Best Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys

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Eight year old boy gift ideas are by far some of the hardest to think of. It can be because parents usually try to find a better boy toy than the previous year to surprise them with. This is more difficult than it sounds because there are many new toys for young boys being made every year. We have kept track of all the new young kids toys and produced this article of the best gifts for 8 year old boys produced this year. We aim to save you the time on doing your research and have put them in a convenient list.

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This well-organized list of gift ideas for 8 year old young boys will mainly include the following types of toys.

  • Educational
  • Skill Development
  • Fun Activities
  • Outdoor Toys like Walkie Talkies

Toys of these categories were chosen because these are what an eight year old boys lifestyle mainly requires. Before they reach that important 10 years old, they must already have an understanding of what they enjoy or do not enjoy participating in. This prevents them from entering the teen years with a confusion of what they should aspire to be.


15 Best Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys

We will not begin the much-anticipated list of eight year old boy toys below. We hope you take your time to read and enjoy our selection of toys. By any means, feel free to use this article as guidance to inspire you to think of other toys that we may have missed out. Furthermore, there are always more suggestions displayed beside the ones we have chosen once you have clicked onto the amazon link.

Real Life CozmoRobotThis is an image of Cozmo (Old Packaging)

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The first toy on the list is the Cosmo real-life robot. Designed to be an assistant for eight-yr-old young boys.

It is able to play games and explore many challenges for your child to experience. With an easy way to command and pick up instructions, it will not take your child a long time to love to interact with it.

This is not just a built as a simple toy pocket to play with, it is also a type of educational toy for kids through its creative learning modes.

Although this child robot toy is made with real simplicity, it is in fact very tough to break. Made from a mixture of plastic and high-quality metal material, it’s durability is second to none.

You would require a smartphone to operate this robot to its full capability. This is because it is given commands through a free Cosmo app that can be downloaded by any smartphone (compatible with ios and android.

This toy robot playset only comes with one charger and three cubes alongside it. The cues are used to control the movement of this Cosmo robot whilst the charger helps to recharge its Lithium-ion battery.

This robot is not too tall and not too small as it goes up as tall as 10 inches tall. It is also 5 inches thick and 7.2 inches wide, as well as this it only weighs 2 lb so you should expect it to be a simple toy for your child to have full control over.


Ambush BMX BikeThis is an image of Ambush BMX Bike

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Here is our first type of outdoor toys for little boys. It is a BMX bicycle that has an adequate frame to suit the leg reach of an 8 yr old boy.

This particular type comes designed in black blue and white colors. These are really appealing for young boys as it makes them look cool when riding with their friends.

A BMX is known to only have one speed setting, unlike other bikes where the chain can be altered to change its speed. This is because it is ideally designed for doing stunts.

The bike comes with A set of front wheel pegs that help with doing stunts. As well as these front pegs it is fitted with a 20-inch frame with its protective equipment such as a helmet and a set of elbow and kneepads.

Do not worry about it being too big or small for your child to reach. The seat is able to adjust in order to best suit the height of your child.


Marky Sparky Blast Pad AdvancedThis is an image of Marky Sparky Blast Pad Advanced

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Next, we have for you another outdoor toy for kids to play with. A rocket launcher that is due to fascinate a child of eight years.

This toy rocket launcher works by simply pressing on the pressure release pad to make it fly. The more pressure you put on it the higher it goes.

The set comes already assembled and only requires your Child to load the rocket before firing it. The launch YouTube stands at 31 inches tall which gives the rocket a good height to begin to take off from.

The design of the toy is a mixture of red blue white green and other attractive colors for kids. On the rockets, there are different patterns on its tail to give it a unique look when it’s in the air.

The whole set comes with one base, a blasting pad, one long launching tube with a hose and three long foam tip rockets. This whole set fit together perfectly to prevent all pieces from being lost.

Just in case the rockets were to get lost, you can always order some more for an additional price.


Global Gizmos Benross Football Game This is an image of Global Gizmos Benross Footbal Game

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We thought we would introduce to you the legendary foosball table for your child to play with. This is one of the most loved games by children.

It is basically a game of soccer but played on a table with mini-figures. Unlike the real game, this one is a miniature version of it to best suit the kids.

It goes as long as 69 cm x 37 cm in size. It would be perfect to place in the corner of your bedroom or play area.

This game is simply played by trying to hit the soccer ball using the mini-figures into the opponent’s goal. Simply turn the sticks to keep the ball about until your school. The first player to reach nine goals win, with a scorekeeping counter placed on each end of the table.


Monopoly Gamer Mario KartThis is an image of Monopoly Gamer Mario Kart

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Here is a board game or your child to use as a way to interact with their friends. It is one of the most popular board games ever invented, the Monopoly board game.

Most people already know how this game is played. For those of you who don’t, it is a game that requires you to move along the board depending on how far the dice takes you whilst following rules of the area that you land on.

