10 Best Christmas Activities for Kids

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Christmas activities for kids are now becoming harder to pick out as everyone has more or less tried them all by now. However, when choosing a Childs activity for Christmas, you can sometimes get away with picking the same one for a few years until they begin to get bored of it. If you are trying to avoid this from happening but have completely run out of ideas of activities for kids at Christmas then you have come to the right page. We have made this article to show you the best Christmas activities for kids so you can have something new for your children to try out.

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Why it is Important to Give a Child Activities for Christmas

The main reason as to why it is imperative that you give a child is so that they do not feel bored and potentially lose the excitement of Christmas day. Kids Xmas activities can become really entertaining and interesting even for adults to take part in with their children which will lead to better relationships and stronger bonds between families. The most important reason for Christmas is to bring families together and rejoice in the time that they have together. Therefore you should be trying to keep this Christmas Spirit going so that they do not grow up to only like Christmas because of the gifts they receive but to also love being around all of their family members or even friends.

Different Types of Christmas Activities for kids

There are many different types of Christmas games and activities for children to take part in at Christmas time. These include multiplayer games that allow kids to socialize and bond with one another or even games that bring bonding and interactions between children and adults.  One example of this is a game of Pin the Tail on the Reindeer. This is a game that can be played by the youngest child in the game which brings laughter and joy to watch players miss the tail point. Other types of children Xmas activities can be as simple as coloring Christmas characters or items such as Santa Claus or a Christmas Tree. However, these tend to sometimes be more single child activity for Christmas which could potentially lead to a child being isolated at this festive time.

10 Best Christmas Activities for Kids

We now begin the list of the best Xmas activities for kids to take part in on Christmas day. We can assure you will find something on our list that your kids will enjoy to do as we have chosen a range of different types of activities. From single person activities such as reading books to multiple player activities such as group games. Just in case we have missed out on any important activities for Christmas, you can surely find many other suggestions surrounding the ones that we have chosen for you over on the Amazon links. Enjoy!

Kids Coloring Table Cover and Crayons

This is an image of Kids Coloring Table Cover and CrayonsAmazon Link


The first Christmas playset for kids that we have on our list is the kids coloring table cover and crayons set.

It is a two-piece set which includes a paper tablecloth for kids to draw on and a box of 24 different colored crayons.

This becomes a really good Christmas gift for children because it allows them to draw and color in their favorite Christmas characters. For instance, they can draw Santa, his reindeers or even frosty the snowman whilst sitting on the tabletop.

The tablecloth measures 54“ x 88“ and can be cut to make it the perfect fit or to even allow playtime another day. It is also disposable meaning it is convenient to get rid of it.

All cranes are of high quality and non-toxic what we must warn you not to give it to children Who will potentially chew on and choke on them.


Pin the Nose on the Reindeer

This is an image of a a pin the nose on the reindeer gameAmazon Link

Here we have for you are fantastic family Christmas game of pin the nose on the reindeer. It is designed for a big family Christmas party as it has up to 24 pieces of no stickers that allow just as many people to participate in the game.

There is no stickers are reusable and made of vinyl which is easy to peel off and play in different positions. They are also numbered so that you know which nose belongs to which player.

However, the complete set comes with one huge reindeer poster, 24 pieces of banana no stickers and one comfortable blindfold made of polyester material.

It is no doubt that this game is a really good set of Xmas activities for kids and adults to bond with


Santa Claus Origami Playset

This is an image of a santa claus oragami kitAmazon Link


Origami has always been a really fun and interesting activity that kids enjoyed to take part in. Therefore, we give you this wonderful piece of Santa Claus origami playset for your kids to play with on Christmas.

This makes a great Christmas Gift for children as it has A Christmas been incorporated into it. Once Santa has been made he can also become another Christmas gift idea for kids to give to someone else to place on display.

The complete set Includes different cut out papers of Santa and a packet of superglue. We would advise that any children under the age of four years old have some assistance from an adult when playing with this set.

As well as a piece to put up on display it can also be used as a Christmas tree decoration or even a car rearview mirror hanging item.


Magic Christmas Tree Color Scratch

This is an image of a Magic Christmas Tree Color Scratch craftAmazon Link


In number four we have for you some Christmas tree ornament playset.

The whole set includes 24 different free ornaments with 12 scratching tools that help to decorate the ornaments with and 24 satin ribbons for each tree.

This is used by scratching the ornaments with the scratches to reveal different rainbow colors and the design in a different way.

Each tree ornament is about 5 inches tall which means they are the perfect size to hang on the Christmas tree or use them as decorations around the house.

This item would make a great Christmas activity for children to take part in.


Christmas Bingo Game

This is an image of a Christmas bingo gameAmazon Link

This fantastic Christmas bingo game does not only make a great activity for children at Christmas but also a great Christmas family activity.

This set comes with 24 different cards meaning up to this many players can play at one time. Also, these cards have up to 385 different markers to make the game long and challenging.

It is very simple and easy to play this game as you simply turn the market out or cut it by scissors along the dotted lines already made.

