Best Gifts for 3 Year Old Girls

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Buying good child gifts can sometimes be an easy decision to make, especially since children usually play with any kids toy they get their hands on. But if you are looking to buy a special gift for girls then you have come to the right place. This article focuses on everything you need to know about buying the best gifts for 3 years old girls in the market. Whilst giving you a list of some girl toys that you might want to consider buying for that cute little girl.

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Three Key Points To Consider Before Buying a Girl Child Gift

  • Safety – No parent would want to see their child get hurt by a toy, therefore, the safety considerations of a toy are the most important ones of them all. Especially because a child has the most sensitive body which can be easily damaged.
  • Durability – Children usually like to throw about their toys and may not always play sensibly with them. This is why it is important to ensure that the child toy you intend to buy can withstand hard impact or accidents.
  • Features – Another really important aspect to consider is whether or not the features that a toy has is too advanced for a 3 yr old girl to understand. The last situation you want is to buy a child a toy that they do not use as they are supposed to.

Best Types of Gifts to Give to 3 Year Old Girls

Our advice on the best types of presents to give to a three yr old girl would depend on the occasion it is for. Different gifts for little girls would be more appropriate for different situations. For instance, it would be a good idea to buy an outdoor toy for girls if you intended to give them a girls birthday gift during summertime. However, if you intended to buy them a Christmas gift then it would be better to buy a gift for girls to play indoors with instead as its usually too cold to play outside during this time.

On the other hand, if you are just struggling to buy them gifts as you have run out of little girl gift ideas then you would be better ff choosing a gift that teaches them something new. For instance, buying a young girl musical instruments would be a good gift idea as they can begin to learn how to play a new instrument and have a new skill as a gift. Towards the end of this article, we have given you our recommendations for the gifts on our list that we feel would be best for these types of situations.

What Not to Give to Three Yr Old Girls

At the age of three, children would not really be too familiar with the difference between a girls toy or a boy toy. This means that it shouldn’t matter too much on what kind of gift you give to them, although it would be better to stick to gifts made for girls. Most people would not want their child growing up to be more into toys and activities of the opposite gender as it may lead to problems in the future.


Best Gifts for 3 Year Old Girls

We shall now begin listing the best gifts for 3 yr old girls you can find. We have decided to make them all completely different so that you have a wide range of different ideas of 3 yr old girl gifts. What you must know is that they are all the best in their own markets with really high ranking and a lot of positive reviews. To find out what other parents who bought the product on our list, simply click the Amazon link below it. We hope this article is beneficial and helps you find the perfect gift that you were looking for.

Little Tikes 4-in-1 Ride On Toy 

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Amazon Link

The first gift for three-year-old girls that we would recommend is the 4 in 1 ride-on toy by Little Tikes. This toy is meant to be very useful even for adults.

It is made from very durable metal and plastic material. Also, designed in a very appealing pink and grey color.

It is equipped with A large bucket in the back to store your Childs essentials. Also, a convenient bottle holder comes in handy on really sunny days.

As well as this there is a protective Sunroof that sits above your Childs’ head in order to provide her with some shade.

The pedals are conveniently placed for your child to grow into. However, before your child reaches these pedals and there is a foldable footrest for them to use.

In addition to this, the seat has a very secure seat belt to ensure maximum safety to your child. This makes a really good summertime gift for a girl As it is perfect to take to the park for a walk on a sunny day. If you like dolls, then see these choices for a 3 year-old-girl.


Baby DollThis is an image of Baby DollAmazon Link

Any baby doll would make a great gift to give to a 3-year-old girl. This one that we have chosen is a really cute type to consider.

It is one of the most realistic looking baby dolls with real-life features. It measures approximately 22 inches which is a reasonable size for real baby.

This doll is made from vinyl material at its head and its limbs. Whereas the body is made from plush cotton material in order to make the baby comfortable for your child to cuddle with.

Every other feature on this baby doll is very realistic which allows a girl to have the best childcare experience. Also, it teaches a child how to nurture from a very early age.

The last fact about this playset that we would like to share with you is that it comes with a set of clothes as you can see, a bottle, and a magnetic pacifier that fits comfortably into its mouth.


Wilwolfer Princess Castle

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Amazon Link

This Wilwolfer princess castle tent is a magnificent toy for young girls t play with. It brings about the wildest imagination and into your Childs play.

Display 10 for girls is designed in the most luxurious and cutest way possible. It has a very nice fairy theme that usually appeals to all little girls.

This playset allows kids to feel like they have privacy and a safe place to go to be alone. Although this can sometimes encourage isolation which is why you should always try to keep an eye on your child when they play in this tent.

The full measurement of this tent is 55 inches tall and 53 inches wide. This is an important piece of information to consider before buying this product so you know whether or not you have room for it in your household.

