20 Best Gifts for 6 Year Old Girls

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When looking for gifts for 6 year old girls, there are many things that you must consider in order for it to be the perfect six yr old girl gift. However, there may be many different features that can prevent someone from knowing to pick out the gift perfect for girls of this age. Therefore, we have made this article which contains the best gifts for six yr old girls to help those who are clueless as to what makes a gift best suit a six year old child.

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What To Consider When Buying Gifts for Young Girls

We can all agree that a six year old child would have been developed enough to know the difference between what they like and what they do not like in a toy. Although a child will always be a child and will always find a lot of different toys for kids interesting to play with no matter what their preferences are. Especially because all children toys are designed to be attractive for kids. However, when buying gifts for girls, it would be ideal to consider the appearance of a toy.

By this, we mean how attractive the colors and designs of it are as this matters the most. The more a toy is designed in a girl fashion with girly colors, the more it would be more appealing to them and be played with. After the appearance, you can then begin to see if they have a specific toy that is a preference of the girl you intend to buy it for, for instance, if they like playing with vehicles, then buy them a vehicle with a pink design, or if they like playing with dolls then buy them a doll with a pink outfit.

20 Best Gifts for 6 Year Old Girls

We would like to introduce to you our list which contains 20 of the best presents for 6 year old girls. There are plenty of different types and styles of toys and activities to choose from so you would definitely find something to suit your childs preferences. We hope you like it.

Barbie Dream House

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The Barbie Dreamhouse would make a good gift for girls that love to play with Barbie dolls. It is designed not as just an ordinary house, but a luxury three-story house that has plenty of room to give their Barbie doll a comfortable place to live in. Receiving this Barbie house as a gift would make your child feel really special as she would have more ways to play with her doll and a lot more imagination to put her Barbie doll through.

This Dream House includes 8 rooms with furniture, a lift that fits 4 dolls, a swimming pool that can be filled with real water, a garage and 5 pieces of transforming accessories.

This will become a great gift for a group of girls to play with due to it being relatively big with dimensions of 76cm by 76cm.  This means it would be one of the most used toys by your daughter and her friends at sleepovers, birthday parties, backyard BBQs and many other occasions.


Chef Cooking Kit

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This cooking kit will inspire your child to become a great chef and teach them important life skills such as cooking and healthy eating habits. It will make a great gift for 6 year old children because this is the age where they begin to understand the importance of being able to cook for as a female. As well as this your child will be able to learn and benefit from it in many ways, plus it can keep them busy and active for hours.

This kit comes with five tasty recipes that include great start breakfast pizza, mini potatoes, fish sticks and dip, banana muffins, and sugar cookies.

They will love this gift because they will be able to make scrumptious meals and desserts that they can enjoy eating for real. Putting the effort to make them will make them feel more satisfied once they see it ready to eat.


LEGO Belle’s Enchanted Castle

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Belle’s castle is an enchanted magical place to be and your daughter will love being able to build it and play with it. She will be able to role play and create stories or even recreate magical scenes from Beauty and the Beast, thus, improving her creative thinking and her overall imagination.

This castle includes the balcony, stained glass window, enchanted rose and the magic mirror. The ballroom floor and dining table can rotate for dancing, a wardrobe, a stove, 2 mini-doll figures that are Belle and transforming Beast/Prince, Lumière, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, Babette and Chip. Plus it’s easy to put together and take apart.

If Belle is your daughters favorite Disney princess then she would most definitely love to play with this Lego set.


Project MC Spy Bag

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This spy bag is an amazing present for your child. This is because she will be able to defeat enemies and stop them from going through with their evil plans.

The spy bag comes with a fingerprinting kit disguised as a perfume bottle and cards to record the findings, a secret message launcher as lipstick, a magnifying glass as a flashlight and beakers and test tubes for crime scene investigations.

Your daughter will love this gift because she will be able to role play and move around swiftly but silently taking down bad guys and solving crimes.


Pink Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch

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Kids watches are perfect for young photographers because they will be able to get the hang of staying still so the pictures don’t come out blurry and they will have fun editing the pictures, adding frames, stickers and filters making unique, fun and creative pictures.

This watch comes with great features. There are 3 fun activities, 5 games, 3 action challenges and a motor sensor.

