Top 5 Best Kid Slippers Of 2018 

Most kids are born having perfect feet. Despite this fact, it is also a challenge to find the ideal slippers for a foot that is still developing and growing. Kid’s feet need room to move freely, should never be constricted and also needs adequate room to grow. The type of footwear kids may use also contributes to living a healthy life as selecting a good and fitting footwear helps to eliminate the future possibilities of developing certain feet issues. 

It’s not about fashion alone when selecting good slippers for kids but also about function, form, and fitting. One doesn’t need to be frustrated or stressed over selecting a good and quality slippers for kids as our 5 best kids slippers of 2019 provides readers with adequate information on features and benefits of the five top-rated products available today.  

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Top Kid Slippers Reviewed In 2018 


#1 Crocs Comfortable Slip-On Boys And Girls Classic Slippers 


This is an image of an orange croc slipper

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This slip-on classic slipper is one that would be suitable for both young girls and boys. It is one that is made using one hundred percent synthetic materials that make sure it lasts longer compared to other low-quality products found on the market today. Its soft textile upper makes way for proper ventilation in order for the feet to breathe and also get rid of moisture and sweat.  

This is a well-designed slipper for kids that would be ideal for them to use either outdoors or indoors and also on most kinds of surfaces. This is all thanks to their durable suede bottom combined with gripper pods which ensures that the feet feel stable and well balanced to prevent unwanted slipping or accidental falls.  

It also features a soft foot-bed lining that makes the feet feel warm therefore making this slippers quite important and useful during cold weather conditions.  


#2 SITAILE Warm Winter Cute Home Shoes For kids


This is an image of a comfortable hard bottom slipper

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These slippers come in about two various designs such as the half covered heel and the covered heel design. Durability is one of the most important and notable features of the SITAILE cute home slippers shoes for kids as it is made out of premium fabric which ensures it lasts for a long while.  

This is one cute looking shoe that would spice up users personality as it comes with an attractive bunny design which helps in adding a little bit of style to the feet. It is also the ideal slippers to use during cold weather conditions as its fluffy lining would make the feet feel warm and comfortable. The warmth it generates makes this slippers the perfect indoor slippers.  

Maximum stability and balance are also assured when talking about the SITAILE cute home kiddies slippers thanks to as it comes with a rubber sole with a firm grip that prevents slipping.  


#3 A-Line Stride Rite Girls Slippers 


This is an image of a plush slipper

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Specially designed for kids since 1981, this is the perfect slippers for kids and one they would love to wear always. These slippers come with an elastic top design which ensures that it perfectly fits the feet. However, one feature that makes the A-Line stride rite slippers for girls quite unique and outstanding is the faux and plush materials used in its construction which makes sure the feet feels cozy and warm especially during cold weather conditions.  

This is a set of slippers to fit different kids personality thanks to its amazing and remarkable designs. Another feature which impresses people about the A-Line stride rite girls slippers is its non-slip outsole which fights against unwanted or accidental slipping.  


#4 Mario Brothers Plush Slippers For Boys 


This is an image of a set of mario brothers slippers

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If you want to put a smile on your little boy’s face then this is the perfect gift item to get him this holiday season. These are stylish and comfortable slippers as they feature Luigi and Mario character designs on them. Every little boy out there would find it extremely easy to slip his foot in and out of these slippers thanks to easy to wear slippers. For better maintenance, it is advised that these slippers are wiped clean using a damp cloth.  

Kids can choose to play while wearing these slippers or relax while wearing this slippers. They also come in various sizes so one can easily select that which would perfectly fit his or her kiddies feet.  


#5 Sesame Street Elmo Socks Top Cookie Monster Slippers


This is an image of an Elmo slipper

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Made using one hundred durable fabric materials, parents can be rest assured that they wouldn’t have to start looking for a replacement anytime soon as these slippers are properly designed to last for a very long while thanks to the quality of materials used in its construction.  

This is however considered to be a two in one kind of slippers as when held, serves as a puppet but while on the feet, serves as slippers. It comes with a knit collar that stretches which makes the feet feel toasty and warm. Thanks to its foamy foot-bed, the feet would enjoy maximum cushioning in every step taken therefore making kids feel like they are walking on clouds.  

Its sock top design is one interesting feature of this slippers and not only is this just an attractive design but helps to also keep the ankles warm during cold weather conditions.  


Criteria Evaluated In Selecting Good Slippers For Kids 

These are actually the criteria that were closely considered before selecting any slippers for your kid. Let’s take a look at them; 

  • Durability – this is a very important factor to note as it cuts down on spending necessarily in getting new slippers almost every time. Durability doesn’t just mean it is going to last for a very long time but also its ability to withstand being washed in a machine. Selecting slippers that would withstand the test of time helps in cutting down expenses on getting a new one continuously. 
  • Fitting – trying to keep a slipper on your kid’s feet can be frustrating sometimes. In order to avoid this scenario, settling for a slipper with Velcro, hook, and loop or elastic would be a great idea. 
  • Resistant to slip – slipping and falling are some of the dangers kids encounter when learning how to walk or stand or even after perfecting the act. One doesn’t necessarily need different slippers for different surfaces but one with a firm grip that offers stability would be suitable for use on any surface.