19 Best Gifts for 5 Year Old Girls

Gifts for 5 year olds can be one of the most complicated ones to find, especially when you’re trying to find good gifts ideas for girls. This is usually the stage where girls begin to mostly be interested in toys for girls and be less attracted to boy items. This made us gather all of the popular 5 yr old girl gifts to make it easier for you to choose the best gift for a 5 year old girl.

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What to Consider When Picking Out Gifts for Girls

Usually, a girl at the age of five is one that is full of energy and is excited for many different things that they take part in. Therefore, the best things to consider before buying them a gift is how easy the gift is for them to understand as this will determine how much time they spend on it. Usually, the best type of gift to buy for a young girl is something they are interested in or something that is their favorite of the activity they are interested in. For example, if they are interested in princesses, then it would be a good idea to buy them a princess toy. But also, it would be a better idea to buy them their favorite princess toy instead of just any princess toy. This will help to encourage them to find the motivation to play with the playset even if the toy was slightly complicated for them to understand.

Best Gifts for 5 Year old Girls

Below is a list of the best gifts for 5 year old girls you can find anywhere you go. You will be able to choose from all types of gifts that will be suitable for a girl at the age of five. We have completely randomized the gifts which means they are not set in any order but they are all chosen based on how popular they currently are on the market. We hope you enjoy the list.

Princess Ariels Undersea Castle


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This Princess Ariel Under Sea Caste is one that will be a good gift for a young five year old girl because many young girls want to be Ariel after watching her films and reading her stories. Also, since she is a mermaid princess, she will always be unique to the rest, which is why a lot of girls class her as their favorites.

This castle set includes a slide, a swing, seaweed, a chest, a decorated seashell, a Sebastian decorated brick, jewel bricks, a mirror, and flowers.

Allow your daughter to let her imagination go wild with this Princess Ariel Underwater Lego Castle set and you will never see them be happier. Also, you will be indirectly helping to improve their creativity and storytelling skills.


Barbie Pop up Vehicle


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Give your child this wonderful Barbie transforming RV toy for girls to keep her busy. Your young five year old daughter will definitely enjoy this toy because of its transforming features such as lifting up chairs to reveal a toilet or flipping the steering wheel to turn it into a sink. You can also flip over the spare tire cover to reveal a fireplace where Barbie and her friends can have fun eating marshmallows.

On the first floor of this great barbie toy for girls, you will find a front cab that can turn into a bathroom, a fire pit, the kitchen, and a double bed in the center room for Barbie to take a nap after her camping adventures.

On the second floor, it is equipped with the main living room furniture such as a couch, TV and a fashionable glam chandelier. There is also a slide that Barbie can slide down and end up in the pool with a splash!

On the third floor, you can set up the dining table and chairs for fancy meals underneath the stars or a picnic under the sun. The camper also comes with accessories like a bowl of popcorn, a frying pan, a spatula, plates, cups and much more.

The transforming camping vehicle will make a great 5 yr old children gift as your child will be able to take it with them to different locations to have fun with. They will also have a blast creating stories about Barbie’s camping adventures which will eventually improve their storytelling skills.


Gourmet Kitchen Set


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This kitchen playset is a great present for a 5 year old girl because they will be able to learn new hobbies and potentially be inspired to become a chef in the future.

The Gourmet Kitchen Set includes many different utensils as well as plastic play food for them to go crazy with. They are all designed to look as real as the actual food as they have precise details on them even at such a small size.

Your child will love this as a gift because she will be able to explore and learn about what happens in the kitchen in a funnier way.


Princess Dress Up Trunk


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This is a great gift because your daughter can dress up with her friends when they have princess parties. Plus the trunk is a great storage place for when she is finished playing and puts everything away.

The 21 piece dress-up trunk includes Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle and Snow White outfits with matching accessories.

Your daughter will love this because every young girl wants to dress up as their favorite Disney princess and live in their shoes.


Light Up Tracing Pad


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Kids can play with this canvas anywhere because it is repositionable. They can make astonishing artworks with light and create an unlimited amount of scenes and images.

This tracing pad comes with a spray can that has sound effects, stencils to create shimmering scenes or shapes, color pencils, stickers, and paper-locking frame holds to keep the paper in place so the tracing lines can be neat and tidy.

