Best Smartwatch for Teenagers

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Smartwatches for teens have become increasingly popular amongst teenagers and young adults in this day and age. We know that they are mainly aimed at young people who understand the technology of today. This is why it can be difficult for a middle-aged parent to choose a smartwatch to buy for a teenager. In order to assist you with this decision, we have prepared a list of the best smartwatches for teenagers in the market with guidance to help you understand how they work.

This is an image of an apple smartwatch

Different Types of Teenage Smartwatches

Nowadays you can have smartwatches that are tailored to specific types of people and their characteristics or jobs. For instance, there are smartwatches designed to be mainly for athletes and sports people such as swimmers. These watches are designed to be completely waterproof even with their built-in high tech features which allow you to wear them when taking part in the sport. This means that you can find a smartwatch for teenagers that would be best to suit the behavior and lifestyle of the young adult that you intend to buy it for.

Types of Features Smartwatches for Teens Should Have

Voice Control  – This feature allows a person to give their watch commands by talking to it. It allows much more convenience when their hands are occupied and are too far away from their phones. For instance, you can the watch can be told to call a specific contact and it will do so without having to use their phones.

Apps – Apps are the most important feature as some people would say that they are what differentiates an ordinary luxury watch to a smartwatch. Apps become so much useful for a teenage smartwatch as they allow them to be more organized and stable at such a busy time of their life, especially with exams or having to manage the beginning of adulthood.

Device Pairing – The coolest feature about a teens smartwatch is being able to pair it to other devices. Especially for teenagers who are always on their phones, it would come in handy when trying to get things done on their phones can be as simple as commanding their watches to do it for them. Also, being able to pair Bluetooth earphones can come in handy for teens who are too lazy to keep taking their phones out just to change the song. Especially at the gym.

Cellular Capability – This is the most interesting and helpful feature of them all as it simply means that a teenager can make phone calls from their watch. This becomes really useful for careless teens who misplace their phones often as you will still always be able to contact them. This could be a life-saving feature.

Speaker System – Not all smartwatches come with a speaker system but it makes the watch much cooler when watching short clips and not having headphones nearby. Also, This feature provides more convenience for their alarms as it will always be on them meaning they will ever have an excuse to miss appointments or exams.

Videos Screen – Another cool feature that differentiates an ordinary watch to a smartwatch for teens is having a screen that can display photos and videos. It makes the watch seem more worth the price and can be beneficial as it prevents them from staring at their phones with a bigger screen for some time.

10 Best Smartwatches for Teenagers

Here we will begin to display the best smartwatches for teenagers that you can come across. This list will include only the best watches made by different brands and not more than one from the same brand. We have reviewed them all really carefully which will tell you all of their different features and which type is best to choose depending on the character of the person you intend to buy it for. We hope this list is helpful.

1. Apple Smartwatch Series 4

This is an image of the apple series 4 smartwatchAmazon Link


The Apple smartwatch series 4 is one of the best smartwatches for teenagers in this day and age. Especially because a high number of teens own an Apple iPhone which it is only designed for.

The fact that Apple is a highly rated brand throughout the world means that this watch is most definitely going to be a really high-quality product. It comes in two size versions, a 40 mm and a 44 mm watch face version.

As well as this they have chosen to give you an option of whether you would like it with a cellular feature or just a simple GPS feature. The cellular feature allows you to make a receive phone calls on it whilst the GPS feature doesn’t. Obviously, the Price of the cellular Type Is higher but it is only an option.

This teenage smartwatch is capable of having many different apps downloaded onto it that connect to your phone. This includes the music app which allows you to play music from your watch to your headphones without having the phone around (this feature works with wireless Bluetooth earphones only).

They are many more different types of apps that we can talk about what we choose to focus on future years. These features include it having an S4 chip which is the latest and fastest processor. Also, it is waterproof which means it will allow you to do exercises such as swimming whilst wearing so you can measure your performance.

