Best Gifts for 7 Year Old Boys

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When thinking of seven year old gift ideas for boys, there are a number of aspects to consider. If you are trying to find the perfect 7 yr old boy gift that they will continuously play with, then this page is just for you. This article has round up all of the best gifts for seven year old boys to save you time in searching for them individually.

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This list consists of only the top 15 gifts for 7 yr old boys that we have gathered. However, we have made sure to include a wide range of them so that they can also give you ideas of other toys we may have missed.

All of these gifts are perfect for all special occasions that a seven year old boy would have. From Christmas gifts for boys to Birthday gifs for seven yr olds, we have the best to suit every type of boy preference.

Best Gifts for 7 Year Old Boys

We shall now begin the list of gifts for 7 year old boys below. The way that the list is set up does not have any order but has a mixture of high-end technical toys as well as affordable simple toys. We feel you must know that these gifts are all suited for an average boy of this age. Therefore, if you feel that some of the toys are too advanced for your child then there are always suggestions for more simple products alongside the one you browse on Amazon.


Duo-Scope MicroscopeThis is an image of Duo-Scope Microscope

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Here we have one of the more precious scientific equipment for kids. It is obviously designed for children who love science.

This is one of the most advanced scientific equipment. It has a double scope that brings double the fun when discovering miniature items as it can be done in a 3D way.

Able to zooming up to 400 times with 10 different eyepieces to look through. All of these are perfectly explain how to use by the Instructions manual that comes with this playset.

As well as this, this equipment comes with 50 pieces of accessories for it. This means we will provide your child with a lot to begin learning about. For instance, it comes to 5 plane slides, four prepared slides, slide labels, lenses and many more.

For your child to have them learning experience, or you need is a battery For them to make this set function. The fact it well-advised piece of equipment means that you should expect it to be slightly expensive.

Last but not least the donations for this product of 5.1 inches long, 6.1 inches wide, and 4.2 inches tall. Also, weighing at 2.9 pounds.


Razor Rip Rider 360 Caster TrikeThis is an image of Razor Rip Rider 360 Caster Trike

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The second Toy for boys that we think would be perfect for your seven yr old is the razor rip trike. This is an extraordinary type of tricycle for boys.

It is built with One big round tyre at the front and Two really small wheels at the back. The wheels at the back are similar to the ones on a spinning computer chair to add different types of fun.

It is designed with pedals at the front and the seat that goes lower than the front wheel. This means your child will be riding this trike as if they were sitting flat on the floor.

The handlebars are above the seat and come up to level with your child’s face. This gives the full motorbike driving experience to your child.

The back wheels are designed to spin in all directions and not just move Street. Directions and not just move Straight. Therefore, this track allows your child to have a different type of riding experience.

Expect this product to be 24 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 18 inches tall. However, you can still transport it around easily as it only weighs 22 lb.

Geospace Jump Rocket Deluxe SetThis is an image of Geospace Jump Rocket Deluxe Set

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Here we have for your child a Rocket launching toy to play with. Perfect for the pleasure of a seven-year-old boy.

Not to worry as it does not fire real rockets into the air. Instead, it fires foam rocket pieces.

It is basically powered by pressure, meaning the rockets are launched in the air by a high-intensity pressure.

The complete set comes with an air pad to launch the rocket with a rocket launcher, a target ring to give your child somewhere to aim for and six cool foam rockets. Is able to turn in different directions to allow a better aim.

Once done playing, all of the parts are able to fit conveniently into the launcher. This allows for more convenient storage and reduces the risk of pieces going missing.

Scientific ExplorerThis is an image of Scientific Explorer

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This is a piece of science activity playset made for kids.

By buying this set for your children you are not only giving them new playing equipment, but also giving them something to help them learn.

It includes up to 11 different science activities that all teach different parts of science. Where example, they can learn to mix different items to see how different chemical reactions occur in the safest way possible.

The set comes with 20 different pieces inside. Some of them include test tubes, swabs, measuring spoons and more.

As well as the equipment that comes with this playset, we must warn you that they would require some additional equipment to make some experiments happen. These include ingredients such as flour, water, grape juice and kitchen essentials such as spoons, cups, bowls and more.

We must warn you that some chemicals do come with this set. This is why it is best to keep an eye on your child when playing with it.

Schylling Kids AccordionThis is an image of Schylling Kids Accordion

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This here is a learning accordion for beginners. It is One of the most respected instruments for a child to play in this day and age.

It is made from really fine wood and a durable plastic cover. This provides the most smooth uncomfortable feeling in your little tiles hands.

It only comes alongside its instructions and songbook. These give your child the easiest way to learn how to play it and have some examples of easy songs to play.

