Best Instruments for kids Wanting to Learn an Instrument

Minions playing the guitar

There are many different instruments to choose from and finding your child a musical instrument is important as a parent. From Piano’s to ukuleles there is an instrument to suit all ages and stages of development. Some kids just wanna play the guitar and others love the drums. In this review of some of the best musical instruments, we discuss what are the available options and how to pick the right instrument for your child. In this article, we review different musical instruments so you can gauge what type of instrument will benefit your child, both in personal preference and learning style.

This is an image of a child playing the piano

Things to consider when looking for a Toy Musical Instrument

The first thing to do when looking for a musical instrument is to think about the size of the instrument and whether or not your kid is able to hold it. Some instruments are heavy and children can struggle to hold them. Toddler will not be able to play a lot of full-sized instruments and will need to use toy instruments. While a 4 year old kid can start to hold an instrument for longer periods. When they are around 7 years old they can play most instruments and by 9 years old they are becoming capable to excel in music and able to handle carrying and instrument as well as playing.

Another factor when trying to pick an instrument is the tone and musical preference of the child. Some children warm towards the sound of the piano and others love the drums. Both instruments are very different, but listening to your child’s preference is sometimes difficult as a parent because we have notions of what we would like them to learn based on personal choice. I would always try and get them to learn something I found they liked. You can discover what they like by heading down to a local music shop and seeing what they naturally wanted to play. Be introducing them to music at different stages, you will gain insight into what instrument they are likely to continue to want to play further down the line.

Types of Kids Musical Instruments 

Kids Ukulele

This is an image of a ukulele

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The ukulele is a popular instrument for kids who are younger due to its size and easy strumming motions. The ukulele is common all over the world but never anywhere more common that Hawaii, which boasts famous ukulele musicians.

Children Guitar

this is an image of a childrens guitar

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The guitar is a rock-n-roll instrument and if you like the sound of an electric guitar then this would make a great gift. Kids guitars come in all shapes and sizes. There are small guitars, medium and large depending on the size needed. There are loads of easy 3 chord songs to learn and for kids who need to see real results quickly before losing interest then the guitar or ukulele are both great.

The Violin

This is an image of a violin

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Violins are an acquired instrument for kids and not all children enjoy learning them at the beginning.  There are some great violin starter packs that come with easy instructions for songs to learn as well as tuners and cases.

Kids Piano

This is an image of a children piano

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Children wanting to learn the piano is rare and it usually comes from parental influence. Most pianos should have 88 keys, but children ones are as little as 25 keys and are easier to use because of their finger span. There are toddler pianos for those who are interested in testing to see if their child is really keen before buying a grand piano.



This is an image of a drumset

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Children love the drums and learning to smash the drums is a fun activity for a toddler. There are different types of drums depending on how many drums you want. You can find all types of equipment and there are some great drum starter kits to make learning easy and affordable.

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