Best Easter Toys for Toddlers

The festive Easter holidays are approaching and you have no new toy ideas to keep your toddler busy. Sometimes it’s hard to know what new toys or activities for toddlers are trending, especially the toys with an Easter theme. Simply follow this guide if you want to know the best easter toys for toddlers that are popular in 2019.

This is an image of wooden Easter egg toys in a circle

For some people, Easter is a holy time where they believe and celebrate Jesus coming back to life from the dead. This time has been celebrated for centuries by people of the Christian religion and is still very much known until this day. The celebrations are similar to Christmas where families get together for feasts and exchange gifts as they enjoy each other’s companies due to the closure of many educational and workplaces.

In order to symbolize the resurrection of Jesus, Christians have an Easter lily to which is a type of flower that they usually use to decorate homes and churches during this time. Another famous Symbol on this holy time is an Easter egg which is supposed to represent the empty tomb that Jesus was put in where he later disappeared. Also, now you can find that they have an Easter bunny which is just to show which type of egg it is.

As for other people who do not have the same beliefs, they tend to use this time to either take the time to go on holidays or simply just spend some quality time with their families. There is a risk of these moments eventually become boring for toddlers if they do not have anything interesting to play with. Therefore we have this list of toys for Easter holidays that your kids can engage in to prevent this from happening.

Difference Between Regular and Easter Toys for Toddlers

You may be wondering what the difference is between a regular toddler toy and an Easter toy for toddlers is. Well, to begin with, a regular toy is designed in a way to keep a child entertained or develop their educational skills. Whereas an Easter toy is not only made to keep a toddler busy but also to make them understand the concept of Easter and how important it is to the believers. Usually, the types of toys that you should expect to be associated with Easter are bunnies, eggs and lilies which are the symbols of this holy day as mentioned previously. Unlike regular toys which can be of any shape and for any purpose.

10 Best Easter Toys for Toddlers

Have a look underneath to see our idea of the best toys to give toddlers for Easter. You might already know what kind of Easter toys to expect but we can assure you that it will be worth your time to read. Besides, even if they do not meet your fancy, they will always be able to open your mind to different Easter gift ideas for toddlers.

Classic Easter Treats Basket


This is an image of an easter treat basket with a stuffed bunny

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This very attractive and packed with goods Easter gift basket is one that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. It does not only include a precious plush Easter bunny toy for kids but also has masses of treats and Easter chocolate for toddlers to enjoy.

All children enjoy eating candy and other treats which would make this a great present for toddlers. To name a few of the treats you should expect this Easter gift set for children to include, are hard milk chocolate Easter bunnies, marshmallow people figures and the popular jelly beans.

To find out the rest of the treats that come with this basket full of toddler easter treat then click onto the Amazon link above. Although we would like to warn you to be careful about how much candy you let your children consume due to having a sugar rush or potential illnesses.


Hatchimals Easter Spring Basket


This is an image of Easter eggs and small animals in a basket

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The Hatchimals Easter Spring Basket is a set of egg toys for young children to collect and play with. It consists of 6 different eggs toys with small animal figures inside that children can pretend to hatch and play with.

It is an Easter toy that is mainly designed for girls as the basket is pink and yellow with flowers and a love heart on the handle. Inside the basket, there are different egg storage compartments for the eggs to sit on after hatching.

To hatch an animal, your child simply rubs the purple heart on the egg until it changes color. Then she has to press it to hatch and find out which animal she managed to collect. There are up to twelve different animals to collect so let the hunt begin!

This children easter toy set is not intended for any children under the age of 3 years to get their hands on as it consists of small pieces. They can be very dangerous if consumed.


Easter Coloring Activity Book


This is an image of a childs coloring book for easter

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Are you a parent who has lots of families that attend your household on Easter? If so then you must be looking for activities to keep the children busy whilst the adults can enjoy each other’s company. This Easter Colouring book is the perfect Easter gift for young children to be kept busy with.

Inside of it are fifty pages of different coloring images and activities which all have an Easter theme to it. Some of these images include Easter bunnies, Easter egg designs and simply some images of springtime.

All the pages are one-sided so in order to avoid colors showing on an image from the other side. This means the pages can also be torn and done by different children at the same time to give them an Easter coloring challenge. Once they have completed their masterpiece, the images can also be cut out and framed to remember the moment by. This would make a great classroom activity for toddlers.

As for the activities, they range from mazes in order to challenge your childs mind to spot the difference so they can learn how to distinguish between things and many more. This means it is a very good way to train your childs mind ready for nursery.


JOYIN Musical Egg Shakers


This is an image of musticolored wooden eggs toys

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Here you have a set of twelve musical wooden Easter eggs designed for toddlers amusement. They are all no bigger than 3 inches tall and 2 inches wide. At this size, they can perfectly fit in the hands of all toddlers but too big to fit in their mouths which makes then safe for young children to play with.

Each egg has a different color and design on the outside so they can easily be differentiated. As for the inside, they are all filled with sand so you can hear it rattle when you shake it. Your child is able to make them rattle and make a rhythm out of it for as long as they want as they do not require any batteries.

They also make the best Easter Egg hunt toys for children to use at home or in a classroom at school. Click on the Amazon link above to find out more.


Hide and Squeak Chirping Bird Eggs


This is an image of a box of Easter egg toys with colored birds inside

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The Hide and Squeak Bird Eggs are fun and educational toys for toddlers during Easter. It is a simple set of six different colored toy birds inside eggshells. In order to make the birds chirp, your toddler has to make them hatch and press them gently.

The educational part of this toy is the different color recognition that your child will improve on. Also, underneath each egg, there is a different shape that fits into its own space in the egg box. This will allow your child to recognize different shapes when they begin to sort out the eggs.

