Best Arts and Crafts for Kids

Arts and crafts are originally supposed to be the best way to develop kids creativeness and imagination. Depending on which types you give then will completely channel the way they think in a specific way. This is why it is important to choose the right arts and crafts sets that will guide their minds into thinking more creative in order to help them incorporate a better imagination in their playtime. In this article, we have decided to give you the best art and craft ideas for kids so you can make a better judgment on how each one may affect your child before you buy it.

This is an image of different coloured crayons in a circle

A child can become very excited about playing with different activity sets purely because of the finished masterpiece that they get to play with afterward. Giving activity sets to the wrong child may become useless if they are not developed enough to be productive with it. We have taken the time to prepare for you the tips that you should take into consideration before you decide which one you would like to purchase to save you wasting your time and money. We have taken everything into consideration so that you don’t have to.

Deciding The Best Arts And Crafts For Kids

Take some time to read these key points that will assist you in making a good choice before you buy it. You will be glad that you did.

  • Included equipment – So you know exactly what they are playing with and if it safe for them to have in their hands without supervision.
  • Safety – Make sure all equipment is really safe and does not have any pieces that you feel your child can do bad things with
  • Age recommendation – Will the child you intend to buy it to know what to do with it immediately or be too advanced for them
  • Additional equipment – Does some equipment run out or need replacing and how convenient each one can be to replace
  • Types of play – What kinds of games can they play with the piece or what can they potentially make from it
  • Popularity – What have other people that have bought them before reviewed and said about it in the past

9 Best Art And Craft Ideas For Kids

Below we have gathered a wide range of activity sets that you can possibly find for your children. We have given you an image and told you about the possible effects that each one is designed to have on your kids. Also, you will understand all the key features that each one includes in order to make a masterpiece. Just so we don’t make this a biased article, we have made sure to include the potential negative influences that each one may have towards your kid’s behavior too. This will most certainly make you judge whether or not it will be suitable for the child you intend to buy it for.

1. Melissa & Doug Kids Standing Easel

This is an image of a boy drawing on an art easel

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A standing easel is one of the best gift ideas for kids on the market as it has many benefits that would help your child. As for this Melissa and Doug easel set, it is a double sided painting board that allows two of your kids to draw at the same time. This brings a lot of different activities for kids to do both at the same time, Including Painting and drawing.

The set is only as tall as 74.9 cm which is at the perfect height for kids at the age of 3 to 5 years old. Also, it is a one piece set which means you do not require to assemble it and should be ready to be used as soon as it is placed up right. You do not need to worry about it falling as at 21 kg it can have a very strong and stable platform.

The full set comes with a chalk board, dry-ease board, paper roll holder, safe paper cutter, 4 easy slip grip, and 2 plastic trays to hold the equipment with. Although they can have a lot of fun with many different materials, it still doesn’t come with any kids arts and crafts supplies, therefore, it can cost slightly more to buy them separately.

It is made from a really strong wooden frame with wooden clips to help it stand and be strong. Also, it is very easy to assemble which means it can be used by any children without help from their parent.


  • Does not need to be assembled and can be left standing for as long as you want it to
  • Easy storage as it can be made to be flat and become more convenient


  • Made from wood which could potentially cause splinters if broken and still being used
  • Hard wood can potentially be dangerous for kids if it fell on them
  • Does not come with drawing equipment
  • Can potentially be dangerous if left out all the time as it can cause people to fall

2. Faber-Castell Pottery Wheel Kit For Kids

This is an image of a pottery studio kit

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A pottery set is another very good idea piece of equipment that does not only bring a lot of fun but also improves a lot of concentration in a kid. This set, in particular, is a foot pedal operated type which gives means they have to focus a lot more to use it. This means that it does need the power to be operated and can only work with 4 C batteries.

This set comes with a one pottery wheel, 3 pounds of clay, apron, table cover, 6 piece tool set, 12 pots of paint, glaze, sponge and a paint brush. All of these pieces of equipment allow the kids to make fantastic pots and makes this one of the best sets for kids.

This set is not only a good idea but a very beneficial one for your kids too as it allows them to learn new skills and improve on the ones they already have. For instance, as well as them being able to improve their concentration skills, they will also be able to know how to make different types of pottery and become more creative.

Finally, the whole set only weighs 1 pound which is fairly light and portable. The dimensions of it are 3.5 x 12.5 x 18 inches which is a good size for young kids hands. However, this can be a very dangerous piece of equipment which means it should always be played with under adult supervision. Also, it may be a little too complicated for some kids so it is recommended for kids between the ages of 8 to 12 years old.


  • Improves concentration and hands on skills as they will always have to be alert to what they’re doing
  • Can be a lot of fun and promote many different sculpting abilities


  • Requires batteries to be operated which means that it can potentially be toxic for kids and costly in the long run if batteries always need replacing.
  • Needs to keep buying more equipment to be used with which can be costly after a while.
  • The fast spinning wheel can be dangerous which means it can only be used under adult supervision

3. Wikki Stix Creative Activity Set Kids

This is an image of wikkii stix playset

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This set of kids activity set is really fun arts and crafts set for kids as it allows them to develop their use of hand skills much further without any complications. It is a product on the cheaper end of the market due to its simplicity.

