Best Halloween Crafts for Kids

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Have you got no idea of which type of Halloween activity for kids to do during Halloween? Do not feel completely put down as we have got the research for you. Read through our list of the best Halloween crafts for kids if you wish to know some of the possible activities that children actually like to do on Halloween.

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Different Types of Halloween Crafts for Children

Crafts are known to be pieces of fun activity playsets usually designed for children to play with. They can range from many different types including childr handcrafts, Machine Crafts or even games for Halloween. The main aspect to consider when choosing the type of crafts for a child on Halloween is to make sure that it follows the theme of Halloween. Monster arts and crafts and other scary characters would be the ideal choice.


Best Halloween Crafts for Kids

We shall now start the list of Halloween crafts for kids that you have been waiting for. We hope it helps to give you an idea of what kind of Halloween activity you can give to your children. The list is made up of the crafts that children have previously said are their favorites to do on Halloween. You can rest assured that they are all safe and appropriately made for all children which should be good for any of your child to play with. Enjoy!

Little Monsters Sewing Kits

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The first Halloween craft bookings on our list are this little monsters sewing kit. It is perfect to get kids to begin learning how to sew.

It is made for children above seven years old as it involves handling shop items. Therefore, it would be best to always supervise your children whilst using this kit.

With this sewing kit, children are able to so little hand puppets in the sea of monsters. There is guidance on different types of little monsters do sew.

You must know that this kid is beneficial as it encourages a high level of imaginary play. As well as this it can be used as a perfect way for children and adults to bond with each other.

This full set comes with more than 100 sewing equipment. Some of these include embroidery floss, five metal needles, scissors, 40 pins, gluesticks and many more.

This would make a perfect gift for a young girl because sewing is usually seen as a skill for girls.


Coloring Book for Halloween

This is an image of Halloween Coloring BookAmazon Link


The second Halloween craft for kids To have fun where is this coloring book. Made with such real class that can and the thought of kids in mind.

Sometimes it may not be the perfect weather outside on Halloween to go out trick or treating. Therefore, this book is the perfect activity to keep them as entertained indoors.

The book is designed at a reasonable size of eight and a half inches wide and eleven inches long. This provides large enough people to give enough space for a child to color between the lines.

Inside there are 30 different coloring pages that have various characters and many more to color in. For example, there are witches, vampires, skeletons, pumpkins and much more.

Not only will you be providing your children with a great activity to do on Halloween, but you will also be giving them a lot of other benefits. These include improving their creativity, Improving their hand-eye coordination and even improving their color recognition and awareness.


Halloween Monster Stamps

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Amazon Link

Next, here we have for your child another fun piece of Halloween equipment. A set of small Halloween character stamps.

This package comes with 24 pieces of them with monsters on them. Although they only have six different types of monsters repeated on them.

This makes great additional equipment for Halloween parties. As well as this they are perfect to help with some of the Halloween decorations around the house.

You can expect this dance to have characters such as pumpkin, about, but by not, a ghost, a mummy, and a monster. There are always places to decorate with these stamps on Halloween.

Each one of these stamps is no bigger than two inches which is great to fit in little kids hands.


Bright Halloween Bouncing Balls 

This is an image of Bright Halloween Bouncing Balls Amazon Link

At number four we have chosen to give you these bright bouncing balls. these are always a real entertainer for little kids.

These bouncing balls are made completely out of rubber. And they all have different designs on them including a pumpkin, ghost, a spider and a cat.

You get 72 of them in this set which means there are enough or good Halloween party. Also, you can always give them out long with treats when kids come to trick or treat.

They are all around 1 inch in size which means we are perfect for little kids to hold. However, giving them two children who are too young might result in them trying to eat these balls. Therefore, it is important to know the right person to give them to.

The age requirement is at least three years old children and older.


Halloween Drawstring  Goody Bags This is an image of Drawstring Halloween Goody Bags Amazon Link


At number five we give you a set of Halloween drawstring goody bags. These are designed for little kids to take with them or trick or treating.

Each bag is about just under 8 inches long. This means it can fit a lot of candy inside it.

This package comes in a set of 72 bags. Although there are only seven different designs that are repeated on them.

Having a drawstring bag is better than the ordinary carrier bag that children usually trick or treat with. This is because they are harder to rip, and can be easily closed so no candy can fall out.

These bags Are made from child-friendly plastic material and images. They also hardly weigh anything which is perfect to give you a child to carry around all night


Party Toy Assortment 

This is an image of 100 PCS Party Favors Toy Assortment Amazon Link

What fun is Halloween without Halloween accessories and decorations? This set here gives you 100 pieces of different accessories to decorate your home with for Halloween.

These are not just accessories that help with the decorations, they are also toys and games for children to take part in during Halloween. For instance, you have a Magic Slinky to play with down the stairs.

There is a mixture of many different types of toys in this set. Some of these include wind up pumpkins, vampire teeth, bat glasses, yo-yo balls and many more.