Once a player has matched all of the pictures they become the winner. The features include different Christmas characters, symbols and Other Christmas features


How to Catch an Elf Christmas Book

This is an image of the How To Catch an Elf Christmas BookAmazon Link


Number six we have for you a simple Christmas book for children called how to catch an Elf.

This book is fairly new as it was released on October 2016, aimed at children between the ages of four and eight years old.

It is a preschool Up to reading level three meaning it is fairly simple and easy to read.

With up to 32 pages this book gives children an imagination on how to catch an elf. This is done through hilarious and fun rhymes for children to enjoy.


Kids Snow Globe Craft Kit


This is an image of a Kids Snowglobe Craft KitAmazon Link


Here we have for you a snow globe craft kit that allows your children to create up to three fantastic snow globes.

It is a fun christmas crafting game for kids to advance their skills. Helping to improve their hand-eye coordination skills, planning skills, problem-solving skills and many more.

The globes are made from plastic and not glass material which is completely safe for kids to use. However, they should still not be given to any child under the age of six years old as they may still be dangerous for them if they are not used accordingly.

As well as the snow globes this complete set comes with clay glitter and small figurines for children to create their preferred setting. Once completed the snow globes can become a really cool Christmas gift for children as well as a fantastic Christmas display item.


Santa Claus Board Game

This is an image of a Santa Claus Board GameAmazon Link


This board game is one of the best Christmas game for young ones to socialize with on Christmas day.

This set includes one game board, one big Christmas tree, four Santas with their sleighs, 20 presents, and a dice.

The game is simply played by someone rolling the dice and moving along the board. Along the way, a player delivers presents that they carry in their sleigh to other players whilst taking part in different challenges at the same time.

These talents include singing Christmas carols, twirling around or simply shouting the biggest ho ho ho as possible.

This game is aimed at children from the age of three years and older. It also needs a minimum of two players and a maximum of four players to take part in at one time.

The game lasts for about 15 to 20 minutes but instantly becomes an addictive game that children love to play over and over again.


Kids Christmas Carol CD

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Amazon Link

Christmas is not complete without Christmas carols, therefore, we give you a CD of the best Christmas carols for children to listen and sing along to.

This CD includes 15 classic Christmas carols which run up to 30 minutes altogether. However, there are two sections to the 15 carols which means the total plane time is up to 1 hour non-stop.

With on-screen lyrics included in this CD, this becomes a really fun Xmas activity for kids, adults and the whole family.

Some of the songs you will find in this CD include the famous, ‘silent night’, ‘joy to the world’ and many more.


Melissa and Doug Christmas Glitter Ornaments

This is an image of the melissa and doug christmas glitter ornaments play kitAmazon Link


This Melissa and Doug Christmas Ornaments is a really fun Xmas activity for children to play with.

It includes really fun Christmas themed foam characters okay kids to decorate with glitter and hang up on trees.

The complete set comes with seven glitter sheets six different character form pieces and six ribbons to hang them with.

I love your children to have fun coloring different Christmas characters in different glitter patterns. Not to worry about making a mess as it is easy to clean and reuse if necessary.



What is the Most Beneficial Christmas Activity for Kids?

We have chosen to place the kids Santa Claus Christmas Game as the most beneficial activity for children to take part in at Christmas time. The reason for this is simply because of the educational benefits that it comes with. For instance, The game makes them have to sing along to Christmas songs and deliver presents to other players. By this, your child will be learning the importance of giving presents and not always just expect to receive. Also, it would enable a child to learn different Christmas songs and sing along to them easily the next time they are made to do so in class. Overall, this board game for kids at Christmas will allow children to understand the way a game is played and build up the competitive character in a person.

This is an image of a Santa Claus Board GameAmazon Link

Which Kids Christmas Activity is Best for the Whole Family?

The kid’s activity for Christmas time that would be best for the whole family to also take part in would be the Pin the Tail on the Reindeer game (number 2). The reason for this is because it becomes so much fun to watch someone pin the tail in a completely wrong position which eventually gives a topic for people to talk laugh and talk about. On the other hand, some parents also tend to like making their children perform Christmas carol activities (number 9) for kids as they are really fun for a group of people to take part in. With up to at least 15 different Christmas carols for children and adults to take part in, it can be an activity that can last the whole night as everyone has to take turns. Christmas carols will always be popular at Christmas times, therefore it will always be a fantastic way for families to bond and see how people progress over the years.

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Most Popular Christmas activity for Children

The most common activity that parents and schools tend to think about making their children take part in is a Christmas coloring activity (number 1). The reason behind this is mainly due to the fact that kids are attracted to colorful items and activities, therefore, this would definitely burn some time for kids on Christmas day or the time leading up to Christmas. It is the best form of distraction and a really good learning mechanism at the same time as Children inevitably begin to understand the different colors and themes and characters that are associated with Christmas. For instance, they begin to understand that Santa dresses up in red and white and cannot be any other color. Or even the color green being a really important color to associate Santas elves with.

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