Best Gifts for 8 Year Old Girls

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At eight years of age, girls would have developed a significant amount in the last year for you to recognize some changes. This is why 8 year old girl gifts can become a completely different challenge to buy than gifts for the previous year. Some toys for girls would still be loved at this new age whereas other girl toys may have been outgrown by your daughter. In order to maintain your child’s activity and fun level at home, we have created this article giving you a list of the best gifts for 8 year old girls you can find.

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What You Should Consider When Buying a Gift for 8 Year old Girls

A lot of parents usually recognizes a change in the behavior of their child towards certain items and situations at the age of eight. This is why it is vital that you take into consideration some other aspects that you didn’t previously when you decide to buy her a gift at this new age.

One of the important aspects is the fact that she has grown up and advanced into a completely different year, especially at school. This means that she would require more advanced girl toys to keep up with her friends and classmates. For instance, she would begin to feel more interested in makeup and looking prettier or playing with more realistic dolls rather than playing with games for girls and boys.

Another really important aspect you should consider is toys that are educational for girls as she will be advancing into slightly more complexed year groups. She will begin to require to use her brain to think and work things out more often than she will be drawing and painting images. This means it would be a really good idea to help her with this by considering toys such as board games or puzzle activities instead of coloring books.

Best Gifts for 8 Year Old Girls 

Underneath we have listed twenty of the best gifts that can be bought for eight year old girls in the market. We have given you all of the important information required for each product so that you do not have to read the whole product description on Our list makes it easier and quicker for you to decide which gift you feel your child would enjoy most with a recommendation on which one we think would bring the most joy to an 8 yr old girl. We hope you are inspired by our list.


LED Touch Bedside Lamp

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This will be a good gift for your daughter because she will be able to have a bedside lamp that is easy to use and will help her fall asleep at night with the colors.

This lamp includes 7 colors (white, red, blue, green, pink, yellow and purple). The lamp can last for 10 hours and is Bluetooth so it can connect to phones and computers.

Your daughter will love this because she will be able to play music, sing and dance along, but she can also have the lights changing which in the dark makes the room look like a disco. This will be fun to have at a birthday party or sleepovers.


My Life Scrapbook

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This will make a great gift because your daughter will enjoy writing down the things that happen in her life or cutting and sticking things into her scrapbook.

This includes a square scrapbook with 16 pages (32 layouts), 200+ stickers, scrapbook papers, a marker, a stencil, rhinestones, a mini scrapbook for a backpack and an envelope.

Your daughter will love this gift because she will be able to make memories and stick pictures in the book and be as creative as she likes. This will increase her artistic skills, creativity and imagination.


 Hair and Makeup Head Toy

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This will be a perfect gift for your daughter because she will be able to play by doing the dolls hair and makeup.

This includes a makeup/hairdressing head with washable and combed hair, a cosmetic set, a brush, a comb, a hair bead set, 7 hair clips and instructions with hair tip.

Your daughter will love this gift because she will have the ability to change the hair and makeup whenever she likes, this is good because she will enjoy learning how to put on makeup and also learning how to do different hairstyles that they can do on themselves in future.


 Flavoured Lip Gloss

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This will make a really fascinating gift for your daughter because she will enjoy having different flavors to choose from each day.

This includes a 7 pack of flavored, shimmery lip glosses and classic wand applicators. The flavors include vanilla, lemon, orange, cherry, strawberry, grape and blueberry.

This is a great present for you to buy, open and hand out in party bags. Plus if your daughter decides to keep them all to herself, she will love having her lips smooth, glossy, smelling nice and tasty all at the same time!


Baking Starter Set

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This is an amazing gift because your daughter can learn to bake delicious treats like cupcakes.

This set includes 3 measuring scoops, a bowl scraper, a whisk, 16 cupcake liners, 4 pastry bags, a frosting tip, 2 portions of cake mix, three frosting packets, star sprinkles, crystal sprinkles, mixes, frosting, and decorations, One touch egg-cracker ensures a shell free egg every time, and a silicone cupcake tray.

