Best Swing Sets for Older Kids 2019

Everybody knows how much fun it is for kids to play on a swinging playset. Even as they get older, it still doesn’t become a boring activity for kids to do. But it is nowhere near as fun to try and find a swing playset that is both fun and safe for them. Which is why we have decided to make this article about the best swing sets for older kids.

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There are many different types of swinging playground equipment made purposely to best suit kids at different age groups. Everyone knows how these swinging sets for kids can be really dangerous to play with if they are not well assembled or well looked after. Therefore we thought it would be ideal to make you aware of the overall considerations you must be aware of before buying these playsets. Although some would have less or more safety features to consider due to the complexity of them.

  1. Assembly – The most important safety precaution to think about is how well assembled the equipment is before allowing your kids to play on it. It is best to double or triple check everything is tightly in place in order to prevent them from falling apart when the kids start to play on them.
  2. Space – It is very important to make sure that there is plenty of space around the area you intend to build the swinging set on. You must keep in mind that the swings require a lot of air space for kids to swing on so it wouldn’t be a good idea to place under a tree for example.
  3. Area – The area you choose to build it has to be carefully considered because once you set it up, it should not be taken apart. This can potentially cause the set not to assemble as strong as its supposed to when you finally find the best area for it.
  4. Added Activity – Some swinging equipment come with additional playing equipment to allow extra play to the set. Some kids may end up not being sensible or not letting others play on some equipment which can potentially cause arguments around dangerous equipment.
  5. Supervision – We know that as kids get older, they can be responsible enough to use the equipment how it is supposed to be used. However, Kids are still kids and it would be better to supervise them as these complex equipment can potentially be very dangerous if they are wrongly used even a little bit.

Best Swing Sets for Older Kids

Below we give you a list of the best swing sets for older kids in 2019. We have saved you the trouble of finding different ones and comparing the features and safety precautions of them. We hope you take time to read and choose one from our list.

Headstrom Neptune Simple Kids Swinging Sets


This is an image of a swing and slider set

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This Hedstrom Neptune Swinging Set is designed to be the most simple to assemble and play with. It comes in the orange and navy colors that go really well together on shiny metal in a hot summer afternoon. The powder coated steel frame prevents anyone from hurting their fingers when holding onto it for a long time.

It allows up to four kids to play on it at one time due to its sturdy frame and ground pegs that provide extra stability to it. With thick and wide comfortable plastic seats, it can allow any sized child to fit comfortably on it.

The swings come in two styles, normal swings and a glider that two kids use at the same time whilst facing each other. The glider works similar to a seesaw but swings instead of doing the up and down motion.

As kids get older, this metal swing set for older kids is able to still manage to their weight and size due to the adjustable ropes and ground pegs. However, it is best to know that it only goes up as tall as 180 cm, 320 cm wide and 156 cm deep. This would best suit kids from the age of 3 to 10 years.


Flexible Fun Time Metal Swing and Slide Set


This is a swing and slide set with 4 kids on it

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This playground swinging equipment is very fun to play with as it provides your kids with more than just a swinging activity. It also gives them the option to hang on metal pull up bar and slide on a small wavy slide. Not only does the slide provide an additional play activity, but also an extra base to help the set become more firmly planted onto the ground.

With four long thick and round UV protected metal poles, it would take a lot to bring it down. Along with extra ground anchors, it is able to hold more than 400 lbs at one time meaning at least 4 children can play on it all at once.

This set comes complete with all of its parts, although we would advise that you have all of the tools necessary to assemble it with as they do not come included. The full width of it is 120, with a 90 diameter and a 70 height in footprint measurements.


M & M Swing and Spin Kids Swing Play Set


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This fun piece of swinging equipment for kids is very unique in the way it swings as it also spins to make kids have a different swinging experience. With a large 39-inch steel frame attached to four tightropes, it is able to securely fit in up to 600 lbs of weight without making them slip off.

The circumference of the circle is 39 inches, therefore, we advise at least four kids to use it at one time. Also, kids must be at least five years old to be able to use it without adult supervision.

We urge you to think of the kids spinning capabilities with this set because it can cause some people to feel sick when being spun too much.

One negative fact about this playset is that you have to find a very strong tree branch or hanger to attach it to before it can be used. It may not be easy to find these places to hang it on as it is designed to be for back gardens. However, it would be a good piece of equipment for the park or in wood areas.


Twin Tunnel and Slide Swing Equipment for Kids


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This swing and slide set for kids is one of the most advanced you will find in the market. It has pleased and satisfied many families with children due to how it is constructed. With a large upper and lower clubhouse that kids can play in, they would feel safe and protected.

Unlike the others, this one is equipped with a high wavey slide as well as a tube slide which adds more fun into the sliding. At the top of the tube slide, there is also a small balcony they can stand in to look out for enemies during imaginary play.