These activity set can be used in any way to make any shape or any figure that a kid can think of. Inside the set, there is an eight-page book full of different ideas for them to copy just in case they don’t have any. Also, it comes with 84 sticks of different colors so there’s plenty to make many different characters from.

The best part about this award winning creative play set is that it doesn’t leave any mess behind so there is no need to clean up. However, it is still only recommended for kids between the ages of 3 and above and any child under could be tempted to eat them and can be dangerous. It is still recommended for an adult to be supervising their child at all times whilst they play with it.

All the sticks are as long as 30 cm each and are of high quality as they never dry out or crumble. Also, they do not snap easily by hand but can be easily cut by a pair of scissors.


  • Doesn’t create any mess which means you do not have to worry about cleaning up after them
  • Increases creativeness and promotes a healthy
  • Non-toxic and can be easily washed off hands so they do not leave the hands feeling sticky


  • Can be dangerous if put in the mouth as they can cause choking
  • kids can use them as weapons to fight with
  • Can be costly when they need replacing

4. JOYIN Face & Body Crayon Set For Kids

This is an image of face painting crayon set

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These face and body crayons are one of the most important pieces of equipment to have when you want to have arts and crafts projects for kids. This is because they are one of the most convenient to get and one of the most attractive kids coloring supplies you can get.

They are ideal for kids parties because a lot of children love to face paint. The wonderful thing about these coloring crayons specifically is that they are non-toxic and can be used for body painting as well as face painting. This brings a lot of safety into the activity at the same time.

In the pack, there are 24 different colors and are all 3 inches tall. They are very good to sensitive skin as they are extremely easy to use and do not require much pressure. Although this is a good thing, they’re still only recommended for children from the age of 3 years old and above.


  • Can be very entertaining
  • Easily washable and does not stick on for a long time
  • Very good for children parties
  • Affordable and convenient as they do not require anything else
  • Develops creative and artistic skills


  • Can be very dangerous if chewed on
  • Can be easily snapped

5. Toysmith Kids Tattoo Set

This is an image of kids tattoo pens

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This is a set of 6 different colored gel pens that can come in any different colors. They are made for kids to have fun with drawing different colored tattoos on themselves or each other.

The set also comes with 3 plastic stencils that all have different designs so that the kids get assisted in making the tattoos look as real as possible. Not to worry about these tattoos lasting a lifetime as they can be easily washed off and do not leave any marks or scars. However, they’re only recommended for 6 years old kids and above as they can be quite hard to use sometimes.

These pens are all 8.8 inches long which gives the kids grate amount of space to draw grab on and draw with. Also, the whole package weighs just 2.9 ounces meaning each individual pen must weigh much less than this. This is a good thing for the kids as it means their hands will not tire from holding the pen up for too long whilst giving each other tattoos.


  • High quality and non-toxic which so they’re really safe and can last for a long time
  • Easy to use and washable means they do not need to always be supervised when using these


  • Ink can finish which means they will need replacing
  • Kids can put them in their mouths
  • Not a large variety of colors included meaning there is a limited choice of tattoo designs to choose from

6. Tip Top Pottery Craft For Kids

This is an image of a pottery playset

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A pottery set is one of the best crafts for kids to do at home. It is a stationary piece of equipment that many kids find fascinating mainly due to the fast spinning and quick sculpting. It allows them to get their hands on the fast spinning sculpture without being told it is too dangerous for them.

This specific type of pottery brings a lot of fun for kids as it has all of the equipment needed to decorate ceramics vases, pots and much more. Inside the set, it has 2 paint pots, a paintbrush, 2 sculpting tools and 2 pounds of clay. All of these items can bring tons of fun and make potentially can any different sculpture as possible.

The pottery wheel is as big as 10.75 inches wide, 8.5 inches long and only 2.75 inches tall. This shows how small it is and how ideal it would be for little kids hand. Also, it is powered by 2 C batteries which are good as no long charging wires will be there to get in the way. However, It is only recommended for kids from the ages of 8 years and above as it can still be quite a complex piece of equipment.


  • Can be a very fun activity for a child to do
  • Very portable as it does not require charging cables and only uses batteries


  • When clay runs out, you need to keep buying more in order to keep sculpting which could be costly
  • Can be very messy if not supervised properly by an adult
  • Can potentially be dangerous if kids catch hanging items onto the wheel

7. Snazaroo Kids Face Paint

This is an image of snazaroo face paint

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This is a water-based painting which has been proven to be very fun art activities for kids at parties. They are the easiest to use and very delicate to the most sensitive skin there is.

The soft and paint brushes feel good when being used on the face so kids love to paint with these all the time. Also, the paint is as easy to wipe off as it is to put on which means they can be used over and over again just in case kids want to be a different character.

They give children a lot of jobs once they have been painted with them as it makes them feel like they’re a different character. This encourages roll play to be done in a much more fun way.

