Best Toddler Costumes 2019

Isn’t it just adorable to see your toddler dressed up in a fancy costume? Whether its a costume for a boy or a girl it forever melts our hearts to see them walking around in cute different character costumes. So we thought to write this review to tell you about the best toddler costumes for you to try on them.

This is an image of a child wearing a Halloween costume

There are many different types of fancy costumes made to dress up your little ones in this generation. All of these fancy outfits are not only designed to look like different characters, but they are also made from different fabric and come with different accessories. In this day and age, you would find that the most common costumes for boys are superhero costumes whereas costumes for girls are princess costumes. Whichever costume is may be, we all have good ideas about the characters that we want them to dress up as. However, it is important to know that it can still cause many difficulties if you force them to wear costumes that are not adequate for them. In order to make sure the outfits are perfect for them, we have made you a small list of the features and details you should look out for that will make wearing the costume feel as good to them as you feel when you watch them in it.

  1. Size – The size of the costume matters the most because its one thing to look funny in a dress-up outfit, but it is definitely not worth looking stupid in an oversized one. Also, it may be uncomfortable for them to be dressed in an outfit too small for them the whole day.
  2. Material – The material is a really important feature to look out for because the most important thing is for your child to feel comfortable in the outfit that they wear. Some material could be too rough for their sensitive skin and could give them bad marks from wearing the costume for too long.
  3. Character – No one would like to dress up in a character that they do not like or feel comfortable to look like. Although you have the final say, it would still not make you look good as a parent to dress up your young boy in a princess costume.
  4. Accessories – A lot of costumes come with their accessories which are necessary to add the finishing touches to the costume. For instance, a fairy costume for girls wouldn’t look complete without wings, a crown or a wand.
  5. Type – It is important to buy your toddler the right type of costume for the occasion that you intend to make them wear it for. For example, it would not feel comfortable to be dressed as a stuffed animal on Halloween and it would be better to dress them up as something scarier.

Best Toddler Costumes 

We will now begin our list of the best play costumes for young children. We hope the wide range meets your expectations and you find the perfect one for your child. They have been arranged in a random order as they are all different types and not judged based on their features. Except we have tried to begin with one of the favorite for boys and one for girls. Enjoy!

Batman Superhero Costume


This is an image of a boy in a batman costume

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As previously mentioned, Superhero costumes are among the most popular dress up costumes for boys. Toddlers go crazy when they get to dress up as the character that they look up to and get to pretend to be them. The fact that actual fictional superheroes also wear costumes to disguise themselves mean that toddlers can actually feel like the costume is their actual superhero costume too.

Everyone knows that Batman uses a high tech hard protective bodied superhero suit. But unlike the real Batman suit, this one for toddlers is designed to be delicate to your little one’s bodies. This is because it is made from soft polyester material to add more comfort and a more muscular look.

The design is made to look as real as the actual suit in the cartoons with really professional artwork done to it. Also included to complete the look is a printed utility belt, Arm Guards, the Batman mask to hide their identity and a detachable cape. With an easy Velcro clip on, this cape is designed to be safe for your toddler’s necks just in case it was to get tangled up with something when they have it on.

We just want to make sure you know that it is a complete body suit that will cover your child from neck to ankles. Therefore it would be perfect as a toddlers Halloween costume because it can keep them warm everywhere. Also, it can be machine washed but only to the settings shown on the costume tag so you can avoid ruining it.

This costume comes in different sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your toddler but it is only recommended for children up to the age of 5 years.


Girls Princess Costume


This sis an image of a toddler dressed in a pink princess outfit

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If you’re a mother then most likely you’re a woman who definitely knows how it feels when you’re having insecurities about yourself. And if you do not want your little girl to go through the same thing then the best costume for girls to prevent this is a princess fancy dress.

Not only does it boost their self-esteem, but a princess dress is the most popular costume for little girls play parties. And this sparkling princess costume comes with all the features it needs to make your young girl stand out from the rest of them at any party.

We start from the bottom with this fancy girls costume as it has a wonderful round lacy material skirt. This is not just good to look different but it is also perfect to keep their legs warm as the correct fit is designed to covers all the way down to their feet.

Next, we move onto the top half and it is made from polyester material to keep their bodies warm and comfy. The best thing about the design of this girls play dress is the wide attached collar that goes all the way around their necks. It brings the uniqueness into the dress as you wouldn’t expect many other girls to wear such amazing princess dressed.

A lot of princess dresses for girls usually have short arms but this one has long and comfortable arms to best protect their sensitive skin. In order to help keep the dress fit tightly, it has a stylish golden band around the waist. This also helps to make the golden outer lines of the arms and collar stand out and look better.

Finally, it comes with its own golden wand and glittery crown which will definitely make other girls jealous. Just be careful not to put them in the washing machine with the dress itself as they aren’t supposed to be washed but the dress can. Simply follow the instructions on the tag to wash it perfectly without causing any damage to the costume.