Your child will love this as a gift because it is tracing made easy as the bright LED drawing screen lights up images to make tracing easier.


LEGO Cinderella’s Romantic Castle


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This Lego Cinderella Princess Playset is a very interesting and popular piece to give to your daughter even if it is just as a collectible. This is mainly due to the popularity of Cinderella herself as her story is one of the most popular Disney princess stories of all time.

This set includes four mini-figures which are Cinderella herself, Prince Charming, Bruno the dog and Lucifer the cat. These are the main characters of the story which are enough to make any child be able to recreate the story in their own way.

In order to make the playset have more to talk play with, it comes with an outdoor eating area, a river, beds for the pets, a bridge, flowers, a swing, a clock, a throne, flags, tall towers and accessories for the Cinderella figure.

These accessories include Cinderella’s enchanted shoe, a love letter, tiara, treasure chest, key for the door, lipstick, blush and 5 heart-shaped diamonds al designed to pamper her and make her look as beautiful as ever.

A young girl will love this Lego Cinderella Playset because every young girl wants to have their Cinderella moment of meeting Prince Charming and being swept off their feet.


VTech Kidizoom Camera


This is an image of a pink kidizoom toy camera

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This camera will make a good gift for your child because they will be able to take pictures of scenery or friends and family and edit them with stickers and filters.

This camera comes with five games, three of those games are motion-controlled, for even more fun. This camera has a 2.4” color LCD screen and can take photos and videos. The front-facing camera has 1600 x 1200 pixels and the rear camera has 640 x 480 pixels. There is dual viewfinders, x4 digital zoom, and a built-in auto flash.

Your child will love this as a present because they will be able to take amazing pictures, videos and selfies and edit them to make them look even more amazing! Plus they can upload the pictures and videos to a computer using the micro USB that comes with the camera.


Shopkins Supermarket


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This is a great gift for your child because they will be able to collect all the Shopkins gang and connect all the Shopkins playsets together to make one large Shopkins supermarket!

This Shopkins Supermarket comes with playset delivery chute slide, a check out treadmill display, a shopping trolley and 2 exclusive characters Collector’s guide.

Your daughter will be able to take their Shopkins characters on a ride down the delivery chute slide or check them out on the moving treadmill. She can have great fun moving them around, creating many stories and tales.


Magic Frozen Board Game


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Elsa and Anna are on a magical journey in this Pop-Up Magic Frozen Game! The game board connects to other Pop-Up Magic game boards to create a longer game full of magic.

The boards include all the pieces needed to make the game ad magical as possible for your child so they can enjoy the fun yet cold game and join the princesses on their journey.


Kidizoom Smart Watch


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This smartwatch for kids has everything from the time to games and even pictures and videos can be taken using it. Your child will enjoy having the watch because wherever they are they will be able to play these fun games, snap pictures of their friends and use crazy sound effects!

This watch comes with a micro USB cable, two cameras and it is sweat proof so it won’t break easily.

This is a great gift because it will help your daughter learn to tell the time faster and have fun playing more games at the same time!


Leapfrog Interactive Learning System


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This will make a great gift because your child will enjoy learning new things that will help them in school and in life. This interactive learning system is packed with fun activities that will teach your child science, maths, technology, and engineering. Your child will love this gift because they will be able to have a blast whilst learning new things at the same time.


Moana Adventure Doll


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An ocean adventure with Disney Princess Moana is going to be amazing! The wind blows through your hair, the sun shines on your face and there are no worries.

This black doll Moana comes dressed in her outfit and necklace from the film with accessories to match and also wear & share flower hair clip that your daughter can wear as well!

Your child will have so much fun playing and creating stories with Moana and this will improve your child’s creativity, storytelling, and role playing skills.


Sand Art Set


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As a gift for your daughter, this set is perfect because it can be used as a solo project or group activity at a birthday party or sleepover with friends. The set comes with eight different bright and fun colored sand, bottles and a funnel that helps your child to make up to six unique projects with. Your child will love this gift as they can have fun making sand art creations and use them as decorations or simply just collectible sculptures.


