Best Kids Indoor Playhouse 2018

All children love playing games and using their imagination and with an indoor playhouse they can invent new games, create wild adventures and play games along with their friends all at the same time. There are loads of different types of kids playhouses, kids tents and even tip’s to choose from, all at a great price!

By default, children love to watch TV or surf the internet, both of which are passive in nature.

To encourage your child to be more active, getting a playhouse is a sure way to go. Depending on where you live, the climatic condition as well as the age of your child, you might have to choose between an outdoor playground set or a cool playhouse, both of which serves similar purposes.

A fun playhouse will serve you better if you live in an apartment with little or no outdoor space, as compared to those living in the suburbs. Another important factor is the climatic condition; if the weather is not favorable for outdoor activities, then indoor toys will suffice in keeping your children active.

Nevertheless, the goal remains the same; to engage the mind of the children in creativity and imagination, to keep them physically active, thus promoting a healthy lifestyle. In this current age where obesity and other health issues associated with inactivity is a pandemic, it has never been more expedient for children to stay active.

This is exactly why I am reviewing some of the best indoor toys for toddlers in this article. This playhouse equipment and toys aligned with the primary goals of entertaining children as well as keeping them active. Most of the products reviewed can be enjoyed alone or shared with friends, further promoting interrelational and communication skills in children.

Kids Indoor Playhouse Toys and Games

#1.  Indoor Playhouse Tent – Clubhouse

This children playhouse – Indoor Tent Pop Up Mode It’s easy to fall in love with this product if you’re a lover of camping activity. The design is so close to a regular camp house. The roof is designed with green leaf colors, and the window and door area have a wooden rim to make the outline.

The playhouse has different “Warning signs” on the exterior, telling people to keep off and steer clear of the area, implying that it is a private residence. It’s like having a little camp house inside your child’s room or living room. Aside from the green and wood decoration on the exterior of the playhouse, it has enough room for ventilation and can easily accommodate up to two kids between the ages of 1 and 5 years.

It is designed to be extremely portable as it can be folded into a small packaging box, making it easy to move back and forth from the bedroom to other parts of the house. This playhouse will engage your child’s imagination as they come up with different ideas of things to do in their private home. They can also play along with their best friend in the tent.

Giving the child some sense of privacy, they mostly end up giving you more freedom to do whatever you want to do as they get busy in their portable playhouse as well.

Kids Play Tent Children Playhouse

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#2.  Little Tikes Activity Garden Baby Playhouse set

The amount of details that went into designing this indoor garden baby playset speaks volume. Designed for toddlers between the ages of six months to 3 years old, it’s a perfect combination of everything you could get in a typical playhouse for kids.

It is extremely easy to set up without having to use any tools in the process. It can also be arranged in two different configurations, depending on your preference, or you can switch back and forth every now and then to spice things up for the little one. Once they grow old enough, they can do the rearrangement all by themselves. The playset is built with different parts that come in different colors, making it colorful for the kid’s attraction.

It will greatly help in developing a child’s motor skills as they go about manipulating different parts of the playset for entertainment purposes. In addition to the detailed design in structure and colors, it also has the singing feature that comes up when the child taps on some buttons on the toy.

It has tap-able piano buttons that make a nice sound when tapped by the kids. The frontal part of the playset has a telescope that can be moved from one angle to another to view the environment. The mailbox can also double as the shape sorter.

Activity Garden Baby Playset

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#3. Monobeach Princess Girls Large Playhouse

This kids castle play tent is as a feminine playhouse as it could be, designed specifically for girls, it’s created to give your princess a fairytale world of her own. More often than not, they’ve seen little princesses in their favorite tv show and would like to create an identical castle for themselves. This is exactly what this castle does; it brings your child’s fairytale into reality at the comfort of their room.

One thing that stands out about the product is the material from which it was made; for the most part, it’s made of polyester taffeta material, which speaks of luxury. It’s also quite mobile and this can be used both indoor and outdoor, as it is easy to setup and pack as the need arises.

With the ability to accommodate two to three children at the same time; your child would love the private space as they make up interesting stories about their castle with their friends, alongside other toys they have in their collection.

Aside from the basic items needed to set up the tent, it has a decorative led starlight that is powered by a battery. This star led light is an icing on the cake, making it more beautiful and appealing to the child. This product is a perfect gift for kids between the ages of one and 10 years old.

It does not only help in developing an imaginative mind, it also encourages reading habit in children, as they tend to read their favorite fairytale right inside the princess tent.

Princess Tent Girls Large Playhouse Kids Castle Play

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#4. Kiddey Kids Play Tent & Playhouse – Indoor/Outdoor

On brief inspection, this playhouse looks like a regular camping tent, however, it is much more than that. It’s specifically designed to keep kids engaged, and promote learning as well as improving social interaction amidst their peers.