It comes in an aluminum or stainless steel case which are a really high-quality type of material. Also, this material comes in a variety of colors so it can better suit different teenage preferences. As well as this, this apple smartwatch for teens has a variety of different bands you can change it to for an option on the preference.


2. Samsung Gear S3 Classic Smartwatch

This is an image of the Samsung Gear S3 Classic SmartwatchAmazon Link


The Samsung gear S3 is the most classic teenage smartwatch that we have on the list. With this distinctive bezel made out of steel, you can simply rotate it around to navigate through the watch.

This watch is able to Connect with all Samsung smartphones, although you will find that there are some other smartphones that it is also compatible with.

It is important to view the list of the compatible mobile phones (available on Samsung website) before purchasing this smartwatch for teens. This is to make sure that your intended recipient is able to fully make use of the watch without having to change their phones

This teenage smartwatch can last up to 3 days on normal usage with a full battery. However, it has a wireless charging Doc which means it can be convenient to recharge once the battery has died


3. Kate Spade Touchscreen Watch

This is an image of a pink Kate Spade Touchscreen SmartwatchAmazon Link


The Kate Spade touchscreen smartwatch for teenage girls is a really fascinating piece of equipment. Designed especially for girls it comes in five different versions including the black silicone, pink leather, silver and gold metal, white silicone and this Rose gold stainless steel version you see above.

It gives you the option of changing your watch face so that the watch can look different depending on the location you are in. For instance, can have an elegant looking watch face for more formal events or a fitness type of watch face for when you are taking part in sports.

With this watch your teenage girl and keep track of her daily steps and activities she does calorie burn and her heart rate all from the built-in sensor.

This watch is capable of notifying you whenever you have a message on your phone call when someone is calling you. It has also the possibility of navigating you around places with built-in GPS.

This watch is compatible with the android as well as an iOS operating system which means it is good for iPhones as well as other smartphone users. However, you will experience additional features When connected to an android smartphone instead of iPhones.


4. Fossil Gen 4 Smartwatch

This is an image of the Fossil Gen 4 SmartwatchAmazon Link


Here we have for you a 4th gen fossil Smart sport watch for teenage boys. It is run by Google which music is compatible with both iPhones and Android phones so you can definitely target any teenage boy as a recipient.

This is designed to be a sports watch which music only comes in two different colors the navy blue and the black version. It is built with a heart rate and activity monitoring Feature in order to make the most of the workouts.

The built-in GPS also comes in handy when running to best measure your distance and be able to control how long you run for. Teenage boys are mostly seen to be interested in sports which is why this watch is most popular amongst them. This means that it would make a great gift for teenagers.

The fact that it is a sports watch has its advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages Or it being made extremely lightweight to prevent it from weighing an athlete down when exercising. However, a disadvantage of it is that it lasts up to 24 hour battery life when it is being normally used.

On the other hand, if this watch was to be used only during taking part in activities then this is a long period of time for the battery life.

Other advantages of this watch include being able to store music so that someone does not have to carry around a heavy phone to listen to music with when running.


5. Affordable Waterproof Sport Smartwatch

This is an image of an Affordable Waterproof Sport SmartwatchAmazon Link


We understand that some people want to give their teenage relatives a good gift that they would Appreciate and use but have not got the funds to do so. This is why we have for you an affordable smartwatch for teens that do not break the bank when shopping for.

The fact that this watch is made affordable means that you would not expect it to be as advanced as most of the others on our list. However, it is able to still perform all of the necessary functions that the smartwatch is supposed to Perform.

For instance, this watch is able to measure your heart rate blood pressure and even monitor your sleeping pattern to best help a persons training program. As well as this it is also able to support apps, Give message notifications from your phone and can even be taken to swim with within a reasonable water depth.

It is made from the usual stainless steel metal with a rubber wristband which is ideal for all sports performers. Also, it has a 1.3 inch colored screen display that a lot of people find really useful when training.


