Best Dinosaur Toys for Toddlers 2019

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Toddler toys range from many different types with many different designs. However, dinosaur toys for young children have become increasingly popular over the years due to an increased interest in dinosaur films. Having a toy dinosaur for a child is now seen as a must-have among their toy collection because of how cute they are made to look. This article will not only show you the different types of toy dinosaurs there are but we have also given you 10 examples of the best dinosaur toys for toddlers.

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What are the Benefits of Toddlers Dinosaur Toys

Dinosaurs have been among the most popular species that humans love to talk about for a while. Although they were around millions of years ago, there are so many people who are still so interested in them. This makes people want to make many different types of toy dinosaurs for toddlers to play with. By doing this, they aim to make toddlers understand what types of species they were so that they will continue to be acknowledged by the generations to come.

Types of Toy Dinosaur for Toddlers

Dinosaur playing toys are now designed in many different ways in order to meet the preferences of different children. For example, there are some children dinosaur toys that are made out of soft plush material designed for toddlers to cuddle and sleep with. But the most popular dinosaur toys for children are interactive ones such as the Talking Dinosaur toy (number 4) we have on our list. These are designed to distract young children whilst teaching them how to speak or interact with other people.

Facts about the Most Popular Dinosaurs

  1. Tyrannosaurus Rex – Other words, known as the T-Rex Dinosaurs are the most popular amongst them all. They walk on two long legs and have two really short arms that are practically useless. They had the possibility to grow up to 42 feet long from their heads to tails.
  2. Velociraptor – This was a much smaller version of the T-Rex with a possible body length of up to 6 feet long and nearly two feet long. Unlike the T-Rex, they had slightly longer arms that they could actually use to fight with their pray.
  3. Triceratops – Dinosaurs shaped like a rhino but with 3 Horns in order to protect themselves from predators such as the T-Rex. They can grow up to 26 feet long and 10 feet tall whilst weighing between 6 to 12 tons.
  4. Brachiosaurus – These are similar to Triceratops in the way they walk but have 2 longer legs at the front and shorter ones at the back. They have really long necks that make their size range up to 85 feet long. They are believed to be vegetarians so they were not hunters buy sometimes prays.
  5. Spinosaurus – Spinosaurus were known to be larger but similarly shaped to a T-Rex with a spine shaped fin on its back. They could grow up to 49 feet long but unlike the T-Rex, its front arms were slightly longer which allowed it to sometimes used them to crawl with.

Best Dinosaur Toys for Toddlers 2019

We will now begin showing you our list of the best toy dinosaur for young children. These will include some of the five most popular dinosaurs so that you can have an idea of what they were supposed to look like. This list of toddler dino toys is not arranged in any specific order but has the ones that are favorites of other children. We hope this will assist you in deciding which toy dinosaur to give to your child as a gift.

1# Plush Dinosaur Volcano House 

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The Pretex Dinosaur Volcano House with five Plush Dinosaurs figures is great for kids to play around with. It is a plush, volcano-shaped carrier for the small dinosaurs toys. These are made to be for a child to easily transport around in the most comfortable way as they are made with soft, comforting material.

This toddler dinosaur playset comes with five plush dinosaurs designed with intricate detail to look different from one another. The opening of the volcano house is a zipper, easily opened by a child and designed big enough to not easily get tangled up with the baby’s clothes.

The dino toys found inside this are also designed with the highest quality and accuracy to look exactly like the dinosaur it is supposed to be. This dinosaur volcano carrier bag comes with a convenient carrying handle to fit comfortably in the palms of a toddler. Although the recommended age for this product is 18 months and up which means you should consider this before letting your child put their hands on it.


2# Dancing Dino

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This toy for toddlers is to help begin the learning journey through a remote control Dancing Dino way. It is by far one of the best dino toys for children due to its interactive functions. As well as it being a remote controlled dinosaur that walks, the functions also include talking, dancing, singing, and playing music.

Your child will not only be amazed but they the songs and music will also keep them engaged for hours whilst teaching them important characteristic skills at the same time.

There are two modes to the toy: Let’s Learn Mode and Action Mode. The ‘Action Mode’ is the playful dino toy which basically makes the dino just begin to do all the active actions so that your child can follow it around. The ‘Let’s Learn Mode’ is where the toy becomes a teacher for your toddler, covering the ABC’s and other instructional learning techniques.