The playhouse has three entrance as compared to several other tents in this category with only one entrance. Children can walk into the tent through the main door, or crawl in through the two other window-like opening. Big enough for three children thereby promoting bonding amidst children.

Aside from being of great value, it comes in a very portable bag that makes it easy to fold up the tent and carry it about as you please. The floor is made up of waterproof material, so you don’t have to worry about soiling when using the tent. For proper ventilation, the upper part of the playhouse is made of mesh material that gives room for easy cross ventilation.

As far as cleaning is concerned, it is equally easy to clean when it gets dirty as a result of children’s abuse over time.

Kiddey Kids Play Tent & Playhouse

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#5.  Kids Teepee Playhouse Tent

If you have kids that love playing hide and seek, or you noticed he likes being on his own, with some sense of privacy, this playhouse will be a great fit for them. The product comes in different patterns, and you can select based on your child’s gender. The windows and doors are made of velcro, making it easy to open and shut even by the kid.

It is designed with a pocket on the side to store books and other toys. Another great feature is the floor of the tent, it is tightly sewed together with the body of the tent, so you don’t have to deal with shifting tent floor. The poles that hold up the entire playhouse is made of quality wood that can withstand the rigor of the kids’ abuse.

The entire setup and folding take less than five minutes, you can use the tent indoor or outdoor use at the park or beach. Cleaning is also very easy, once you’re able to detach the wood that holds the entire tent up from the connector, washing becomes easier, the foam and color do not deteriorate after wash.

If all you want is a simple, easy to setup, mobile playhouse for your child, then the mustard seed teepee tent is your best bet.

Mustard Seed Toys Gray Polka Dot Kids Teepee Tent

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#6. Kiddey Knight’s Castle Playhouse Tent

Designed like the ancient European war castle, this playhouse will keep your kids active all day as they make up stories about kingdom and era they’ve only read about in books. The exterior has ash and black brick design, with two window openings, covered with a net. The door of the playhouse can be rolled up easily, thus making entrance and exit extremely easy.

Aside from the exterior and interior design, the floor is also designed with kids comfortability in mind. For stability and support, it has four round pegs, these pegs extend to the canopy and end exteriorly as a sword-like flag over the playhouse.

It is designed for both indoor and outdoor use but would last longer when used indoor only, as it is not clear whether the materials from which it is made of can withstand excessive exposure to the sun. It is highly mobile regardless, as it comes with a packaging bag that makes it easy to carry about.

To make things more interesting for kids, the playhouse comes with a knight sword and shield. The level of imagination and creativity these accessories will give kids is way beyond words. If you would love to give your child a safe place to sit on their own, while they engage their creativity, this is the right indoor toy to get them.

 Knight's Castle Kids Play Tent

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#7. Pacific kids Playhouse Cottage

Exteriorly, this playhouse is designed to look like a regular cottage building, with lots of colors and windows. The tent is supported by round pipe with a connector at each joint. Aside from the regular front door, the tent has a crawl-in door at the back of the tent, giving room for exit and entrance for children playing hide and seek.

The product has two variations, with few inches difference, but they can both accommodate two to three kids at the same time, increasing the fun. The material from which the tent is made of is the polyester taffeta, which is not only strong but equally appealing to the eye. The windows and the upper section of the tent have mesh covering, giving room for cross ventilation, while keeping insects and fly outside of the tent.

Because of the quality of material from which the product is made, cleaning it is easy, all you have to do is damp a piece of cloth in water and soap and clean to remove possible stain after several uses.

Although there are other playhouses on the list that are much easier to set up, the setup process for this particular product is not complicated, once the frames and connectors are arranged, the majority of the work is done.

It would have been more perfect if there was a provision for flooring in the package.

Pacific Play Tents Cottage House Tent

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#8. Rocket Ship Playhouse Tent

This Spaceship Playhouse for Kids is ideal if your child is interested in space and astronomy, or they watch TV shows with a similar theme, and you want them to engage their imagination as they dwell in their own space castle, then this is the right playhouse for them.

The design isn’t any different from most of the other indoor playhouses that have been reviewed so far. Made of high-grade polyester materials, that is durable and appealing to the eye. The interior space and outer space has yellow colored stars, against a deep blue background, mimicking the sky and stars.

The upper part of the playhouse is designed to be pointed like a typical spaceship, and the door has two aesthetic feature that mimics the wings of a space shuttle. The window is covered with mesh, and are directly opposite each other, allowing proper ventilation, especially during the summer. A great deal of details goes into the making of the tent as regards sewing, leaving no gap for tears as a result of children abusive use.

The floor of the playhouse is of blue color, and it is well padded to make the experience worthwhile for the kids. Aside from that, the tent is highly portable and can be folded in less than five minutes without hassle.

Another accessory that comes with the tent is the space torch projector, which projects images related to space exploration. This can be highly educative and entertaining for kids as the switch from one image to the other during their play time.

