Best Camera For Teenagers

Teenagers have to be one of the hardest people to buy presents for. Especially when you’re looking for a complex product such as a camera. This is why we have made a review of the best camera for teenagers to make it easier for you.

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Before we go into showing you the different types of cameras that you can buy, why not have a look at the features that a teenager would be expecting a camera to have first. This is the most important part of buying something as complex as a camera. This is because if you bought them a camera that doesn’t do something that they would want to do with it, then it would probably not be used for long. Meaning you would waste your money for no reason.

Features To Consider When Buying Camera for Teenagers

Megapixels – This is the most important aspect to look for as it is the main reason why people buy cameras. The higher the level of megapixels the camera ha then the better the camera quality is. It is important to know that the images may look blurry when you make them look bigger if they have been taken by a camera with a low megapixel level.

Digital & non-Digital – The difference between digital cameras is that they give you instant access to photos whereas non-digital make you have to wait for them to get developed. When buying a camera for teenagers, the better option is to go for digital ones because not many teenagers nowadays even know how to go and get non-digital photos made. Also, they do not have the patience to wait for them to be developed if they can have cameras which give them instant access to download and share their photos as they take them.

Durability – It is important to know the type of teenager that you are buying the camera for. Some teenagers can be really careful and considerate whereas a lot of them tend to not care so much about some things after a short while. Therefore the more durable a camera is, the better longer it would survive for. Also, accidents do happen meaning anyone can drop a camera so it is good to know which if one can withstand high impacts.

Size – Although some of you may not think that the size matters, in fact, it makes a really huge difference. This is because a lot of teenagers do not like walking around with bulky items on them, therefore it would be best to put small ones that they could easily put into their pockets. However, some people who actually intend to make the most of their cameras as they enjoy taking pictures wouldn’t mind a big camera as it would mean having a big lens that would take better quality pictures.


5 Best Camera for Teenagers

Below you will find a list of some of the best and coolest cameras to buy for teenagers. We have prepared a detailed description of their specs and to make it easy for you to know what each one has. Also, we will make you aware of some of the disadvantages that some of them may have so you know what to expect from it after you buy it.

Pentax K-70 Digital Camera


This is an image of a black pentax digital camera

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We would first love to introduce to you the Pentax K-70 Digital Camera for Teenagers. It gives us great pleasure to do so due to the number of features and quality it comes equipped with. With an impressive 24 Megapixel quality, you can print images and make them into an A1 sized frame without it losing any of its definition.

The first and really important feature is the way it is manufactured. With a stainless steel chassis and magnesium alloy body, this durable teenager camera can withstand a lot of pressure from drops. This also allows it to cope with temperatures of up to -10 degrees as well as be water resistant when equipped with a lens so you can take pictures in any type of weather.

With a lens as big as 50 mm be prepared to take the most crystal clear photos from a really far away distance. Mixed with the night vision mode, you are able to take pictures in the dark as clear as seeing a moon with a telescope.

It designed to with ultra stabilization so you can even take the most perfectly clear photos in the coldest weather where you can’t stop shaking. The best thing is also being able to take professional looking photographs by focussing on one object and blurring the rest which a lot of teenagers admire.

With the excellent Smartphone app, you can now instantly share your images with friends and family as soon as you take them. Also, you can use your phone as a remote control so you get to decide when you want to take the photo from wherever you are without being next to the camera.

Sometimes some when you look into some camera screens an object looks different to the way your eyes see it which can prevent you from wanting to take a photo of the object. Well with the Pentax K-70, it would make you want to be looking through the lens all the time due to the beauty of the image details.

This great teenager camera would not be considered so if it used batteries which needed replacing every now and again. This is why this comes with a powerful Lithium-ion rechargeable battery that lets you just charge it up and go.

As well as this the whole set comes with a charging kit, strap, eyecup, hot shoe cover, and a body mount cover to keep it safe and protected. We would recommend this to be a good camera for teenage photographers.


Nikon Coolpix A900-20 Compact Camera


This is an image of a Nikon Camera with its lens zoomed out

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The Nikon Coolpix Compact Camera is the most unique digital cameras to buy for teenagers. Built at an incredible 6.8 inches long, allow teenagers to easily carry it in their pockets as this is not much bigger than a Smartphone.  Furthermore, it will not feel too bulky or annoying as it only weighs an impressive 1.35 pounds.

With a 20 Megapixel camera quality allows the image to still look clear when it is made bigger than the 3 inches it shows on the screen. This screen is able to tilt 180 degrees so that the person you’re taking a picture of can have an idea of how they look before taking the photo.

As well as shooting crystal clear photos, the 20 Megapixels lets you not only just record videos, but record them in the 4K Ultra HD quality. Teens are able to remember and relive their special moments as if they are still there.