It is designed in a hexagon shape which allows plenty of room for your child to stand and move about or even have friends inside it with her. Also, the mosquito nets are equipped with it prevent insects from flying in and scaring your child away.


Melissa & Doug Magnetic Dress-Up Set

This is an image of Melissa & Doug Nina Ballerina Magnetic Dress-Up SetAmazon Link

Next, we have for you are Melissa and Doug magnetic dress-up playset. This is amongst the most popular girl toys there is.

This toy comes with a Small ballerina figure that can be dressed in many different outfits. This set comes with just six different outfits but 27 small individual pieces of clothing that can be put on this figure.

It allows your child to mix and match different outfits to get different styles onto the figure. This eventually enables your child to be able to dress herself in cool fashion and styles.

This playset is designed for girls who are at least three years old up to 6 years old to get into the habit of dressing up. It makes a great Christmas present for a little girl.


Kidzlane Floor Piano

This is an image of Kidzlane Floor PianoAmazon Link

This here is a very intelligent kids Floor piano mat. Designed for children to have lots of fun when together.

It allows kids to jump and skip on different keys in order to play the piano. These keys are very sensitive need much Pressure in for the tone to play.

It is made from very high quality and non-toxic material which is completely safe for your child’s’ feet. Also, it is professionally padded so that it adds more comfort when being stepped on.

As well as tones, this piano toy for kids has ten classic built-in songs to play along to. Also, it allows your child to record her favorite songs so she can track how her performance improves.


Kiddie Fashion & Makeup Accessories 

This is an image of Kiddie Play Pretend Play Kids Vanity Table and Chair Beauty Play Set with Fashion & Makeup Accessories for GirlsAmazon Link

This kiddie fashion and makeup accessory kit is a really exciting toy to give to a young girl

It is made from plastic material which is safe for a child to play with. Also, all of the edges are smooth out so that they do not cause harm to your child if they hit it.

The set is basically a table with a built-in mirror designed in a pink and girly fashion. Also, it comes with a stool and a set of jewelry.

Some of the jewelry included in this playset for Pearl bracelets, necklaces, perfume, and hair and makeup accessories. As well as this, it comes with a hairdryer that actually blows real air.

The table stands at 31 inches tall and is 17 inches wide. You simply have to click pieces together in order to assemble it and does not require any additional tools.

One important piece of information you should know is that it will need two AA batteries for the mirror lights to work as well as one AA battery for the hairdryer.


Kids Pretend Doctor Set

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Amazon Link

A doctor play kit is really popular for children to play with. This one is perfect to use on dolls and other plush toys for girls.

It comes with 10 pieces of pretending doctor Equipment to play with. These include a thermometer, a syringe, a blood pressure checker and some others.

This nurse set works perfect on all 18-inch dolls that a girl may have.

Let your child widen her imagination and pretend to be a doctor. This may potentially lead to a good career interest.


2-in-1 Plastic Building Blocks

This is an image of Tot Tutors Kids 2-in-1 Plastic Building BlocksAmazon Link

This here is a plastic building block activity table for girls. It is designed to help promote social and creative skills.

The whole set is made from a smooth and high-quality plastic material. Although some of the pieces it comes with a relatively hard.

Children can use the building blocks to make different sets of blocks to play with. They can be made into characters or different blocks.

The table has a section to store all of the building blocks in safely. It then has a plastic cover that goes around the whole face of the table so that none of the blocks fall out.

The set comes with two chairs that fit perfectly underneath the table. This allows your child to invite a friend over to play with this play equipment.


Kids Learning Carrier

This is an image of Learning CarrierAmazon Link

This is the VTech kids learning carrier that enables your child to learn and develop many skills.

It comes with a small plush puppy to give your child a play figure to play with. This also enables her to develop nurturing skills from a young age.

As well as this, it comes with accessories that help to look after the puppy. These include a grooming comb, a feeding bowl with a bone in it, a milk bottle and a toy ball for playtime.

The carrier itself has different colored buttons that play songs when pressed. These tones are not just any tones, but they are designed to teach your child how to count and differentiate colors and numbers.

This playset will require two AAA batteries in order to fully function.


BAOLI 2-in-1 Children Musical Instrument

This is an image of BAOLI 2-in-1 Children Musical InstrumentAmazon Link

Here we have for you a multiple children instrument playset. Designed to teach your children how to play multiple musical instruments at the same time.

It comes in a pink white and yellow design and stands at significant size for a three-year-old girl. There is the possibility of switching between four different musical instruments to play.

These instruments include a piano, a music box a drum set and a guitar. The complete set stands at 26.4inches tall 26 inches wide and 12.6 inches long.

