Best Gifts for 4 Year Old Girls

Have you run out of ideas of different types of gifts to buy for your four year old girl? From indoors an outdoor games for kids to board games and educational games for kids. This article will give you a wide range of all the best gifts for 4 year old girls that you may have missed out on.

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As a parent, we understand that you usually know what your little girl really enjoys doing which makes buying a gift for them not seem like such a hard decision to make. But how would you know what gift to buy for a 4 yr old girl that isn’t yours?

Furthermore, what if you run out of ideas because you have already spoiled her with everything you could think of? Not to worry because our guidelines will not just give you an idea of a gift to buy. They will also explain to you how your young girl would benefit from the gift that we have chosen based on the characteristics of most young girls.

Why You Should Buy Gifts for 4 Year Old Girls?

Some parents tend to think that the age of 4 may not seem as important as the first 36 months or the big number 5, well we’re here to confirm how important it really is. First of all, this is the age where a child is naturally preparing themselves for the beginning of one of the most important journey of their life, education. Therefore whatever they would go through right now will determine how smooth this transition is for them. This is why our list of gifts for 4 year old girls has a wide range of mind and body development features that can potentially make them more advanced than others in their classes.

List of Best Gifts For 4 Year Old Girls

Below we have listed the 20 of the best gifts you can find for four year old girls online. We have a wide range of different types of gifts so that if they fail to meet your fancy then they definitely cannot fail to give you ideas of other types you can consider. We hope you enjoy our list.

KidKraft Wooden Dollhouse


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Every girl wants a dollhouse! With this wooden dollhouse, your child will be able to decorate and design their own home how they like. The KidKraft Wooden Dollhouse has 3 floors, 4 rooms, a sliding elevator and comes with 17-piece furniture and accessory pack and easy to follow assembly instructions.

This dollhouse is a great way to inspire your child’s imagination and help them explore their creative potential, plus it is very colorful and spacious fitting 12-inch dolls. There are endless imaginative possibilities for your child to enjoy with this dollhouse.


Lego Cinderella’s Castle


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Life in a big castle is one of the most fun things that every young girl wants, they want to be Cinderella. This two-level castle has everything that your daughter would wish for. It includes big castle doors, cone-topped towers, beds, a staircase, a fireplace and much more.

As Cinderella’s castle is made of lego, it can be separated and played within parts, or it could be rearranged so it suits how your daughter wants it to look. By buying this Castle your daughter will have the joy of a lifetime as she will be able to play with the 2 Lego Duplo figures of Cinderella and Prince Charming. This would be the perfect gift to let her imagination run wild!


Crayola Art Case


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This is a portable art studio that you can take anywhere and will drive your young and creative daughter to explore different colors and use them in different pieces of art. She will be able to dip into her imagination and use her creative juices to fill a page with anything she likes.

This art set comes with 140 pieces, there are colored pencils, crayons, washable markers and 15 sheets of large drawing paper. This is the perfect gift as it is all more than enough tools for her to indulge in her creative side and begin her journey towards becoming the next Picasso!


All About Today Board


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The All About Today Board is a great way for your child to become more aware of everyday things like, knowing the date, knowing the time, knowing the season, knowing what the weather is like and more.

This board will teach your child how to keep track of important information that they will need every day of their life. It will also benefit their minds as they will learn to become more organized and become more familiar with how every single day differs from the last.


Kidizoom Duo Camera


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Everyone wanted and still wants a Kidizoom Duo Camera. The high quality 5 megapixel photos and videos, switching between lenses, the fun stamps, fun frames and fun effects, the large 2.4” color LCD screen and more. This camera comes in pink or blue and is the better, updated version of the Kidizoom Camera and will help your child when it comes to focusing and getting those angles right.

The best part is that they can edit their shots to make them even better and stand out even more than they already do! This is a great way for children to become more comfortable when it comes to taking and editing pictures. Life skills that everyone needs once they are older, especially if they are going to be the world’s greatest photographer someday.


Multicolour Magnetic Building Set


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Every 4 year old child enjoys building and demolishing. This Multicolour Magnetic Building Set will enable your child to do just that, they will be able to enhance their building and motor skills, develop their color and shape recognition, math and space consideration.