Although it is just a toy it actually yours and sounds like the real instrument and measures around 7.5 inches wide. Also, it was just 1.3 pounds meaning your 7 yr old child should be able to carry this in his hands without any difficulty.


Jurassic World Velociraptor MaskThis is an image of Jurassic World Roar Mask Velociraptor

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Jurassic World is a really popular children dinosaur film. Here is an accessory for your child based on one of the latest Jurassic World films.

This is a clay mask of one of the dinosaur characters in the film. The face of the blue Velociraptor dinosaur.

This mask features a realistic roaring and chomping sound to keep your children amused. As well as this you can see that it is designed in the most realistic detail and color to look exactly like the character.

The mask is designed to make roaring sounds when it’s jaw is opened. This feature will require batteries to function.

The full dimensions are 8.8 inches long, 10 inches wide and 12 inches tall. Not to worry if your child does not fit into this mask properly as the secure strap will comfortably adjust to your child face size.


Transforming Robot Car

This is an image of Mecard Evan Deluxe - Transforming Robot car

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Here is the deluxe kids transforming action car. Designed to quickly transform into an action robot ready for battle.

It is part of our collectible toys that were up to 30 different versions to collect. This one is one of the coolest types as it is a futuristic-looking car and robot.

These sets are all made based on an animated series that your child can watch online. It gives your child a way to know how to play the actual game with these collectible toys.

As well as the car it also comes with chords that the game is played with. All of these cars are about 8 inches in length on way just on the 5 ounces.

With many different colors and types to collect, it would be fun to give a child the first one to begin their journey with.


K’NEX – 35 Model Building Set This is an image of K’NEX – 35 Model Building Set

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K’Nex is a very attractive toy building kit for children. They come in many different playsets that have a different model to build.

This version is one of the most classic Types that comes with 480 parts and pieces. These include Long rod types as well as different shaped connectors that make them Connect at different angles.

Also, they come with wheels and other parts that help to make a complete figure such as a car. All of these types are made to be able to move accordingly, as well as helicopters and other types of vehicles.

It comes in a big storage box that fits all the pieces in with no complications. This makes it easy to keep all the parts together and not lose them.

Do not worry about it being too complicated for your child to understand. They will eventually get the hang of it by following the easy step-by-step guide.

Pokemon Pikachu Plush Toy

This is an image of Pokemon Pikachu Plush

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Pokémon is one of the most loved cartoons by little children. Therefore, this Pikachu plush toy will most definitely be A toy that will be played with.

There are many different types of versions of how Pikachu looks like. The way it is designed to look is similar to how he looked in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y.

This plush toy measures between 6 to 9 inches including its plush ears. There are many other different Pokémon characters to collect of the same make.

This can be a cool way for your child to start collecting Pokémon just as they do in their cartoon.


ITTERYGIT Robot STEMThis is an image of ITTERYGIT Robot STEM

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Here we have for you a transforming robot toy for children. It gives them the chance to have more than one toy in one.

Not only does this toy robot bring about a lot of fun for your children, but It also helps them to understand how to be creative.

There are five different versions to collect that can be built. All of these require no more than 250 pieces to build.

In this set, there is also a 10 x 16-inch coloring poster that comes included. This makes them learn as well as enjoy playtime.

The toy is made from non-toxic and BPA free plastic material to assure you that your children will be safe playing with it. Also in case, it was to get dirty or sticky, it can simply be washed with normal water.


Candy Gumball Machine BankThis is an image of Candy Gumball Machine Bank

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This next product is a popular gumball machine. It is loved by all children as it is able to dispense candy.

This is not like all toy candy machines, as this is made from real glass and not cheap plastic material. It is constructed in the most pristine fashion with metal combined with this glass.

It functions just as well as a real gumball machine by using coins to take the candy out. This is designed to help children be able to see their pocket money through this machine as the money can be retrieved once it is full.

As well as gumballs you can also use it to dispense any other candy that is less than an inch big. For example, some people choose to put nuts or other mini treats inside it.

When it is fully erected the machine to dance at 37 inches tall, 18 inches wide and 18 inches thick. Weighing just 5 pounds, it is safe for all children to lift up and position in their own preferred place.


Razor S Sport ScooterThis is an image of Razor S Sport Scooter

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This next item is one of the very popular kids outdoor toys. It has always been in fashion since it was first introduced into the market.

This is a two-wheeled kick scooter made from pure aluminum metal. With comfortable padded handles to make the riders grip firm.

The height of this scooter can be adjusted although its normal size is 23.4 inches tall and 6.1 inches long. Also it only weighs just 6 pounds which means if I child was to fall off it they can easily pick it back up.

