Best Dinosaur Toys for Kids 2019

Since after the 1993 Jurassic park launch in cinemas globally, great numbers of individuals are attracted by prehistoric animals like dinosaurs. As a result of the excessive fascination, there have been follow-ups of best-seller films acted with these great animal giants. In an effort to market these films, many toys and play figures have been developed around these prehistoric animals.

From 1993 Jurassic park release to the 2015 rendition, the 5th installment is due this year, 2018. However, before our imagination started to be caught by the launch by the Jurassic park most kids have had some fun play moments with dinosaurs with things like Barney, B.J, and Baby Bop. Apart from this, the 1914 Gertie the dinosaur will continue to be fresh in our memory.

There are other popular dinosaur’s film and cartoons like The Land Before Time, Little Foot, Ducky, Petrie and many more. The most popular children’s cartoons today comprise one or two of dinosaurs’ characters. With many contemporary films and cartoons featuring the images of the dinosaur, there is no doubt that we need to admire these creatures instead of being afraid of them. These toys inspire in the life of children imaginative thinking and play helping to boost their imaginative ability and improve their development.

It is amazing to find the numbers of children who delight in playing with these prehistoric creatures than engage in this present age technological gadgets like tablets and phones. There are definitely benefits these children get from playing with prehistoric creatures like instilling in them the love and interest for ancient origins and history. These kids are lucky to engage in immersive imaginative play with these dinosaur toys and there are loads of different types of dinosaur toys to play with, RC dinosaurs, robot dinosaur toys and loads more. We have chosen in this article varieties of dinosaurs for parents who want to give their kids a chance to have fun times with this prehistoric animal that has made a comeback in our era.

21 Best Dinosaur Toys for Toddlers and Kids

 1. Nat Geo Dinosaur Digging Kit


Dinosaur Poster with Digging Kit

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National Geographic’s Dinosaur Dig is a thrilling practical exploration that your kids would find irresistible. Give your kid the opportunity to become an authentic paleontologist while he explores three real fossils thousands of decades-old right within the comfort of your home. The geographic kit comes with a colored user guide to help your kid to easily discover and study all everything about the specimen they found in their exploration escapade. This kit excellent and acts as an activator or igniter to your child’s love of history and science, and help them learn about dinosaurs with this National Geographic kit.

The most exciting thing about the kit is that it comes with genuine fossils instead of the common plastic fossil. This gives a young paleontologist the opportunity to start his or her exploratory experience and fossil collection from their early years. This may get a bit untidy. Therefore, ensure you give them the opportunity to start their escapade on a surface that can get messy constituting any major concern.

Another great thing about the kit is the prehistoric era education it offers to your kid at his or her very young age. It also provides your child with great fun and fulfillment while chips away to find the real fossils. This would inspire in them the desire to start collecting rocks and fossils from their early ages.


2. 4-Pack Pull Back Dinosaur Car Toys


4 different dinosaur pull back cars

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The Pull Back Dinosaur Cars are made in dinosaur shape which your kids will find very attractive. The well-made attractive Pull Back Vehicle is built strong with large wheels, you only pull it back and it would set off automatically.

Safe Dino Car Toys for Babies is made with premium and tough non-toxic thick plastic which is safe and sturdy enough for kids use. It makes a really nice gift for kids. The four-pack toy comes in a safe small-sized and Light Weight structure suitable for little kid’s hand.

The pullback dinosaur cars are very cute and come in a nice package that makes them a good gift. Also, all the items are wrapped singularly like happy meal toys. They are properly structured. The pull-back-and-go feature is better suited for use on the carpet because these are very light and the motor is very strong.

When you use them on hardwood floors they just roll out. They make a lovely and irresistible gift for your kids. It comes in a comfortable size that kids 18 months to four years old can comfortably grip.


3. Adventure Planet Dinosaur Set


Dinosaur figures on top of land map

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Adventure Planet Dinosaur Set with Carrying Case, 20-Piece helps your young explorer the chance to set off for an adventure through time and space to discover the ancient mysteries of the dinosaurs. By exploring the evolution and extinction of dinosaurs scientists want to find out the way these outstanding animals interacted with their environment, to have an idea on the modern behavior of animal behavior and possibly use the information to predict the progress of evolution in the future.

