Most Popular Kids Toys 2019

It’s fair to say that a lot of toys for kids fade in and out of style as years go by. Sometimes it can even be hard to get the toys you want when they’re in fashion. Therefore we have made a list of the most popular kids toys in 2019 to make you aware of which toys to always keep an eye out for.

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What Makes A Toy The Most Popular Toys for Kids

Toys come in many different shapes, sizes, colors and can perform many different functions. However, what makes a toy become one of the most bought toys in the world depends on how much fun and benefits it brings to kids. Kids usually do not go out to buy toys themselves as they are usually bought toys as presents from adults and friends. This means that the ones that are most likely to be bought by them are toys that are designed to educate kids as well as to have fun with. For example toys with different colors, shapes and numbers are usually more likely to popular toys for kids and bought more than plain toys.

How To Know Which Toy Is a Popular Kids Toy

It can be difficult to know when a toy is in fashion or whether your kids would enjoy playing with it or not. Usually, kids know what toys everyone is playing with as they see a lot of their friends with these toys when they go to school or to the park. It would be best to ask your kids what toys they would want as presents, but if this fails then you can always look online or on TV adverts. Usually, the latest popular toys for kids are play figures of characters of new films or cartoon series.

10 Most Popular Kids Toys

Underneath you will find a list of the most popular toys for kids in 2019. The toys on this list are ones that are loved by all generation of kids and never go out of style. We have aimed to include the widest range of toys to give you more ideas and options to choose from.

Remote Control Cars


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Any toy that can be controlled by remote control is considered to be a really fun toy to play with. Especially if the toy has wheels like a car and can travel at a really fast speed. This is why a remote control car is one of the most popular kids electronic toys there is.

As we mentioned the speed already, we will begin by telling you that this remote control popular kids toy can travel up to 30 miles per hours. This may not seem too fast on normal sized cars as it is the average safe road speed, but it is really fast on a car that is 17.5 inches long, 10 inches wide and 9 inches high.

With a powerful 1500 MAH rechargeable battery, it can last a good 30 minutes before it runs out of charge. Some kids have said that it wasn’t a long enough time to play with compared to the long hours it takes to recharge.

However, this popular RC car for kids is able to drive on many different types of surfaces due to its durable body and tyres. Also with added bumper baffles, it can withstand any sort of bumps or crashes on these hard surfaces.

This kid’s popular toy can be controlled up to a 100 meter distance which is very useful for playing on large fields with. However, due to it weighing 2.7 kg and being a complex toy, we recommend it to be used by kids 10 years and older.


Magnetic Building Blocks


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A set of Magnetic Building Blocks is one of the most popular kids toys to buy in 2019. It is able to entertain kids for hours as they construct different shapes and toys to play with. As well as this, it can be used for educational purposes because of the alphabet and number cards that come in the set.

The magnetic pieces come in just three different shapes, squares (x30), triangles (x12) and hexagon (x4). These shapes make it possible to make many different blocks and shapes for kids to play with.

Just so the finished masterpieces look more attractive, all of the pieces are designed in different see-through colors. Kids are able to construct anything they can imagine in either 2D or 3D form, from famous landscapes to different shapes or vehicles.

Kids are able to add up the different colors and count the number of pieces they have or need to use as they go along. Making this set an educational piece of equipment that would make a great gift for boys and girls 3 years and older.

In order to ensure they are safe to play with, they’re made from durable non-toxic ABS plastic which means it is completely safe for your kids to play with these materials all day long. Also, the fact that they have round edges means they are unlikely to cut or hurt your children’s sensitive hands.


Nerf Modulus Gun


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Nerf guns are plastic toy guns that are originally designed to shoot foam bullets during a Nerf war game. They have been one of the most popular kids toys since they were introduced to the world in the late 1980’s. As well as having lots of pros and cons of playing with these toy guns, they have also continued to make remarkable sales over the years which resulted in a wider range of guns being made.

We chose this Nerf gun specifically because it is one of the best in the markets. It is designed to be customized into 30 different styles of guns and be able to equip with many additional Nerf accessories.

One example is the detachable scope that can be equipped to it in order to make the target seem closer. This gives a really good advantage when playing in a large arena as it becomes easier to find your targets.

The most amazing feature about this gun is that it can hold up to ten Nerf bullets on its own. However, this can be increased significantly by attaching two bullet storage rails to it. The gun is able to shoot one at a time or fire multiple bullets up to a 90 feet distance. Again, in a large arena, this would be very beneficial.