Not only are they able to get to the top through the inside, but they can also use the rock climbing wall on the back to get there as well as an access ladder. This allows there to be alternative and quicker access to get to the kids in case of an emergency.

The other accessories added to this sliding set is the steering wheel, the telescope, and the clock. These are there to add more features that make the imaginary play better.

This outdoor den swing for kids is as tall as 9 feet and we warn you to make sure you always supervise kids as they play on it due to them possibly falling and hurting themselves. Also, make sure that the measurements are done accurately before assembling it as it will need a lot of space.

Recommended for kids that are 3 to 10 years old.


KidKraft Backyard Wooden Swing Set


This is a swing set with 6 kids and an adult

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The KidKraft Wooden Swing Set for older kids is not just a fun piece of equipment for kids to play on but can also be a piece of educational play equipment for kids too. We say this because of the play features that it comes with such as the chalkboard. This allows kids to practice writing and counting numbers whilst playing.

It is made from really thick and strong wood that is able to hold a maximum of up to seven kids at the same time. Although we would recommend it be used by at least six kids to maximize its safety.

As well as the double best swings and chalkboard, this play swing for kids also has a cool sandbox and a high level slide too. The sandbox is located underneath the chalkboard and the slide where kids can also be protected from the sun and the sand being too hot for them to play in.

The stairs are built with a rock climbing effect as they require a child to use both hands and legs to climb up. This enables them to practice how to climb and potentially be fearless of heights (maximum height of set is 123 inches).

We advise that you build this kid swing playset in an area that is at least 22 by 27 meters. This would give enough room and a safe enough play area around it as the set is built at 10 by 9 meters. The play area around would make it safe for the kids to swing and slide into.

We would recommend this playset is not used by any child under the age of three and have adult supervision as much as possible when playing on it.


Jungle Gym Plastic Swinging Seat


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This playful swinging seat is designed to be an additional swinging seat to add onto your Jungle Gym Swing Play Set. It comes with long metal chains that can hold up to 300 lbs weight.

Simply attach the metal hooks onto the chain and the swing pole above to get it ready to play on. As well as hooking it onto a swing pole, you are also able to attach it onto other sturdy pieces areas such as a tree. However, we advise that an adult does this due to it being high to reach.

The chains are covered in a plastic coat to protect a kid’s little fingers from friction and little cuts.

The seat measure at 27 inches long and 5.5 inches wide. This gives enough space for any child of the age of 3 years and older to sit and be comfortable on. However, some people have said that it became slippery when swinging too high so we advise that you do not let the child swing too high on it.

Gorilla Playground Swinging Sets for Kids


This is an image of a wooden swing and slide play set

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This fantastic playground swing sets for kids to play with is one of the most action filled set you can buy. It allows kids to practice their climbing, swinging, sliding and strength performances to become more advanced at these whilst having fun at the same time.

This set includes two high swings made from plastic seats and strong metal chains covered with plastic to protect your kid’s hands. As well as this, there is a slanted ladder to climb up to the play area and the top of the slide. With a rope and rock climbing figures as another way of getting to the top of the set.

In order to practice strength and hang swinging, kids are able to play with the bar and hoop swinging section. It is made from the same metal chains as the swings and a very strong plastic grips.

Additional swing set attachment for older kids you can expect to find on this swinging equipment is the sandbox to give kids beach activities to play with on a sunny day. Also, to encourage imaginative play, you will find a steering wheel and a long telescope.

This high quality wooden play swing for kids is capable of lasting for many years as it is from rot and decay proof wood and with high insect damage resistant. Therefore you should expect this to be at the higher end of the price range.

up to eight kids can play on this set at one time although we would recommend at least seven use it at one time to best prevent any accidents happening.



Best Overall Swing Playset

The best swing sets for older kids is the Gorilla Playground Swinging Sets for Kids. This is mostly due to the number of activities equipped to it that kids can play on. Swing playsets are designed to bring joy and laughter to kids and play swings are very good at doing this for them. However, by having other activities for them to play with as well as the swings, it would allow more kids to be satisfied at the same time and prevent them from being bored of just swinging all day.


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Best Budget Buy Set

We understand that these complex pieces of playing equipment for kids are not cheap to afford. However, when looking for kids swinging playsets, the main thing you expect is the swings which all children would have a lot of fun playing on. Therefore the best one to choose which does this and is still cost efficient is the Hedstrom Neptune Simple Kids Swinging Set. As well as this being a cheap kid swing set, it also does not require much assembly meaning it would be the easier to get ready to use. On the other hand, the Jungle Gym Plastic Swinging Seat is also a cheap option to consider, although it doesn’t come with a bar to hang it on. This would make it slightly difficult to set up and use.


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