Your kids will be happy with the set. The storage case feature is fantastic as it helps you to the bits and pieces together and helps for easy tidying and portability. The image of dinosaur comes in a generous size. It is great for getting your kids inspired to be creative ability without electronic gadgets.

The quality is also great and withstands the continuous use of a little kid. The set comes with only eight dinosaurs. The hard shell box also ensures help for easy storage when not in use. The dinosaurs are made with tough plastic that maintains a good amount of abuse and makes them durable. The small map board area for playing is a great idea.


4. Dinosaur World Bridge Race Track Toy


Race track with bridge and dinosaur figures

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Dinosaur World Bridge Race Track playset comes with a Jurassic Dinosaur world bridge to create a road. The play set can be twisted, curved, and bent to create diverse shapes of tracks. It is produced with Eco-friendly material building blocks that don’t constitute any harm to the kids. It is the most suitable play set for boys.

It comes with two small but cool cars-the police cars and a school bus which is really fantastic. The cars are very functional and provide your child with enough entertainment.

It is a bit difficult to put together as it doesn’t come with any instructions apart from the small piece of paper with pictures to illustrate the way the track should go in the slopes. However, as soon as you put them together, they are very solid and you can easily clip the trees on the track to prevent them from falling. You need AA battery to be able to use the set.

This car track set is a great track set to help kids develop their practical and creative ability. It serves as a fun and engaging entertainment that would keep your kids off electronic gadgets for hours. It comes in non-toxic plastic material and environmentally friendly sources and makes a great STEM educational and fun birthday gift for boys.


5. LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaur Toy


Green Lego Dinosaur figure

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LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs Toy is a three-set violent dinosaur toy and comes with the dinosaur’s prey which is a buildable rib cage. It makes fantastic gifts for kids especially those of them that love dinosaur. This set of toys will keep your little ones engage and immersed in imaginative play for hours. The buildable rib gives the kids the chances to boost their imaginative play. The image comes in practical dinosaur details that help your kids to immediately swing into action. It comes in three-set models to give your kids increased play value.

Your kids will have real fun with the 3-in-1 kits. It also sells for a great price. You have the capacity to put up n 3 dinosaurs advertised and an additional one with the set of instructions available at Lego. For the kid to construct a new dinosaur, he has to practically take away the one he makes previously entirely apart.

It takes the kid roughly an hour to be able to do it depending on their age. The dinosaurs are properly articulated with legs, tails, and neck/heads that come with hinge points which make it much more fun. The build quality is strong and so it won’t fall apart easily. It would make a fantastic gift for any child that loves dinosaurs and LEGOs.


6. 19 Inch Walking Dinosaur Toy with Lights and Sounds


Dark brown and black plastic Dinosaur figure

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This wonder toy’s large walking dinosaur comes with very entertaining colorful lights and powerful side effects that would make it fun for your kids for many hours of play time.  It is well articulated and moves in a precise manner to a real dinosaur. It is a premium quality toy and made with study and non-toxic environmentally friendly material. It comes in hand-finishing and this gives it a great character. To operate the toy, you’ll need to buy 3 AA batteries separately.

This is another excellent toy collection from Wonder Toys and features a semblance of walking dinosaur. This dinosaur toy helps your kids have fun with nearly real life sounds and actions of an actual Dinosaur. The amazing dinosaur noises and enjoyable light features give this figure an added boost and extraordinarily attractive.

It makes a great and exciting gift for children for any occasion. The Dinosaur is pretty and cool. Try to figure out how to properly use and fix it. For instance, if you want to take the tail off, there is a button you ought to press. You may break the toy if you try to forcefully take it apart without doing as instructed.


7. Tyrannosaurus Rex Plastic Dinosaur Figure


walking dark green T Rex toy figure

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The Tyrannosaurus Rex Plastic Dinosaur Figure that features a king tyrant lizard known in ancient Greek culture and comes with a clear semblance figure to the original animal. The well articulated and movable jaw feature portrays an image that comes with the real experience of the Jurassic World. It is made in top quality PVC, study, rugged and drop resistant material to improve its longevity.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Plastic Dinosaur Figure will help your child to get to know more about the dinosaur and help them to engage in imaginative play. This vivid Tyrannosaurus Rex toy can give you hours of happy and fun time with your kids. It is well articulated for storytelling about the past history of this great animal. It is as well educative and helps your kid to study about how this animal originally moved on the faces of the earth w before extinction.