All of these play Halloween kids toys are made from nothing other than non-toxic materials. Therefore you can rest assured that they will not poison your child at any point.

However, some of the toys are really small pieces. This means that you shouldn’t allow them to get in the hands of children who are below three years old that still love to put small items in their mouth.


Halloween Ghoulish Punch Balloon

This is an image of Halloween Ghoulish Punch BalloonAmazon Link

At number seven we have for you a set of 16 punch balloons for children. Balloons are always seen as fun items by kids to play around with.

As you may know, they are all made of rubber as they have to expand when they are inflated. Once inflated, they all get as big as 12 inches in size.

They come in three different colors, purple, black and orange. These colors are part of the Halloween theme which makes them very good for Halloween decorations.

As well as being used as toys by kids, these balloons have other uses. These include being used To decorate windows, walls, and ceiling around the house for a Halloween party.

Kids can play with these balloons by punching them around and hitting each other with them. They have no sort of weight that will cause any harm to your child so they are perfectly safe to be hit with.


MISS FANTASY Halloween Bingo Game

This is an image of MISS FANTASY Halloween Bingo GameAmazon Link

Next, we have for you a set of Halloween bingo game. This makes perfect playing equipment for a classroom Halloween party.

For those who don’t know what Bingo is. It is a game where you have to match up all of the pieces on your card before your opponents to win.

Each card includes 24 different pieces. To make the game really hard there are 385 different pieces that you have to match.

Some of these pieces include pumpkin, spiders, bats, Coffins and many other Halloween characters.


Foam Pumpkin Decorations Craft Kit 

This is an image of Foam Pumpkin Decorations Craft Kit Amazon Link

Decorating pumpkins is a traditional Halloween activity for everyone. Therefore, at number nine, we have for you a pumpkin decoration craft kit.

Every piece is made from a foam material that can easily be cut out and stuck onto the pumpkin. There are enough decorating pieces to decorate up to 12 pumpkins.

These make it easier to decorate pumpkins in a different way. It is much safer to have steak on pieces to decorate done to cut out the pumpkin as this is harder and more dangerous.

Also, it gives you the chance to save the pumpkins for making delicious treats with Afterwords, instead of having to throw them away as they are all carved out.

All of these decorations have Self-adhesive on the back. This means your kids will not cause any mess from glue sticks and super glue.


Halloween Egg and Spoon Race Playset

This is an image of 30 Pack Egg and Spoon Race Game Set HalloweenAmazon Link

The last piece of Halloween equipment for children is this Egg and spoon race playset with children. Although this set does not come with actual eggs, instead of with squishy toy eyeballs.

It is a set that has 30 different places in it. These pieces are six different colored plastic spoons and 24 different colored bouncing eyeballs.

This game is very simple and easy to play as it only requires a player to have one spoon and one eyeball. You simply placed the eyeball in the spoon race from one point to another without dropping the ball. If the ball drops you must pick it up and then continue.

The spoons go up as long as 18 cm what’s the boilers are only 3 cm big. These are a perfect size for a child to play with.

The best time to have this race would be at a barbeque or a family picnic on Halloween. It brings about a lot of fun and it is a very good way for a family to bond.



What We Recommend

Out of all the products on our list, w recommend that you choose the number 10, the Halloween Egg and Spoon Race Playset for children. The reason behind this is because it is a multiplayer Halloween game that brings a lot of excitement to kids and adults too. This means it allows good bonding time and possibly gives an idea of what to do to burn some time as they wait for trick or treating time.

However, this playset may not be the ideal one to play with at home as you would require a significant amount of space to have a good race. This would be a better Halloween toy for children to play with at school or at a playground with more space. Although they can always add their own twist to the game and make players have to crawl instead of walk/run which shouldn’t require as much play area and should make the game funnier to play.

This is an image of 30 Pack Egg and Spoon Race Game Set HalloweenAmazon Link


What is the Best Halloween Craft Set for Older Kids

We chose the Bingo Halloween Crafts for older kids (number 8) to be the best choice for them on the list. This is simply because older kids tend to be slightly lazier than younger children, especially as they slowly lose the fun of Halloween as they grow up. Therefore, a game which requires less movement and more socializing would be the best suit them. We understand that they can potentially get bored of this game which is why they can add their own twists to it. For instance, they can keep playing the game until there is one last loser which would then have to tell everyone a scary or creepy story or experience they once had. This would be a really good way to bond whilst staying in the topic of Halloween games for older kids.

This is an image of MISS FANTASY Halloween Bingo GameAmazon Link

Best Halloween Equipment for Young Children

Halloween would not be as much fun for children if they do not get to experience the fun of trick or treating. This is why we have chosen the best Halloween toys for children to be the String Goody Bags (number 5). They allow a child to have a safe and secure place to put the candy that they get given when they go out trick or treating. This then prevents them from having to carry a bag full of candy around in their hands and allows them to have Halloween costumes that can include pieces for their hands.

This is an image of Drawstring Halloween Goody Bags Amazon Link