Best iPad Cases for Kids 2019

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We all know that an iPad is one of the most expensive gadgets that a person can buy in this generation. When you want to buy one for your children, it is vital to include a kids iPad case with it in order to maximize its potential lifespan. Children iPad cases can range from different styles and designs which is why picking out the right one can be tougher than it seems. Trust this article of the best iPad case for kids to guide you in making this decision as easy as possible.

This is an image of an Orange Butterfly Design iPad Case

Advantages of Using a Case for Kids iPads

The most common advantage of using cases for Children iPads is so that they do not crack the glass screen or cause it to have scratches and bumps on it. The fact that an iPad is an expensive purchase to make means that it is really important to make sure you have a case on it if it was to be given to a child. Other advantages that a child can benefit from by having a kids case for iPads on it is by providing more convenience to its use or transportation. For example, there are now soft kids iPad accessories with handles made to make it easier to hold only and not slip out of a small child’s hands. Other examples are children cases for iPads designed with an attached keyboard on it so it feels more like a laptop when having to type messages on it.

Disadvantages of Using an iPad Case for Children

One disadvantage of having a case for iPads that we can all agree on is the fact that t takes away the awesome feel of the actual iPad itself. One of the most interesting aspects of an iPad is the material and its dimensions as it is made to not only fit perfectly into both hands but to also feel really incredible. By having a case on it, it does not only deprive you of this feeling but it also adds on extra unnecessary weight to carry around. However, in situations where you feel like you do not want your child to have an ugly looking iPad, you can always purchase insurance for it. This would allow you to benefit from any accidental damage and not having your child carry around a heavy kids iPad frame with it.

10 Best iPad Case for Kids

We have compiled for you the top ten iPad accessory cases designed for kids so that you do not have to spend time looking for different ones and comparing them. The cases that we have included on our list consist of differently designed and functioning cases that would appeal to any child. Each one has a very good ranking from parents who previously bought them for their kids. Arranged in no particular order, our list begins with one of the most attractive ones at the top. Enjoy!

Case for Tablets With Built-in Screen Protector

This is a image of an iPad Case With Built-in Screen Protector

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The first iPad accessory for children that we have for you is the golden Tablet case with built-in screen protector.  

This integrated screen protector allows this case to have a high level of drop protection on the screen. It is guaranteed to prevent the screen from cracking from any normal dropping distance that a child would do. Also prevents scratches from sharp objects touching it such as coins or pens and other toys that children play with. 

It is built with raised edges which work really good to protect the screen and the lenses as well as edges from being dented. 

This iPad protector for children it’s really fascinating as it comes in many other different colors such as black light blue pink or even a fully grey look. However, one drawback is that it is only designed to fit the 9.7 inch iPad and not the mini versions. 

One last feature about this case is that it weighs 12 ounces which is not necessarily so heavy in the Childs hand combined with the weight of an iPad. 


Pink Teddy Bear Case

This is an image of a Pink Teddy Bear iPad Case

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Case number two is the pink teddy bear iPad case for girls as you can see in the image above.  

It is made from high-quality silicone soft gel with PBA free material which means it is completely safe for children to have in their hands all day long. 

As you can see, it is designed with two handles on each side of the long side. These handles make it really useful for When they Are trying to play games and keeping the iPad still. Also, it has a standing feature at the back which makes it perfect for the handless video watching moment. 

All of the ports are made easily accessible with this case due to its design. As well as this they included a cartoon style teddy bear at the top to give it a more child-friendly look. However, this design can be awkward when trying to keep the iPad in the portrait mode and not landscape. 

On the other hand, you can also get this case in a brown teddy bear version so that it would be the perfect iPad case for boys too. 


ShockProof iPad Frame for Kids

This is an image of a red ShockProof iPad Case for Kids

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in number three we have for you the shockproof iPad frame for kids in the red version. This is a pretty basic type of case and therefore is made in seven different colors including this red. 

It is made with high-quality impact resistant polycarbonate and fitted with a double layer of shock absorbing silicone material on the inside. These materials are constructed carefully to give convenient access to all of the ports and buttons.  