It comes with nice detail and rigid body. The mouth can open and close which makes it more real and a bit more fun. You and your child would be delightfully surprised at the quality of the jaw movement. It is also built with premium quality material and realistic color painting.


8. Dinosaur Toys for Boys and Girls – Toddlers and Older Kids


set of 4 different colored plastic dinosaur toys

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Get your kids this exciting and fun-filled- Bees and Me Dinosaur toy, your child will definitely be super delighted at them. They are made of premium quality and are durable comes with bright colors which capture your child’s imagination.

The pack contains four great set of dinosaurs that is suitable for your young toddlers. When offered a gift for children’s party, it makes a great hit. It makes a great gift for little ones.

This fun dinosaur gift set comes with four plastic dinosaurs in three favorite kids colors: blue, green and red. Each of the 4 dinosaurs is a minor representative of the standard large real-life species of dinosaurs from the prehistoric Jurassic age. The toy is suitable and safe for kids aged 2 years old and above. Kids that mostly fall in love with the toy range from 2 years old to 6 years old. It makes a fun toy and a perfect birthday, Easter, or Christmas gift.

These animal toy cars offer kids early exposure to science and spark their interest in science. It also boosts their motor skills and enhances their creative ability with imaginative play. They can also be a great hit for school projects and really come as a dun play tool for kids of all ages.


9. T-Rex Lifelike Stuffed Dinosaur Toy


boy hugging soft stuffed dinosaur toy

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This T-Rex Lifelike Stuffed Dinosaur Toy is a giant and adorable image of prehistoric T-Rex. It comes in a huge size of more than 2 feet tall and is sure to be the king of your little one’s playroom. It is well stuffed but strong enough to stand on its two feet. It catches your child imagination and sets him off on imaginative play with its attractive color designs.

Your child will love it as a new cuddly friend. The build quality is superb and is sure to withstand enormous play pressure from your little one. It is quality is far stronger than a normal plush toy because it comes with durable inner structures while still maintaining a soft and cuddly out parts.

While standing, it looks like a dinosaur that is ready to bark. The size, build color and display make this amazing dinosaur a great excitement for imaginative play with your kid. The attractive colors and “roaring” design together with the high-quality build and attention to detail make the toy endearing on a prehistoric degree!

The great part of it all is that it is not wobbly or droopy because of the inner structural elements which make it harder and stronger than standard plush toys. These structural elements allow it to withstand the child’s pressure and still be able to stand up on its own after two years of use.


10. Jurassic World Tyrannosaurus Rex Figure


boy playing with brown t rex figure

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This Jurassic World Tyrannosaurus Rex Figure give you the opportunity to watch a thrilling action and go on escapade similar to the popular Jurassic World. It is sculpted in the likeness of the fan-favorite character from the original Jurassic Park.  The designs and decoration make it look authentic. It additionally produces a sound effect which replicates the original real-life sound made by the animal-like chomping and stomping. The sound is a great artistic work of innovation added fun for a lot of kids but s few other kids get scared away by the sound. It also makes remarkably near-real life roar with a HUGE bite.

By activating the tail, you can easily open the mouth and pick up other human and dinosaur action figures and then spank and fling them across the room. This gives your family and kids a fun and exciting way to recreate your most cherished heroic dinosaur action scenes from the original movie.

It’s a great and excellent toy. Although you won’t get the exact experience as the old school Jurassic Park toys, it remarkable and well made. The fact that you could Rose Ticos down its throat makes the experience and exercise filled with so much fun that your child would find irresistible. This is an ideal dinosaur gifts for 3 year olds and above.


11. Smithsonian Remote Control T Rex Dinosaur Action Figure


dark brown t rex toy with remote control

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Give your child the chance to become in charge of the most popular and terrifying of the dinosaurs. The Smithsonian T-Rex with the remote control feature that comes with the toy. This Smithsonian RC T-Rex comes in a semblance of real-life dino with its thrilling exciting sounds, motion, and spectacular visual detail. It comes with an easy to use remote control which is kids friendly. With the remote control, the kids can put the T-Rex under control with two simple buttons.

