10 Best Toddler Beds

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You might be wondering why Beds for toddlers are important to buy. Especially when the only thing they do on it is sleep right? Well, in this article we have put together ten of the best toddler beds you can find and we have also explained their unique use to an ordinary bed for children.

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Benefits of Buying Toddler Beds

Making a child fall asleep on their own bed is sometimes actually more challenging than it may appear. This is mainly because of not wanting to be alone in their room when they still have a lot of energy to exert. The most common benefit of having a specific bed for toddlers is that they can also use is as a comfortable and safe place to play on and burn their energy. Once they become tired, they can then fall asleep on it without any problems.

However, this list includes as many different types of toddler beds as you can think of just in case you have a child that has a routine of falling asleep in different situations. For instance, it would be best to buy a comfy pillow childrens bed if you have a child that usually falls asleep whilst watching tv in the living room. This will ultimately prevent them from always falling asleep on you.

10 Best Toddler Beds

Below we begin the list of the most bought beds for children that come in many different styles with different functions. From children folding beds, to frameless beds for kids and even different themes children beds.

Dream On Me Convertible Children Bed


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Versatility is always good. This toddler convertible bed from Dream On Me is exactly that. Its design allows for a three-fold system, with each and every one of them functioning quite well to suit child needs. The convertibility goes from a single bed, to two child-size chairs/sofa and to a table. THis means your child is able to sit, sleep and play all on this bed.

Its design is chic with a sleigh style that provides close proximity to the ground, limiting the chances of a fall high up from the frame. It’s ergonomically friendly and promotes safety without suffering in aesthetic or design.

This convertible toddler bed is a cool first bed for kids, although it is best to be mindful of the wooden frame. It can potentially cause harm to them if they were to run into it full force so we would recommend that you best place this bed as far into a corner as possible. This would then reduce the possibilities of accidents happening from different sides.


Disney Cars Toddler 


This is an image of a cars themed bed for kids

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This bed celebrates the wonderful Disney movie Cars. Its wooden design is modeled after beloved character, Lightning McQueen. It’s an absolute gem and is perfect for any young lover of the film to use their imagination and pretend to race with their bed.

It has colorful graphics that truly resemble a car. The frame is built in a way where it doesn’t sit uncomfortably high off the ground, and the walls on each side of the bed are high enough to promote safety. This prevents them from falling off the bed as they roll overnight.

As a child bed with rails and a nice design, there isn’t much to dislike about this bed. It’s a fun bed that will inspire a toddler to sleep in his or her bed for the first time. However, one fact about it is that it does not have any space underneath which children usually love to use to hide under. Although this may also be a good thing as they wouldn’t be sacred f any scary monsters coming from under the bed.


KidKraft Fire Truck Bed for Toddlers


This is an image of a truck themed bed

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Imagination is one of the greatest things that set apart a young mind with his or her contemporaries. This KidKraft toddler bed designed in the shape of a fire engine will allow for the creative senses to come out in the young one.

From pretending to be a firefighter, to simply enjoying an imaginative truck driving experience, this kids fire truck bed will satisfy them all. KidKraft long ago aspired to design beds that inspired kids play and imagination. This bed will make them feel like a hero.

It also has a convenient storage compartment in the front with ladder cut-outs on the side that double as guard rails. Finally, the bright red design of the truck will make any child attracted to get into their own bed when feeling sleepy and not wanting to fall asleep anywhere they feel like.


Disney Princess Canopy Bed


This is an image of a pink disney princess toddler bed

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This bed is bold and is perfect in the category of toddler beds for girls. Its bright pink color with a hanging canopy speaks luxury, even if designed for young ones. This bed was designed for a night of deep sleep without any nervous feelings of being attacked by an imaginary monster or simply any scary insects.

Inspired by Disney princesses, this bed has spunk. It features two guard rails on each side and the aforementioned canopy. It can hold up to 50 pounds and will get the imagination going.


Floor Pillow Napping Bed


This is an image of soft frameless pillow beds

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This toddler travel bed is perfect at doing just that, being easily maneuvered from room to room, offering a cozy spot to rest while playing games or listening to a bed-time story.

This pillow bed is perfect for those first transitioning to the idea of having his or her own first-bed. It sits right on the floor, so one doesn’t have to fear to fall from a high area. It’s super lightweight and easy.


Convertible Crib Bed With Guard Rail


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The transition from crib to a bed is made simpler through this design by Hiccapop. And there’s a kicker, the installation is so easy that tools aren’t needed for the process. The convertible bed rail is safe, something that every person looking for a bed for their young one should deem necessary.

The bed comes equipped with an easy access fold-down rail, a secure latching system to ensure the child doesn’t fall from it and quality that is durable. The safety rail system in this bed is made out of steel clamps that won’t slip out of place. This bed is convenient and easily converts from a crib to a childs bed.


Disney Mickey Mouse Tent Bed


This is an image of a disney mickey mouse toddler bed

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Delta Children is at it again with this Mickey Mouse themed tent that also doubles as a childs bed. Toddler beds for boys can often be difficult to choose from. Sure, there are options but one wants a safe and exciting option for their toddler.

This bed is exciting as it is practical. It will inspire a sense of adventure as its design resembles a tent. Its headboard and footboard are filled with colorful designs inspired by Mickey Mouse. It sits low to the ground with safety guard rails on each side. The tent fits easily over the bed, making for a fun time.


Inflatable Toddler Traveling Bed


This is an image of a portable inflatable travelling toddler bed

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This bed is perfect for road trips or camping trips where a traditional bed can’t easily be accessed. It fills with air and sits directly on the ground. It serves a variety of purposes and is both safe and comfortable.

The vinyl material in this bed holds air well, leaving your toddler with comfort throughout the night. It is convenient and can easily be filled with air when the time to sleep has arrived.


Portable Travel Bumper Bed


This is an image if a portable hard board bed for toddlers

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Another portable toddler bed that is both convenient and safe. Milliard designed this bed to be able to fold up for travel, allowing it to be portable on road trip or visits to the in-laws. You can also store items inside the compartments while it is folded.

This bed isn’t simply known for its portability, however, it is also made to be very comfortable and safe even though it may not look like it. It has soft bumpers that allow the child to sleep in the bed and not roll onto the floor. It sits low to the ground and provides a soft material perfect for a night’s sleep.


Pink Disney Minnie Mouse Bed


This is an image of a pink pinnie mouse toddler bed

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Inspired by the iconic Minnie Mouse, this 3-D bed is friendly on the eyes. It has two attached guard rails for safety and a sturdy steel frame. The colorful graphics make for an inviting place for a toddler to make the transition from a crib to a bed.

The assembly is easy and is perfect for a child up to 50 pounds. Each and every transition to a bed has its challenges, but this chic design inspired by the wonderful Minnie Mouse will be an inspiration.



What We Recommend

The bed for kids that we would recommend you to buy for your child is the Dream On Me Convertible Children Bed (number 1). We chose this bed on purpose as it is the one which is the most stable with eight and provides the most safety of them all. Another really important fact about it is that it can be unisex therefore you can keep it for a long time so that your next children can use it no matter which child you have next.

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Best Budget Toddler Bed

The bed for children that would be the best one to buy if you are on a budget is the Floor Pillow Napping Bed (number 5). The reason for this is because it is amongst the cheapest ones but also provide as much comfort as any of the more expensive ones. Also, it is the one which is the most convenient to use and store in your home. However, some parents may want to have an actual frame of the bed instead of having the children sleep on the floor which means it would be better to go for one with a frame such as the Disney Mini Mouse Bed (Number 10).

This is an image of soft frameless pillow beds

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