Also, the corners are fitted with a double-thick silicone to give A huge level of protection against drops and high amount of impacts.  

As seen in the picture it Has a convenient carrying handle which can also be converted into a standing case. Although this makes it look bigger it is in fact extremely lightweight but very durable too. 


iPad Frame With Neck Strap

This is an image of an iPad Case With a neck Strap

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The kids Tablet case with strap is the one that we thoroughly love to talk about as it is designed in a unique fashion. 

The main aim of this version is to be our children traveling case for iPad. Although this could be quite inconvenient as the only iPad that it is compatible with is there 9.7 inch and not the mini iPad. Usually, kids are given the mini iPad to travel with. 

Unlike many other cases, this has a built-in kickstand which is made with real convenience as it can rotate all the way around. This means that your child can keep the iPad standing still whichever way they feel like it and not just in landscape mode. 

One fun fact about this case is that it comes in eleven different colors which makes it a good iPad case for boys and girls. 

Also, the straps allow you to hang the iPad up for more convenience when you are standing and trying to watch a video. For example, you can be watching cooking tutorials as you cook without touching the iPad.

With it being made from hard polycarbonate clamshell and an extra soft silicone cushion coating, it will allow a high level of impact just in case it was to fall off the hanger 


Smart Leather Flip Case

This is an image of a Smart Leather Flip unicorn Case

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This smart leather girls iPad book case is one of the popular ones amongst all kids. It comes in many different designs and patterns such as pretty cats and butterflies which you can have a look by clicking the Amazon link.  

The reason why it is classed as a smart children iPad accessory is that it is able to sense when the iPad cover is opened or closed. This then allows it to either lock or unlock the iPad automatically. 

It can fit all iPads set at 9.7 inches but it is specifically designed for the iPad Air model one and two. This can be a negative aspect of this case as a lot of children who are into patterns and cute animals usually have the mini iPad version. 

On the inside of the lid, it is fitted with two anti-slip strips which lets you stand the iPad alone at different angles. This makes it convenient for watching movies or other videos free hand.  

One last feature is the stylus pen this set comes with. It brings all the more fun to children when they are drawing or doing other activities on the iPad. 


Smart Standing Case for iPad

This is an image of a Smart Standing Case for iPad

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This smart standing case for little ones is really unique and elegantly designed. It is made from detachable magnetic cover with a very high-grade thermoplastic polyurethane material.  

This provides a high level of protection to the full iPad whilst looking simple and neat in the process. The magnetic cover folds and unfolds to completely protect the screen whilst making the iPad sleep and wake every time it is covered or uncovered. 

The design of this smart case allows you to see the iPad logo on the back so people know what device you have. However, the design does not include an attached screen protector which is unfortunate Due to it leaving your expensive device exposed to scratches and cracks. 

On the plus side, this device case for children comes in eight different colors. Your child will most likely have a favorite amongst them. 

The only possible drawback to this tablet accessory is the fact that it is only designed for iPads that came out no earlier than the year 2017. However, it is one of the cases with a high-end price Which means it will most definitely protect your new model iPad as it must have been really expensive. 


Orange Butterfly Design iPad Accessory

This is an image of an orange butterfly design ipad case

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This butterfly iPad accessory for kids is designed in a very unique style which is rare to get a hold of. 

It is made from good quality EVA foam material which is commonly known for being able to withstand a high amount of wear and tear whilst giving a high level of shock protection. 

As you can see it is in a unique butterfly design with wings at the back for the purpose of making it stand on its own. 

This style of case is ideally design for the purpose of having a slideshow picture framing. The reason for this is because it is designed in a butterfly shape which can go well with most designs of a little girls room wallpaper. Especially as there are nine different girly colors that this case is made from. 

It has a thick foam layer over the front of the screen that is there to protect it from scratches in case it fell flat on the floor. 


Black Heavy Duty Rubber Case

This is an image of a Black Heavy Duty Rubber Case

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The black heavy duty iPad protection case for kids is a very simple and basic type. It is very thick at the front as well as the back to make sure it can withstand the highest level of impacts. 