This is because this set has many different shapes which will challenge their logic and thinking abilities which will help them to problem solve in the future. This set includes 100 pieces of different colors and shapes that your child can enjoy putting together to create different objects and bigger shapes and role play with their creations


Princess Castle Tent


This is an image of a pink play tent for kids

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This is a DIY Princess Castle Tent for 4 yr old girls. This tent can be a place for your child to do many things, she could: read, relax, play, plus every kid loves to have secret hiding places. The tent can be built and dismantled very easily and doesn’t come with complicated instructions so your child could use it inside and outside.

It would be perfect for moments like sleepovers or girl parties as she can become the princess of her kingdom. Your 4 year old Princess’ tent will come with 40 LED stars that stretch 20 feet and is made of a polyester material that is hard-wearing and stain resistant so it can be kept clean easily!


Baby Annabell Doll


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This Baby Annabell Doll is one of the best gifts for 4 years old girls. This is simply because it is designed to have the same qualities that a normal baby does in order to teach kids how to nurture a real baby. To name you a few, it is made to be able to sleep, giggle, cry and even wet its nappies. This Baby Annabell Doll set comes with a bottle, dummy, nappy, bib and a personal pendant for her to wear.

As well as learning how to nurture a baby, she will also be learning how to love and care for someone else. By giving this doll to your four years old daughter you are guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

One thing that you must know is that the doll is only able to wet itself after consuming a reasonable amount of water. This enables your daughter to understand the concept of how and when they need to go to the toilet.


Large Multicolored Builder Bricks


This is an image of a building block set

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Building is a great way to help your child improve their motor skills. This building set will enable people child to build whatever they want and mix and match the 24 colors together in their construction.

The bricks will let them be creative and have fun as they are large, easy to use and grasp. Your child’s designing and imagination will improve as they will be able to build and take apart things that they can play with and reconstruct.


Double-Sided Tabletop Art Easel


This is an image of a girl and an easel board

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With this Double Sided Table Top Art Easel for kids, your child will amaze you by the creative writing and drawings they will produce on it. It is designed to make your child comfortable to create art on a miniature canvas which can potentially begin their artistic skills.

We urge you to give your kids this easily accessible art easel for them to have a place to express their thoughts onto in order to stop them from drawing on the floor and your precious wallpaper. On one side, they have a clear chalkboard to draw on whilst the other size is made to be magnetic to hold onto the 36 different letter and number foam magnets.

As well as these, you get a complete art supply so your kids can immediately begin to use it without having to worry about finding other art equipment. These supplies include a felt marker and eraser, 5 different colored chalks and a long paper roll.

This paper roll can be placed on its holder for a more accurate way of tearing it in good sizes. This tabletop art easel for children is easily able to fold and fit into more convenient storage areas.


Unicorn Backpack and Lunch Bag


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This Unicorn Backpack and Lunch Bag will have your child squealing because it is just so cute. The backpack has a compartment big enough for textbooks, folders (9”L x 12”H), snacks, sandwiches and other stuff.

The lunch bag, however, has easy to clean, food safe, eco-friendly, insulated PEVA lining and can fit inside the backpack easily. The design of it is eye-catching and suitable for kids to use every day for school.


Doc McStuffins Kit


This is an image of a nurse play set kit

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Doc McStuffins is a well-established kids Television character that is known for helping her sick friends and patients get better after being hit with an injury. This doctor playset for kids will allow your daughter to be able to learn about some of the different equipment that doctors and nurses use to check up on their sick patients.

This can potentially lead to your daughter a growing interest in wanting to use this equipment more often in her life. Therefore, she would eventually grow up to aspire to become a nurse. Not only this but she will also develop the joy of wanting to help other people through practicing on toys.

All these doctor playset tools will give your child a great learning experience and a better understanding of what a doctor’s job role entails. To find out what the tools are, click on the Amazon link above.


Wooden Spelling Puzzle


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This Wooden Spelling Puzzle is a great way for children to learn how to spell things and associate words with pictures. Your child will be able to put the letters in their correct places to spell words on the cutout, two-sided wooden boards.

There are 16 pictures with 3 and 4 letter words to keep the learning process fun for them, and there are over 50 colorful letters to choose from!

This puzzle will teach your child vital skills like spelling and becoming familiar with the letters so they can learn to spell many words and improve their range of vocabulary.


500 Pieces of multicolored Pop Art Beads


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This DIY jewelry set will inspire your kids to create unique and eye-catching jewelry that they can make by mixing and matching different beads together. Your child can use smooth and textured pieces to make jewelry that has vivid colors and trendy designs because there are many fashion combinations that can be made.