A super telephoto Nikkor glass lens that can extend as far as 4 inches lets you have a 35x optical zoom, with a dynamic zoom double this length at 70x. This is also able to reduce the vibration to the minimal to prevent you from taking blurry pictures after being nudged.

A Smartphone app that syncs with this camera can also be downloaded so that an image can automatically appear on your phone after you take it. The Bluetooth being connected to this camera lets you use your phone as a remote control. Instead of putting a timer and having to rush to strike a pose before the picture is taken, you are able to take your time to find the right pose before pressing making the phone take the picture but from the camera.

The only negative thing we must tell you about this camera is that it requires 1 lithium-ion battery to be powered. It can sometimes be tricky to get your hands on this, especially for teenagers as they don’t usually go out to buy batteries which could result in this camera not being used for a while once the batteries have died.


FZ43 Kodak Still Digital Camera


This is an image of a Kodak digital camera with a zoom

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Kodak is a very famous camera manufacturing brand which means this camera has been designed with cameras best specs in mind for the most affordable price. With this being said, Just because it is designed to be an affordable digital camera to buy for teenagers, it doesn’t mean that it the quality of its photos is reduced.

An incredible 16 Megapixel already makes this camera be able to take much better quality pictures than an average Smartphone. Not just that but the 4x zoom will make anyone look as if they were right next to you.

With a really powerful flash, you can make it seem as if it’s daylight in a dark room. Then by using the red-eye removal feature, it automatically detects someone face to wipe the red eyes that the flash causes.

A camera wouldn’t be classed as good without it being able to record. Therefore this good camera for teens can do just that in the simplest way. By this we mean it is as simple as one touch to shoot a video and doesn’t require to hold down any buttons.

Although the LCD screen is only 2.7 inches, this great camera for teens is still equipped with a 27mm wide angle lens. This means you can fit a whole group of people in clear detail on a small screen without having to stand too far away.

As well as this black version, you have the option to purchase this camera in a dark pink color just in case you intend to buy this camera for teenagers interested in photography. We would recommend this to be the best starter camera for a teenager as it can be used as a learner camera. And at a 299 grams weight, it won’t bother them to carry it around all day as they learn.

The only negative thing about it is that it is only capable of producing 720p HD quality. For some people, this is good enough, but for others, it may not be good only because they know a higher quality exists.

It is never a good idea to try and make teenagers remember to buy items that they do not usually go shopping for. For example, making them have to buy a pair of AA batteries which are required to use this camera. This can result in it not being used for a while, although this problem can be solved by simply buying them a rechargeable battery set along with this product.

As well as the camera, this set comes with a USB cable, Wrist strap, CD-Rom, two AA batteries and a detailed user manual.


Polaroid Snaptouch Digital Camera


This is an image of a red polaroid digital camera

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This is one of the coolest cameras for teenagers that you will find mainly because of its quick printing feature. This is because a lot of teenagers nowadays do not have the time to try and upload photos onto their computers just to go and print them out. And with a Micro SD card slot that can hold up to 128GB of storage, they will never have to upload any pictures onto the computer even to create more space.

This high quality teenage camera does not only lets you print images, but it also lets you record videos with the highest quality definition. The 13 Megapixels is more than you need to make the photo turn out crystal clear inside the 2×3 inches printing paper (10 pack Included).

The printed picture is made from really durable paper which means it cannot be torn. The image instantly dries as it is pulled out of the camera which means the picture doesn’t give you a chance to smudge it. Nor can it become wet and damp if it was to be printed in a rainy condition.

Before you decide to print an image, this photo allows you to transfer the image directly to your Smartphone through Bluetooth. And with the free Polaroid app, you are able to add any filters and alterations you want to the photo before sending it back and printing it.

As for its performances, you can change the picture filter into 6 different types in order to get more diverse looks. As well as this a built in selfie mirror lets you see how gorgeous your make up looks before you take the picture. Also, with an all impressive auto time, you can now give yourself some time to get into the position you want before capturing the photo.

This is the best starter camera for a teenager as it requires to be recharged and does not need a battery replacement. This makes it ideal for teenagers as they usually like carrying chargers around with them.

This digital Polaroid camera for teens comes in a variety of different colors to best suit their preference unlike most of the other ones. As well as this the small design and carrying straps that it comes with makes it very portable and secure to use whenever or wherever you are. This makes it a good first camera for teenagers.


Sony DSCHX60 Long Range Zoom Camera


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Sony is known for being one of the leading high quality electronics manufacturers in the world. With it designing many different types of smart electronic equipment such as TV’s and Laptops, it is surely able to make a very high quality camera.

This Sony Long Range Zoom Camera is built with an incredible 20.4 MegaPixel CMOS sensor, This camera is able to make your photos turn out very bright with crystal clear details from every shot.