They are checked to be very safe and non-toxic for kids so you do not have to worry about what would happen if they licked the paint from their faces.

Dimensions: 7.9 x 1.3 x 10.6 cm

Weight: 0.64 ounces


  • Easily washable and do not cause a big mess
  • Very convenient and affordable for any types of arts and crafts projects for kids


  • Kids can be tempted to lick the paint as it may smell appealing

8. Double Sided Magnetic Easel Board

This is an image of two kids drawing on an art easel

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An Easel board is a really good piece of equipment because it encourages kids to be active. This one, in particular, does not only do this, but it also allows them to have a lot more fun together due to the types of games they can play with it too. For instance, they can pay a word guessing game as they will both be on the opposite side and not able to look at the opponent’s word.

It is a very strong board with 4 strong legs that do not wobble and comes with a chalkboard as well as a dry erase board. It also includes 94 pieces of foam magnet letters so they would have more than enough letters to spell the most complicated word that they can think of. This will potentially develop their spelling skills as well as their confidence in writing. As well as this, it comes with 2 easy removable storage trays.

The dimensions for it are 22.8 by 26.5 by 43.8 inches, therefore there is more than enough space to draw big pictures and have long words on the board. However, the one thing that you have to be cautious of is that it weighs 15.75 pounds. This means that it can be slightly heavy to lift, especially if it is going upstairs to the kid’s room. Also, it may potentially be dangerous if kids were to run around near it as they could hit it and it could fall on them.


  • It can cause very playful competition and bring a lot of fun
  • Kids are able to learn to spell and be more confident at writing
  • Has enough storage areas to hold as many pieces of equipment as possible
  • Can be kept for a long time as it is tall enough for kids to grow up and still be able to use


  • Does not come with any art supplies which means they will cost more to purchase
  • Kids can get tired of standing for a long time in one spot so it may not be used for long periods of playtime

9. Flip And Draw Kids Art Table

This is an image of a kids sitting and drawing

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The Flip and Draw easel is one of the most interesting piece of equipment for kids to have. This is because of all of the functions and features that it has to enable kids to have hours of fun with.

This specific easel table comes with different equipment to help the kids store their supplies and do their activity with. It molded trays to store pens and colors, cup holder, a very soft stool and magnetic flip board. Also, on the back, there are 2 large bins and 2 small bins to provide them with more storage area and a small bookshelf to keep books neatly stored too.

Although it requires an adult to assemble before it is used, it doesn’t have to be taken apart again after it’s been used. This allows more convenient for the kids because they can instantly go over to the table and just begin working and not have to call an adult to set the table for them first.

The full dimensions of this table are 29 by 23.8 by 26 inches which do not take up a lot of space in the child room. However, the actual drawing board itself is only 13 by 20 inches which means that a child between the ages of 2 and 8 years old would have a lot of space to sit and stand to draw. Also, it only weighs 18 lbs so you do not have to worry about getting it upstairs to their room as it is much lighter than it looks.

This is an image of a girl standing and drawing on a boardFinally, the word flip comes into play as this table is not just designed to be a drawing table as it can be flipped and transformed into a stand and draw easel. Just as you can see in the picture on the left, a child is able to remove the seat and draw on the board underneath the table. This does not just promote activeness in their activity, it also develops different types of cognitive skills.



  • High level of fun and activeness achieved from by this table
  • Has a lot of storage spaces for many different kids arts and crafts supplies
  • Gives a child an area specific for drawing and being creative and doesn’t have to always do this in different places
  • Can be used as sitting and standing which doesn’t tire legs when they use it for hours
  • Very convenient and easy to use for a child


  • Can cause injury if a child bumps into the leg of the table


Which Should Be The Most Easy Arts And Crafts For Kids?

The Wikki Stix was voted by us to be the easiest for kids to do because of how simple and convenient they are to use. They can be used by the youngest child and do not cause any mess afterward. We understand that kids make a lot of mess so this would be the easiest as they wouldn’t give you the trouble of cleaning up after them too. As well as them being easy, they are fairly cheap to afford too which means you can buy a lot of packets really and be able to create more or bigger characters.


This is an image of the wikki stix playset

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What Are The Best Arts And Crafts Kits For Kids?

We chose the Kids Drawing Table to be the best gift idea to give to kids because it simply has the most features on it which means it can bring the most fun to a kid. Also, most of the other items on our list can be used on this table too which makes sense it being the best to buy first. A lot of parents that have bought this table have also said that their kids would spend hours on this table. Therefore you will not regret buying it as you can be sure it will be put to good use.

This is an image of a boy sitting and drawing on a desk

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Which is the Best Christmas Arts And Crafts Pick?

The best set for kids that we think would be used at Christmas time is the Melissa and Doug Kids Standing Easel (number 1). This is purely because it can simply encourage a lot of different Christmas games to be played on by this as well as it being used for just drawings. For instance, the family can play guessing games such as Scribbl to allow more bonding at Christmas time.

This is an image of a boy drawing on an art easel

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