It is great for young kids and makes a perfect toy for either boys or girls. The exciting sound from this toy is a semblance of the prehistoric T-Rex’s. It makes ferocious moves with loud roars and lumbering motions. The R-Rex’s feet comes with wheels which enables it to walk freely across tabletops and floors, while by pressing the sound button on the remote control activates the dinosaur to unleash a terrifying series of roars!

It comes with realistic visual details, like the real-looking soft skin around the head and neck. Pebbled skin details on the body and well-articulated arms and legs among other details. It serves as a very educational toy both at home and in the school learning environment.


12. Realistic Purple Dinosaur with Sound


purple dino in colored box

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This windy city novelties LED eliminated and real-life-looking walking looking dinosaur roars ferociously like a prehistoric dinosaur. The illumination of light makes it interactive and fun play set to improve your kids’ imaginative thinking and ignite their desire for history and science.

The LED LIGHT colors come in green, red and blue which illuminate the clear spikes downward to the rear side and illuminate the eyes and tongue. The dinosaur comes in a purple and black body. You can use the on and off toggle button to get the dinosaur to move or give off ferocious roaring sounds. The button also lit op the dinosaur. It is suitable for kids of both sexes aged 3 years and above.

By merely turning on and of the button you immediately begin an exciting journey into a stimulating experience of prehistoric playtime. It would excite your child’s imagination, give him something to entertain him for many hours with the near real life terrifying roar. The illumination and motion would make it a lot more fun-filled escapade.

It is of a solid build and is very sturdy and would surely entertain your child for a lot of years. This one comes highly cost-effective compared to similar toys in shops.


13. Wild Republic Stuffed Triceratops Toy


brown and grey soft stuffed dino toy

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Wild Republic Triceratops is an amazing dinosaur stuffed animal toy that you would find adventurous. It is designed to give fans of dinosaurs a captivating experience and a nice cuddle. Going for prehistoric times adventures could get your hands dirty in real life but this plush toy is designed to give you the same exciting escapade experience without getting your hands soiled or dirty plus you get the chance to engage in this exploration anywhere you are and at any time of your choice. It is made up of very high-quality materials that make it realistic and nice to cuddle up next to. The toy is an herbivorous dinosaur with a special love for plant life that inhabited North America during the prehistoric time.

Life Triceratops frequently moved alone but this Dinosaur soft doll wouldn’t mind being your companion and keeping you warm while giving you the chance to engage in educational adventures with and imaginative play.


14. Pack of 6 Take Apart Dinosaur Toys


set of different colored plastic dino toys

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These fantastic Take Apart Dinosaur Toys offer your kids tools to engage in many hours of creative play and imagination. Help your kids to get creative by dismantling the toy and let them build it from scratch. The packs come in 106 pieces but come assembled together so your kids can immediately be entertained and engage in fun play.

Deconstructing it and putting the pieces back together against helps the kids to develop teamwork ability and social skills. The toy comes with three sets of interactive educational toys. The kids can come together and work out where each of the pieces belongs and fit all the different pieces back to their appropriate one by one.

It is also designed for educational purposes. The toy helps to boost your child’s fine motor skills and coordination. Brain development is a significant part of your child’s growth. Engaging in the construction work with this amazing dino toy will boost their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, reasoning and problem-solving skills. Children learn how to be patient and experience a little bit of construction engineering at the early stage of their lives.


15. Walking Triceratops Dinosaur Toy with Light Up Horns


Dinosaur toy with light up horns

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This Triceratops dinosaur toy is designed to walk around by itself just like the real-life pre-historic animal. It makes roaring sounds as it walks and this makes the toy a lot of fun and entertainment for kids. It features large and opened eyes with a well-lit head to emulate the natural sound and light of a real dinosaur.