The piano is able to give your child assistance on what she wants to play. It is incorporated with buttons that play different sounds. Also, you can connect to a mobile phone in order to play and follow her own song choice.

Finally, This musical instrument set for girls comes with a microphone that lets your child record of her songs. This allows her to track her progress as she develops a better singing voice.


Pop Up Ice Cream Truck 

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Amazon Link

This is a pop-up ice cream truck play tent. Designed in a very unique fashion to appeal to little girls.

It is made from polyester material that is very thin and allows air to come inside. The perfect occasion to take this toy out is on a really hot day.

It simply pops into place and unfolds to place in a convenient storage area.

There is a back door that opens and closes for entrance. Also if your children want to stand up for some fresh air, there are two rounds opening at the top.

The full size of this tent is 45 inches long, 28 inches wide and tall. This means it can fit at least two children inside of it at the same time.


Kids Karaoke Machine

This is an image of Kids Karaoke MachineAmazon Link

All little girls love to sing and dance to songs. A karaoke machine would be the best gift to satisfy this mood.

This karaoke machine is made of high-quality material that is certified for children to play with. They all come completely tested to avoid any faulty accidents from occurring.

This karaoke machine can go to a maximum of 31 inches tall when adjusted. This is suitable for all average size of 3-year-old girls.

It is very easy to put together and does not require too much assembly. And after the first few times, your child would be able to put it up to play with all by herself.

The karaoke machine is already equipped with nine songs, four stories, and some bright lights. Allow your child to connect her mobile phone to the microphone and begin recording some tracks from an early age.

Plastic Interactive Custom Kitchen Set 

This is an image of Plastic Toys Interactive Custom Kitchen Set Amazon Link

Usually, it is common for females to love cooking. Plastic toy kitchen playset is a fabulous way to get your child interested in food and cooking at an early stage.

This set is fairly reasonably sized as it goes as tall as 37 inches high and 32 inches long. This sits at the perfect size for a child to play with comfortably.

The complete list and it comes with up to 22 different accessories. it includes all of the important kitchen utensils such as plates, knives, forks and much more.

This can also be a form of career inspiring toy. Your child may eventually be inspired to want to be a chef or even own a restaurant.


Children’s  Popup Playhouse Tents

This is an image of Children's Playhouse Popup TentsAmazon Link

The amount of fun that comes with playing in tents for children is unbelievable. This is how we know this Pop-up play tent will definitely bring excitement to your children.

It is a five-piece playset that can either be put together or separated. When connected together, it makes a long tube play tent for your children to crawl through.

Made from soft fabric and comfortable mesh material, this tent will be delicate to your child’s skin. Although, if placed on a rough surface your child may be able to feel the roughness coming from under the tent.

It has zips to attach pieces together. As well as this, there are many different holes for your child to go through. Some small holes are placed as hoops for a ball to be thrown through when playing games in the tent.

It is much more fun to buy additional soft play pit balls with this playset. These are sold separately and do not come included.


Barbie DreamHouse

Amazon Link

Here we have for you are wonderful Barbie dream house playset for little girls. It is packed with all the accessories that your girl can wish for.

This house stands at 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide which is the perfect size to place on the play table. At this size, it provides more than enough space for your child’s little fingers to explore the whole house properly.

This dream house brings wonders of imagination with the number of accessories it includes. Examples it is built with as a three stories house with an elevator and a slide to get from one room to another.

Also, it is designed with eight rooms which all have a unique play area in them. These range from simply sitting down on the couch watching TV in the bedroom.

In total there are 70 very detailed pieces of accessories that come with this playset. This is why it is one of the most expensive toys on our list.


Baby Doll Stroller

This is an image of Baby Doll StrollerAmazon Link

A stroller had to be included in our list of gifts for baby girls. This is because young girls love to imitate their parents when they are taking care of a child.

This deluxe double stroller is one of the most advanced strollers in the market. It is designed in a pink fashion with multi-colored dots on the seat. Although, you can also get the stroller in a light blue color.

It is designed to be exactly like a real child stroller. However, this only reaches 27.5 inches off the floor so that it best suits the height of an average three-year-old girl.

On the other hand, it is 13.9 inches long and 6.6 inches wide. This allows plenty of space to add a convenient storage basket underneath the seat.

In order to make it look even more like a real stroller, it is equipped with a foldable sunroof, comfortable padded handles, a snack tray, and footrest.


Barbie Doll & Vehicle

This is an image of Barbie Doll & Vehicle Amazon Link

A Barbie doll is always going to be one of the most popular dolls in a girls toy doll collection. This one, in particular, comes with own transport vehicle.

The Barbie doll comes dressed in a very cute looking pink and white summertime dress and shoes. She is designed to look perfect for a sunny day.