What you do have to be careful with is the weight of this gun as 752 grams can be quite heave to carry in your arms for a long time. However, the fact that it can be modified can make this gun weigh less when some accessories are removed. It would still make one of the most popular toys for Christmas.

One last thing we urge you to be aware of is that it would require four AA batteries in order to unleash multiple rounds all at once.


Lamborghini Power Wheel


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A ride on car has to be one of the best toys that everyone kid loves to play with. Especially a car that looks exactly like the car of many people’s dreams, a Lamborghini. Kids are able to experience not just what it is like to drive a car, but an expensive luxury car.

This Lamborghini power wheel resembles exactly how one is supposed to be with its features. From opening wing doors to a high quality multi-functioning music system that plays the radio as well as take memory cards to play music.

You kids can drive this car by simply pressing the accelerator to go and reverse as they control it with the steering wheel. You wouldn’t have to worry about them driving off too fast as it can only travel up to a speed of 3.7 miles per hour. This is a safe enough speed to catch up to them with a little jog.

However, if this is not satisfactory enough for you, there is always the option to use the remote control to stop them or bring them back to you. Of course, it also has a seat belt to not only keep your child safe but to teach them early about safety.

In order to make their experience with this popular kids toy completely fun, it is equipped with high quality suspension on both the front and back wheels. This enables the driver to feel comfortable no matter what surface they drive over.

The only negative about this popular kids toy right now is the fact it has to take at least 6 to 12 hours just to fully recharge. And a full battery only allows up to 45 minutes of driving.

However, it would make a great gift for 3 to 6 year old kids because it can carry up to 30 kg maximum weight at one time. This weight is average for kids around these ages.


Batman Injustice Action Figure 


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An action figure is one of the most common toys that parents tend to buy for their kids. It’s fair to say that the word toys nowadays bring the image of an action figure to most people’s minds. This makes action figures become one of the most popular kids toys every year.

Action figures are usually made to resemble famous movie or cartoon characters that kids love to watch. For instance, an action figure of a fictional superhero is one of the most common ones to find and this one is one of Batman.

This version, in particular, is designed to look similar to the way Batman looked in a video game called ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’. This means There’s no doubt your kids would love to know about this action figure if they love to play video games.

The other cool thing about the way this action figure is designed is the ball joints on the limbs. These allow the Batman figure to make a wide range of action movements and make it become one of the best popular kids toys.

This kids popular toy comes with two sets of hands as additional accessories. Both sets of hands have their own functions such as holding ‘Batarangs’, bat grenades and the grapple gun. Every Batman fan would know these famous Batman gadgets and would get really excited to play with them.


Monopoly Classic Board Game


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Board games have always been really popular among kids play equipment. Not only because of the fun they bring but also because of the way they help to interact and strengthen bonds between people.

Monopoly is one of the most popular board games for kids and adults ever made. It is a game which requires a lot of strategy and luck in order to become the champion. Also, It can be played for hours as the cards can be reshuffled just to keep it going.

It is a multiplayer game where everyone starts at the beginning and moves forward according to the number the dices lands on. Each player takes turns to roll the dices and moves forward until they land on slots that make you have to pick up cards that tell you what to do next.

The main purpose of the game is to become the richest in the game by taking money from the other players. You buy assets such as hotels which make other players pay you if they land on them. Once every slot on the board is taken, you can always sell or buy assets in order to gain power, money or simply just a better advantage.

The set includes a board game, tokens, 3 different sets of cards, 2 dice, 32 Houses, 12 Hotels and a pack of monopoly money.


Lego Friends House Play Set


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Lego is a popular play set for kids that have been one of the best selling toys for decades. They consist of small building parts and figures that you put together to make different playing equipment. There have been many different versions made that consist of different character figures to make the set give a different imaginary play time.

This Lego set, in particular, is supposed to be a playhouse for girls and their friends to explore their imagination. It is a four-story fire station and a house with normal house rooms and furniture to make the figures play in.

With this popular kids toy for girls, your kids are able to go from pretending to go on fire rescue missions to having barbecues on the balcony. With three mini dolls and three mini pets, girlfriends can take turns to be a different character to explore the building with.

It also includes a mini friendship swinging tree and a bicycle with a trailer. These can be used to make the figures go on other playful adventures and not just be stuck inside all day when they haven’t got rescue mission to go to.

Once constructed, these Lego friends toy for girls measures over 30 cm high, 24 cm wide and 4 cm deep. But an incredible 1.29 kg weight, makes this play set become easy to transport meaning girls can bring it over to their friend’s house to play with.