The item requires three AA batteries and two AA batteries for the remote in order to operate. Due to this, some parents may class this toy as toxic, although there have not been any incidents with it in the past. However, we do recommend you only give this toy to children who are two years and older.


3# Giant Stuffed T-Rex Dinosaur 

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At number three, we have for you the Giant Plush Dinosaur T-Rex Toys for young children. It is set to stand at an amazing 24 inches high and designed to be a soft and cuddly T-Rex toy for your child to conveniently transport around.

This toy makes one of the most perfect Christmas gifts for toddlers as it can be used to cuddle up with during the cold winter nights of Christmas. Some parents even use it as a storytelling object for toddlers during other festive holidays such as Halloween as a dinosaur is seen as a scary type of creature.

You can argue that the details on this toy dino for toddlers is not so realistic, but this is insignificant to the size and shape it is manufactured at. All children can immediately tell what this toy is designed to be even though it does not have the most realistic look to it.

This item is easily washable even by washing machines as the materials it is made from are similar to any soft fabric clothes. Nonetheless, it has more than enough soft and tenderness to keep a smile on any child’s face throughout the day.

Give your child this soft cuddle friend as a gift to prevent them from loneliness and possibly help to improve their confidence around others.


4# Talking Dinosaur Toy

This is an image of Talking Dinosaur ToyAmazon Link


This Talking Dinosaur Toy is one of the favorites that all houses with toddlers must have. It is designed to be one of the most interactive toys for young children to develop themselves with. It is constructed in a playful cartoon dinosaur with its legs replaced with for wheels.

This child toy dino is made from a durable plastic material with smooth edges to avoid it digging into the skin of your young ones. You will most certainly find that it is one of the best toddler dinosaur toys to help teach a child how to move around and stay active.

It is capable of moving in all directions, with a spinning 360 degrees action too. Nothing can stop it from moving as it is fitted with a sensor that makes it change direction once it bumps into another object or a wall. The design of the toy is enhanced with a light up feature with vibrant colors that light up the spine alone its back.

The most important aspect of the toy is its teaching mechanism as it is fitted with buttons that play out the alphabet, numbers, shapes and animals. Not only this but it plays out different learning phrases and nursery rhymes for your child to familiarise themselves with at an early age.

The recommended age for this toy dino begins at 12 months and above.


5# Dinosaur Chunky Puzzle

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This Dinosaur Puzzle Game for Toddlers is manufactured by Melissa and Doug who aimed to introduce several members of the dinosaur family. Some include the top five famous ones as mentioned above and a few other ones that we have not mentioned.

The pieces are made of thick wood to make it easy for your young ones to place them into their desired hoes. This is one of the best learning toddler dino toys that teach your young child problem solving and organizational skills.

The puzzle is a 7-piece collection with pictures under the puzzles on the board so that they can easily identify which ones fit into which slot. Other skills that this toy is designed to enhance and memory skills and imaginative play skills.

This puzzle game for kids is ideally made for children from two years old and above.


6# Dino Alphabet Book

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This is a purple dinosaur alphabet book for toddlers. Its main purpose of construction is to teach the alphabet to your little ones using a dinosaur shaped board with added interactive play.

The toy comes with a story showing letters and words which plays sounds to teach the alphabet. There are 16 pages, interactive for the toddler to hear the story read aloud and eventually follow along. The stories include moments of musical play with fun lights and sounds to keep your child engaged and wanting to read on.

The toy includes normal and light-up buttons for your child to press in order to hear these fun sounds, letter and words that are mentioned in the story. Not only does it teach these, but it also teaches them how to read at an early stage.

This book weighs around two and a half pounds which is an ideal weight for young children and requires 2 Aa batteries in order to function. It would make the perfect gift for girls aged between 1 and 3 years old.

7# Spinosaurus Dinosaur Plush

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Here we have for you another plush dinosaur toy for young children. The reason for this is because it is designed in the shape of one of the most famous dinosaur species that lived, the Spinosaurus Rex.

This Aurora World Spinosaurus Dinosaur Plush is a high quality designed toy that stands at 17.5 inches due to its famous long spine. The color and quality are intricately designed with a soft comfortable material.

