17 Best Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys

The age of 5 is one that all parents can’t wait for their children to become. It may seem hard to wait 5 years just to watch your toddler turn into a little boy, but we can assure you that it is even harder to pick out a gift for this special age. This is why we have gathered all of the information required to help you pick out the best gifts for a 5 year old boy.

The main factor that makes the age of 5 so important is the fact it is the age where they must begin attending school. This is why it is important that everything they receive to interact with at this point in their lives has a benefit that could assist them with whatever they have to go through. Therefore, this review will not just outline the best gifts to give them but also tell you the key benefits of giving each one to him. But before we dive straight into the gifts, we would like to inform you of the overall possible benefits that can take place so you keep them in mind.

Benefits of Buying Gifts for a 5 Year Old Boy

Educates them – It is important to buy gifts that would educate them early before they have to learn it at school to give them a head start.

Improves thinking ability – Some gifts develop thinking ability which will improve their problem solving skills to any tasks given by teachers.

Improves motor skills – They will improve their ability to move their limbs which could make them more advanced than others in some sports activities.

Develops Independence – It is important for them to develop their independence because this will be the first time that they will be away from home alone.

Improves Confidence – Teachers eventually give more difficult tasks to children who are more advanced than others so having more confidence will make them ready for any harder.


17 Best Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys

This list underneath includes a wide range of gifts that are compatible for a 5 yr old boy. We have not ranked them in any particular order as they have been put together based on how well they are liked by other parents. All of which are ranked highly, so without any further do, we give you the best list of presents for five year old boys. Enjoy!

Kids Bike Removable Training Wheels


This is an image of a blue kids bike with a waterbottle

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What better way to improve the confidence of your young boy on a bike than giving him one that he can use by himself without ever worrying about falling over. This bike is designed to do just that, with the removable training wheels, your son is able to practice how to ride a bike until he gains enough confidence to ride it without the training wheels.

The kids bike is a fun way for your child to enjoy his free time, he can race around with his friends and spend more time outside breathing in the fresh air without adult supervision.

This sporty bike comes with a water bottle, training wheels, a bell and a quick release seat post which makes adjusting the height of the seat really easy. This will enable him to keep the bike for many years as he grows up by adjusting it to his increased size.

This bike will be a great gift for your five year old boys because by using it he will improve his balance and motor skills that help to make him more of a natural athlete.


LEGO City Loader and Tipper Trucks


This is an image of a LEGO building truck set

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The LEGO City Loader and Tipper Trucks will make beyond a great present for your child because he will have fun being part of a mining site that he controls and decides what happens.

This set comes with a warning sign, dynamite with a timer and a big rock that contains two gold crystals. There are also 2 mining helmets, a hatchet and 2 miner mini-figures.

Your son will have a blast scooping up rocks with the loader, using the dynamite and hatchet to reveal hidden gold and filling up the tipper as he mines for the gold.


Fisher-Price Soccer Net With Sound Effects


This is an image of a soccer net with a ball and a targetAmazon Link


This super sounds soccer net is the ideal gift for boys because it has authentic sound effects when the target is hit to make a boy feel proud. Although the target can be removed or positioned elsewhere else for more convenience.

This Soccer net comes with a target and a ball and is a great way for your child to practice and learn to be accurate with their aiming when shooting at the goal. It also helps to encourage boys to love the most watched sport in the world.

This is a wonderful present for 5 yr old boys because it lets your child learn new skills and express their love for the sport. At the same time, it keeps them healthy and active in the most fun way!


Melissa and Doug Wooden Train Track


This is an image of a boy playing with a wooden train track set

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A wooden Railway Train Set is an awesome gift for a young boy because he will be able to enjoy controlling the signals and the directions that the trains travel in.

This set comes with a 6 piece freight train with cargo, a 3 piece flatbread truck, a 4 piece passenger train, 100 wooden track sections and supports, more than 30 accessories like, trees, magnetic-tipped cranes, a suspension bridge, traffic signs and much more, but best of all, an easy-to-follow instruction manual for four different track structures.

This train set will teach your child about the basis of multi-tasking as he will need to think about the different signals and moving the trains along. They will also improve his focusing skills and be able to give free rein to his imagination.


Boys Strider Bicycle


This is an image of a pedal less blue bike

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Why not give your son a different type of bike to experience? Yes, a bike with no pedals can look very complicated and maybe even slightly dangerous to some parents, but we can assure you it brings more joy to a 5 year old child than you think.

This bicycle is a great gift for your son because it is designed to make them learn a different way to have fun on a bike. Not only will he be able to learn how to ride with no training wheels, but also with no pedals neither.

It will surely give them something interesting to show off to their friends when they play at the park with it. Although it comes with no pedals, it is in fact super easy to control. As well as the lightweight feature (2.9kg) they can carry it around and make it stop much more instant than a normal bike.