With the BIONZ X Processor coming into action to capture every color as fine as it would look natural. Also, it causes the camera to have super fast burst mode so you never miss any millisecond of a movement.

The amazing thing about this digital camera for teenagers is that it gives you less to do before taking the picture. By this, we mean not having to manually focus or keep still taking the perfect picture. With the built in Auto Focus and SteadyShot, you can move around quick whilst the camera is still clearly locked on the place where you want to take the photo.

As you can see, the lens extends to give it the zoom and make the camera look better. With a 30x optical zoom, you could be standing up to 30 meters and still look as if you are taking the picture from five meters away. The photos would still come out looking very clear so you can enjoy the best far away scenes from really close up.

You can press the movie button to turn the camera into a video recorder with crystal clear HD footage. Although it is a good video camera for teenagers too, we must warn you that due to its size, it can sometimes be difficult to keep still for the right footage when you’re in a rough environment. However, some of our accessories listed below may be able to help with this.

Anyone can be the type of photographer they want with the mode dial so you wouldn’t have to spend time trying to edit them afterward. As well as this, the HX60 lets you equip different accessories (not included) to it that can make a big difference to how the pictures look. This makes this the best camera for teenagers interested in photography.

In order to get this cool teen camera to start taking photos, it must have one lithium ion battery. The fact that it only weighs 245 grams shows that this is an ideal camera for teens on the go.

The last but surely most important feature of this camera for teens is that it can be connected to Wifi and Smartphones. This allows someone to instantly share or send the pictures to others without having to plug it into a computer first.

Set includes:

2.AC Adaptor
3.Micro USB Cable
4.Wrist Strap
5.Shoe Cap
6.Instruction Manual
7.AC Power Cord


Best Overall Camera for Teenagers

As most of you would have probably guessed, the Pentax K-70 is the best overall camera to buy for teenagers on our list. This is not due to it being one of the expensive ones, in fact, it is mainly due to all of the cool features that it allows you to do that the rest don’t. For instance, being able to use a camera in any weather is a real bonus as some teenagers love how the rain look in pictures. But not everyone loves to get their phones wet therefore it would be a very good time to have this camera for these moments where the other cameras wouldn’t be able to cope with. Also, the fact that it can be equipped with many different types of lenses means it is able to take photos in many different ways without getting too close to an object.


This is an image of a black pentax digital camera

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What Is The Best Camera for Teenager As a Gift

If you’re looking for the best gift for teenagers, then the Polaroid SnapTouch Digital Camera would be the perfect one to get. We say this because there aren’t many teenagers that are really into cameras as most of them have smartphones where they take pictures from. This is more convenient to them, however, you can always impress a teenager by having a camera that instantly prints their photos as they take them. This makes this a cool camera to give a teenager and encourages to actually use it because they would be able to instantly frame special moments. Especially on their birthdays or when they go on holiday.


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Best Budget Buy 

The Kodak Still Digital Camera was chosen by us to be the most affordable camera you can buy for teenagers. This is simply because, at the end of it all, the main reason you would want to buy a camera for teens is so that they can take better pictures than they do on their Smartphones. The fact that this one has all that you need in order to do so means it would be enough to satisfy this need. Some teenagers may not even know how to use more advanced cameras meaning they will not use it to its full potential. Therefore you could end up wasting a lot of money on a better camera which a teenager would use in the exact same way that they would use this one.


This is an image of a Kodak digital camera with a zoom

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Best Accessories To Assist With Cameras for Teenagers

Below are some cool camera accessories for digital cameras that you may want to consider buying along with the camera. Each one will give a better experience when using the camera.

Flash Extension

this is an image of a camera with different light accessories

A Light extension is a piece of equipment that adds more lighting to the picture to make it look more bright and clear. This usually helps when they try to take pictures in dark rooms or outside at night. Sometimes you can get ones that flash different colors to make the image look funkier.



Tripod Camera Holder

this is an image of a tripod with a camera on it

A Tripod is a three leg piece of equipment that allows someone to place the camera on it to take still pictures. This would be ideal for teenagers to use during windy days where it isn’t easy to keep still. Also, it helps when recording videos to keep them looking still and professional.



Extension Memory Card

this is an image of a camera memory card

We all know what a memory card is. This would make the perfect gift for teenagers because it will allow them to take and save more photos of their cameras. It is really helpful because it prevents them from having to delete images to create more space.


Selfie Stick

This is an image of a camera on selfie stick and its remoteA selfie is when someone takes a photo of themselves, usually of their face. However, it can be tricky to do so when your arms limit how much of your face you can get in the photo. This stick allows a person to take a selfie but from a further away distance as if someone else was taking it so that you can fit more of the face in. It helps when you’re alone and have no one else to help you take a picture of yourself.