Best Avengers Infinity War Toys 2019

Avengers Infinity War is one of the most talked about film in the history of film and it has only been out for less than a year. The popularity of this film has resulted in kids wanting to take part in the action too. Therefore, within this review, we have gathered some of the best Avengers Infinity War toys for Kids to play with.

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The Fourth Avengers film was by far the most exciting Marvel film of all time. From the anticipation of what will happen when all the superheroes get together, to the shock ending of the film. Everyone who watched it was left with a curiosity that has them itching to watch the next one. Especially with the millions of trending conversations and predictions of what will happen in it. We thought it would be fun for your kids to get in the action by reenacting and predicting what they think will happen next with some cool Avengers Infinity War toys.

Best Avengers Infinity War Toys for Kids

Below we have listed some of the best toys you will find on the market made to represent the actors and weapons from the fourth Avengers movie. We have made sure to include as many superheroes as possible so we will definitely have your kids favorite one on this list. From action figures to costumes, we hope you find the best Avengers toy for your child to play with.

Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Glove


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We begin with arguably the most powerful weapon to feature in the Marvel universe. The reason we say this is because it possesses extraordinary God-like powers that no other weapon has ever mastered.

The Marvel infinity war gauntlet is crafted in a toy version for kids to roleplay with. On the inside, it is soft and comfortable for your kid’s hands to slide into. But on the outside, It is made from high quality plastic with real precise detail that makes it look exactly like the real glove.

The gemstones all light up with their own colors in a heart beating style to make them look realistic. Also, the person wearing the glove is able to control each finger individually so it is not limited to what it can do. With a fist lock option, your kids can pretend to make the powers work just like how Thanos did in the film.


Iron Man Action Fighting Figure


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Iron Man is one of the main characters in the Avengers as he has the most important role of all which is to make some of the hardest decisions. Some would even say he would fit to be the leader of the Avengers. This is why we thought we should start with an mini figure of him.

This Irom Man action figure for kids stands at an impressive 14 inch tall with a piece of extendable combat equipment to make it look even bigger. Just as seen in the Avengers 4 film, it is equipped with the arm cannons to put him in combat mode by the push of a button.

As well as this, it also has the function to light up the famous mechanical heart that Tony stark has which is incorporated into his suit. Simply press the chest to activate this function.

The last but surely one of the most important features of this toy is the amazing phrases and sound effects it makes. With over 20 different ones to listen to, your child will be able to really interact with this toy when playing with it.


Captain American Combat Action Figure


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It makes sense to have the second most suited hero to be the leader of the Avengers as number two our list. The most interesting thing about Captain American is that he doesn’t have any superpowers but is still classed as a superhero. Although he does have some serious fighting abilities and some advanced human abilities such as strength and speed which makes him more than suitable to be an avenger.

However, this action figure is set at a 12 inch height unlike the previous one but has a lot of cool features equipped to make it more than just a fist fighter. His limbs are made so that they can rotate and make the toy be more free of more movement which is better for your child to play with.

He is designed to look exactly how he did in the last Avengers film with the new long hair and a bearded face. Also, with a slightly upgraded suit, he looks more like a leader to follow. This figure comes with additional equipment to make him more suited to face alien enemies.

For instance, he has a jet pack to help him fly and attack the aliens in the air. Also, he comes with a detachable arm guard weapon that makes him a lot more prepared to fight, especially due to his insane shield controlling ability. The last thing we would like to mention about this toy is the sound effects that add a lot more joy when playing with the toy.


Thor Playing Action Toy


This is an image of Thor action figure with an axe

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The next toy on the list had to be the most powerful one of them all. Thor, the God of Thunder! The reason he is the most powerful one is that he was the only one who actually managed to land a significant attack to the mighty Thanos with his newly forged weapon.

This is a reason why this toy is one of all avenger fans favorites. Your child will be able to get to see what the new weapon actually looks like in real life due to its precise detail in the design. They can then reenact the blow Thor landed on Thanos to feel good about helping to defeat Thanos.

This action figure is 12 inches tall and looks exactly like how Thor looked in the film. However, just like the Captain America action toy, it comes with a jetpack gear to add to Thor’s dangerous fighting look.


Thanos 12 inch Action Figure


This is an image of Thanos action figure

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This list would not be complete without including the most feared character of them all, Thanos himself! Thanos the destroyer of worlds is arguably the toughest villain of all time in the history of films. This is mainly due to how he effortlessly won at the end of a film full of some of the most powerful superheroes ever.

This Thanos toy figure for kids is made to be a basic toy for kids to play with. Other than the gauntlet being equipped to his arms, it has no other accessories that come with it.

However, it does not mean your kids will not have fun with this toy. Buy this toy for them along with the superheroes to reenact the scenes of the movie. Furthermore, they can use it to make up their own story of what they think will happen in the next film. Almost everyone wants to see Thanos being taken down, let your kids be the one to do so.