Play the hide and speak game with your babies by hiding the birds in the shells and making them guess which one’s which. It may seem like a simple game but we can assure you that toddlers never get tired of playing it.


‘It’s not Easy Being a Bunny’ Book


This is an image of the its not a easy being a bunny book

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This is a toddler reading book written by Marilyn Sadler and Roger Brollen which is made perfect for beginners. It is one that all children should be encouraged to read on Easter day not only to practice their reading skills but to also understand the importance of bunnies on Easter.

It is written in very short, sharp, repetitive and easy to read words so that they can follow it along without any problems. The words are simple and have images that give clues to what they mean so children can read by themselves.

The book tells a story of a bunny names P.J FunnyBunny who is on the search to find a different lifestyle to live. Therefore he tries to copy other animals and their lifestyles such as a bear, a bird, pigs and so on. Upon realizing that all the other animal lifestyles are much worse than he anticipated, he eventually comes to the conclusion that being a bunny is the best lifestyle for him.

Click over on the Amazon link to read comments from other parents who have previously bought this children Easter reading book


Easter Hen Eggs Stacking Musical Toddler Toy


This is an image of a hen toy with small chicken eggs

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This Musical Hen and Chick Toy is really great for kids to play with and learn at the same time. It is supposed to be a hen carrying six of its eggs on it’s back which have different colored chicks inside once they hatch. The Hen acts like a vehicle with four wheels underneath it for your toddlers to pull and push along the baby chicks in.

The chicks are all in different colors to make them attractive and teach children to notice different colors. Also, they each play up to six different songs when they are put into their position on the hens back.

As well as this, the hen also plays five different sounds. To activate the sounds you simply have to touch the sensors that are on its beak and the tail.

Don’t worry if the sounds start to annoy you as you can simply reduce the volume of it so it isn’t too loud. It is powered by three AA batteries which means you do not require any additional charging cables with it.


Oatmeal Bunny Blanket


This is an image of childrens bunny blanket

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We know that Easter always lands in spring, hence why the bunnies and hens are popular animals during this period. However, although it usually warm during springtime, there are some places in the world where it actually can still be cold for a little while longer.

This is why we have chosen to include this bunny blanket on our list of best Easter toys for toddlers. The main reason is that it is bunny themed which means that you can even use it as a toddler costume to make them look like a bunny.

It is stuffed in the head but not the body which can make this toddler blanket be used as a toy.  The head has embroidered eyes so they will not fall off to cause the bunny to look scary for children. And also it is made from really soft and warm fabric which can potentially make your children never stop cuddling it.

As it is made to be 10 inches long and 13 inches wide, it is long enough to cover the full body of a toddler aged 1 to 3 years. Just make sure to wash with cold water on the gentle cycle mode in the washing mashing. This is so it does not ruin the material and so they do not start itching from it being used too much without a wash.


Peppa Pig Easter Egg Hunt Book for Toddlers


This is an image of the peppa pig easter egg hunt book

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Why not introduce your toddler to the Easter egg hunt game that they inevitably come to play in school at some point. And what is a better way to do this than with this Peppa Pig Easter Egg Hunt Book for toddlers. It simply makes your toddler join Peppa and her friends to find chocolate Easter eggs that have been set up by her grandpa pig. Along the way they get are introduced to hatching baby chicks that they will also begin to acknowledge about Easter. This can make a great story time book for toddlers and an even better sleeping book on Easter day.


Personalized Plush Easter Baskets


This is an image of two plush bunny goody baskets

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Finally, we have chosen to give you a simple but very high quality plush Easter basket for toddlers to put their gifts in. It makes the perfect tool to use for Easter egg hunt games or to keep their chocolate Easter eggs in.

The best thing about these bags is that they can be personalized as you can add an embroidered name to it if you wish. This can make this Easter gift become more personal which should be more appreciated by the receiver. However, the only drawback to it is that it only comes in two different colors as you can see in the image above. Although these colors are made to suit a boy and girl Easter present.

They are made from high quality polyester material designed with cute embroidered smiley bunny faces, a ribbon and long floppy ears. The handle is also made from soft material so they can never hurt their hands on it.

Although it is made to be soft and cute, it is also very large and sturdy so it can last them for many years. It measures 7 and a half inches tall with an 11 inch opening. As for the handle, it is also 7 and a half inches long and the floppy ears are 12 and a half inches long. This would make a good lifetime Easter basket for toddlers that can be passed on to the younger siblings as they grow up.



What Is The Best Easter Gift for Toddlers To Be Kept Busy With?

It is no surprise to some of you that we have chosen the coloring book to be the best present to keep toddlers busy on Easter. This is because a coloring book is known to make young children get distracted for hours no matter the occasion. As this one has an Easter theme to it, it becomes very good at distracting whilst teaching them about the festive day at the same time. Also, with many different activities of different challenge levels for them to take part in, you can almost guarantee that they will not disturb you for a long while. On the other hand, it is also great for ideas on how to bond with them during the time off you usually get from worplaces.

This is an image of a childs coloring book for easter

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What Is The Most Traditional Toddler Easter Toy? 

Although some people may believe different, we believe that the most traditional Easter toy and gift for toddlers in the Classic Easter Gift Basket. It is quite clear why we have chosen this, due to it being the only one with chocolates and other treats included in the set. We know that alll toddlers love to play with toys but there is nothing that a toddler loves more than to much on tastey treats. Also, it is common to see children eating chocolate Easter eggs and candy during this time more than it is to see them playing with toys. This means if you are out of luck on finding the right toy that would look appropriate for Easter then you can never go wrong with this one.


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