5 Fun Activities for Teens to Do

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This is an extremely short list of fun activities that can be done as a teenager if you ever get bored, of you have enough time and need some ideas on what to do with the free time.

3D Drawing.

This is a fun-filled activity to do all by yourself. All you need is a 3D pen, the filament for the pen, power source, and various ideas of what you would love to print in 3D.

The possibilities are endless. If you can imagine it, you can create it with a 3D pen. When you buy a 3D pen, they usually come with a drawing guide for your first few projects. I’ve seen some amazing objects made from 3D printing pens, such as the Eiffel tower, dinosaurs, figurine and some other form of miniatures.

When next you’re bored and would love to get creative, buy a 3D pen and make a figurine for your desk.

Adult Coloring Book

Coloring can be a very satisfying task. One of the latest ways of inciting creativity and enjoying alone time is by coloring drawings in an adult coloring book.

There are several books with various themes, depending on your mood. Adult coloring book became popular in 2017, as people began to use it as a way to unwind after a stress filled day, as a matter of fact, people use as a therapeutic approach to reducing anxiety and improve focus.

Coloring has been compared to meditation because it allows the brain to relax and focus more on the current task of making the drawing beautiful.

Photo Safari

Going on a road trip is one thing, visiting wildlife with a Polaroid or digital camera makes the experience more exciting. If you’re bored and in need of a fun activity to do, this is a very good option to explore the beautiful atmosphere around you. Get in touch with one or two of your friends and share the photo safari idea with them.

Charge your camera, gear up for the occasion and head towards places closer to nature around you. The goal is simple, to take uncommon pictures and have fun while doing it. You can spend the entire day have fund while you make a huge compilation of your safari expedition.

Your pictures can be posted on your Instagram page and other social media pages for an exhibition. If you are lucky enough to take a really cute and rare one, you can list it for sale on photo trading websites.

Lip Sync And Make A Video

Most people turn to Instagram to check skits and music videos when they’re bored. Instead of being a consumer, you can as well be a creator on the platform. You will not only end up entertaining people, you will gain some skills along the way and possibly make some money as well.

Make a lip sync video of your favorite song as you make funny gesture alongside the lyrics. There are several videos of such nature on Instagram and you can make yours as well. Once you’re done, post it on the internet and tag the celebrity whose¬†song you’ve performed to, it might end up going viral.

You can get more creative by going for new music that is currently being promoted by the artiste, that way, the tendency of it going viral is high, as compared to performing old songs.

Either way, the goal is to have fun while making the video.

Play Tourist In A Nearby Town

This is what I have done a countless number of times, and I can greatly assure you that it’s always fun-filled every single time.

Pack a small bag with items that would be enough for two or three days, get a camera and dress like a tourist, then head towards a nearby town. The aim is to explore the town as a tourist, if you can fake a foreign accent, then do so to spice up the experience.

People are generally nice to strangers, and they will always want to have a conversation with you as they try to help you out when you need their help. Just smile and gracefully enjoy the special treatment as a tourist.

Those are fun activities that you can do as a teenager when you’re free and bored, you don’t need a huge capital to make it happen, and as such you don’t have to bother excessively about money. The goal is to have fun, so go ahead and do just that.

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