New Thor Toy Axe


This is an image of thors axe weapon toy

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One of the coolest moments of the Infinity War film was when Thor finally got his new weapon forged. Similar to the first hammer, no one else is worthy of lifting it up other than Thor himself which will give your kids something to feel proud of when playing with it.

This new weapon looks much cooler with the handle being made from a piece of Groot’s trunk arms. Although the axe is made of metal in the film, this one is made out of foam so it isn’t quite as dangerous. However, it can become annoying if being hit by it repetitively so this could be something to watch out for.

This Avengers toy for kids is not only made to be swung around, but it also has interactive sounds to make the player feel the power when using it. Simply push the leaf button located in the middle of the axe to activate the thunder sound FX feature which will surely shock a lot of people.

This means it does require batteries to function, although all you need is two AAA batteries.


Iron Man Hero Vision Mask


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Give your kids the chance to have an augmented reality experience with this Iron man AR mas for kids. It has the chance to make them feel much more confident as they put the mask on due to feeling and thinking like they are a superhero.

The complete set comes with a mask, augmented reality goggles, three augmented reality markers, the Gauntlet and infinity stone. Simply download the hero app on your smartphone and insert it into the goggles to play all kinds of games. Although it can be annoying to give your smartphones to your kids all day so this may not be ideal. However, we must warn you to check whether your smartphone is compatible to the goggles before making a purchase.


Guardians of the Galaxy LEGO Battleship


This is an image of the LEGO guardians of the galaxy battleship set

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Let your kids defeat Thanos with this Guardians of the Galaxy LEGO Battleship and mini figure set. With this set, they can reenact the good and funny moments from the film. The can first face the tough but very fun challenge of building the actual battleship with simple to follow instructions that are included.

Next, they will have only three superheroes to take on the challenge of facing Thanos with as this set includes Ironman, Star-Lord and Gamora figures as well as Thanos himself. Also, this set comes with the 674 pieces of LEGO to build the ship with, The Gauntlet, a Sword and collectible infinity stones.

The battleship measures 9cm long, 8 cm high and 18cm wide which is relatively big for kids to play with. Being at this big size, it gives it enough room to feature an opening cockpit, opening back doors, adjustable wings, a storage room and two shooters.

Warning: This set is aimed at kids who are 8 years and old as it contains small parts which can be dangerous for younger kids to play with.


Spiderman Robotic Arm Suit


This is an image of spiderman action figure with his accessories

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Spiderman is one of the best selling and most loved Marvel superheroes ever created. In the Avengers film, Spiderman does not fail to impress a lot of fans, especially when they saw him with his upgraded spider suit. With long robotic spider arms that popped out of nowhere, we think your child would love to play with this toy.

This Spiderman kids toy is designed just like the ones seen in the film as it has a completely transformed suit. We thought to include this as a lot of kids would love to get up and close to the real thing as possible.

The set comes with a 6 inch Spiderman figure, a detachable spider arm accessory and an infinity stone. The figure is made from high quality plastic and has a ball joint at the shoulder, elbows and hips which allows it to bend in different ways. Let your kids equip the accessory to make it look even cooler and ready for battle. Then use the infinity stone to power him up once he becomes exhausted.


Hulk Kids Costume


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Why not give your child the chance to become their favorite heroes instead. With this Hulk kids costume, your child is able to pretend to be The Hulk and go around smashing objects to feel strong and powerful. Although we never really got to see The Hulk appear in the Avengers film, we definitely expect to see him appear in the next one which is why it would be good for your kids to dress up and predict his scenes.

Ths play Hulk costume is a full body suit with shoe covers to complete the full Hulk look. It is made of high quality polyester material designed to be very delicate to a kid’s sensitive skin. Also, it comes with cotton padding in the muscles to make your child look and feel as big as the Hulk himself. In this set, the Hulk mask is included which means you don’t have to go out to buy one separately.

There are different sizes that it comes in so you must be sure to check the size chart on Amazon before you decide to purchase it. On the other hand, if The Hulk is not your child favorite character and wants to buy a costume of one of their favorites, there are many different characters available on the link.



Who Is The Best Avengers Infinity War Superhero?

It has always been a very debatable topic when it comes to the best superhero in the Avengers film. Although some are clearly more powerful than others, some people tend to like certain superpowers as well as character behaviors more than being powerful. In this case, they would most likely go for the Spiderman superhero as the best one due to his awesome powers and his funny comments. However, a lot of people tend to go for the superheroes who have the most important roles in the film. For example, Ironman and Thor had to be the most important superheroes which is why we thought to include these on our list. The most important ones are usually the ones that children recognize as being the best one of them all.