The Best Pianos for Kids 2019

Pianos have always been one of the most favorite instruments for kids to learn. Every year, more and more parents encourage their children to learn how to play the piano as it is a very much appreciated skill to have. Therefore we have put together a list of the best pianos for kids to begin and develop their skills with.

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Reasons for Kids To Learn The Piano

A piano is considered to be a high class instrument that takes talented people to master the art of playing one. This is because a normal piano contains 88 keys that each produce a similar but different tone to create music. In order for someone to become a good pianist, they would have to memorize each key, where they are and when to play them. This may seem like a simple task but it is far from it. Therefore, by teaching your kids to learn how to master the art of playing the piano, they would be considered as very talented and receive a lot of praise by anyone who they perform for.


10 Best Kids Piano

Underneath we have given you the best kids pianos you will find in 2019. They range from educational ones with learning features such as color-coded keys, to more advanced pianos for kids. Whatever you’re looking for your kids, this list will have. Furthermore, the links also contain different but similar ones to the ones we have so if you are not satisfied with this list then there are much more choices to choose from.

Toysters Toddler Piano


this is an image of a toyster color coded piano

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This Toysters Toddler Piano is a great beginner piano for kids! The piano comes with color-coded functioning keys in two octaves for easy learning for the beginning musician. The piano comes with a songbook that children will enjoy, filled with popular nursery rhymes and songs that are easy to play for the beginning pianist.

This upright piano is sturdy and made to last, ensuring your child will enjoy playing it for a long time. Investing in this piano is not only investing in your child’s love of music but learning to play music on this piano also encourages your child’s development of creativity, fine motor skills, memory, and imagination!


Kids Play Piano with Microphone


this is an image of a kids piano with microphone

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Help to fuel your budding musician’s talent with this amazing mini piano complete with an attached microphone! Your child will not only play the piano, but they can also accompany themselves as they sing along with their favorite songs. In addition to the 24 keyboard keys, this piano comes with eight percussion sounds and 22 demo songs.

The butterfly-shaped LED lights will add flair to your musician’s performance! Parents will appreciate this piano’s durability and power saving quality to ensure long-lasting use for your child’s enjoyment!


Purple Music Recording Piano for Girls


this is an image of a purple piano set
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This fabulous Purple Music Recording Piano is perfect for your daughter’s dream of being the next big pop star! Complete with a functioning microphone and stool, your daughter will spend hours rocking out to her favorite music and creating some of her own on this great piano!

Complete with 37 keyboard keys that light up when you play, eight musical instrument sounds and eight fun rhythms, five drum beats and four fun animals sounds to add to your music, this children’s piano is sure to delight your young musician! This piano even allows your child to record her music and play it back over and over for her fans!


VTech Kids Learning Studio


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This VTech Kids Learning Studio kids keyboard piano is great for the creative youngster in your life! Complete with a working microphone, scratch disc, and a whammy bar, your little musician will be all set to create their own music with all the right equipment!

With the ability to record and listen to their music played back to them, children will spend hours creating their own sounds and musical creations.

The voice changer and over 40 sounds and affects not only allow children to create unique music, but it also teaches them about a variety of different musical styles and helps them to learn some of the basic musical skills like rhythm and melodies.


Kids Portable Playing Piano


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This piano keyboard for kids is perfect for the child enthusiastic to learn to play the piano. This high quality piano is safe and durable for children while providing all the features needed for high-quality musical enjoyment.

This piano comes with a microphone and recording capabilities. There are numerous additions including demo songs, different rhythms, and percussion instruments.

This piano is also portable, so your child can enjoy it at home, or take it with them to a piano lesson, friend’s house, or to take their musical performances on the road!


Portable Piano With Stand


This is an image of a portable piano music set

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This Portable Piano with Stand is an ideal childrens piano for the serious young musician. This piano comes with high-quality speakers and a large assortment of timbres, rhythms, and percussion options built-in, along with 24 demo songs.

This keyboard is perfect for piano lessons for kids who are beginners to intermediates, with 61 keys and the ability to switch between piano and organ sounds.

Complete with a stand and stool for comfortable practicing and performing, this sturdy piano is great to keep set up for frequent use and can easily be packed up to travel with.


Gigantic Kids Piano Mat


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Engage your child’s love of music with their desire to move with this oversized children’s floor piano mat! Children can record and play back the music they create while moving their bodies on the floor keyboard.

This touch-sensitive keyboard pad is activated by your child’s hands and feet, and comes with eight different types of musical instruments to choose from, ensuring hours of fun piano games for kids! Watch as your child dances freely and creates music using their entire bodies!


Mini Piano Book and Songs


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Keep your child engaged and entertained on the go! This mini piano book for kids is the perfect travel-sized piano for your child! We know that it is a different type of piano completely but we can assure you it has all the same functions as a normal children piano.

The book not only includes a piano keyboard, but it also comes with a color-coded chart to teach your child notes and keys as well as ten simple songs and six different musical instruments. Young children can even record their music and play it back to listen to!


Multi-Functional White Piano Toy


this is an image of a white piano with a microphone

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This multi-functional white piano is perfect for the young musician. The upright design, complete with a functional microphone will make your child feel like a real musician!

With 24 keys, numerous musical instrument options, and demo songs, your child can sing karaoke while playing their favorite songs on this great kids piano!

Kids can take their love of music to the next level by recording their tunes and playing them back!


Melissa and Doug Color Coded Learning Piano 


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This Melissa and Doug Color Coded Learning piano sits upright and is great for the young musician! The brightly colored piano has labeled keys for easy learning for the early piano player.

This piano comes with an illustrated sound book to allow your child to begin teaching themselves to play the piano.

Made from high-quality materials, parents can be assured that no matter how hard your child is rocking out on the piano, it is sturdy and will last long for continued enjoyment!



From this article, what we have concluded is that all kids would love to learn how to play an instrument, especially the piano, therefore it would be a really good idea to get them one that they will find easy to understand. However, the problem lies in the decision of which one to actually buy for them which means it all comes down to what you can afford as pianos can be quite expensive. This is why we have decided to give you a range of pianos at different values so you can have a better option to choose from. However, if the ones we have are still unsatisfactory then they all have other ones that parents recommended to buy as you scroll down the Amazon link.



What Is The Best Piano for Kids Learning To Play

We believe that the best piano for your kids to learn with is the Toysters piano for kids(number 1). This is mainly because of the really bright and bold color-coded keys that they can easily follow without any trouble. The fact that it isn’t too long and doesn’t contain as many keys as a normal piano will allow them to reach every key without having to adjust their positions. On the other hand, this may not always be the best decision as the best piano should depend on the circumstances that you are in. For example, a more affordable option would be the portable piano with stand (number 6) as a piano can be quite costly. Also, this one does not allow freedom of play as you are restricted to where you can play it. Some people may prefer a piano that they can always be learning with on the go, even in bed. Therefore, the kids portable playing piano would be the best option (number 5).


this is an image of a toyster color coded piano

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