Usually, it is played with building and all the figures, this one is incorporated with the Mario kart theme to it. This should make it more interesting for your child to play with.

The Mario theme means that some of the rules are changed to be relevant to the theme. For instance, you collect Mario coins instead of normal cash and I have rules where you set traps to slow down your opponent just like in the video game.

This product is fairly reasonable to afford so anyone can buy it. Also, It is designed to be the perfect mind testing game 8-year-old child.


Nerf N-Strike Elite Precision Target Set This is an image of Nerf N-Strike Elite Precision Target Set

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Nerf Is a toy gun game that is loved by all little boys. This set is one that lets your child practice and improves their Nerf gun shooting skills.

This target set comes with one Nerf blaster, 10 practice suction darts and one target. Simply load the suction darts into the gun and fire them at the target to improve your aim.

The target has a little toggle that let you either stand it up or hang it on a platform. On the other hand, to make it easier to target the Nerf gun has an aiming beam that easily helps to direct the shot.

This set can also be merged with many other Nerf gun kits. For instance, the gun can be used in normal no gun wars or you can buy additional suction bullets that work with this gun too.

Lastly, we must let you know that In order for the light beam to work this gun must use two AAA batteries.


Battleship GameThis is an image of Battleship Game

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Battleship is a very classic and well-known board game. Children who love competition and guessing are always entertained by it.

The game is simply played by guessing the coordinates of your opponent’s ship and firing to sink them. However, this one comes with red and white pegs.

It comes with two battling cases, over 200 Red and white pegs, 10 battleships, a label sheet, and the instructions guide. Not to worry if your son is new to this game as once he begins playing it he will be quick to understand how it works.

The storage bags are conveniently made to make everything fit inside it comfortably. This prevents any pieces from going missing so easily. Also, it allows a convenient way to play whenever and wherever your child feels like.


Melissa & Doug Deluxe Solid-Wood Magic This is an image of Melissa & Doug Deluxe Solid-Wood Magic

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Being able to do magic is always going to be asking people to enjoy. In order to be the best at it requires years of practice so allow your child to begin early to find their love for this activity.

This wooden magic set is designed to be a simple trick set for beginners. However, it is based entirely around wooden pieces.

This Magic trick playset includes 10 different tricks for your child to learn how to master. Some of these include working with coins, making different pieces disappear, and being able to predict numbers.

Not only is this a very fun skill to learn, but it is also a very good way to develop a child’s characteristics and skills. By this we mean your child will boost their confidence in speaking to the audience, as well as it will improve their hand-eye coordination.

All the pieces included in this set I made entirely out of ward apart from a few fabric pieces. It would be ideal to separately purchase a magician costume for your child to go with this set.


Blankie Tails Dark SharkThis is an image of Blankie Tails Dark Shark

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Here we have a unique shape blanket for your little boy. This was chosen because know that every parent you satisfied to know that the young child is warm and cozy.

This blanket does not only keep your child warm and cozy but also makes them feel safe and protected from imaginary monsters attacking their feet. This is because the bottom is covered with the tail.

It is made from very high-quality double-sided Minky material. As you can see it is designed in the shape of a shark with an open mouth.

Your child simply gets in through the mouth and there is no other way out. This shark is grey with blue limbs and has a red mouth with white teeth. As for the eyes, they are embroidered into the shark’s face and are made out of glow in the dark material for a more interesting look.

Do not worry if it was to get dirty as a simple wash in the machine would be just fine for this blanket. It can also act as your Childs friend that they never grow out of.


WWE World Heavyweight Championship BeltThis is an image of WWE World Heavyweight Championship Belt

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Next, we have for you is a championship wrestling replica belt. This would mostly appeal to your child if they were a fan of wrestling.

It is made with real precise detail to copy the real belt. However, it is made using lightweight material so it can be carried around on the waist by a young boy.

Your child will feel really excited as if they had won a wrestling championship game. They will be even more ecstatic once they wrap it around their waist and it fits them perfectly.

The adjustable feature is designed to make it fit any little boys waist. Also, it only weighs 10.2 ounces which shouldn’t trouble any child.

This belt can easily be used to represent winning a different type of challenge instead of wrestling as well as an alternative.


Monkey Business Sports Foam Strike Compound BowThis is an image of Monkey Business Sports Foam Strike Compound Bow

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This here is a really technical piece of playing equipment for kids. It is an Arrow firing weapon.

All children who are into action games will most likely be excited about this toy. It is designed to easily fire arrows at targets which are over 100 feet away.

The arrows are made from foam material so you can be assured that they will not cause any damage if they hit into a person. Especially if the person is far away as it becomes weaker the further it has to travel.

The full set comes with a 24-inch ball with three foam arrows and an arrow carrier. Unlike most bows, this one is shaped slightly different to make a convenient way of carrying it. There is a guidewire that makes it easier for your child to aim with it.