This is one of the most fun toys for children to enjoy the outdoors with. Allow your child to experience the wonders of playing outside and not be stuck inside on computer games.


Franklin Sports NHL Mini Hockey Goal This is an image of Franklin Sports NHL Mini Hockey Goal

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Here is a mini hockey playset for young children. It is designed to only go up to knee-high so it does not hurt anyone.

The set comes with two goals so you can play a full game with, for player sticks, two sets of goalie sticks and four balls. All of these can fit perfectly inside a drawstring carrier bag that it comes with for convenient storage.

This can be used by children from the ages of three years old which means it would be definitely okay for seven-year-old boys. They are perfect to make your young child begin the love for the sport.

The goals come at 28 inches wide, 20 inches tall, and 20 inches long which are at a very reasonable size for a child to cover up. they come already assembled meaning all you have to do is click them into position to begin using them.


Nerf N-Strike Blazin’ Bow BlasterThis is an image of Nerf N-Strike Blazin' Bow Blaster

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Here is one of the most popular kid’s toys ever. A Nerf gun that is combined with the ball and arrow feature.

This version is one of the highest in-demand types out of them all. It is made with the most advanced quality and materials you could make toys with.

The bullets are made from foam and are in the shape of long rockets. This prevents them from not causing too much pain when being hit by them.

Also, there are only three that come with this set and are simply able to fire in the same way that an arrow is fired. The gun has two arrow storages for a more convenient bullet carrying tactic.

It is able to fire up to an impressive 40 feet length and travel at a very high speed. This advanced piece of playing equipment is very durable and has a 20-inch wingspan. Your child will immediately fall in love with it just by holding it in his hands.

The full dimensions of this gun are 18.7 inches long, 13.3 inches tall and only 3 inches thick. It is designed to be used by children from at least six years old which means a seven-year-old boy should have no problem carrying it around for long periods of time, even with a weight of 1.94 pounds.


Little Tikes Inflatable Jump’n Slide Bounce House

This is an image of Little Tikes Inflatable Jump 'n Slide Bounce House

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The last product on our list that we would like to talk to you about is the Little Tikes inflatable bounce house. This toy is fun for all children of all ages.

It is made from high-quality plastic material that is safe for children to bounce on. This material is stitched up so strong to make it really hard to puncture.

The complete set comes with the bouncing castle, stakes that hold it firmly on the ground, a heavy duty blower to inflate it, 4 puncture repair packages and a storage bag. You can expect this play equipment to be one of the most expensive on our list due to its high level of demand.

Once inflated the castle stands at 106 inches long,137 inches wide and 65 inches tall. However, the balancing area inside is only 84×84 inches in diameter which means it only allows a maximum of three kids on at the same time.

As you can see it has a slight area that adds more fun for the entrance and exit. As well as this there is a mesh net that goes all the way around to stop children from falling out of the castle.

We can assure you that this will be one of the most fun playing equipment for your child to play on.



What is the Best Christmas Gift for 7 Year Old Boys

I remote control car is what we would consider being the best Christmas gift seven yr old boys. The reason we say this is because during Christmas every little boy likes to have a cool gift that they can immediately begin playing with. A robot transforming car is one of the coolest little boys toys. It becomes even more interesting to them if they already have other places to add this toy car to. For instance, if they had a Knex model building set (number 8) to add to destroy they can construct buildings that this robot toy has to climb on or break down.

This is an image of Mecard Evan Deluxe - Transforming Robot car

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Which Makes the Best Birthday Gift for 7 Yr Old Boys

We decided to choose the little tykes inflatable bouncy house as the best gift for a 7 yr old boy on their birthdays. This is because if you plan to have a birthday party for them then nothing brings more fun to a Childs birthday party than a backyard bouncy house. It will most definitely come in handy to make use of the excess energy that your child and their friends will have after eating all of the birthday cake and treats. This one, in particular, allows you to set it up indoors as well as outdoors due to its small size just in case your child’s birthday was to fall on a rainy day.

This is an image of Little Tikes Inflatable Jump 'n Slide Bounce House

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Best Gift for 7 Yr Old Boys Who Has Everything

The Mini hockey equipment is the playset that we would consider you think of when looking for a present for a child who has everything. We don’t necessarily mean you must get them a hot is it, but some sort of sports equipment. Be it Soccer equipment, basketball equipment or even a baseball playset it would definitely be something new to them. At this age, it is the best time to try and get them involved with a sport that they can begin to fall in love with and try to compete in it as high as possible. It will definitely be again that they will always remember once they reach the top of that particular sport.

This is an image of Franklin Sports NHL Mini Hockey Goal

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