No pedals mean a replacement feature, your son will be able to learn how to balance in the correct position with the built-in Launchpad footrest. Also, the handlebar and seat heights are adjustable so you can make the bike the perfect size for your son and increase the height as he grows.


LeapPad 3, Learning Tablet for Boys


This is an image of a leapfrog kids learning tablet

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This is a tablet that uses Wi-Fi and is packed with fun apps for kids to learn and play at the same time.

The tablet is the most engaging learning library for kids as children can explore web content designed for kids only including videos, games and more.

The tablet includes: Wi-Fi, AC Adapter, rechargeable batteries, 4GB memory, light-touch capacitive screen, parent control, two cameras and video recorders, and more.

This is a great gift because your child will get the opportunity to learn on a device that exposes him to nothing but educational material. This is better than having a normal tablet where they are open to browse on any other non-beneficial content.


KidiZoom Blue Kids Smartwatch


This is an image of a blue kids smartwatch

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The Kidizoom kids Smartwatch is an amazing present for boys as it allows your child to take photos and videos on it. The most fun part about this is that they can also add cool effects to them.

The main function of a watch is to tell the time and this one, in particular, allows your child to learn how to do so in both the digital and analog clock style through a built-in color touch screen.

There are eight games that he can play and he can download more whenever he likes which means your son will have a blast as he will be able to share and edit photos as well as play games with his friends through the watch

Name me a child who doesn’t like to play games? By giving your five year old boy this smartwatch, you are also attaching a game to them wherever they go. The can now have fun wherever they are, be it outside in the park or in the bedroom on his day off school.


Animalogic Kids Educational Puzzle Game


This is an image of the Animalogic puzzle game

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Animalogic is a challenging but brilliant puzzle that your child will definitely enjoy completing. There are lions, giraffes, hippos and camels that are waiting to get to the other side of the river but can only go one at a time. It is up to your child to solve the different puzzles in the safari and get these animals to safety.

This set includes 16 wooden animals in yellow, green, blue and red, this is 4 lions, 4 giraffes, 4 hippos and 4 camels. Also, there is the playing board, game notebook and 60 full color puzzles and solutions.

This will make a great gift because it will make your child have to think and use their brain wisely in order to understand and figure out how to solve the puzzle. It will improve their problem solving skills and logical thinking.


Boys Blue Razor Scooter


This is an image of a blue kids scooter

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A scooter is always one of a little boys best ride on toy. The fact that it requires frequent pushes by the leg allows it to be a very active toy for boys. The Razor scooter is made so the t-tube and deck design fold conveniently for transport and storage.

The scooter comes in different colors that your child can choose from and it is made of strong aluminum metal, therefore it will last a really long time.

This will make a great present because your son will be able to push himself along and enjoy the breeze. It will help him improve his balance and slowly increase the strength in his legs to help him become more of a natural fit and healthy guy.


 Power Rangers Megazord Toy


This is an image of a power rangers megazord toy

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All Power Rangers Series have their own Megazords, this one, in particular, comes from the Power Rangers Ninja Steel series. A Megazord is a combination of different Zords that make up a fighting robot which all kids of the age of 5 should understand.

This Megazord toy for kids is cool as it can morph into multiple modes. Simply combine the power of the five animal Zords together and make the mini power ranger figure control it to defeat the bad guys.

This Megazord includes 1 piece of battle gear which is the blade and the shield as well as 5 inch power ranger figure. The animal Zords all come separately to allow your boy to benefit from the fun of putting them together.

This will be a great gift for your kid because he will have a blast defeating the bad guys and protecting the innocent people. It is also one of the most bought power ranger toys on the market so it will undoubtedly sell really fast.


LEGO Police Chase Set


This is an image of a LEGO police chasing set

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With this LEGO City Police Chase, your son will be able to indulge in his imagination and create the best police chase ever!

Allow them to experience playing cops and robbers with this LEGO set because they can build everything that they need from the helicopter with spinning rotors, the police pursuit car, right to a sports car filled with stolen goods for them to chase down.

The set includes a female police helicopter pilot, male police officer figure, crook mini-figures, plus gear, removable cockpit canopy and a lowering wrench with a hook. In the trunk of the sports car, they have added and evened out space for the money bills and gold bars that the crooks wrongly take.

This will be a great gift because your son will love how he can build things and take them apart, decide which directions the crooks are going to take in order to get away from the police, and even choose whether they get caught or not. Your child will develop skills that enable him to become more confident with decision making.


Remote Control Robot


This is an image of a remote control robot toy

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This is a super fun remote control robot that has many abilities and can be fun for the whole family. The robot is made to speak out phrases such as “Freeze, identify yourself or I will shoot” and “surrender now” to encourage interactivity with your child.

When turned on, the robot will say “greetings master, I await your command” and thanks to ThinkGizmos it can do different things like fire mini play disks from its chest at a fast speed and walk in any direction.

The best thing about it is that it comes in a different color too and both can be controlled at the same time. So by giving this gift in both colors to your five yr old son, he will have so much fun controlling robot battles.