Toddler Halloween Bat Costume


This is an image of a toddler in a bat costume

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Having trouble finding the right Halloween costume for your child? Then why don’t you transform your cute and innocent toddler into a scary bat this year. This adorable baby bat outfit is one that all parents have said made their toddler look really cute and scary for Halloween.

It is made from high quality polyester material from head to toe so that it can stop your child from getting cold on Halloween. All parents know that it can be tricky to try and get toddlers into their outfits, therefore this one is made with a simple zip going down the back for easy access.

It is a one piece outfit meaning the top and bottom halves are joined together. However, they have incorporated a snap opening at the bottom for easy access when trying to change your baby or if they need to go to the toilet.

In order to add to the comfort and complete the look of this toddler Halloween costume, it comes with a bat-eared hoodie. This hoodie also helps to keep the ears and head warm when they’re outside on a cold Halloween night as it is made from warm polyester. As well as this, the wings you see are detachable so you don’t have to worry about your child being uncomfortable when leaning or sitting on something.

As for the feet, it has hard drip underneath to help them keep their balance when walking. In all, this children’s costume is made to be really comfortable for kids at all times, even if they decide to take a nap in it. Having the right fit enables them to be safe from any discomfort whilst sleeping. Click on the link above to check out the different sizes and measurements of it.


Baby Elephant Costume


This is an image of a toddler in a blue elephant costume

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This Elephant play costume is one of the best costumes for young kids to look cute in. Everyone loves Elephants right? Imagine actually dressing up your child as an Elephant and watching them run around the living room.

First of all, these children Elephant costumes come in a variety of sizes to fit any child up to the age of 3 years old. Don’t worry if the perfect size seems slightly loose as it is designed to fit like that to give you the option of making them wearing other clothing underneath it. This means it is perfect to keep them warm on cold Halloween nights too.

It is a one piece outfit for toddlers which is a good thing because you wouldn’t have to worry about finding different parts when you want to dress your child in it. You simply get them in and out through the secure zipper located at the front of the suit. This makes it easy for toilet or nappy changing access.

It is designed to cover all of their body except their hands, feet and face with the option to show their full head by the hoodie. This hoodie is the face of the Elephant with perfectly stitched on eyes, big padded ears and a long padded trunk. In order to complete the Elephant look, it has a tail at the back.

Do not worry about damaging it after one wash as it is designed to be washed by a washing machine. Just make sure to follow the washing instructions provided and you can rewash it for as long as you want without causing it to lose its shape.

One last thing that we want to make you aware of is that the manufacturer of this Elephant play costume also makes costumes of other animals in this same way. Therefore if you do not really fancy your children dressing up as Elephants, then there are plenty other types of animals costumes for children to choose from. You can view these by clicking the link above.

Toddler Ninjas Stealth Costume


This is an image of a child in a ninja costume

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Everyone always loves the idea of a ninja when they first begin to witness one in films or cartoons. Not just because of the cool fighting scenes they watch them in, but mainly because of the fancy mysterious stealthy suit.

This Ninja suit for toddlers is designed especially for the purpose of making your child feel good in disguise. It does not only help to make them feel good but also potentially increases their confidence as they feel that nobody knows who they are under the mask.

It is a complete jumpsuit for toddlers made from strong polyester material all the way through. The good thing about it is that the mask is detached which allows more convenience when putting it on and taking it off.

It also includes an attached molded chest armor piece, two armband ties for the hands and a belt with foam ninja stars to complete the ninja look. The fact that it is a mysterious costume with a mask that hides the whole face except the eyes allows this to be a costume for young boys and girls.

One thing we must warn you about is to be careful of your little one’s feet as it does not come with attached ninja shoes. Therefore it would be fine to make them wear socks with this costume indoors but when they go outside you should get them to use shoes.

Give this toddler costume to a child as a gift and they will love you forever.


Melissa and Doug Toddler Fire Fighter Costume


This is an image of a toddler in a firefighter costume

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We have mentioned fictional superhero costumes for toddlers but we have not yet mentioned actual real life heroes that exist among us. These Fire Fighter children play costumes by Melissa and Doug is one of the best there is. It is not only designed to make kids pretend to be a firefighter but also potentially make them want to think about that as a career.

It is made from really high quality polyester and cotton materials that provide as much safety to kids as possible. Also, with an included hi-viz effect to be seen at night times. After all, fighting with fire isn’t an easy task to accomplish.

The full set comes with a safety jacket, fire extinguisher, horn, helmet and a badge. It can also have a name tag slot that can be reused in order to distinguish who’s jacket it is even if it was to be passed down to other children.

The fire extinguisher is only for added imagination whereas the bullhorn actually makes realistic sound effects when pressed, although it does require two AA batteries for this to work. These pieces of equipment can easily be placed on the utility belt for convenience when traveling.

