Fun Things to Do with Kids

kid playing with paint

Kids have so much energy and some kids love doing everything from outdoor play to indoor board games. However, sometimes kids need a little encouragement to play and engage with other children. This why finding fun things to do with your kids is a great way to build their confidence and get them doing fun things!

I would always start with some idea. Find out what they want to do and find a huge list if they are not sure, just type “LIST KIDS THINGS TO DO” and you will get a huge array of inspiration.

Once you have your list its start to narrow down all the fun possibilities available. Some kids love to play indoors with arts and craft sets, while others enjoy nature walks and outdoor games. I would group this into areas and ideas and then present them to your kid. Another option is to get them in the initial stages and together coming up with the plan. Kids love being included in the decision making process and give them a sense of empowerment.

Then its time to make sure you have your happy face on and are as enthusiastic and up-for-it as possible. Your natural ability to enjoy what your doing will rub off on your kids and will make them love it as much as you are.

Here are 7 Fun things to do with your Kids This Summer…

25 Fun Things to Do with Kids


  1. Why not try canoeing at a local River or Lake
  2. Go to the beach
  3. Try making ice cream
  4. Get cooking with fun kids recipes – usually tasty
  5. Make a fire outside in the back garden
  6. Pizza, kids love making pizza and with already made bases it’s super-easy to do
  7. Read some books or pick a book together, finding one can be fun
  8. Nature centers are great fun and often hold children’s days or volunteering options for kids
  9. Make a journal or kids diary with easy to follow DIY tutorials
  10. Walk along the beach and include treasure hunts, shell collecting and wood fire scavenging
  11. Cardboard boxes – make a castle or a fort out of cardboard
  12. Farmers Markets are fun days out
  13. Picnic next to the river
  14. Water fights are fun and kids go wild for a water fight
  15. Biking outdoor with the kids in nature is another option
  16. Feed the ducks and animals around your local area
  17. Make an interview of a family member and discuss what it was like as a child
  18. Make lemonade and set up a stand
  19. Make a DIY shadow puppet
  20. Have an outdoor paint party and use cardboard and huge paper rolls and canvases
  21. Try some gardening and get them digging and planting flowers
  22. Make a sandbox and get them bagging the sand and helping with the construction of the sandbox
  23. Hopscotch is a classic easy to do game and gets the kids moving about burning off energy
  24. Go to the museum and see what history has to offer
  25. Birdhouse making is a fun days activity

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