kit


set of blue red and white play doctor kit

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What we have here is a 31 piece doctor and dentist kit that is bound to have something that your child will love playing with. What better way to grab their interest than a play set including everything from a blood pressure cuff to eyeglasses? They’ll be blown away with the selection of role-playing toys on offer and have a ready-made doctors kit bag they can play with for hours on end.

The contents are well-made and child-friendly meaning you don’t have to worry about safety or the construction quality of the toys, all meet the US Toy Standard and are attractively designed also. They’ll get great enjoyment from discovering what each of the different medical toys does and how they are used, perfect for little inquisitive minds. An added bonus is that this huge kit comes in a convenient storage box supplied with the order making clearing away the toys that much easier.


Best Overall Pick

We think that this kids doctors kit is a superb gift for any imaginative child who loves to pretend to be a doctor or nurse and are sure that they will get hours of fun from playing with the equipment included. A lack of small pieces makes it safe for kids aged 3 years and over and the toys are well-made and colorful, their chunky plastic design means that your child will have no trouble manipulating and using the toy medical tools in their play.

There is a nice variety of different toys for different purposes meaning they can have a great time coming up with different medical emergencies for them to deal with and learn about. The sound effects in the stethoscope and cell phone will really hold your kid’s attention and engage with their imagination too. The transparent plastic carrying case has a chunky snap-lock which allows for easy clearing away, transportation and storage. They can easily take the kit outside or to a friend’s home for playing and the see-through design makes it easy to keep track of all the different pieces included.

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