10 Best Playmobil Sets for Children

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Playmobil playsets for children have recently become very popular among the set of toys that children have in their rooms to play with. This is mainly due to the endless possibilities of the different types of Playmobil sets for kids that are created. For parents, it can be difficult to understand a childs playset and which one is best to buy for your child. especially when there are so many Playmobil toys for kids to choose from. This is why our list of the best Playmobil sets for kids will help you to understand the different types and be able to make the perfect choice for your child.

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What are Playmobil Playing Sets for Kids

Playmobil is a very well established toy manufacturing organization that pride themselves in producing the highest quality toys in the market. The playsets that they mainly focus on consists of a variety of differently themed toys. For instance, they make playsets that are based on different cartoon characters with their settings so that kids can experience playing around with mini figures of their favorite cartoon characters.

These are designed to boost a child’s knowledge of their favorite characters as they get to witness them first-hand of what they are really supposed to look like. Also, it largely increases the capability of their imagination as they get to create different scenarios of what they would like to see their favorite cartoon characters to be doing in their shows.

Different Types of Playmobil Playing Sets for kids

The different types of toys that Playmobil focuses on mainly range from human figures, building, vehicles, animals and a wide range of different accessories. This article will go through a wide range of the different types of playsets that you can expect to find so you can have a reasonably good idea of what kind of themes their toys are based on. Some good examples are police vehicle themes for boys, dollhouse playsets for girls or even animal themed sets for any gender.

10 Best Playmobil Sets for Children

Below you will find ten of the best Playmobil Playsets for Children to play with at this time. Sometimes we understand that you would only choose to buy the most attractive one of the sets which is why this list has a variety of them to choose from to save you the time of looking for them. We have put them in a random order, but we have only included the most popular types which are guaranteed to be loved by any child. We hope your decision will be inspired by our list. Enjoy!

Shopping Plaza Playmobil Building Set

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The first Playmobil playset that we would love to introduce to you is there Play Mobil shopping Plaza. This is intended to be a great toy for girls.

your little girl can shop for her favorite outfits all day long with her favorite baby dolls. As well as outfits this set also comes with accessories to shop for.

This set comes with its own mini-doll figures to play with. However, your child can always use some of her other dolls of the same size to play with this set too.

The size of the full set To around 4.8 inches tall 12.6 inches wide and 20.3 inches long. They can either be put together or separated in order to have the best shopping experience for your child.

It is recommended for girls that are five years old and above as children under this age may be tempted to put their small pieces in their mouth.


Ghostbusters Firehouse by Playmobil

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The ghostbuster play Mobeal placed it is a very popular toy for boys. Especially for ghostbuster fans as this also acts as a very good collectible toy.

This playset allows your children to re-enact the ghostbuster storyline. With all of the five characters included as mini action figures as well as their cool ghostbusting weapons.

In inches, the dimensions of this ghostbuster toy are 17.7 long, 10.8 wide and 17.9 high. This should give you a rough idea of how much space this playset will require in your Childs play area.

Some of the accessories included in this set are the likes of the proton wand, silicone slime splatters, ghost traps and many more. However, it does not come with the ghostbuster truck, although this can be bought separately to fit in perfectly with this set.

In order to eliminate all choking hazard, this toy is recommended for children who are six years old and above.


Police Money Transporter Playset

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This Playmobil police money transporter is a very cool toy for young boys to play with.

It gives your child a way to act out a robbery crime scene using their imagination. Although some people may say it might encourage bad mindsets to children.

With a thief action figure included in this set, You can use the dogs to try and catch him as he tries to get away with the money. Also included in this set are some police mini-figures, gold bars, money, and other accessories.

This play Mobeal action set is recommended for all children above four years old.


Pirate Raiders’ Playmobil Ship

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Pirate ships Are not to come on amongst little kids toys. However, this Playmobil pirate playset is one with really high demand from their toys.

The ship itself goes as long as 26 inches and as high as 20 inches. This should tell you how big to you expect this product to be.

You kids can pretend to be pirates and see you through the great sea. Use the mini-figures to control the ship and take charge of the ocean.

These mini-figures are able made to be really flexible so they can move in all directions, even with their heads.

This makes a really good toy for boys and girls who love playing with action figures.


Playmobil Camping Playset

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This playset is designed to appeal to families who love the outdoors. It is an RV camping Playmobil Camping playset for children.

By purchasing this Playmobil set for your kids, you will be giving them something to keep them occupied for hours.

The complete set comes with an RV that is furnished to accommodate up to 4 mini-figures. Although it only comes with three small figures to play with.

As well as this it includes a quad bike with this carrier, a floating canoe, bicycles, pets and many other camping accessories. It is the complete set to have the best camping experience ever!