Play Tent Boys Girls

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#9. The WonderFold – Keter Playhouse Set

This playhouse is built with uttermost attention to details. As compared to other playhouse reviewed, it is made of quality polypropylene plastic of solid colors, giving it a real house appearance one it is properly set up.

Although the playhouse looks complex, it’s in reality very easy to set up, no assembly or tool is required to set the playhouse up. All you have to do is unfold it from the box, and place the parts appropriately.

It’s also very sturdy and durable and would last a very long time, so far it is properly handled after each use. Storing this equipment is one of my favorite things about it. It can be folded an placed under the bed, this way, it does not cover the living space. It is also very mobile, and the weight is less than 35lbs.

It has three doors, and an entrance door, with a mini-gate attached to the door. Playhouse has never been more real in it’s design. It can accommodate up to two or more kids, with enough space for toy furniture, thereby making the playhouse more lively as the kids spend time exploring their personal space.

The playhouse can be used both indoor and outdoor and it is protected with UV coating to prevent the color from fading as a result of sunlight expose.

If your kid is older, you should check out other bigger playhouse recommended in this article, but if they’re less than the age of four (4), this is a really good choice to consider.

Folding Playhouse for Portable Indoor

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#10. Fantasy Kids Fort Indoor Playhouse

I’m tempted to say; I saved the best for the last, but that wouldn’t be accurate because each of the playhouse reviewed in this article has its own strength and weakness. But I love the concept of this particular product, it allows the children to design their own playhouse with available resources.

Kids get to decide on how large their playhouse will be, where the window would be located, as well as the style of playhouse they want. This product comes with 16 pieces of the set, which is sufficient to build almost anything that would appeal to kids. If you want something bigger, you’re allowed to order for more pieces.

Aside from keeping kids engaged, one of the important reason for getting a toy is to engage the kid’s mind in developing ideas, creativity, and social skills. This playhouse gives room for all of these, without losing sight of the primary goal of keeping the child entertained.

The setup process is also part of the fun experience for kids, it’s easily compared to arranging a lego, it’s a fun event on its own, which make it less of a stress.

On the flip side though, this playhouse is not suitable for younger kids, except the parent is willing to sacrifice his or her time in setting it up every now and then. Storing the item is very easy, once you separate each piece, you can make a storage box from it and keep the other piece in-tact until there is a need for it again.

Creative Pretend Play Construction Building Set for Kids

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How to Setup your Playhouse Equipment Indoors?

Although the process involved in setting up playhouse equipment will depend mainly on the type of equipment being installed, this section of the article is a general rule that applies to all playhouse equipment. It provides the basic guide to setting up an indoor playhouse and how to ensure the safety of both the child and the parent or guardian.

It’s important to point out that, falling from the climber or slide might give rise to the phobia for height which is why proper attention should be given to the playhouse setup process, so as to avoid any form of accident.

Location: Placing the playhouse or slider on a very smooth surface is important in order to prevent skidding. The equipment should be strategically placed either in the child’s room or any other part of the house where there is enough space for proper setup.

Coupling Parts: As a rule of thumb, the fewer the amount of parts that needs to be coupled, the stronger and better the equipment is. This may sound counterintuitive if you are more interested in having a highly mobile playhouse. In coupling the equipment parts, stick to the manufacturer’s instruction as most toy comes with a detailed user guide on how to properly set up to ensure maximum safety.

Moving: There are tendencies that you would move the playhouse equipment back and forth, either within the house or outdoor play equipment to use in the park or garden. When moving the equipment from one point to the other, it’s expedient that you follow the same procedure of safety all the time. Once the equipment is properly set up, check by leaning a bit of your weight on it to ensure it’s properly placed, with no risk of collapse.

Best Overall Children’s Indoor Playhouse

of all the indoor playhouse reviewed, I consider the Kids Play Tent Children Playhouse best overall because it gradually introduces the child to an outdoor lifestyle. The tent is designed with uttermost priority for safety, without sacrificing the aesthetics that appeal to children.

It has a mesh top all around, which contributes hugely to the cross ventilation of the playhouse, and the material from which the body of the equipment is made is of the highest quality.

It is also large enough to accommodate two to three children, thus promoting social bonding between friends as they explore their own imaginary world.

Based on users experience, children tend to hide in the playhouse while reading their favorite book, as it provides a sense of privacy, away from other members of the family.

The icing on the cake is that; this playhouse does not have an age restriction, looks perfect for younger and older kids, it grows with your child until they decide to get rid of it after they must have gotten enough of the fun and excitement.

Kiddey Kids Play Tent & Playhouse

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Best Budget Pick

Sometimes, the cost is another important factor to consider when deciding on the best equipment to purchase. While the products on this are reasonably priced, the best pick within budget is the Little Tikes Activity Garden Baby Playset. The playset is perfect for kids between two and three years of age, and it encompasses various activities that would keep the child active and entertained.

It arrangement can be manipulated in two different ways, allowing you to switch between styles every now and then.

Activity Garden Baby Playset

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