The good benefit of this is that it is designed for only the latest and the most expensive iPads models. This will provide you with the reassurance of it not being damaged after you have spent a lot of money purchasing it. 

Do not be discouraged by the plain black color as it also comes in a navy and lime color, as well as the purple and lilac color and red and black color. So you have the option to choose your preference. 

As you can guess it is made of multiple layers of silicon rubber Inc with a hard plastic shell around the ports and the screen. The design also leaves the iPad logo visible at the back to make people aware of the device that your child is carrying. 

Also, it weighs 11.5 ounces which isn’t as heavy as you may have expected. And as well as the case, this full package comes with A separate kickstand as well as a manual on how to attach it. 


Standing iPad Frame for Children

This is an image of a Standing iPad Case for Children

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Here we have for you a purple playful standing iPad frame for children. Designed to be very durable and shockproof this case is made from high-quality EVA non-toxic foam material. 

This material has a very rugged surface which is designed to give a child a very firm grip when holding onto it. This prevents them from accidentally dropping it when running around with the iPad. 

It is designed for all of their own iPad models from iPad 2 all the way to the fourth generation. However, it is only designed to fit the 9.7 inch version and not the mini iPads. It is best to check what type of iPad you have first before making a purchase.  

This case becomes perfect for kids wanting to take the iPads to school for learning purposes. On the other hand, it can also be used as a frame to put a slide show pictures on display in your Childs room or play area. 


Tablet Case With Keyboard for Kids

This is an image of an ipad case with keyboard

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Finally, we leave the best till last and give you the Tablet Case with keyboard for kids. We say for kids, but this can also be classed as an iPad case for adults due to its formality. 

It is made from premium leather but a very soft microfiber– lined material on the inside for a more elegant style. Also, It comes in three different colors the black blue and pink types so that you have an easier option to choose from. 

Designer very strategically with a specific pen slot to place the pent bat comes with the iPad. This case is designed for the iPad Pro 11 inch 2018 and later models only that comes with the pain. Therefore you can expect this to be one of the higher end kids iPad frames.  

The keyboard is obviously detachable to provide as much convenience as possible. Also, it is designed in a very light fashion to support type in viewing and reading so that you make the most of the laptop experience from an iPad. This becomes all the more convenient when traveling. 

This case is classed as an iPad smart case which requires battery life to operate. Although some people might find this as a disadvantage, it is still able to last up to 60 hours when fully charged. But when put on standby it can last for 120 days. On the other hand, it has the possibility to charge your device with up to 3 hours of battery life too. 



What is the Most Convenient Child iPad Accessory?

The tablet for children that is the most convenient for their use is the Standing Case (Number 9). The reason behind this is because it has an easy way to allow a child to hold the iPad firmly in their hands on three different sides. This allows easy transportation at any time and from any different position of lifting it. Also, the stable standing feature brings a lot of convenience to your child when playing videos such as watching their favorite cartoon shows.

This is an image of a Standing iPad Case for Children

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Which Tablet Case for Kids is the Cheapest to Buy?

The cheapest iPad frame for children is the Shockproof case (Number 3) designed to be really comfortable whilst providing the most protection to a kids gadget at the same time. It is the one that is the easiest to manufacture as there are many different companies that sell it. A lot of competition means that it must be set at a lower price as it can be easy to buy from many places. Therefore, if you wish to buy iPad accessories for your child but do not wish to spend so much money on them then this would be the ideal one to go for.

This is an image of a red ShockProof iPad Case for Kids

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Which Kids Tablet Case is the Best Overall?

Without a doubt, the best iPad frame for a kids iPad is the case with the keyboard (number 10). Not only because it comes with a keyboard, but also because it is among the highest priced of them all. This means that it had extra quality and usefulness than the rest of them. By buying this case for your children, they will benefit from having a tablet that they can convert into a laptop type of gadget as well as an iPad. It becomes much more convenient to type with and be used on tabletops as well as just on your laps. This will eventually lead to your children using the iPad whilst sitting in a straight posture instead of a slouching posture that can potentially be dangerous for their backs. Especially if they spend hours playing on it.

This is an image of an ipad case with keyboard

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