6. Fitbit Alta HR Watch

This is an image of the Fitbit Alta HR WatchAmazon Link


The Fitbit altar slim fitness smartwatch for teen girls Is designed in a very unique style to appeal to female users. It is designed in a really slim fashion which looks similar to a wristband as the Watch face is incorporated into the Band.

Also, it is made in six different girly types of colors so females can choose which one they prefer or match with their training outfits. As well as this coral color, some of the other colors include a rose gold pink, grey, and even black.

Although the screen size may be a negative aspect of this watch, The long battery life of it makes this fact irrelevant. For example, it is able to last for up to 7 days on a full battery charge which means you can plan your work out for the whole week without having to recharge the watch.

This watch can be paired with devices that use either iOS, Android or even Windows operating system which means it can connect to nearly every smartphone available. However, the connection distance is between 140 to 170 mm, therefore, you cannot leave your phone too far away if you intended to Go for a run with it.

We want to warn you that this is designed to be a sports watch only and therefore does not have the capability of downloading apps onto it.


7. Diesel Touchscreen Steel Watch

This is an image of the Diesel Touchscreen Steel WatchAmazon Link


This diesel smartwatch for guys is a really powerful device powered by an operating system by Google. Although it is designed to connect with any newer model Android phones as well as iPhones.

First of all, it comes in four different types, the one you see in the picture above is the black silicone with black case version. As well as this it comes in a gunmetal Material and a Brown leather dial for a more formal look.

It has built-in Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi which means you can connect to the Internet through this watch or even pair it with Bluetooth operated devices. For instance, you can connect it with Bluetooth headphones in order to listen to music from it.

This fascinating teenage boy smartwatch Is able to resist up to 15 m of water without being damaged. This means that it would be ideal for ordinary swimming sessions but it is not recommended for deep diving nor snorkeling activities.

Another positive feature about this smartwatches that it has a wide case size of 48 mm and a band size of 24 mm. This helps it to be noticed on someone’s rest as well as it being able to fit the rest of any sized person.

On the other hand, its battery life is only estimated to last up to 24 hours which is not really ideal. However, it has a rapid charging mechanism which means it will always be ready for use all day if it was to be charged for a short while at night.


8. Emporio Armani Steel Plated Smartwatch

This is an image of an Emporio Armani Steel Plated SmartwatchAmazon Link


This Emporio Armani smartwatch for teenagers is a very elegant and attractive looking type of watch. It is set at a price of the higher end of the market which Should tell you how advanced it is supposed to be.

It comes in five different colors including the black and gold, black and blue or even a navy blue color. These colors are amongst the more popular watch colors that guys usually prefer.

Just like the usual smartwatch, this device is able to perform all of the necessary functions that the smartwatch is supposed to perform for instance it is able to track your heart rate, send you notifications from your Phone, it has a built-in GPS and many more features.

The width of this case is 43 mm with a band size of 20 mm. This is ideal for An average sized watch for Teenage wrists. Although it would not be ideal to wear this type of watch for every occasion as it may not be comfortable to do so. For instance, it would not be ideal to use this watch whilst exercising due to it being metal and a potential hazard to you whilst training.

We advise that you consider other types of sports watches when trying to buy your teenager a gift for exercising with.


9. Michael Kors Smartwatch for Young Females

This is an image of a Michael Kors Smartwatch for Young AdultsAmazon Link


This Michael Kors smartwatch for all the teen girls is a brilliant gift idea. It is made from stainless steel band with comfortable mat outline and has a watch face measurement of 42 mm and an 18 mm band with.

This white and grey color is only one version Of the watch as there are eight other types to choose from. These include a full gold for the silver rose gold or even a pristine sable color for a more mature look.

This is a very elegant and lightweight watch for grown girls will then option to adjust its appearance for different locations. For instance, there is a possibility of making the watch face become analog or even are digital face so you can decide on your preference

It has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that can support both iOS and Android operating systems. This allows it to be useful for anyone you buy it to as most teenagers nowadays either have a Samsung or an iPhone.