Your child will enjoy this as a gift as they can begin to take pictures, record videos, use voice changing effects, and play fun games on it. The best feature about it is that it is a touchscreen watch which makes it even easier to use.


Kick Scooter

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A scooter is a great gift for young girls because it keeps the children active but it also lets them have a lot of fun at the same time.

This scooter has a T-tube and deck design that folds which is great for transport and storage.

Your child will love this gift because they can ride around with friends and explore or even race them. Scooters are a great way of keeping kids healthy.


Shoes and Jewellery Boutique

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This gift will be amazing for your daughter because she will be able to keep things organized and keep track of them.

This shoes and jewellery boutique includes a complete princess accessory set that has costume jewelry (a ring and clip-on earring, and it has pairs of colourful detailed shoes.

Your little girl will love to have this set as it means she can take it with her to a friend’s house or even use it at parties and playdates. It will also give your daughter hours of entertainment that evolves her creativity and imagination whilst she is role-playing.


LED Flashing Gloves

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These gloves are a great gift idea for young girls because they are LED which means they light up. The light is in different colors at the tip of every finger and thumb. This becomes a great glow in the dark toy for kids.

Your daughter will love this gift because it will enable her to have fun in cold winter weather where instead of her fingertips freezing they will be warm and light up. Especially at Christmas times when they get to go out an play in the snow.

This is fun for a road trip as she will be very much entertained by just pointing in different directions or making shapes in the air. Especially once it gets dark as the gloves will shine brighter making them more attractive to her eyes.


Colour and Learn Pillowcase

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This pillowcase has a picture of the world map on it. This will be a great gift because your daughter will be able to enjoy colouring in the pillowcase and learning more about the world she lives in.

This pillowcase comes with 10 wash-out fabric pens and the ink washes out completely when washed in warm water.

Your daughter will love this gift as she can colour in the whole world and learn where different countries are at the same time. Once she is sone, she can simply do it all over again in different colors or maybe even play a world map quiz game with her friends.


Little Hands Giant Busy Activity Box

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This Giant Busy Box is amazing. It can keep children preoccupied whilst you’re busy and reduces the number of interruptions you may get from your child already. It is never good to watch your child sit inside bored with the current games she has to play with.

The box includes great art activities for young children and has 16 beautiful projects. This is great for a child on their own but also for a group.

Your child will love this as a gift because they will be kept busy with something fun to do and it improves their creativity and artistic skills. It will definitely come in handy during bad weather conditions as it provides them with so much fun that they become distracted by the depressing weather outside.


Light Bright

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This gift would be ideal for your daughter because they will be able to make unique designs and pictures that glow.

This set includes 200 pegs in the colours white, blue, pink, yellow, green and orange. There are 6 templates to follow on the tablet and there are 4 different light shows to make your art glow, there is a blinking light, a pulsing light, a steady light and a random light.

Your daughter will definitely be happy to receive this playset as a gift due to its fun possibilities. She will be able to create 3d pictures of whatever she wants and make it light up at the same time making their picture stand out even more. This becomes a great toy to play with in a dark room as the colorful lights make the whole room look really nice and shiny.


Barbie Rainbow Mermaid Doll

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This gift will be fun for your daughter because she will be able to have splashing adventures with mermaid Barbie.

This toy comes with a pearl detailed belt, rainbow fins, pink-streaked hair and a princess tiara. Barbie gets activated when the button on her necklace is pressed and it makes her tail light up in rainbow colours.

Your daughter will love this gift because she will be able to have fun with Barbie whether she is in the tub or not. She will enjoy playing make-believe and pretending to be a mermaid like Barbie and make up stories of their adventures together which will improve her creativity.


Dancing Unicorn

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This will make a great gift for 6 yr old girls as they will be very entertained by the dancing unicorn and will have a lot of fun dancing along.

The unicorn comes with a magical unicorn cupcake, a hairbrush for her mane, she dances to her own music and her horn lights up!

Your child will love this gift because they will be able to enjoy the music and sing along with their unicorn friend, plus improve and show off their awesome dance moves.


Brain Flakes Set

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This set of Brain Flakes is designed to be one of the most entertaining toys for girls. This is because it is played by interlocking pieces together to create different fu looking objects like trees or boats. Not only this but once they have completed the masterpiece, it can be used as a collectible piece of toy to place on display at home.