The eyes are made of lock washers, safely embroidered which means there are no hard parts to this soft dinosaur toy. Therefore, your child can sleep and cuddle with this toy all night long without being having to worry about being touched by uncomfortable hard objects.

However, although it is just a simple cuddle dinosaur toy for young kids, we would still only recommend that you give this toy to a child that is three years old and above. This is because the plush material is harmless but may cause discomfort to your child’s teeth if it was to be chewed on by them.


8# Poppin’ Dino

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This Ball Popping Dino toddler toy is a really unique toy for children to grow up with. It brings a lot of joy and laughter to your child in the most repetitive way.

Your children play with this toy by simply inserting the small balls into the top of the dinosaur and watching them come out from either the mouth, the tail, and the belly. They then reinsert the balls to repeat the process. This helps to improve their motor skills and hand-eye coordination as well as keeping them active as they chase after the balls.

This is a simple playset as it comes with just six colorful balls as well as the plastic dinosaur figure. It stably stands on its own at a height of 20 inches and a length of 13 inches which should give you a rough idea of how you can imagine your child playing with it.

The good fact about this toy is that every part included are too big to fit in a toddlers mouth. However, they are all a reasonable enough size to fit into the hands of your little ones.

It weighs three and a half pounds altogether but made from plastic material which means it is lightweight and harmless to an infant’s fragile skin. Therefore, this green dinosaur figure for little ones can be played with by children from as young as six months old up to three years old


9# Walking Triceratops Toy

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For Number 9 we have for you a Walking Triceratops Dinosaur Robot Toy for children. Shaped similar to a Rhino, this dinosaur look very fierce and playful at the same time due to its three light-up horned head.

This types, in particular, is designed in a slightly dark red color with grey patches to match with the horns. But you can also get this toddler dino toy is a gray and green color that looks similar to the original colors of the actual dinosaur.

It is made to act as your child’s first robotic friend by being able to interact with it through music or take action with it by its walking functions. It makes a great Christmas present for toddlers as they can instantly begin to play with it once they unwrap it due to it being easy to control.

We can confirm that it is a battery operated toy but it only requires four AA batteries to begin taking action. Not to worry about your child being intoxicated by these batteries as they are not easy to remove by the hands of a small child. This is why this dinosaur infant toy can be given to children from as young as two years.


10# Brachiosaurus Take Apart Toddler Toy

This is an image of a Brachiosaurus take apart toyAmazon Link


This Brachiosaurus Dino Toy for infants is one of the most educational dinosaur children’s toys you can buy. It is a toy which is designed with the incorporation of enhancing both the interaction and DIY skills that a child needs.

It is designed in the shape of the Brachiosaurus dinosaur which is a really humbled plant-eating species. This is a great way for your children to potentially develop similar characteristics by learning about them.

It is a toy that your children can build or take apart which focuses on their DIY skills. It provides them the opportunity to interact with one another by fixing it together at the same time as it comes with two screwdrivers. This eventually improves their hand-eye coordination and puzzle solving skills which are ready for school.

Due to the significantly small pieces that this toy comes with, we would recommend that you give this toy to your child once they reach the age of three years. This is necessary in order to avoid any dangerous chewing and choking hazards by any child who is not developed enough to understand what is and isn’t a chewable object.



What is the Best Dinosaur Toddler Toy?

The Take Apart Dinosaur Figure (number 10) is the most fun toy for toddlers to play with which is why we decided to place it as the best one on our list. This is because it gives them an activity to do as well as a toy to play with. The activity is made to be distractive in the most fun way as they get to build their own dino toy. They can build it in any way they like which should make them feel good about the satisfaction they receive from seeing their masterpiece come to life.

This is an image of a Brachiosaurus take apart toyAmazon Link

Which Dinosaur Toy is the Most Beneficial for Toddlers?

We have placed the Dinosaur Alphabet Book for toddlers (number 6) to be the one that will benefit your child the most. You may already know why we have chosen this as it is the best educational dinosaur toy on the list. It simply teaches the reader how to say the alphabet and what order they come in which is one of the most important skill to have for a young child before going to school. This will likely make your child become more advanced than the rest of the students in their class when they begin school.

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