10 Best Kids Night Lights 2019

Is your child having trouble sleeping at night? Night lights for kids are one of the best kids sleeping aids to consider buying for them. This is why we have put together the best kids night lights in this article for you to choose from. Instead of having to stay up reading to them, why not consider buying an alternative sleeping mechanism. A child night light is usually equipped with more than one way to help your child fall asleep by themselves. From the lights to soothing sounds and even extra warmth.

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Benefits of Buying Night Lights for Kids

Great sleeping aid – The most important part of installing a night light into your kid’s bedroom is that it helps to make them fall asleep. This is scientifically proven to work due to it being a great way to distract them from overthinking whilst trying to sleep.

Gives more alone time – The second most important factor about this sleeping aid for kids is that it would give you (the parent) more time to sleep in peace. By this, we mean not having to spend time trying to make your kids fall asleep before you do, especially when you’ere really tired yourself.


10 Best Kids Night Lights

We have given you a list of the highest rated night lights for your kid’s bedroom. They are al different in their own way but the same in the way they have been chosen. This was done by looking for the best-ranked lights for by other parents and putting them into one place.

Glowing Dinosaur Night Light for Kids


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The seven color dinosaur night light is an exciting thing to put in any little boy’s room, and it will light up the whole room in a soft glow that is perfect for everyone who comes in.

Boys will like having a choice of the kind of light that they can get, and the light will work from any part of the room no matter where it was set up.

You can flip this light on to see the pixelated lights, and you will have the perfect shape of a diagnosis that is calling it to you.

Ceiling Star Lights


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The romantic ceiling projector is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to have lights on their ceiling while they are falling asleep at might.

You will fall in love with the lights shining up there every night, and you will get some amazing shapes on the ceiling that most people would never see.

You can make up for the lack of a starry sky by turning on this projector every night. You can change the position of the lights at any time, and you can broaden their spectrum if you want to have more or less coverage.

Remote Control Projector Light


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The rotating projection light is one of the more interesting ways for you to make the room light up every night. Your ant to see a cluster of stars that will keep the room illuminated, and you should use the remote control to turn it on and off every morning/evening.

This is the perfect way to make the room a more hospitable place to sleep in, and you can turn it off in the middle of the night if you do not want to get up to deal with the light.


Portable Light With Bluetooth Speaker


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This particular light is very easy for you to use, and it has the Bluetooth speaker that will help you make sure that you can have music playing when you want to go to sleep at night.

There are a lot of people who would prefer to have music playing because they do not want to be in total silence, or they could have the white noise playing in the background to make it easier for them to sleep every night.

The light can be moved to any position in the room, and the Bluetooth speaker will connect to any device that you have that plays music. Plus, you turn the light on and off easily when you are ready to get up in the morning.

Silicone Glowing Puppy Light


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The glowing puppy light is a fun thing to use when you are looking at ways to keep your child comfortable. This small puppy-shaped light will glow inside the room while they are sleeping. You get the best possible result when you have turned this light on because kids will respond to the shape and the glow that comes off the dog. This is a very comforting light because of the golden color, and it has the traditional dog shape that most people love.

Also, This nighttime light for kids is able to be used as a soft cuddle toy for kids to cuddle up to as they fall asleep and not just a light in their bedroom.

Wall Plug LED Lights


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The wall plug LED lights that you have chosen should be selected to help you get the best possible results while your child is sleeping. You can stick these lights into an outlet that you want, and you will find that the lights give kids a little bit of a glow in the middle of the might that will help them stay asleep, and you can plug them into an outlet whether it be two-pronged or three-pronged.

VAVA Nursery Lamp for Kids


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The VAVA cool night light for kids is fun because it is in the shape of an egg. You get this warm glow coming off the lamp. You can add stickers to this lamp to make it just right for your baby, and you can even adjust the amount of light that comes off the lamp depending on what you think is best. You will use this lamp in the nursery to keep baby comfortable, and you can plug it into any outlet that you want. Plus, this is the kind of lamp you start out with when you want the room to be as mellow as possible. You could use this lamp by itself to keep the lighting low and soothing.

Rechargeable Kids Table Lamp


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This kids table lamp is a night light that you should use in the room when you want kids to have something that they can get used to over time. Small children learn how to use this lamp as they get older, and they can take control of their lamp so that they have a light in their room in the middle of the night.


Remote Control Teddy Light


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The remote control teddy light is a good night light projector for kids when you and your children to have something that makes them giggle as they go to sleep. Kids are soothed by fun things that they enjoy playing within their daily life, and you can install this light in their room at any time to make the room feel as warm as possible. Plus, you can use this particular night light to enhance the playful feeling in the room so that it is not cold at night.


Personalized Photograph Night Light for Kids


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The personalized photograph night light for kids is one that allows you to put any picture in to get a projection somewhere else in the room. This particular kids night light projector is so powerful that you can cover a whole wall with a picture that will feel like it came from a dream. This makes a great feature to make your kids fall back asleep when they wake up in the middle of the night from a bad dream.
This kids bedroom light is the most unique on our list as it adds a more personal message to it by having the photograph included in the light. This means it would make a great birthday gift for kids as it shows that you have put good thought into buying them a present.


Our Pick of The Best Night Sleeping Light for Kids

If you want our opinion, we would say that the beat night sleeping light on our list is the Remote Control Teddy Light. The reason we say this is simply because it has the remote control function so you get to manually control when to turn it on and off. This is an important feature because once your child has fallen asleep, it would just be a waste of electricity to still have it on all night.

Although some of the other lights are able to automatically turn off after a set time, there is a possibility of your kids still not being asleep after the time has run out. Therefore it would be better for you to buy one that you can control when to turn it off even from the comfort of your own bedroom. Simply shout there name to know whether or not they have fallen asleep then judge whether or not to keep it on or turn it off.

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