On the other hand, one bad feature about this we would say is the battery life as it only lasts up to 24 hours based on how he is being used. Another negative fact about it is that it cannot be used for all sports as it is not able to resist A high amount of water. This means you cannot swim with this watch.


10. Garmin Fenix 5X Plus Smartwatch

This is an image of the Garmin Fenix 5X Plus SmartwatchAmazon Link

The Garmin Fenix 5X Plus is the ultimate smartwatch for teenagers would the most pristine configuration. It is made from high-quality scratch resistance stainless steel and lens with a titanium bezel and back case.

It has a 1.2 inch display screen and is 51 x 51 and 17.5 mm in size. The version you see is the carbon grey type but there are also many different Versions that it comes in. For instance, you can get grey titanium with an orange rubber band as well as white grey or even rose gold versions.

This watch allows you to store up to 500 songs at one time which can be listened to through wireless Bluetooth headphones. This becomes really useful They are working out as they do not have to carry around the heavy phone on them.

This smart wristwatch for teenagers is not only capable of downloading apps that are synced with your phone. It is also able to sense the oxygen level in your body as you exercise by its pulse sensor. It then notifies you so that you can observe your fitness and health at the right times.



The Best Overall Smartwatch for Young Adults

Apple Smart Watch (number 1) is best because it has the most features included in it with an option to download a lot of apps that can work well with it. It is one of the Latest and most expensive ones on the list which should indicate how advanced it must be compared to the rest of them. However, the fact that it can only be paired to an Apple device means that it is limited to the customers that it can be of good use for as not all teenagers have iPhones or other Apple devices.

Therefore, for some teens, it would be better off to go for the Samsung Smartwatch (number 2) when buying a watch gift for teenagers as it can be paired with a lot more devices that use an Android operating systems. Also, the fact that it is cheaper to afford android devices means that it would be easier for teenagers to replace their pairing device if it was to break and still be able to use their smartwatch with it.

This is an image of the apple series 4 smartwatchAmazon Link


Which One is the Cheapest Teen Smartwatch? 

We understand that a smartwatch has many different features that an ordinary watch does which means they must cost significantly more than a normal watch. However, there are some smartwatches for teenagers made so that they do not completely break your bank.

The watch in position number 5 is the most affordable teenager smartwatch on our list. Of course, this means that it is not made to the highest quality as the rest of them, although it still is equipped with all of the important features that a watch must have in order to be a good smartwatch. For instance, it has the capability of pairing with mobile phones, receiving message notifications and even monitoring a heart rate. These are significant enough for the watch to be more advanced than a regular watch and be very much appreciated by the person you intend to buy it for.

This is an image of an Affordable Waterproof Sport SmartwatchAmazon Link


What is the Best Smartwatch for a Teenage Girl?

We have placed the Fitbit Alta HR Smartwatch as the best type to buy for a teenage girl because of two main reasons. The first reason is obviously because of the design and color of it. The thin and pink design makes it look cute to look at and not bulky to fit on a girls slim and fragile wrist.

The other reason as to why this the best smartwatch for teen girls is because they are usually the most active type of girls. Therefore they are able to keep track of their activities with this watch at all times even during their sleep in order to balance out their work rate with their resting time.

This is an image of the Fitbit Alta HR WatchAmazon Link


Which is the Best Smartwatch for a Teenage Boy?

The Garmin Fenix 5X Smartwatch had to be placed as the best one to buy for a teen boy because of how advanced it is. The teenage boys that we recommend this product should be between the age of 16 onwards as this they will be able to understand how to operate it to its full use. Especially much better than an ordinary teenage girl who isn’t too familiar with complex technology.

This smartwatch is mainly designed to withstand the toughest movements from the most aggressive sports due to its materials. Therefore it would be better suited for teenage guys gifts as they have the energy to be performing tough sports. Although we wouldn’t recommend it to be worn for contact sport as the metal can cause really severe pain when you are hit hard by it.

This is an image of the Garmin Fenix 5X Plus SmartwatchAmazon Link