Your daughter can enjoy learning recipes and making yummy treats to eat. This will improve her baking skills and like cooking more.


Reversible Sequin Pillowcase

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This pillowcase will make a great gift for your daughter because she will be able to change the color of the pillowcase by turning over the sequins.

This includes a pillowcase that is full of sequins that are colorful on one side and silver on the other.

Your daughter will love this because it is very satisfying to turn over the sequins and she can also make patterns or write words on it which makes relaxing time fun.


2 in 1 Kids Karaoke

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This will let your daughter have fun dancing as she sings different songs.

This includes 9 songs, 11 stories, recording, lights, and earphone connecting to an MP3 or phone so you can play more music. The height of the stand is adjustable from 24.5 inches to 39 inches, and a shoulder bag for the microphone box which is handy for traveling.

This is the best gift because she will be able to record her singing and listen to it after she has finished but she can also sing and dance with friends and family at birthday parties.

Singing Moana Doll

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This Moana doll will be an excellent gift for your daughter because she will be able to listen to Moana’s beautiful voice, dance and sing along to the songs.

This includes a Moana doll, her pet pig Pua, her rooster friend Heihei and her necklace that when pressed makes her say phrases from the movie and sing her song “how far I’ll go” as the necklace lights up.

Your daughter will enjoy this gift because she can go on adventures with Moana and her animal friends. Also, it is great to play with at sleepovers with friends.

Custom Clock Kit

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This custom clock kit will be so much fun for your daughter because she will be able to create colorful and unique designs on the clock pieces with 3D lines.

This kit includes 27 designable pieces, clock mechanism with attachment pieces, 12 plastic rods, clock hands, 4 deco pop tubes and a styler.

Your daughter will love this gift because she can make her own clock and use it afterward to tell the time. She can put this in her room as décor but also as a clock.



Sparkle Jewellery Box Kit

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This jewelry box kit will give your daughter a lot of opportunities to be as creative as she likes as she can make her own jewelry.

This includes an adjustable styler, deco pop colors, sparkle deco pop colors, 6 squish-in gems and compartments for the jewelry to stay in the box without getting tangled up.

Your daughter will love this gift because everything she makes will be original and unique, plus she can have lots of fun making jewelry with friends.


Disney Globe 3D Puzzle

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This gift will be great for your daughter because she will be faced with a fun yet challenging activity to complete, improving her problem-solving skills in the process.

This includes 180 curved plastic pieces that build into a sturdy sphere of the world with Disney characters, and there is a rotational stand to hold the puzzle up.

Your daughter will enjoy this as a gift so much because she can make the most of it by timing how long it takes to complete it, or just simply learning where all the different continents are. This gift will improve her fine motor skills.


Space Scooter

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What a great way of keeping healthy! Your daughter will love having a space scooter because she can go as fast as she likes with the wind blowing through her hair.

This includes a powerful rear wheel handbrake to slow the scooter down, it is more compact than a bike and faster than any average scooter.

Your daughter will love this because she will be able to go faster than before, plus she can race her friends and have a fun scooter experience, whilst staying active and becoming healthier at the same time.


VTech Action Cam

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This VTech camera will bring joy to your daughter’s life because she can capture all her adventures with friends and family in pictures and videos.

This camera comes with a 1.4 inch screen, stop-motion videos, time-lapse photos, fun effects, frames and filters, plus the camera is waterproof so your daughter can take videos and photos up to 6 feet underwater, that will make a beach trip even more fun.


Balm Boutique

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Custom lip balms and lotion bars are the way to go. This gift will make your daughter enjoy chemistry even more because this is a beauty-based chemistry kit that uses all natural ingredients to make colorful handcrafted lip balms or lotion bars at home.

This kit includes 6 lip balm containers, a lip balm mould, a lotion bar mould with 4 shapes, a gift bag sticker sheet, 6 lotion pastilles, a pamphlet and beeswax.

This is one of the best gifts for girls because your daughter can make lip balms and lotion bars at home and understand the science behind it. It is both educational and practical but it is also lots of fun!