This set includes 500+ pieces that are different colors of yellow, blue, green, pink, brown, red, black, orange, grey, purple and white. This gives her more choices of different objects to create.

This would make a perfect gift for daughters as they will be able to be creative and make anything that they want by putting pieces together. Also, they will be able to improve their creativity as they will be free to mix and match colors which will increase their artistic ability.


Skipping Rope

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This skipping rope will be a great gift because your child will be able to have fun skipping and staying healthy.

The rope is 7 foot long and adjustable and is made of 100% cotton and has 100% recycled plastic handles.

Your daughter will immediately fall in in love with a skipping rope because they will be able to take it with them to places like the garden, school, to a friend’s house. They can play by themselves or with friends and have fun either way, plus staying healthy and active.


Roller Skates

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One of the most fun and interesting piece of playing equipment for girls are roller skates. There are different types of roller skates made in order to best suit different children with different skating abilities.

These roller skates, in particular, are designed with four wheels on different sides of the skates which are perfect for beginner skaters as they help them keep their balance. Also, to ensure extra safety is added to it, there is also a brake mechanism fitted at the front of the skates for easy stopping when moving too fast.

Your child will love a girl gift like this as they can learn to roller-skate and have fun with friends and family. At the same time, they would be improving their balancing and basic motor skills.


Zoomer Kitty

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The Zoomer Kitty will make a great gift because it is interactive and loves to play! If you are the type of parent that does not yet want to get your daughter a pet at the age of 6, then this would make the perfect alternative.

It pounces, purrs and nuzzles when you pet her. She has many modes like cuddle mode and pounce mode. She performs secret tricks, sings and dances.

This kitty comes with a toy, a USB charging cable and an instruction guide just to make you aware of all of its programmed interactive instructions.

Your child will love to be given this as s gift because they will be able to have their own little pet that is easy to look after and they interact. Your child will have a lot of fun singing and dancing along with their kitten.


Stick n Style Bedazzling Set

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This will make a great gift for your child because they will be able to make their own unique and fun jewelry. Also, it does not create any mess as all of the materials used do not spill or spread. The main benefit of using this toy is to improve your child’s hand-eye coordination.

The set includes 700+ pieces and 12 bangles.

Your child will love this playset as a gift because they will be able to create fun colorful jewellery that they can use to style themselves. Also, This allows them to have something to do with their friends when they come over.


Gel Pens

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This will make an incredible gift for your child because they will be able to draw, write and colour with their friends at school. This set contains 100 gel pens including 16 neon, 15 pastels, 28 glitters, 6 swirls, 14 glitters and neon, 4 classic and 17 metallic. The gel pens have a smooth and fine tip which come with a case included so that they can be neatly put back in their place.

Your child will love this playset as a gift because they will be able to draw and tap into their creative and artistic side as they color.


Owl Umbrella

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These umbrellas would make one of the jolliest gifts for girls as the theme of them are designed to put a smile on your child’s face on the wettest day. Let your child learn how to use an umbrella to stay dry and feel independent and responsible at a young age.

The umbrella has the design of trees surrounded by grass with owls on them. This will be a fun gift because your child will enjoy their lovely umbrella and it’s design but will also have fun keeping themselves dry. They will be able to take their umbrella to school and show their friends as well.



What is the Best Christmas Gift for 6 year old Girls?

We have chosen the girly gel pens (number 19) on our list to be the best gifts to give to a six yr old female for Christmas due to it being a good time to use them. With these pens, a child is able to immediately begin to draw and decorate Christmas activities for everyone to take part in on the day. This would be a good way to make them feel important whilst learning more about Christmas at the same time. Also, they would be able to take the pens with them to school and use them once the Christmas holidays are over.

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What is the Best Birthday Gift for Six Year old Girls?

The gift that we have decided would be best for a 6 year old girls birthday is the Barbie dream house (number 1) on our list. This is because it is the one that is most likely to bring you great satisfaction once they begin to use it as the often immediately become attached to it. However, some people may say it isn’t the best idea as this house is usually kept in one position which means the child will always spend their time there and preventing them from experiencing other environments. Therefore it would be better for some people to go for the skipping rope as it is not only able to make a child move around when using it but also keep them fit and active through the time they use it.

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