Wooden Stringing Beads


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This Wooden Stringing Beads set will make a great gift because your child can make her own unique and fashionable jewelry. This set contains more than 200 wooden letters and beads and eight colored cords to make bracelets and necklaces that your child can give as gifts or even keep. Your child will love this gift because they will be able to customize and change her jewelry whenever and however she wants.


Kids Dish Playset


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This set will make the best gift as your child will be able to have their own mini restaurant and serve their guests as all the dishes needed are included.

This set includes a dish drainer, 4 dishes, 4 saucers, 4 cups, 4 bowls, 4 knives, 4 forks, and 4 spoons.

Your child will love this gift because they will be able to learn more about serving food to their guests and the kitchen in general.


Enchanted Cupcake Board Game


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This will make a great gift, your daughter can pick the best frosting, fancy liner and topper and try to create a cupcake that is fit for a princess by using the interchangeable pieces.

This set includes 7 Enchanted Cupcakes (28 interchangeable pieces), 15 Game Tiles, 7 Recipe Cards Instructions.

Your daughter will love this gift because she will be able to make her own original creations or use the recipe cards. She can also make normal play-dates with friends into an exciting baking party!


Wooden Cookie Food Set


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Give your child the chance to become a top chef with this cookie baking playset. It is a very good gift for your daughter because she will begin to understand what it takes to be a chef and possibly grow an interest in baking from an early age. play pretend and bake some delicious cookie dough and have tea parties.

This set includes 12 wooden cookies packed in a cookie dough tube from the grocery store, a wooden toy knife to cut the cookies in half and 12 frosting pieces that have different patterns.  Also, it comes with a cookie sheet to bake the cookies on, an oven mitt so they don’t burn their hands and a wooden toy spatula to serve the cookies with. In all, it has all the items it needs to have great baking experience.

Your child will love this gift because they will be able to make a variety of different cookies, plus this is great for parent-child bonding because adults can place a custom cookie order and they can make cookies together.


Light Up Jump Rope


This is an image of a girl jump roping

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Every young girl loves skipping and is usually really fascinated by bright and girly colors therefore by combining the two, you will get one of the most attractive gifts for you a young girl you can find. Not only this, but you will also be giving them something to get them used to a fit and active lifestyle so they do not grow up to become lazy.

This skipping rope is 7 feet long, the handles are oval and 4 inches with little bumps which make it easier to hold and it lights up in 3 different bright colors to choose from.

You will not be disappointed by giving them skipping rope for girls as a birthday present. Your child will love this gift as they can make fun and great shows in the dark with the light up feature.


Mini Art Notes Box


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This set of small art notes is one that is favorite for parents to help their young daughters become artists. With this set, they will be able to doodle, sketch, jot notes and make their own unique masterpieces which is a huge step to becoming better at art.

This set includes 125 rainbow mini scratch note cards which are designed with bright colors that hidden beneath the matt coating and a wooden stylus. All of them come in a desktop box that helps to keep them all neatly organized so you don’t have to worry about your kids losing their cards.

Your child will love this gift because they can be creative and put their ideas and imaginations out for everyone to see. You will definitely be surprised by some of the beautiful images they come up with.



What is The Best Christmas Gift for 5 Year Old Girls

The best gift on our list to buy your five year old daughter for Christmas is the Interactive Learning Tablet. This is mainly because it is an education system that will get your daughter ready to face the second half of her academic year in style. It would help her to become more advanced than the other students in her class and eventually become the standout student. Also, it is one of the few gadget toys that we have on our list, this is an important factor because it has become some sort of tradition to get children cool gadgets as Christmas presents otherwise they may not entirely be satisfied. Especially if they see all of their other friends receiving gadgets and interactive toys.


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Best Birthday Preset for 5 Year Old Girls

We would say that the best birthday gift for a five year old girl is the VTech Kidizoom camera for kids. Not only because it is pink but because it would be the perfect gift that they will instantly want to use to capture all the good memories of their fifth birthday. It can either be used as a special camera just for that special day and which they will instantly be reminded of as soon as they see the camera. This will help it to have a more meaningful reason for them to keep it for many years to come and not want to give it away so easily.


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