Warning: Set comes with many small pieces which are dangerous for babies and toddlers to play with. Therefore we advise that only kids from 6 years and older play with this popular toy for girls


Kids Popular Face Painting Equipment


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It is almost impossible to find a kid who does not love to have their face painted into their favorite characters, pets or objects. Especially at a kids party, it would not feel right to be at a kids party without seeing little painted faces. This makes face painting equipment be a really popular playset for kids.

This face painting equipment for kids comes with 16 different colors to choose from including the popular primary colors. All of which are stored in 16 small individual block pallets with protective lids and put into a durable plastic case. This makes it easy to mix and blend different colors to make the famous secondary colors.

Don’t be fooled by the small 10 ml paint in the pots as they are able to paint more than 100 faces. With 30 different stencils included in the set, you don’t have to be an artist to use this kit to paint the most amazing art on a kids face. Also included in this set are 3 paintbrushes of different thickness.

You can be completely sure that your kid’s safety has been put into consideration when designing the paint. It is a non-toxic, water-based paint that is FDA compliant meaning they will not cause any hard if consumed. As well as this, they are delicate on the most sensitive skin and easily washable.


Kids Fancy Dress Costumes


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Fancy dress costumes have become really popular kids toys over recent years with many different versions being made every year. What brings more joy to a kid than dressing up as their favorite cartoon or movie character?. Especially as a lot more occasions that require fancy dressings happen each year, it is essential for a kid to have a fancy dress in their toy collection.

The best thing about fancy dressing is that you can have many different characters to play and not necessarily a fictional character. For instance, you can find fancy costumes of an ordinary chef, a doctor or even a firefighter.

This popular princess dress for kids is made from polyester material on the top half and a lacy material on the skirt. To complete the princess look, it is able to be made tighter with a shiny golden belt around the waist.

Some additional accessories that come with this dress are a plastic crown and wand with a glittery and diamond design. This design gives the accessories a sparkly look and makes your kids glow when they wear them.

The only thing you should be careful about with this costume is the size you buy. The manufacturer of these popular princess costumes for kids does not make them exactly the same sizes and normal clothes.


iPod Touch


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Electronic devices are increasingly becoming the most popular kids toys in the world. From Smartphones to game consoles, all kids become really excited and accept these playing equipment full of excitement.

An iPod Touch is one of the most advanced popular toys for kids in this generation due to the level of fun it brings to them. From taking pictures and videos to downloading cool apps or listening to music. They have the ability to entertain kids for hours.

They come in a variety of different styles to best suit the playing needs of any child. These include different colored backs such as white, black pink and more so they can be given to a girl or a boy.

It has a 4-inch display screen that has a retina display and can be touched with multiple fingers at the same time. The front facing camera allows your kids to take selfies with a 1.2 megapixel quality. Also, with a 720p HD video quality, they are able to make clear recordings of special moments.

When you buy an iPod set it comes with a set of headphones and a USB cable in order to charge it with. Go ahead and get an iPod for your kids and they will love you forever.



What Is The Most Popular Christmas Kids Toy

A lot of kids these days expect cool expensive gadgets to play with for Christmas. Its as if it has become a tradition to get someone an electronic product in order to satisfy them. Especially when new versions have come out recently. An iPod touch is one of the most popular electronic toys for kids. This is because some parents feel that their kids are too young to have a phone, but it is harmless to give them an iPod to play with. It prevents them from having to give them their smartphones whenever kids ask to play games or watch videos on them. The reason it would make the best Christmas toy for kids is that they instantly get attached to it. Also, it gives them something to begin capturing memories from the new year with the camera.


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Most Popular Toy for Boys 

Nerf gun wars have definitely become one of the most popular game for kids to play since it was introduced. Although they have made guns designed to be used by girls, this game is still commonly played by boys than girls. This is due to the action and thrill it brings to kids that a typical girl is not really in to. Also, the fact that the sale of these toy guns dramatically increased year after year makes this become the most popular toy for boys in 2019.


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Most Popular Toy for Girls

It shouldn’t come as a shock to know that the most popular girls toy on our list in the princess dress up costume. We chose this simply because it is common for girls to like playing with dolls, makeup and look pretty. As they grow up and begin to develop insecurities about themselves due to watching cartoons and films of really pretty characters. Therefore it is really common to give them a costume that makes them feel like a different character, especially one of the characters they admire from their favorite TV shows. Which ultimately makes this costume the most popular toy for girls in 2019.


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