You will be happy to know that this playset does not weigh anything above one and a half pounds. This means that your child can use this bow in a game and carry it around with them all day long.


Rubik’s CubeThis is an image of Rubik's Cube

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The Rubiks cube is always going to be a very popular toy for kids. It is one that is quick to draw people‘s attention as well as fascinate them.

This cube set comes with just one simple original cube with a 3 x 3 block measurement. Although, you can get some which are smaller or even bigger nowadays.

As well as the cube it also comes where one stand to keep it in position when your child is not using it. This helps your child from misplacing it.

It is a cube that you twist and turns until you get all the colors facing the same way. There are only six different faces which mean there can only be six colors to twist and turn. These colors include red yellow green blue orange and white in the original piece.


Nerf Zombie Strike Blade ToyThis is an image of Nerf Zombie Strike Blade Toy

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Next, we have for you another type of Nerf toy for kids. This time it is a Nerf zombie strike blade.

This can be used as a backup weapon in a Nerf gun war game. Although, you can also purchase a second one and use it in a sword fight game.

It is made from high-quality plastic material that is very durable. This means it will not easily break with a normal play impact on the opponent.

Displayed only comes by its self and no additional pieces, although some can be bought. Just like a gun holster, you can buy a sword whole store to place on your back and carry this weapon around.

One other way of using this sword is through the Nerf zombie app for smart devices. Your child will enjoy slashing and dicing zombies with real movements.

The blade stands at 30 inches long and has a full width of 6.5 inches. Also, it only weighs no more than 1 ounce which means it is fairly lightweight to swing about.


Official Nerf Tactical Vest N-Strike Elite This is an image of Official Nerf Tactical Vest N-Strike Elite

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It is all fun and games playing with no toys until you actually have to re-equip yourself. This Nerf tactical vest allows you to hold additional equipment without giving yourself too many problems.

For instance, you can carry more phone bullets and have easy access to them. Also, there are pockets to Store different important accessories that work with the gun.

This versed does not come alone as you get additional reload clips, two sets of six-darts and 12 foam Nerf bullets. You must ensure you have the right gun that takes these bullets before purchasing this vest.

The vest measures at 14 x 15 inches, however, it has straps to tighten it for a more perfect fit. Also, it is very lightweight so it does not weigh you down when running around in it even with the additional accessories packed on it.


Grist CC Waveboard Skateboard with Illuminated Wheels

this is an image of Grist CC Waveboard Skateboard with Illuminated Wheels

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The last toy for your child that we would like to talk to you about is this wave bored playset. Similar to a skateboard it is a more complicated and advanced type of play equipment.

It does not only come with the skateboard, but it also comes with its tools to help put together. As well as this and instructions guide will make this process very easy for you.

The board is made out of very durable plastic and aluminum material. It is designed to take up to 150 KG in weight.

This skateboard can twist 360° and allow the possibility of a new stunt and skills to be learned. Although, it is always best to begin slowly to avoid really horrible injuries.

The top is made with an anti-skid feature that prevents your child from slipping off.  Also, there is a very sharp break that keeps your child from going too fast to have better control over the equipment and avoid getting into accidents.

Simply click onto the amazon link above to check out all of the additional accessories this playset comes with.



What is the Best Birthday Present for 8 Yr Old Boys?

We would say that the deluxe wooden magic place it is the best piece of equipment to wrap up and give to a boy on their birthdays. This is because on their birthdays they will most likely be surrounded by their friends, therefore, it would make them feel really good to quickly try and learn how to do A trick to try and impress some of their friends. This is especially if their birthday Lands on a rainy day where they cannot go outside to play or if their birthday is during the winter months.

This is an image of Melissa & Doug Deluxe Solid-Wood Magic

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Best Christmas Gift for Boys 8 Years Old

The monopoly board game would be the best playing equipment to buy as a Christmas gift for a young boy. This is because Monopoly is not just a one-player game it can be played by multiple people at the same time. Therefore, on Christmas, it would be the best time to take this game out and play when all of the family are together. It is not only perfect to interact with each other but it brings about a very good way to bond and have fun on our festive night.

This is an image of Monopoly Gamer Mario Kart

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Best Toy Gift for Eight Yr Old Boys Who has Everything

The reason why we have chosen the Nerf gun and dart playset to buy for a child who has everything is very simple. It is because now is a company that is always trying to improve and bring out new products. This is why a child who has everything will never have every piece of Nerf gun equipment there is. With over hundreds of different types of Nerf gun toys, this would be the best ideal gift for a spoilt child. The fact that it is a gun will always be interesting as so many different Nerf guns have so many different techniques on how to be used. Therefore, a child will always have a new technique to learn with this piece of equipment.

This is an image of Nerf N-Strike Elite Precision Target Set

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