The set comes with a convertible pink car for her to cruise in. Although it is called a convertible, you must know that this car does not convert into a car with a roof.

The car is designed in a pink color to match her dress, with small sparkly white dots all over. It also is made with really precise detail so that your Childs imagination will be more fun.

The full dimensions of this car are 14 inches long, 7.5 inches wide, and 7.2 inches tall. Also, it was just 0.16 ounces all together which means it’s really lightweight for a girl to carry around.


Panda Phonics 

This is an image of Square Panda Phonics Amazon Link


This Panda Phonics playset is a really unique piece of equipment. Its main aim is to teach kids how to read and spell.

It is basically a Plastic board game that is played by touch sight and sounds. Including 45 small letters that your children place in different orders to spell out words.

The only bad side to this game is that you must have either a tablet or a phone in order to access its full use. You have to simply download the app which includes many different learning games for them to use this bored with.

The board is designed in a white yellow and purple fashion. Also, all of the letters are a mixture of yellow and purple colors.

Little Princess Toy Piano 

This is an image of Little Princess Educational Kids Toy Piano Amazon Link


Music is always going to be one of the most loved entertainments that a girl loves. Therefore giving her an instrument would be a really appreciated gift.

A piano is classed as a really classy instrument Which gives someone who knows how to play it a high level of respect. This little princess toy piano is designed to help your little princess to begin this skill.

It is designed with 37 keys And 22 different demo music for her to begin learning. It also has three different teaching modes that help her along the way.

With colorful lights that light up after every tone, this toy is made to be very appealing to young girls. as well as this, it is equipped with a karaoke mode for her to sing along to some songs.

This piano Allows your daughter to connect to a new mobile phone and pick additional songs that she would like to learn how to play. Furthermore, she is able to record herself to keep track of her development.

We must add that this piece of equipment does require 4 AA batteries for its full use.

Last but not least it stands at 15.3 inches tall and it is only 28.4 inches wide which means it is the perfect size for a little girl to sit at. With a small spoon that makes an average-sized 3-year-old girl fit comfortably between the piano legs.


Kids Pedal Car

This is an image of Instep Pink Lady Pedal Car

Amazon Link


The last toy that we would like to talk about is this old fashion topless pink pedal car for girls.

As you may tell it is designed in an old fashion way with very thin wheels that are not able to puncture. It is perfect to bring back in style in this type of vehicle.

this car is not automatic Because it moves by it being peddled. Therefore, it is designed to be played with on a sunny day and not a wet day as the bottom is left open.

It is made from really hard metal on and design with very precise detail all over. And as well as it looking good it also feels very smooth when driving it.

You may be thinking that it must be uncomfortable for your child. Well, we can assure you that it has a very good feel to it on the inside.

Its full dimensions are 37 inches long 12 inches wide and 17 inches tall. also weighing at 36 pounds, means that it is able to take up to a maximum weight of 70 pounds.

Click over onto the Amazon link to check out a variety of other different styles of this vehicle.



Gifts to Buy a 3 Year Old Girls Who Has Everything

If you have absolutely no idea of a gift to buy for a 3 yr old girl who has everything then why not think outside the box. By this we mean you should get them a gift that is not necessarily just a toy, but a gift that benefits them in the long run. For instance, we have chosen the Little Princess Toy Piano because it would be teaching them a new skill that they can keep with them wherever they go instead of a toy that they play with whenever they feel like it. There are also many other instruments that she can begin to learn how to play which she most likely would not have come across yet. Therefore this would be the best type of gift to consider for such a girl.

This is an image of Little Princess Educational Kids Toy Piano Amazon Link

What is the Best Birthday Present for a 3 Year Old Girl

As a birthday gift for three yr old girls, we would recommend you to choose the Playground Pop Up Tent. This would make a great gift for 3 year old children parties as it brings a lot of fun for multiple kids and is very convenient to set up. This means that even if given as a gift, it can immediately get be used for the kids at the party to have another fun activity to do at the party.

However, the only negative side to this is that it would require a significant amount of play area to set up, therefore, it would only be good to use straight away they were having a garden party. On the other hand, you can always look to see how big the party venue is before purchasing it. Also, if the child has a big enough garden at their home then this wouldn’t be too much of a concern.

This is an image of Children's Playhouse Popup TentsAmazon Link


Which is the Best Christmas Gift for 3 Year Old Girls

A karaoke machine is always one of the best toys for children at Christmas time. The reason for this is because Christmas carols are really popular songs that people love to sign during this time. What better way is there to teach a three years old girl Christmas carols than to have than begin to practice them with a karaoke playset. Not only will it allow them to start practicing and learning the words, but it is also a fun activity for families and a really good way to bond with your child at Christmas time.

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Amazon Link