It is suitable for kids aged three and above and functions with 3 AA Batteries. You need to purchase the battery yourself. It doesn’t come with the pack. It makes great kids’ gift for every occasion particularly for kids that are fans of dinosaurs. When the Dinosaur Triceratops Toy walks it displays the sound and behaviors of a real Triceratops Dinosaur. The kid pursues the Triceratops as it walks away. It makes it a lot of fun and attractive and will interest any kid that loves Dinosaur toys


16. Light Up Dinosaur Bubble Blower


bubble blower shaped like a dinosaur

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Light Up Dinosaur Bubble Gun Blower comes with extra batteries and an extra bubble refill to help you or your kids to aim and fire away bubbles at length. It enhances participatory play and improves the hand to eye coordination of your kid. It makes a great bubble display for both kids and adult parties and can be used during a wedding reception, ceremonies, entertainment, and is suitable for use both indoor/outdoor. Follow the usage instruction at the back of the pack for the shooter to last long.

Give your children plenty of fun play times with this Light Up Dinosaur Bubble Blower. The shooter allows the children to fire a barrage of bubbles and have fun with practical and hands-on experience. It comes with multiple colored bubbles, excellent lightning and flashes light to offer you and your kids with lots of fun. The bubbles are made with safe, non-poisonous substances for your children safe. It also does not stain clothes which is great. The toy is suitable for children who are three years old and above.

The original version makes roar sound but the new one no longer comes with the feature. Before use, you need to take out the battery protection strip below the battery section. The bubbles will start to shoot after a few seconds when you pull and hold the trigger. The bubble shooter needs to be held upright while shooting to prevent leakage of bubble solution. If fails to release the bubble but the light is showing, you may require getting a replacement battery. Do not play continuously but break from time to time to prevent overheating and failure.


17. Dinosaurs Transport Carrier Truck Toy with Dinosaur Toys


Truck with small dino toys in the back

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Additional space for toy cars is great for convenience and comes handing for packing and storage. You don’t have to worry about cluttered housed filled with bits and pieces of your child’s toy. The carriage handle makes it handy for easy portability around your house. It makes it easy to carry them together in a properly organized manner.

It is made with high quality and durable materials which are proven safe and drop proofed for kids. It makes a fantastic birthday and holiday’s gift for kids aged three and above. This will offer children lots of hours of fun play.

This Dinosaurs Transport Carrier Truck Toy comes with 6 dinosaurs and extra seven spaces to neatly accommodate and contains additional cars or dinosaur toys. It features two-sided compartment which provided additional space for the toys.

The convenience that the pack provides is amazing and this would make an amazing and exciting gift for kids that are 3 years and above. The quality build is beyond expectation. Your kids will absolutely fall in love with this dinosaur transport truck. However, be warned, the dinosaurs and truck are small in size.


18. 18 Pieces Set of 6 to 9 Inch Realistic Dinosaur Figures


pieces of small different dinosaur figures

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The numbers in the pack make it an incredible value for the price. They are large sized and this makes it suitable for creating a realistic looking Jurassic Dinosaur Park. These toys are meant to improve your children creative ability and imaginative thinking.

This dinosaur set makes a perfect gift for stocking stuffers, party favors and for birthday party games. They are great toys with great educational and learning capacity and can serve as a fun party decoration, party favors, handouts or rewards.

They are just perfect for a dinosaur themed birthday party. They are made of high-quality and hand painting with complete details. The build material is a non-toxic and durable BPA-Free Vinyl material.

You’ll be impressed with these dinosaurs. They come in attractive and lovely colors and their legs, arms, and heads can move around. It contains the Therizinosaurs which is a dino with long nails that are rarely present in other dino sets.

They are well articulated with a lot of different hinges. They are also colorful and your little ones would be thrilled to have them. The dinosaurs’ set contains fourteen dinosaurs and four different environmental pieces of the backdrop. This dinosaur toy would make a fantastic gift for any child who loves dino. They look realistic in appearance. The cleaning is easy and this makes it a great toy fit for both indoor and outdoor fun.