The robot is even programmable so your son can program it to move and shoot on its own! This is the perfect gift for 5 year olds boys because he begins to experience what it feels like to be in control of something else. But we must warn you that kids usually get out of hand and start firing discs at the family for play fun!


Play-Doh With Marvel Can-Heads


This is an image of a play doh set for kids

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This gift is absolutely loveable! Your son will be able to create his own adventures with the can-head heroes and recreate their own Marvel superhero battles how they like!

From building brick walls for The Hulk to smash and to constructing new armour for Ironman to wear before he goes into battles with.

This set includes a brick-themed can, half-moulds of the hulk basher body, a hulk can-head, an ironman can-head and a stamper to make more new armour.

Your son will love this gift because he can make so many different things with the Play-Doh. Also, another way to play with this set is by pressing down on the Hulk can-head hero to make the Hulk take action and hit his hands down on the wall to squish it.


Lego Volcano Explorers


This is an image of a Lego Volcano set

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This will make another great LEGO gift for boys because most boys love the thrill of an erupting volcano. Not only this but your child will be able to use mini-figures and role play the story of the crew of four that went up the volcano as it was about to erupt!

This set includes a volcano adventurer mini figure, female volcano worker figure, male volcano worker figure and a female volcano scientist to make the story more realistic. Also included in this set is an ATV, two hard safety hats, one baseball cap and the erupting volcano itself.

Your child can have fun using these things to explore the volcano and caves, who knows maybe a new scientific discovery will be made!

This also gives them the possibility of understanding different job roles that are available which might be of interest to him as he grows up. To find out more, click on the Amazon link.


Kids Shock Proof Binoculars


This is an image of red kids binoculars

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These binoculars are so much fun because your kid can go out and look at different types of bird, or they could play pretend and become a spy with cool gadgets!

The binoculars have soft rubber around the eyepiece so it can be delicate to your child sensitive skin around the eyes. The best thing about them is its precision. it is so precise that it will capture the leaves of a tree that is 100 yards away in clear focus as it is easy to adjust its focus.

As well as this, they will also be able to let you have a look at the fascinating things they discover as you can adjust the size of the eyepieces to fit the size of an adults eyes just as well as kid-sized eyes.

This will make a great gift as it will make your child pay more attention to details in their surrounding environments and they will have fun exploring new things with his friends and family.


Star Wara Extendable Red Light Sabre


This is an image of a red extendable light sabre

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Your child doesn’t have to be a fan of Star Wars to love playing with a Light Sabre, In fact, even adults who don’t like the movie sometimes pretends to have Light Sabre fights. With this extendable Light Sabre, your child can recreate scenes from the star wars universe or create their own adventures too.

This Light Sabre has a movie-like function to it as all you have to do it flick to extend it. Your son will enjoy this toy as they can immediately launch into fighting action as they are roleplaying different senarios,

It allows them to discover exciting new stories about good versus evil in a universe of aliens, heroes and villains. This makes this a great toy for them to play with as it will improve their imagination, acting and their storytelling skills.  If they are actual Star Wars fans then they can easily just reenact their favorite scenes and make or narrate their own.


Osmo Creative Kit With iPad Holder


This is an image of an Osmo drawing kit for kids

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This creative kit will make a good educational gift for your son because he will be able to get into the world of designing and coloring. This would inevitably make him more advanced than others in his class when he has to draw or design images.

This set comes with an Osmo iPad base, 6 dry-erase pens and fuzzy pen pouch and 3 addictive games called Masterpiece, Monster, and Newton to help your child create explore, invent and play.

The iPad base allows them to Keep the iPad upright whilst they copy what’s on the screen. This becomes more convenient for them as they can have endless images to copy from with an iPad. However, you must note that it is only compatible with the second gen iPad and above,

Whatever the occasion may be, if you’re looking for a way to keep your child distracted as he learns, then this piece of equipment for boys is the best one to consider.



What Is The Best Christmas Gift for 5 year old Boys?

The best choice of Christmas gift to for a five year old boy is the Osmo Creative Kit With iPad Holder. This is because it has a Christmas theme to it and it can immediately be used on the same Christmas morning when they open their presents. Kids can begin to use their iPads to find Christmas images of missile toes, Christmas trees, Santa and many other things. It will not only give them something to do on Christmas but it will also make them learn new skills and abilities that would be helpful as soon as they reopen nursery in January.


This is an image of an Osmo drawing kit for kids

What Is The Best Birthday Present for 5 Year Old Boys?

By the age of 5, a boy usually doesn’t know how to ride a normal two-wheeled bicycle yet. Over the years, they would have been watching other people ride them and becoming increasingly jealous of not being able to do the same. Therefore, by receiving a bike a learning bike at this age, they would greatly be satisfied and possibly immediately want to hop on and try it by themselves. This is why we have decided to choose the bike with the training wheels as the best gift for kids turning 5 years old.

This is an image of a blue kids bike with a waterbottle