This makes the perfect toy for winter time as you kids can continue their summer vacation through imaginative play


Playmobil Modern House

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Here we have for you are Playmobil house set for children. It is a perfect toy add to your baby girls dollhouse collection.

This house measures at 26.4 inches wide, 19.3 inches long and 15.8 inches wide. This means it is perfect to fit all regular size dolls that your child may have.

It is also not so heavy only weighed about one and a half pounds. Therefore it can be a good choice for your child to take with them and play at their friend’s house.

This house is constructed with five very large rooms, a spiral staircase and a very luxury balcony. As well as this it comes with its mini accessories such as two figures, a pet dog, a grill with some food and other household essentials.

This would make the perfect birthday gift for a young girl.


Spirit Riding Free Playmobil House Playset

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Spirit riding free is a very popular movie that children love to watch. This Playmobil playing set is a toy that is based on the film.

It includes their big house, two mini-figures of the characters, the horse and the goose. These are enough to allow your child to reenact some of the scenes from the film.

As well as this there are also some household utensils and accessories that come with this playset.

This toy for girls is recommended for children aged 4 years and above.


Playmobil Farm Animal Playset

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Every Child loves to see and play with pets and other animals.  This is why this farm animals playset is one of the most popular Playmobil toys on the market.

This set comes with a variety of different animals for your child to play with. Some of these animals include bunnies, a calf and some pigs.

Also with this Playmobil set, you will get one human mini-figure and a gated area to keep the animals in. In order to make it look more realistic, there are also some farm crops and food for the animals.

This set is one of the most affordable ones on the market and is made for children aged four years and above. Given this set to any child younger than this age will increase the risk of them talking on the small pieces.


Playmobil Deluxe Dollhouse Set

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Here we have for you are very luxurious deluxe dollhouse for your young girls to play with. It comes in a very appealing light pink and blue color with many accessories.

Some of these accessories include two figures that fit comfortably through the doors. Also, you get a post box, a light and a set of decorating flowers.

The good Think about buying this dollhouse for girls is that it comes completely empty inside. This means you can buy additional accessories for your child so they can decorate it however they feel like.

However, you must be cautious about the size of the accessories you buy as not everything will fit inside it.

This set does require two AAA batteries as some of its features are electrical. For instance, the doorbell actually makes a sound when pressed also the light comes on and off.

The full dimensions of this particular Playmobil dollhouse are 23.6 inches tall, 21.6 inches wide and 10.6 inches long. This should give you an idea of where you would like your child to play with this toy.


Ski Resort Playmobil Kit

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The last Playmobil toy for kids that we want to talk about is the Ski resort playset. This is not only a very detailed version but one of the most complex of them all.

It comes with different playing figures to play with as well as all of the possible skiing accessories. Alongside this, there is also a hot supper Area for your kids to have more to use their imaginations with.

Some of these accessories included in this set are the skiis, an eating table, a lounge chair, a snowman and other interesting accessories. You can expect to find more than 100 accessories with this set.

Your child can use this toy to make the characters go on a really fun and exciting ski adventure. As the weather gets too Code for your characters, your child can make them warm themselves up with some hot food or drinks.

Finally, it is recommended for children above the age of four years old.



What is the Most Affordable Playmobil Playset

The playset which we would recommend that you buy if you do not wish to spend so much money on a Playmobil playset is the Playmobil Farm Animal Playset for kids (number 8). The reason we say this is because it only consists of a farm set with some animals which are not complex figures for your children to understand how to play with. This is the reason why this playset is made to be amongst the cheap Playmobil playsets for children. Also, all children are intrigued by the looks of different animals and therefore would love to play with the set whether they are a boy or a girl. This means that you would most likely not waste your money on buying this set as you can be rest assured that they will put it to good use.

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Which Playmobil Toy for Kids Brings the Most Fun?

The Playmobil Playset which we think becomes really addictive to kids is the Playmobil Shopping Mall Playset (number 1). The reason behind this is because it consists of the most activities for your children to use their imagination on. By this we mean the size of it is significant enough to occupy multiple children, therefore it will definitely keep one them busy. However, this playset would not be ideal for every child as it is ideally designed to be a Playmobil playset for girls due to its colors and activities. Therefore, if you intended to buy a Playmobil playset for boys and girls, it would be better to go for the Playmobil Camping Playset (number 5).

On the other hand, it would also be ideal to know what type of activities or films and cartoons that your children are into as there are also many different types of kids Playmobil sets that are based on certain types of characters of films and shows. These types of playsets would bring much more fun to your kids as they would be actually interested in the theme of it.  For instance, on our list, you could go for the Spirit Riding Free Playmobil House Playset (number 7) as it is based on the animated series of the TV show. This would appeal more to all the children who love to watch this show.

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