19. Realistic T Rex Action Figure Dinosaur Toy


Dark Green realistic t rex action figure

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This Realistic T Rex Action Figure Dino Toy comes in a great king action figure. This is a huge sized king of reptiles and one of the largest carnivores in the history of the world. Both kids and adults who have love dinosaurs collectibles will find this piece very attractive. This is a great pick to offer your kids imaginative play. It comes in very detailed and well-articulated features and details. The movable jaw makes it real and replicates real-life experience. It makes a great gift for lovers of dinosaur

So if you have love for dinosaurs and are searching both a toy and a huge sized image structured with unbelievable details and articulation to give you the realistic proportions, skin texture,  and other features you will find in the real life dinosaurs, this would make a great buy.

If you are instead looking for another exclusive dinosaur collectible, or if on the other hand, what you want is to get your child a fantastic toy gift that would help him to immerse in hours of fun and immersive e play, then this makes an excellent toy pick for you. This toy helps your child learn real world story about this giant animal. The booklet attached with the toy provides you with incredible information about T-Rex, best dinosaur museums, movies and natural attraction where you will have real-life experience of the Dinosaurs.


20. LED Light Up and Realistic Walking Dinosaur with Sound


Purple dinosaur walking on 4 legs

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This Realistic Walking Dinosaur with Sound comes in blue red and green LED illuminated lights that clear spikes downward towards the back and flashes towards the eyes and tongue. It comes with either purple or black body dinosaur to give you a chance to choose a more suitable option.

To set the dino in motion just turn on the toggle switch on or off. It is meant for kids aged three years and above. You’ll need 3 AA batteries to operate the toy and these are included in the pack.  This dinosaur toy gives you near real-life experience of the movement, light, and sounds of the real-life dinosaur.

Your kid will have a thrilling experience of the pre-historic playtime with this dinosaur toy as soon as he switches on the toggle switch. It gives your child wonderful time of imaginative and fun play through its load and near natural roar, illumination, and movement of the toy. However, most parents found the sound too loud and sometimes quite disturbing but this can be handled by turning the button off although your child would love to continue to have fun with the sound.


21. Plastic Assorted Dinosaur Figures With Book


Box of Dinosaur with 2 figures

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This Box Of Dinosaur figures comes twelve 6-7 inch sized dinosaurs an illustrative book that details the names of each dinosaur with their images, biography, and lifestyle to offer the kids maximum chance of engaging in imaginative play and spark their curiosity about nature and science. The dino come with real-life-looking dinosaurs which makes much more. The toy with the book provides a form of education for boys and girls and is suitable for a school or science project report. It can make a great party favor gift or a good gift for a birthday party with the dinosaur theme.

The user’s guidebook contains a different page which explains in details the real image of each dinosaur in real life and the opposite page features the plastic dinosaur with the size and its habits. Also, the pages compared the size of each of the dinosaur with a related object such as a bus, a car or a truck. The book also comes with a brief history of each of these dinosaurs in the pack. The bottom part of each page contains the food eaten by that species and the names of plant materials that it eats.

The dinosaurs are particularly sturdy to withstand kids’ pressure and the small display box pack is nicely made. It is a fairly inexpensive gift to offer to any little one thrilled about dinosaurs. It would give kids long time fun and imaginative play away from the TV and other electronic gadgets. The colorful nature of the book also made the whole experience interactive.

Best Budget Buy

While the National Geographic Dinosaur Digging Kit gives your child the opportunity to begin real life exploration at an early age, with 3 fossils of a real dinosaur in the pack, it sells at an amazingly low price. Because of the educational potential it has and the ability to spark off in your child love for science and fossil collection, it makes an amazing best dinosaur toy at an affordable price. It also lets your child have fun and get fulfilled by discovering the amazing real-life fossil while at the same time boasting his or her self-ego for an accomplished escapade mission.

Dinosaur Poster with Digging Kit

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Best Overall Pick

The entire dinosaur on this list makes great educational and interactive toys for kids but we have selected the LED Light Up and Realistic Walking Dinosaur with Sound as the best overall because it offers what it says and pretty much functions as expected. The size, the forward waddle moves, the roar-like sound, and flashlights make this dinosaur toys wonderful. It also sells for a good price give the value it brings and the natural prehistoric experience it brings. Overall, it makes a great gift for a child who loves dinosaur. The roar is so real that it could scare some kids but some kids will definitely love it for bringing to life the semblance of the original natural dinosaur.

Purple dinosaur walking on 4 legs

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