The kit has 500 gorgeous jewelry pieces, they are snap lock beads that pop together securely and easily, but they can also be popped apart just as easily, 7 rings and 5 bracelets are included as well as beads of different shapes, sizes and designs.

This set encourages creativity, improves hand-eye coordination and builds on fine motor skills which come in handy for kids because it will help them get used to maneuvering in delicate situations.


Ice Lolly Collection


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Ice lollies! Who doesn’t love ice lollies? Your child will have the best time role-playing with these ice lollies. They could be relaxing on the sand at the beach, or even selling the ice lollies and have their own little business.

This collection has 6 brightly painted wooden ice lollies and a wooden holder. This is great for teaching children how to organize and keep things neat.


Purple Kinetic Sand


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Kinetic Sand is amazing! It is a substance that is designed to sticks to itself and not leave anything on your childrens hands. instead of to you so it is easy to clean up. This sand will improve your childs creativity because of the amazing sculptures they can build with it.

It is squeezable and can be rearranged into any shape by any way they chose to play with it. Furthermore, it is simple and easy to clean up so you don’t have to worry about them having it in their hands for a long time.

This will teach your child to make things with different materials like sand rather than paper, pens, pencils and colors. As well as this, it will help them to acknowledge different materials that can be used to be more creative. This ultimately can impact on their imagination in a positive way and lets them want to explore more.


Pink Jewellery Box


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This jewelry box set will benefit your child’s mental health as it will let them make decisions of what to wear, making decisions for themselves is a healthy way of thinking, but this set keeps it playful for the kids.

The jewelry box has a mirror, sparkling gems, glitter glue, shimmering stickers and a velvet ring holder.

The box will make young girls fall in love because of its pretty pink surface because they can add their own creative touches to it as well.


Play-Doh Kitchen Creations


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With the Play-Doh Kitchen Creations, your child will have a blast making crazy cupcakes and colorful cookies. They will be able to shape silly candy, use fun toppings and use the creation cards to make even more creations like make-believe macarons.

This set comes with a removable bowl, plate, spatula, mixer, decorating tool, 2 stamp attachments, 1 can of Play-Doh Plus compound, 4 cans of Play-Doh Modelling Compound, instructions and 2 creation cards that have step-by-step directions on how to make even more Play-Doh treats.

This is a great present for your child because it will inspire them to learn about the world of baking and make them enjoy it more whilst teaching them some new kitchen skills.

Wooden Bead Maze


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Wooden Beaded Mazes are great fun and a good distraction. This specific one has two looping and twisting lanes for your child to push the colored beads along.

The maze will stay in place on any table, flor or highchair as it has 4 suckers at the bottom of it to grip onto any smooth surfaces.

This maze is ideal for your child to develop hand-eye coordination, improve their concentration skills and will give them plenty of stimulation to keep their minds busy.


Color Coded Learn To Play Piano


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Give your little girl this Piano for beginners so that they can learn how to play an instrument from as early as possible.

This unique kids piano is made from real high quality materials including a combination of metal, wood and plastic to ensure it lasts all the young years of your child. It is designed to help kids begin to understand how to play the piano in the easiest way.

With color-coded keys that make your kids easily be able to understand which one to press next. It includes 30 different keys which mean it has enough keys to be able to practice any song with it. Also, the songbook (included) has color-coded songs so it won’t seem complicated to follow.

The piano comes with a safe and stable bench that stays in place for them to sit and play all day long. To add extra safety, the lid is equipped with safety hinges which means it will not be able to shut automatically and potentially trap their fingers.

Finally, it stands at 23 inches tall, it is 23 inches wide and nearly 10 inches long which should show you how small and convenient it would fit in your daughter’s bedroom. But you must be careful when carrying it up to the bedroom as it weighs a heavy 18 pounds. Although this is nowhere near as heavy as a normal piano.



What Is the Best Christmas Gift for 4 Year Old Girls?

We would like to think that the best Christmas present to get for your young daughter would be the Table Top Art Easel for kids. This is because it does not only give them something to play with, but it also gives them a piece of equipment to do Christmas activities on. It will ultimately make them teach themselves some words and number to become more advanced than other kids when they reopen their school in January.

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Which Birthday Present Is Best For 4 Year Old Girls?

We have decided to place the Kidizoom camera for girls as the best birthday present for a 4 yr old girl. We realized that this would be a really good gift for young girls on their birthdays because they would immediately be able to use it at their party. It would be a great camera to capture all of the events that happen on their 4th birthday to have something to remember the day by.

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