DC Superhero Girls Sketch Pad

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Female superheroes and villains are the greatest characters invented in the DC world because the world wouldn’t be balanced if there were no females that could totally kick some butt!

This sketchpad includes sketch pages, stickers, stencils and instructions to draw and color different types of fashion for the DC girls including, Batgirl, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, Bumblebee and Harley Quinn.

Your daughter will have a great time coloring and styling these smart, strong and powerful women, plus this will be a good way of showing her that women are strong and can fend for themselves.


Play-Doh Party Bag

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Who doesn’t love playing with play-doh? This is the gift you’re looking for. Your daughter can play, sculpt and enjoy herself with the play-doh party bag.

This includes 15 cans of colorful play-doh and 16 gift card stickers.

This gift will be perfect for a party gift or activity as kids can play and let their creative side take over. They can twist, roll, stretch, layer and more. This play-doh can help improve a child’s artistic talents and will distract them from drawing on the walls.


Crayola Tracing Pad

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This is a really cool gift for a young girl because she can trace over images accurately using different colors and she can do it in different locations.

This includes a spray can with sound effects that can create amazing designs, stencils to create shimmering shapes and scenes, 100 different imaged to trace over, colored pencils and stickers, also an LED drawing screen that can light up the images to make it easier to trace. There are paper locking frame hols to stop the paper from moving while you trace so the picture can come out perfectly.

This will be loved by young girls because they can have so much fun tracing pictures of the scenery.


Nerf Phoenix Heartbreaker Bow

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This will be the absolute perfect gift for your daughter because she can stand out and have a great strong and powerful weapon to use against her opponents in a nerf battle.

This bow can shoot 5 foam darts up to 75 feet for reaching any far targets.

Your child will love this gift because she can use it to aim at her targets and get them without a doubt. She will be improving her archery, aiming and coordination skills.


 Light Up Slippers

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Animals are just the cutest. These slippers will have your child bouncing off the walls because she’ll love them so much.

These slippers come with an LED feature. The ear is the on and off switch and once you press the ear the slippers make every step brighter.

This will be the perfect gift for your 8 yr old girl because she will enjoy how comfy and cozy her feet will feel with every step she takes.


ElastiGirl Figurine

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This gift will be great because young girls all over the world look up to ElastiGirl from The Incredibles 2. This will be a good toy to add to your daughter’s collection because ElastiGirl is the greatest female superhero.

This ElastiGirl figure comes in a windowed box so your daughter can see what she is opening and look forward to opening it even more. She can play with her friends and their superhero toys and role play saving the town together using their superpowers. It will not only increase her imagination and creativity but her storytelling and improvisation skills as well.



Which Eight Year Old Girl Gift Do We Recommend?

The Hair and Makeup Play Doll for kids (number 3) is the one that we would recommend you to buy for your eight yr old child over the rest of the ones on our list. This is because hair and makeup will inevitably become one of the most important features that a girl likes about herself. Therefore, we think that giving her a lifesize doll to practice on will eventually make her really good at doing the same thing to herself. This will then lead to your daughter being satisfied in the way she looks when she goes out. Also, this plays a big part in the level of confidence she has around other people.

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What is the Best Christmas Gift for 8 Yr Old Girls?

We have chosen our koala bear light up slippers (number 19) on our list to be the best gift to give to your child for Christmas. The best reason for this is because they will provide warmth and comfort to your child’s feet during the cold nights of Christmas. The other reason for these slippers being the best for Christmas time is because of their light up feature. By lighting up they will definitely make your child feel more jolly as the different colored lights will bring a Christmas mood to the atmosphere.

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Which Gift Would Be Best for an 8 Year Old Birthday Present?

The gift we feel would be best to give to a girl for her eighth birthday present would be the purple girl’s scrapbook (number 2). This is because she can jot down memories of her most favorite moments starting from her eighth birthday when she receives the gift. It may seem like an ordinary child toy but it will become more special than you can imagine once it is full photos and writing of her favorite moments in life. It will bring you much happiness to see your gift being loved and put to use for many years to come.

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