Finally, it can simply stick it in the washing machine like a normal piece of clothing in order to wash it. Although you must follow the washing instructions (included) set by the manufacturers in order to avoid damage.


Moana Costume for Young Girls


This is an image of a princess moana girls costume

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We know we have already mentioned a princess costume for toddlers earlier, however, this is a completely different type of princess dress. We had to add a dress from a famous Disney princess too. Moana is a Disney Princess with an island girl style as she is always seen wearing this two piece girls dress.

The Moana outfit for girls is really unique because of the style and patterns it has on it. It has a unique digital print on the top with a matching skirt. The fact that it is made from smooth and light fabric with many openings means that it is designed to be worn inside or in warm places and not out on a cold Halloween night.

We understand that some parents may not feel comfortable to have any part of their children’s body revealed in a costume. However, the perfect fit with this dress will not show any inappropriate parts and also, they can easily be hidden by light clothes underneath.

It is very well stitched with ruffle sleeves and has a square collar to give it a clean elegant look. This means that it can be used as an everyday piece of clothing as well as a fancy dress party costume for girls. It would make the best gift for 1 year old girls to 10 year old girls.


Toddler Astronaut Costume


This is an image of a child in an astronaut costume

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We know that a lot of children love to play with rockets and spaceships to try and escape the world in their imagination. So why not buy this spaceman outfit for toddlers to dress up as an actual astronaut and be able to widen their imagination.

This NASA Space costume for children is designed as the exact replica of the real one you would find at famous museums around the world. It is a one piece outfit which is easy to dress into with by one long simple zipper.

The Astronaut play costume has all the precise details in order to make it look realistic. This includes all the patches and collar padding that real space suits have. Also, it has the shoulder and waist harness straps to give it a tighter fit.

The full set includes the outfit and just the space cap but does not be fooled by its appearance as it is designed to be a play space suit for girls and boys. However, the sizes go up to adult sizes which means even older people can buy this costume.

Finally, it is easily machine washable but must be turned inside out first which makes sense so the patches and padding don’t get damaged.


To conclude this article, we believe that it is a really good and fun idea to dress up your toddlers. And for the parents who have not yet done so, we would really encourage that you try it to see how it makes you feel. You should just be careful not to overdo it so that it impacts your children negatively. Read below to understand some of the advantages and disadvantages that it may cause.



Benefits and Drawbacks of Dressing Up Your Toddlers

Although it may be hard to see them, there are actually many benefits that come with dressing up your little ones. However, in order to achieve these, you must also think about the disadvantages that dressing up can cause too. We have listed and briefly explained some of these below to ensure you understand them properly.


  1. Develops imagination – By dressing as a different character, toddlers are able to feel more part of their imagination instead of just have it all in their heads. This encourages them to want to imagine new things so they can feel different and enjoy being in different situations.
  2. Encourages role play – Sometimes children can get bored of playing the same games or with the same toys over and over again. By giving them different little kids fancy dress costumes, they will undoubtedly find ways to play a different character all the time.
  3. Reduces insecurity – You may be thinking that this wouldn’t be appropriate for toddlers but some young ones begin to understand early about the difference between pretty and ugly. TIn order to prevent them from feeling ugly, they may want to be dressed up.
  4. Improves motor skills – Once the costume goes on, it has the ability to make children feel like a completely different person in their minds. Therefore they would feel like they can do more actions and movements which they wouldn’t usually do. This enables them to develop the use of their limbs.
  5. Improves confidence – A lot of toddlers can begin to feel as if they lack the ability to be as good as their friends at a task. This can sometimes only be due to the fact they don’t believe in themselves. Therefore a different costume can help to make them feel like they can do things that they can’t usually do as themselves.


  1. Taking it to far – It can cause children to misbehave and feel superior to their parents due to the level of confidence boost they feel in a different childs play costume.
  2. Time Limit – They can end up feeling like they do not want to go back to being their regular selves as they do not feel good about themselves anymore. This can eventually lead to sadness or depression, therefore it is essential to limit the time they play with their costumes.
  3. Only outfit – A lot of toddlers become addicted really quickly to something they enjoy. With the level of joy that they would get from these children dress up outfits, they may not ever want to wear any other clothes. Although this can be humorous sometimes, it can also become exhausting trying to get them to change into normal clothes all the time.

Best Overall Fancy Costume for Toddlers

Of course, it may not come as a shock to some of you that we chose the fancy Batman toddler outfit to be the best overall costume. This is mainly due to the popularity of amazing superhero costumes for toddlers. The fact that we chose the incredible Batman costume means that this is definitely the one that all male toddlers would love to have. Batman is among the best of the best superheroes in the DC Universe meaning he is one of the first that all toddlers begin to learn about. The fact that this toddler boy costume comes with a mask will definitely inspire all toddlers to role play and become heroes in their own way. The mask covers enough of the face to not know the identity of the person wearing it which also helps to make them feel more like a completely different character when they wear it.

This is an image of a boy in a batman costume

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